What is your 2016 word? How choosing one word can change your whole reality

2015 was EPIC!

It was my word of the year for 2015 and I have to admit, my year was epic. As I was going through my 2015 list of things accomplished tears of gratitude came. Everything that I had set as an intention for that year had manifested, and I secretly had to smile in looking in hindsight at how creative the Universe had been in delivering the goods.

I had asked for a real vacation after years of just keeping my nose to the grindstone and I had asked to meet the love of my life. At the time when I wrote my list I had completely given up on my Twin Flame and we were out of contact. Yet lo and behold in November and December 2015 I had a three week vacation in India where I not only met my Twin Flame in real life for the first time, I also got to sleep in his arms.

The invitation to come to India came completely out of the blue – I had never expected it in any case. His best friend, who introduced us to each other to begin with was getting married and wanted me at his wedding. What was surprising was that this friend and I had had a falling out over something small and we hadn’t spoken to each other in six months. What was even more amazing was that my Twin Flame had pulled me really close to him, only two weeks before the invitation writing me a beautiful heartfelt email about his situation and later describing how he wanted to make love to me…

Only to run as soon as he found out I was coming to India. He was scared shitless that I was going to be there with him. I didn’t speak to him again until I was actually there. He blocked me practically the whole time. When we were finally together he said to me ‘I don’t allow myself to love you, like I really want to love you because I am sure I will do something that hurts my family if I really allow my feelings for you.’

How often do people meet online only to be utterly disappointed in real life, because the fantasy was much better than reality. In our case reality was breathtaking, every thing we had felt for one and a half years from a far was nothing compared to what we felt for each other up close.

My Epic 2015 results

  • I started my own company in March 2015
  • By July 2015 I had my first 5 figure month with over €10K in revenue after only 5 months – that was fucking awesome
  • I launched my own signature program
  • I went to India and saw the Taj Mahal which was one of the locations on my 2015 wishlist. I cried the whole fucking time I was there. It was foggy with air pollution and of course I missed my Twin Flame who couldn’t come with me because he had to work. The Taj is a special place for lovers.
  • I met the love of my life for real and we spent a magical week together in a small village at the wedding of our mutual friend. After the wedding we spent some more time in the city where my Twin Flame lives and works. I loved every minute of it!

My 2016 word is LOVE

2015 was a year of transformation and for many a very difficult year. 2016 will be a year of manifestation in which we are able to create that what we really want at a heart level, as our physical reality.

Numerologically 2016 adds up to nine and nine is the number of completion and fulfillment. This will assure that we will experience the completion and fulfillment of our dreams in 2016. My age also adds up to nine this year and even my twin will reach an age later this year that adds up to nine – this only increases the energy more if you also have the nine energy on a personal level.

After this EPIC year of preparation I am so psyched about what I want to manifest this year. These are my TRUE HEART DESIRES that I want to manifest in my physical reality in 2016:

  • I will marry this year with the man that is my partner by divine right, either my Twin Flame or another man with whom I will experience and share deep soul love.
  • I will be pregnant this year with the beautiful baby boy that has been with me in the Spirit world since March 2015, letting me know he wants to be born as my child.
  • I will inspire and serve thousands of women this year with The Twin Flame Tribe Sharing my love.
  • I will write my third book this year, it will be about the The Twin Flame Tribe energy and wisdom. Sharing divine love.
  • I will make a quantum leap in income this year, a part of loving yourself more is having the guts to allow more abundance into your life and this year I am opening the floodgates to self love and everything that comes with it.

For the rest I am going to let the Universe surprise me in all ways it wants to bring love into my life in 2016. I look forward to all the loving people, things, situations and experiences with which the Universe wants to bless me this year.

What will be your word of the year in 2016?

Which deeply cherished dreams do you want to manifest in 2016?

Find a quiet place to sit, connect your energy through your feet with the earth and then connect to the heavens. Ask your higher self, your angels, your Spirit guides to whisper to you which word will help you manifest all your dearest dreams in this special year ahead of you.

The answer can come in many ways, it could be that you clearly see your word in front of you. It can be a strong inner knowing, or a word you clearly hear in your head. It might also be that the word may appear on a billboard, that you hear it on the tv or radio or in a random conversation. Trust that your word will come to you in the perfect way.

When you have your 2016 word, make a quick list of how you want this word to manifest itself in your life in 2016. Write it down on a beautiful card or a piece of paper. Put the list in an envelop and write 2016 on it. Tuck the envelop away until the end of the year.

You can also mark 31st of December 2016 in your digital calendar to remind you to read your list at the end of the year. I am convinced that if you follow these steps, you will also be crying tears of gratitude at the end of the year – when you see how this one word fully manifested in your 2016.

Let me know in any case which miracles this powerful exercise brought into your life this year. I can’t wait to hear what it brought you.

Lots of love,

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