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The Truth About Past Lives – You A …

The Truth About Past Lives – You A …

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The Truth About Past Lives – You A …

The Truth About Past Lives – You A …

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The Art of Surrendering – Why We S …

The Art of Surrendering – Why We S …

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Karmic Debt, Karmic Ties and Karma With …

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The Nine Levels of Twin Flame Initiation …

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Twin Flame Union: Why 99% of Twin Flames Will Never Be In Union….

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling spiritual author, Multi Six-figure Healer, Founder of Akasha Quantum Soul Healing™ & the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on why 99% of Twin Flames will never be in union, you will learn:

  • Why you are meant to evolve out of pining for union with your Twin Flame
  • Why “quick fix” healing methods do not facilitate healing at all
  • The truth about the Law of Attraction and Twin Flame union
  • What you need to do to be in the 1% that reaches union
  • And more…

In this teaching I drop some absolute truth bombs. It’s not my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings by doing so. It’s simply time to speak my truth and for those who do not resonate I lovingly say goodbye and wish you all the best on your Twin Flame journey and Ascension path.

For those who do resonate, I am happy to have you with me on this journey. Yet at the same time, I warn you that it is NOT enough to simply read what I share. You have to implement, what I teach and the best way to do so, is of course to become a student with me in the School of Inner Union where I teach you EXACTLY what to do in order to bring about inner union.

You can read ALL the teachings on my website and still not have all the information you need, that I do share in an easy to follow step-by-step process with my students. It’s time to stop trying to learn things from pressing your nose to the window. Let’s just be real with each other, I cannot teach you close to seven years of personal experience and five years of client experiences in one teaching or a two-hour one-on-one session. I need months to explain to you the ground rules and then support you in the implementation of it all in your life – that’s what you can expect from me in the Tribe.

If you like the depth of the content I share with you here on my blog, then just imagine how much more you can learn from me when you actually become my student? 

It’s time for some tough love

We are starting off a new year and it basically doesn’t matter what year we are moving into, as this teaching will stay relevant throughout time. It will be an evergreen because as long as you keep doing the same thing, you will continue to get the same results.

We all know this and yet most people, just keep running on auto-pilot continuing to do what they have always done.

If you are someone who does not learn from their past and recognizes that you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again – try Chestnut Bud from the Bach Flower* series (do a test here to see which other Bach Flowers you may need).

But for arguments sake let’s take a year that is in the future, say 2025….

I bet you that your hopes for that year are that you will be in UNION with your Twin Flame, am I right? Yes, you want to be together with this beautiful magnificent person that has rocked your world in a way that makes you never be able to go back to the life you had before you met.

How do I know that?

Because I have experienced it myself and I have worked with thousands of clients in the past five years that have experienced this too.

Almost everyone that meets their Twin Flame wants the romantic fairy-tale happy end.

So, your hope for the upcoming year whether that is 2025 or an earlier or later year, is to be able to be with this person. That was your hope for this past year (say 2024) and if you have been on this journey a little bit longer, it was your hope for all the previous years up till now.

Every new year you hope that THIS will be the year of your union and that your special person will somehow see the light and come running back to you, sweep you up in their arms and declare their undying love for you.

But let me ask you this, what have you done up till now to be able to HAVE this dream come true?

Have you been waiting? Have you been watching tarot and pick-a-card readings? Have you been reading my blog and that of other so-called Twin Flame teachers? Have you had your Akashic Records read? Or your Astrology charts drawn up? Have you been to psychics to ask about your person?

Where has that all gotten you?

Be honest with yourself, have you gotten any real progress?

I bet you it has NOT gotten you far, which is why you are still in the same place that you were last year or the years before in wanting to be in UNION with this person. Because even though you consciously know that it’s unrealistic, subconsciously you believe that being together with this person is going to make you and your life whole, instead of broken.

Being together with your person is somehow going to bring you everlasting happiness….

And even when you consciously know this is naïve, subconsciously you have bought into this idea hook, line and sinker because among others, your wounded inner child is still waiting to be saved by her knight in shinning armor like the fairy-tale princesses.

The problem is that if you do not change your current strategy, the upcoming year will be NO different than the past year(s) and you will not come any closer to the UNION you so deeply desire, simply because you keep doing the SAME things, expecting DIFFERENT results.

Which is the definition of insanity:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Let’s just be honest with one and other, this is what most Twin Flames do – year in year out, they continue to do the same things over and over again EXPECTING that this time it will somehow magically bring in the much desired UNION and it never does.

Which is why all Twin Flames who are looping and looping over and over again, should get the Chestnut Bud Bach Flower* remedy to deliberately interrupt this auto-pilot programming that has them chasing their tale endlessly, both repeating their past and mistakes over and over – keeping them stuck pinning for ‘union’ and their twin.

