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Life is rapidly changing around us as the planet and all its inhabitants are shifting from the old paradigm of separation consciousness into the new paradigm of unity consciousness, also known as the Ascension process.

Many have called in their Soul Partners to assist them in releasing (past life) density that has kept them locked into the old paradigm reality. Others have chosen to walk this path solo. Both roads lead to the same end destination, the one path is no better than the other.

By releasing this density we get access to the higher 5D frequencies, which allows us to anchor in and manifest ‘Heaven on Earth‘ as a physical reality. The teachings within the Inner Learning Circle and the School of Inner Union guide and assist you in this process.

It is my honor to walk this path with you and share the teachings I get through.

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About Sabriyé Ayana

My name is Sabriyé Ayana. As a spiritual author and teacher, I help soul seekers learn how to heal the wounded ego and prepare the physical body to hold the increased light frequency of the soul. I was led through the Inner Union process as part of my own Twin Soul initiation but then realized the undeniable truth that Inner Union is available to us all and does not depend on a special love connection. It is our divine destiny to return to Oneness with our own divinity and all that is.

My teachings concentrate on the fact that the Inner Union or Ascension process is meant to trigger unprocessed collective, personal, and ancestral trauma to help “the self” return to its original state of wholeness. It is through healing these deep subconscious wounds that we recover our true self and prepare the physical body to hold the higher vibrational frequency of the soul, creating as above, so below.

I teach that until we address this trauma from the past, the subconscious mind attempts to help us heal the unprocessed pain of these experiences by pulling in the people, situations, and experiences that help us re-create the original wound, in order to be able to release these often long stuck emotions once and for all.

Because 95% of our reality is created by the subconscious mind, when we carry unresolved pain and trauma in our energy field, this is what we will see reflected back to us in our external reality. Our outer reality is always a reflection of what is going on inside of us, this remains true whether it is created from the wounded ego (fear) or the soul (love) - as within, so without.

The reason why many people have tried everything else to manifest the life of their dreams but failed is because their ego and soul were not on the same page. The key to unlocking your private version of Paradise is healing this separation between the ego and the soul. It is through this Inner Union of the higher and lower self, that we create Heaven on Earth from the inside out, instead of endlessly searching for and never quite finding it, in our external circumstances.

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