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Life is rapidly changing around us as the planet and all its inhabitants are shifting from the old paradigm of separation consciousness into the new paradigm of unity consciousness, also known as the Ascension process.

Many have called in their Soul Partners to assist them in releasing (past life) density that has kept them locked into the old paradigm reality. Others have chosen to walk this path solo. Both roads lead to the same end destination, the one path is no better than the other.

By releasing this density we get access to the higher 5D frequencies, which allows us to anchor in and manifest ‘Heaven on Earth‘ as a physical reality. The teachings within the Inner Learning Circle and the School of Inner Union guide and assist you in this process.

It is my honor to walk this path with you and share the teachings I get through.

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About Sabriyé Ayana

Sabriyé Ayana is a bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union. She helps new paradigm shifters and leaders ready to unlock the frequency of Heaven on Earth, take their manifesting skills to the Soul level.

The key to unlocking your private version of Paradise is healing the separation between the ego and the soul.

The reason why so many people fail to create the life and the reality that they dream of is because their ego and their soul are not on the same page. They are literally coming from two different directions, as the ego creates from the frequency of fear and the soul creates from the frequency of love. It is through healing the wounded ego that we can come into Divine union with our soul.

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