Pining for union and your twin  is simply not a stage that you are meant to stay stuck in ad infinitum (to infinity). You are meant to evolve out of it relatively quickly, but sadly most Twin Flames hardly ever do because they are stuck going in circles on their journey repeating the same patterns over and over again.

I am writing this teaching for everyone who is READY to take action and do things differently in the upcoming year whether that is 2021, 2025 or 2050.

If that is you, keep reading.

Most Twin Flames are not willing to do the actual work

So, let’s first dive into the main reason why most Twin Flames will never be in union and will continue to pine for ever-lasting love and their special person….

In the book the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho; The boy asks the Alchemist why the other alchemists failed to make gold.

The Alchemist answers: “They were only looking for gold. They were seeking out the treasure of their destiny, without actually wanting to live out their destiny.

This is EXACTLY the same reason why so many Twin Flames stay on the hamster wheel of agony. Because they are SO focused on the gold at the end of the journey that they actually don’t do (or don’t want to do) the work that is required to BE who they need to be in order to HAVE that outcome.

In other words they want a 5th dimensional partnership, while remaining their old 3D self and that is not possible. You have to become your 5th dimensional self, in order to have a 5D Divine partnership. The ONLY way to unlock your 5th dimensional being, is to heal your identification with the false (3D or ego) self.

Something that I will explain deeper, further on in this teaching.

Below are some of the ways that this not doing the work manifests itself, often without the person even realizing they are subconsciously sabotaging themselves and their journey:

They stay on the fence not sure this is their twin or if it will actually work

One of the biggest reasons that people don’t do their inner work is because they get stuck in doubt, they doubt their own sanity, their twin’s feelings and the connection.

Read this teaching here if you struggle with Twin Flame doubt.

If you have difficulties trusting your own judgement then work with the Bach Flower* Cerato to restore trust in yourself and your inner guidance.

And if they don’t doubt their twin, the connection or themselves, they often doubt that healing is the way to come into union. Because let’s face it, when you are working on your healing – it takes time and there are so many products and services being offered that promise much quicker results and are much easier than facing your own shadows and unresolved pain.

These twins because they are stuck in doubt basically fail to launch, they cannot take the leap in faith they need to actually move forward on their journey.

They are doing the wrong things, thinking they are doing ‘the work’

Then there is a whole group of Twin Flames who are busting their chops working towards ‘union’ but using the wrong tools to try to achieve their goal. They are focused and working night and day to make it happen, but because they are doing the wrong things (thinking they are doing the work) – they end up having little to show for it.

They buy into all the so-called ‘healing’ out there, which is nothing but pseudo-healing that in the end has zero real results. I wrote an extensive teaching on this topic that you can read here.

I have been on this journey for the past close to seven years of which I have been a Twin Flame teacher for the past five years. None of the other so-called Twin Flame teacher know anything about healing, they don’t invest in their own healing and if they are a healer themselves they promote their own healing as the ONE-STOP-SOLUTION to all your Twin Flame woes.

But the truth is of course, that there is no one-stop-solution because there are so many different aspects that need to be healed, that there is no ONE healing modality that addresses them all.

This is why I have formed a group of healers around me over the years that address the various different aspects of the healing that needs to be done on the Twin Flame journey. I also share this group of healers with my students in the School of Inner Union.

Most healers won’t do this, share their client base because they are afraid of the competition. They think that they will get less if other people are working with their clients which is nothing but an indication of their own scarcity mindset and ‘believing in lack’ programming (which are old 3D programs that don’t exist in 5D).

Yet, be careful even those who actively promote others often do so for their own financial gain. Many sites work with affiliate systems, that pay commission or fees for bringing in new clients, Sites like Keen, Kasamba and the likes pay handsome amounts for bringing in clients (read about Kasamba’s affiliate program here) big websites and YouTubers that reach many people, love promoting these programs because it’s a form of extra passive income.

They don’t promote them because it serves the ‘customer’. they promote it because it’s an extra source of income for them personally.

There is of course also NO healing in consulting psychic hotlines, more on that later.

In full disclosure I do NOT get any commission on my clients working with other healers, because my interest is not creating an extra stream of income. My interest is helping my clients move forward in their Twin Flame journey and Ascension process. This way also ALL the healers that are in the School of Inner Union are there because they are good at what they do, not because they are a way to maximize my profits. I prefer quality over quantity, which is why I don’t work with low price points because I offer high value to my clients and real depth.

On my own journey I bought some of the other Twin Flame programs being offered at lower price rates and their content justified them being this cheap, because they didn’t go deep. They didn’t have live support or an international support community. They didn’t even describe the full journey, they were only about coming into physical union with the twin and there was no attention whatsoever for the inner union process or how to get create inner union in one-self.

If there had been, I would have simply bought it and used it on my own journey. I would not have needed to create my own program, to help others navigate the inner union process.

