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Life is rapidly changing around us as the planet and all it’s inhabitants are shifting from the old paradigm of separation consciousness into the new paradigm of unity consciousness, also known as the Ascension process. Many have called in their Divine counterpart to assist them in releasing (past life) density that has kept them locked into the old paradigm reality. Others have chosen to walk this path solo. Through releasing this density we get access to the higher 5D frequencies, which allows us to anchor in and manifest ‘Heaven on Earth’ as a physical reality. The articles and services on this website guide and assist you in that process. It is our honor to walk this path with you and share the teachings we get through.

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Sabriyé Ayana is the leading expert on the Twin Flame journey and inner union process. As a Twin Flame leader, teacher and healer she helps Twin Flames understand that this journey is not just about creating a fairy-tale and they lived happily ever after together... It's a fast track to Ascension - an alchemizing process that leads to inner union of the soul, the ego and the 3D self in the physical reality.

Her teachings concentrate on the fact that the Twin Flame connection is meant to trigger unprocessed (past life) traumas in order to help the souls return to their original state of wholeness. It is through healing these deep subconscious wounds that we recover our true nature and prepare the physical body to hold the higher vibrational frequency of the soul, creating as above so below.

Sabriyé teaches that the Twin Flames higher selves use both closeness and distance (separation) to trigger the deeper wounding that needs to be cleared and healed, in order to come into true union and not just a physical relationship with the twin - as within so without. Only inner union, can be reflected back to us as Twin Flame union. The outer reality, can only ever reflect back what is attained within.

Using the ancient science of alchemy Sabriyé teaches you how to alchemize inner union, by transforming your own base materials (your deep subconscious fears and false beliefs) into the gold of your soul truth. She does so in a practical and easy to follow way, that cuts through the crap and helps you ground your spirituality the no BS way.

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