Nobody was teaching this, because the Twin Flame Industry has been completely hijacked by the psychic industry which does not empower people, but rather enslaves them through fear and dependency.

Many of my Tribe members initially bought these other programs as well because they were cheap and came to the same conclusion, they are a waste of money because they have no real substance. They don’t dive deep into what it really takes to heal on this journey.

They are stuck in victim-mode

Another group of Twin Flames that is not doing the work are those stuck in victim-mode. They feel victimized by the twin and often the Universe for various reasons, which keeps them stuck and sulking. These big free Twin Flame groups are full of them, spouting their venom about their Divine counterpart in every post or comment to others.

They blame their twin for not having the fairy-tale happy end they so deeply desire and feel that it is only their twin’s behavior that is keeping them apart.

They tend to think that they are already ‘healed’ and just waiting for their twin to level up. This group of twins should take the Bach Flower* Willow to shift out of victim-consciousness and Water Violet for those who are stuck in ego and subconsciously feeling superior to their Twin Flame.

If you have any anger issues towards the Universe or your twin start with the Holly Bach Flower* and find a healer to help you understand the deeper layer of existing anger being triggered – which may not at all be towards your Twin Flame but for example towards a parent or an experience from your past.

Be sure to work with professionals on these issues, because all love and light is not going to help you release pent up anger in a safe way. You need someone who can take you to the core of your pain and not help you disown or bury it deeper – that is NOT healing.

They are overwhelmed and procrastinate

Many of you reading my teachings are not just reading mine, you are also following Cassady and many others who don’t actually teach but string you along each week with the hope that somehow things will magically shift and change in your connection….

This leads to many conflicting ideas about the Twin Flame journey of which many are not true.

But what happens when you get too much input?
You feel overwhelmed and don’t take action or the wrong actions.

People love to name Cassady and I in one breathe as their most trusted teachers, thinking that I am somehow flattered when this happens. I do not see Cassady as a Twin Flame teacher and to me she represents everything that is wrong with this industry.

I am just going to be super blunt about it. She claims to be in union with her twin, but fails to mention that her twin is dead and has been dead as long as she is alive. Her products are nonsense because you cannot get deep personal healing from a generic guided meditation that’s basically a one size fits all, something I will go into deeper later on in this teaching.

She claims to have worked personally with thousands of clients, but has never offered one on one sessions in her own business. Her team reached out to me to let me know that Cassady is an ex-psychic hotline worker for When she says she has worked with thousands of clients, she is referring to her time as a psychic on Keen, which is not the same thing. Instead of actually working with clients, she has made sure to write two blogs each week over the past six years to dominate the search engine and create the idea that she is a Twin Flame teacher – but it’s all smoke and mirrors.

The Twin Flame industry is built on psychics and typical psychic products such as so-called energy clearing, curse removals, cord cutting and so on and Cassady simply perpetuates that concept cloaked in a new love and light Ascension sugar coating.

But that doesn’t change what it really is and that is trickery and deception.

She has thousands and thousands of people buying into her guided audios thinking that they are raising their vibrational frequency, but until you face what is deep inside of you, you can’t actually change your vibrational set-point in any significant way.

What most people don’t understand is that what Cassady teaches is the antithesis of what I teach. They are two completely opposing views, that are mutually exclusive. She beliefs that you can simply bypass your healing and I teach that you can’t. Her work is based on energy manipulation, which I teach violates spiritual law. She doesn’t believe in surrendering, because you ARE already your soul and I teach that surrender is vital to the inner union process which allows you to become ONE with your soul.

Yes, you may get your twin to call you or show up on your doorstep – but if you have not worked on your inner healing, how do you think it’s going to go? It doesn’t go well is what I hear from most people who have tried this and that is because nothing changed underneath.

All their subconscious wounding has remained intact and inevitably get’s triggered.

If you listen to a lot of different or conflicting view points from different people of which many have not worked on their own healing to begin with, you will ONLY confuse yourself and the more confused you are the less likely you are to take action otherwise known as analysis paralysis.

More information is not going to make your Twin Flame journey any easier, working on your healing is. So, stop listening to all these conflicting ideas and pick one road to travel – you will be glad you did. If you find it difficult to choose and commit to one option consider taking the Bach Flower* Scleranthus.

Trust me, you will not be missing out by unfollowing everyone else – especially when they are only filling your head with romantic nonsense that keeps you chasing the carrot.

They are waiting for Divine timing to just magically make it happen

Last but not least are the people that are waiting for Divine timing or Divine intervention.

You can wait until you are blue in the face, but things are not going to just happen on their own. Twin Flame union, inner union and Ascension are not things that fall from the sky by grace and bop us over the head out of nowhere. They are a co-creation with the Universe and all that is, that we need to be an active part of. We can’t simply wait for them to happen miraculously.

I get it though, especially because we realize at some point that we have ABSOLUTELY no control over this connection, it’s safer not to want it or to have it be up to destiny to decide our fate. But here is my biggest problem with that way of thinking….

Swiss psychiatrist and founder of psychoanalysis Carl Jung said:

‘Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’

Our fate is not decided by destiny, our ‘fate’ is the physical manifestation of our own subconscious wounds, pulling in the people, situations and experiences we need, to heal these wounds once and for all. Without addressing these deeper underlying causes, we are doomed to keep rehashing (playing out) our past – believing this is our fate.

This group of twins stay stuck on their journey as well because they are waiting for ‘fate’ to deal them a better hand, instead of addressing the underlying causes of what they perceive to be their fate.

Instead most stayer twins waste their time on panic control

Now, that we have looked at all the ways that most Twin Flames avoid doing the inner work, let’s look at what they do instead and that is panic control. Because these twins aren’t doing the actual work their subconscious fears and false beliefs keep getting triggered over and over again.

This leads to various coping* mechanisms that help them continue to feel in control, in a situation in which they feel completely out of control.

*Coping means to invest one’s own conscious effort, to solve personal and interpersonal problems, in order to try to master, minimize or tolerate stress and conflict. 

Coping is NOT healing, it’s tricking yourself into believing that you are somehow in control when you are not and below are some of the most favorite coping mechanisms that Twin Flames resort to in order to not have to face their fear of loss, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection and so on.

Coping mechanisms allow us to bypass uncomfortable feelings, instead of facing them and healing them.

The problem is of course, that when we do this – we get stuck in an endless loop of using a feeling of control to bypass emotions that make us feel both vulnerable and uncomfortable.

But those emotions don’t simply disappear when we ignore them, they inevitably come back and make you feel uncomfortable again. Which means that you have to bypass them again, so they go away temporarily – only to come back again….

Following vibrational or Astrological forecasts

Following forecasts of any kind is nothing but an attempt to feel like you know what is going on, when in fact you have no idea what is going on. It gives you a sense of control, which allows you to temporarily suppress your inner panic.

When you have been on this journey as long as I have, you know that these forecasts keeping going in the same cycle and phases and there is always someone declaring that ‘union is somehow imminent’, that your ‘DM is ready to leave his karmic’ and more of the stuff that you of course are dying to hear.

Your life will be so much better, when you stop buying into this crap. Following these forecasts doesn’t change anything and they are not meant to, they are a mere marketing tool to get people to buy the products and services being offered or click on affiliate links.

The real issues that cause the inner panic remain unaddressed, which creates a vicious cycle of dependency on outside panic control which is true as well for the examples below.

Two good Bach Flower* remedies for fear are Aspen (unknown fears) and Mimulus (known fears), Aspen is perfect for all the fears that are subconscious and therefore not clear what you are afraid of. Mimulus on the other hand is for all the fears you can name, such as fear of loss, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection and so on. If you are on anxiety medication always talk to your doctor before changing your dosage or anything else.

The SIGNIFICANT difference between forecasts and actual Twin Flame teachings such as I share in this teaching, are that forecasts just string you along week by week hoping something often external will happen that by God’s grace will make things better with your twin. Real teachings such as in this teaching are not about some imaginary sugar-sweet future, but give you tools in this moment to put into practice that will help you move forward in your Twin Flame journey.

The irony of it all is that 99% of the Twin Flame collective prefers to hear about the imaginary sugar-sweet future, instead of doing the actual work that will allow them to enter true Heaven on Earth (which can even be attained without a romantic outcome with the twin).

Watching tarot and pick-a-card readings

Tarot and pick-a-card readings are designed to give you a so-called opportunity to energetically spy on your Twin Flame, to know what they are feeling or thinking about you. If they are ready to ‘wake up’. leave their karmic and so on.

First of all these are general readings and so they are not about your specific person at all. At best, they are collective energy readings.

Secondly, what the twin is or isn’t doing isn’t that interesting. The question is what are you doing? If you are religiously watching these YouTube videos you are not doing the inner work, you are obsessing about the outcome which does not actually align you to this outcome.

It keeps you in a loop of trying to get ‘energetic’ information on your twin instead of addressing the core issues that are causing your experienced reality to begin with.

Calling psychic hotlines

All the money you waste on getting external confirmation from basically random strangers on the phone could be spent on actual healing.

Why do you put your faith in these people?

I know some people who do this kind of work and none of them have their life together or work on their own healing. Yet, here they are on these hotlines, giving psychic advise while their own lives are a mess.

Plus they HAVE to cater to their clients, because their amount of work depends on their client rating. Even if they would tell you the truth, that you don’t want to hear it could cost them their rating so they make sure to as much as possible – to tell you what you want to hear.

I know of one case in which a hotline psychic for multiple years insisted that a woman’s Twin Flame was lying about being married. This made the woman believe what the psychic said, because she of course wanted to believe it instead of facing the truth.

Because she believed it, she crossed the line horrendously sending a gift to her twin’s work where his wife worked as well. Her twin went ballistic and called her to scream at her to leave him and his family the F*CK alone!

Her twin had told her that he was married now, but because she couldn’t accept this reality she allowed someone else to paint her an imaginary reality that she could cling to.

In a way ALL psychic readings do this….

However, clinging to imaginary realities keeps us stuck in a never ending loop because we don’t address the real reason we try to flee from our reality. The Bach Flower* Agrimony is a good one in this case, it’s often prescribed for addictions and many times people become addicted to psychic hotlines which usually ends in mountains of debt because the calls are charged by the minute.

Doing psychic or Akashic Record readings

The same applies to psychic or Akashic Record readings, that may confuse you because you might think that what I do is an Akashic Record reading as well – but that is incorrect.

I don’t read for my clients in the Akasha Quantum Soul Healing Journeys™. I open an energetic vortex for them that allows them to directly access their own Akashic Record and revisit their unresolved issues from the past, that still need to be healed from this lifetime and possible previous lifetimes.

Much like a psychic reading an Akashic reading is whatever the other person THINKS they see in your energy field or Akashic Record (which is also an energy field). I write thinks they see because whatever they perceive, is perceived through their own lens of wounding that they often don’t address. Most psychics I know DO NOT work on their own healing, it’s a sad truth.

This often leads to superficial nonsense coming out of the reading or information that does more harm than good, especially if you are new to the spiritual journey. I had a psychic once who presented herself as a healer which she definitely was not, try to pitch me against my twin’s wife by claiming she had stabbed me in the heart. The psychic was very theatrical about it and sensed a deep hate from my twin’s wife towards me.

A story that is easy to fall for, for many Divine Feminines whose twin is married – but it’s old paradigm thinking.

I believe that our twin’s and our own potential third-party relationships are soulmate connections to the Twin Flame couple, assisting us in our union process. There is no reason to hate or envy the other woman (or man) – if you do use the Bach Flower* Holly.

There are people who can read your energy very well and who themselves have worked on their own healing, but they are few. These people will tell you what needs to still be healed in you. The majority of the industry is however one big circus, that will keep you chasing your tail (union outside of yourself).

Does he still love me? Will he come back? Will he leave his wife? When will we be in union? and so on – are all questions that show us that we are chasing our tail instead of working on ourselves and our own unresolved pain.

Reaching out to twin to see if they are still ‘there’

Another way that we use to control our inner panic is to reach out to the twin with a little ‘coucou‘ (hello), just to check if they are still there and open to communicating with us.

They may or may not respond, but when they do and you connect there is often an exchange of information/energy however subtle that let’s both parties know that what you share is still there.

My twin loves to inquire if it has been a while, if there is someone in my life. If I don’t voluntarily bring up this information, he will always find a way to check if there is someone in my life that he should know about.

Alternatively he will always drop some hint that I am still important to him as well, even though he has chosen or feels that he cannot be with me.

In the beginning of our journey we did this a lot, as time passed it became increasingly difficult for him to initiate these moments but he was always game to participate in them – like in 2018 when he showed up in my dream to tell me he was going to be a father.

When we connected on Messenger the next day, he said that he had wanted to talk to me because he felt that his third eye was opening but couldn’t understand that this was happening when he did not meditate or pray. When I told him that it was because he is energetically connected to me and that I have done massive inner work since we last met, he immediately replied that he had known (he had felt) it was something connected to me.

These moments can of course be very valuable and can help us deeper understand our own journeys and give validation potentially of the other being engaged as well. There is of course the tendency to keep reaching out even when you know you shouldn’t, because you just want to make sure that they are in fact still there.

It’s important to become aware of and break this pattern of reaching out for all the wrong reasons, especially when instead of reaching out we should be going inside. This is often where getting blocked shows up to help us (leave us no other choice but) to go inside. When we have done the inner work, we often find that we are unblocked and that the lines of communication are opened up again.

Or they invest their money in quick-fixes and non-solutions

Impatient to have the ‘union’ they so deeply desire many Twin Flames rush to buy into quick-fixes and non-solutions because they believe their happily-ever-after depends on being with this person that they can’t seem to forget or let go of.

Two very important Bach Flower* remedies here are Impatiens to release the impatience to reach a certain destination or outcome quicker and Honeysuckle to help release the past and to be able to really live in the HERE and NOW. Honeysuckle is extremely helpful when you are feeling nostalgic and longing for the good old days when you and twin were in contact, together, etc.

Both these emotions of being in a hurry for union or longing to have your twin back in your life are the main causes that people seek to find shortcuts or somehow game the system.

However we pay the price when we energetically focus on the wrong thing. Grandmother of metaphysics Florence Scovel Shinn teaches:

‘”Man’s dreary desires are answered drearily, and his impatient desires, long delayed or
violently fulfilled.”

For example: A woman asked me why it was she was constantly losing or breaking her glasses. We found she often said to herself and others, with vexation, “I wish I could get rid of my glasses.” So her impatient desire was violently fulfilled.

What she should have demanded was perfect eye-sight, but what she registered in the subconscious was simply the impatient desire to be rid of her glasses; so they were continually being broken or lost.’  

Twin Flame meditations and activations

They sound amazing and you WANT everything that is being said to happen and manifest itself in your life, but just because someone is saying it – doesn’t actually mean it’s happening.

These meditations and activations are often a question of wishful thinking.

I won’t say they don’t do anything, but the majority of what is being promised CANNOT be attained by a generic one-size-fits all (collective) guided meditation, activation or clearing. You can’t simply tell karma to go away. You can’t tell light codes to come in or have your DNA update simply because somebody commands it.

Before I said that for example Cassady’s audios are love and light Ascension sugar coating of old psychic products and services. They are nothing more than a New Age upgrade of medieval spells and curse removals, which were bullshit as well. This is bullshit too.

You HAVE to do the inner work, to get where you want to be and not just put on a headset and listen to a chick in an English accent tell you what you want to hear, while nothing really changes below the surface.

Sure, you can temporarily raise your frequency but you can’t maintain that higher frequency if you don’t address your unresolved pain. It will inevitably get triggered and bring your vibration down again, because you still carry these lower vibrational frequencies in your energy field.

They can’t be released on command, you have to face the unresolved pain.

Read this teaching here that I wrote on raising your vibrational frequency (click the link).

Next time you listen to such a ‘clearing’ or whatever, just imagine that you are at the hairdresser and the hairdresser tells you all the amazing things she is going to do with your hair and what the end-result is going to look like. But instead of doing what she says she is going to do, she simply blow dries your hair and sets in some curls without cutting one hair.

You look in the mirror and you do look amazing, you absolutely love it because she has literally done magic with your hair. However, as soon as you get your hair wet its back to the way it was and you look and feel crap again, realizing that your visit to the hairdresser did absolutely nothing – because she didn’t actually change your haircut, she just made you look and feel good in that moment.

That’s EXACTLY what these so-called clearings, guided meditations and activations do……

Even when your twin shows up, texts or calls because of it, because you didn’t actually address the underlying issues (the haircut in our analogy) nothing really changed between you and the exact same subconscious wounds, that were not addressed will be triggered between you.

I realize I am being extremely explicit in this teaching, but I have been saying this for so long and still many of you have not understood it and keep going back to this shitty hairdresser not understanding that it’s time to try a different one.

You are literally being conned, there is no nicer way to say it.

Sometimes the truth sucks, but it’s better to know the truth than to stay stuck in a cycle that has you seesawing ad nauseam between feeling and looking crap to temporarily feeling and looking amazing, only to crash and burn again because the real causes stay unaddressed.

Energy work

There is also a lot of wishful thinking energy work being done….

You don’t need anyone to align you and your twin’s chakras, align your energy bodies and try to merge them. Do you know what you are doing when you do this or allow someone else to do this for you? You are committing spiritual rape.

Excuse my French but who the F*CK do you think you are to force yourself upon someone you claim to love, in this way? You violate spiritual law when you engage in these practices.

The Universe isn’t moving fast enough for you and so you think you are just going to help things along in this way? Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot, would you appreciate it if someone would pay someone or would try themselves to energetically bind them to you?

Would that be okay with you?

Probably not right? So, if it’s not okay for someone to try and energetically force themselves upon you, it’s probably also not okay for you to try and force a desired energetic outcome with your person.

I know that people offering these services will tell you that it is all in accordance with your twin’s higher self and that if their higher self would not want it, the so-called ‘healer’ (they aren’t healers of course – this is what we used to call black magic) would not be able to align your energies in the first place.

But to be honest, these people are simply full of themselves and playing God when in reality when you actually do the inner work, whatever needs to happen will happen all on it’s own. It doesn’t need to be forced, coerced or micro-managed.

Your souls actually know what they are doing (shocker!!!). They will do it when you get out of your own way and create the space for them to do what needs to be done, even if your ego thinks it’s taking WAYYYYYYY too long.

Again, I realize that this is all super harsh and confronting, but it’s time to wake up and really understand how to move forward. Engaging in the above ONLY creates more karma of course. Every time we violate spiritual law we create more karma and the whole point of the Twin Flame encounter is to help us release our karmic load – not add to it.

Getting psychic or other energetic information

There is ABSOLUTELY NO HEALING whatsoever in getting psychic or energetic information on your twin or the potential outcome of your connection.

If nothing else do me this BIG FAVOR, stop going to psychics – they have NOTHING to add to your journey. Just for the next 6 to 12 months STOP trying to get psychic or energetic information on your twin or if they will come back.

Instead spend this energy and money on your own healing.

I am begging you and I know what I am asking you because I have lost clients over this who were so addicted to crutching on a psychic, to feel that everything was going to be okay in their connection and outcome with twin.

But of course, you are not well and have a big problem if you are dependent on someone else to weave you an illusionary hope/reality to cling to, just because it’s too painful to face the truth of your reality which may be that your twin is with someone else and may NEVER come back.

I don’t say this to judge anyone.

I say this because that is where your HEALING lies, in facing this devastating pain and don’t think for one second that I don’t know the intensity of that pain. I have been there, it hurts like a mother-f*cker I realize that – but that’s EXACTLY why your subconscious created this experiences with these exact players – that it pulled into your outer reality to help you heal this pain once and for all.

If you stay dependent on psychics telling you it’s all going to be okay, you will never truly face this immense unresolved pain that magnetized this experience into your reality to begin with.

Do you now understand why I want you to stop using psychics as a crutch?

Law of Attraction work

I love the Law of Attraction and work with it a lot, but I also know that you cannot use it to ‘manifest’ Twin Flame union, because you have to work through your own subconscious blocks to having what you so deeply desire.

Read this teaching here where I explain why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work the way we want it to on the Twin Flame journey.

For example I grew up within a romantic relationship template of power struggles and discord between man and woman. I had never been modelled equality within love relationship or true harmony and peace. I am of course not the only one who grew up in dysfunctional marriages and recreated such dysfunction in my own intimate relationships – many people share this exact programming because it’s inherent to the Patriarchal conditioning that we have all been subjected to in the past say 6,000 years.

Yet, you can’t bring this old paradigm relationship template into a 5th Dimensional Divine Partnership. These higher frequencies unions don’t allow inequality, discord and disharmony within them. This means that you first have to UNDO this old paradigm programming inside yourself in order to be able to HAVE such a higher frequency union.

It’s absolutely ridiculous to belief that you can somehow skip past this inner work, that prepares you to BE in a true Twin Flame Union and have the love that you dream of. As long as YOU are internally stuck in such dysfunctional romantic love programming, a physical union with your twin will not be the fairy-tale everlasting that you hope it to be. Simply because you are still conditioned to the dysfunction that is rampant in 3D romantic relationships.

This is how the Law of Attraction really works, it doesn’t give us what we want. It mirrors back to us our own subconscious fears and false beliefs. If we are still hard-wired to the old love relationship template, then that is what we will manifest even with our Twin Flame – as within, so without.

Cord-cutting, removing curses, hexes and black magic

Stop wasting your money on this stuff!

We no longer live in the Middle Ages and therefore we should not hold on to the life views from that era. It is not the dark forces, your twin’s ex who wants him/her back or their current partner who has cast a spell on you or your union.

Stop buying into this BULLSHIT, it’s not real.

I have worked with thousands and thousands of clients over the past five years in Akasha Quantum Soul Healing Journeys™. I have taken people back to lives in which they practiced witchcraft and to moments where they felt cursed and there was never a real case of black magic. Looking back my clients individually were able to see for themselves, how they had given their power away to others believing in the darkness and curses – but that it wasn’t real.

I don’t want to waste to much words on this as I have written a complete teaching on it here. Although my experience is. that people that have made black magic and dark influences a religion always reject this information anyway, because they are so deeply conditioned in dualistic thinking – good and evil (Bach Flower* Willow is indicated here again to break victim consciousness).

They don’t realize that in the higher realms there is no dualism and therefore no evil.

The only TRUE reality is the spiritual reality that exists outside the Divine game we play in the physical. The reality we experience here on planet Earth is an illusionary reality, it’s Māyā.

Māyā connotes a “magic show, an illusion where things appear to be present but are not what they seem”. Māyā is also a spiritual concept connoting “that which exists, but is constantly changing and thus is spiritually unreal”, and the “power or the principle that conceals the true character of spiritual reality”.

Source: Wikipedia

Most Twin Flames don’t understand the nature of the journey

The reason why so many Twin Flames are chasing the carrot (chasing union with the twin) is because they don’t understand the true nature of this journey and because all the other so-called Twin Flame teachers and Gurus somehow always manage to reduce the journey to the romantic outcome, because it SELLS.

One thing is clear; UNION is what everyone wants who is pursuing their Twin Flame and therefore you are being sold what you WANT but not what you actually NEED.

The goal of the Twin Flame journey is Ascension and this starts with inner union. Inner union is not you and your twin first becoming ONE in energy, no inner union is union with your own higher self and soul. Inner union means to become at ONE within yourself – as above, so below.

Read this teaching here on how the Twin Flame journey is a modern-day initiation into Ascension.

If you haven’t done so already you can also download the FREE Ultimate Guide to Inner Union to understand why this journey is not just about ending up together.

If you seek true Twin Flame union which is a 5th dimensional higher frequency Divine Partnership union, you first have to become your 5th dimensional self. This process simply takes time and there are no short-cuts. All so-called short-cuts are simply distractions from doing the actual work.

I wish I could tell you differently, but this is simply the truth of this journey.

The REAL problem is that most of you (even those religiously reading my teachings) don’t actually do the inner work that I talk about over and over again in ALL my teachings. You may do a healing session here or there, but the truth is not every healer knows what to do in this process. I have written about this as well in this teaching here about Twin Flame healers.

Which is why in the School of Inner Union my students get access to my own personal team of healers that have assisted me in my inner union process. They know EXACTLY what to do to assist you in yours.

Why 99% is actually an accurate number

You may somewhere wonder if I am not exaggerating – is 99% even an accurate number?!

If you have read the Ultimate Guide to Inner Union, you saw the Hierarchy of Needs by Abraham Maslow which is all about self-actualization. The concept of self-actualization is to become more and more what ‘one’ is (releasing our identification with the false self, our ego and wounding and embodying our higher self and soul) .

‘Although we are all, theoretically, capable of self-actualizing, most of us will not do so, or only to a limited degree. Maslow (1970) estimated that only two percent of people would reach the state of self-actualization’. Source: SimplyPsychology

Self-actualization leads into inner union, the becoming ONE with our higher self and soul to be able to embody them in the physical realm.

The reason I believe that number will be even lower within the Twin Flame community is simply because I think half of the people that believe they are on the Twin Flame journey are not. That is not to discredit those who are actually on this journey, but let’s just be real and admit that the Twin Flame concept has become completely hijacked both by the psychic industry which I have mentioned before as well as by those projecting the idea of ultimate love- come true on the Twin Flame label.

If ONLY 2% of the population is estimated to self-actualize, then I think it’s fair to say that within the Twin Flame stratosphere ONLY 1% will actually create INNER UNION and I hope it is clear by now that you can’t have TRUE Twin Flame union, without reaching inner union first.

I hope that it’s also clear that the Twin Flame go-to’s that I have exposed as ineffective are in fact OBSTACLES keeping Twin Flames from actually coming into INNER UNION. I have not written this teaching to trash other people or methods, I have written it to EXPOSE these methods for what they are – DISTRACTIONS from the REAL INNER WORK.

What you need to do to be the 1% that do reach union

The answer is DECEIVINGLY simple…..

Do the FREAKING inner work!

The reason this is much harder than it seems is that you miss the correct spiritual mindset that is needed to really MOVE FORWARD on your Twin Flame journey. Because of your social, cultural, religious, past-life and familial conditioning you view life through a trauma-driven filter.

This is true for every human being, that has not healed their past which includes this lifetime, your ancestral lineage, your past lives and soul-lineage.

So often, people tell me all they need is HEALING, they don’t need a program. They need to work one-on-one with a healer and work on their issues.

This is never true.

The reason this is never true is because one of the most difficult challenges we face on this journey is deprogramming these social, cultural, religious, familial and past live false beliefs because they are both trauma- and ego-driven.

In the School of Inner Union I teach my student’s to interrupt the pattern of viewing the world through these faulty filters and show them the soul’s perspective on reality. Which is a vital step in their Ascension process, to change their thought pattern and belief systems because they dictate how we interpret and respond to our experienced reality.

Yet, even with the right knowledge it is super difficult to change subconscious behavior, because often (read always) we are completely BLIND to our own subconscious patterns (subconscious means outside of our conscious awareness). Through being able to share their own journey, their struggles and pain (in a constructive way) with me and other Tribe students, my clients often become aware of their own sabotages.

If I see a student making critical thinking errors or see their subconscious wounding or patterns emerge, I make them aware of it – which is often confronting for them, but it is necessary for their healing process. Tribe members joined the School of Inner Union to heal and spiritually evolve in their Ascension process, they did not join for me to blow smoke up their ass.

The truth is you can’t do this journey ALL on your own. I didn’t do it all on my own either, I worked with dozens and dozens of different healers over the past almost seven years.
I spent a small fortune, learning everything that I now teach others.

It’s super easy to keep bullshitting yourself that you are doing the work, especially when you have no one in your life to hold you accountable or point out that you are only fooling yourself. The sad truth is that many of you are doing exactly this, you are bullshitting yourself to believe that you are doing the inner work when in reality you have no clue whatsoever what you are doing.

You are just trying to survive and get out of this alive.

The problem with that is that you are still stuck in your wounding when you do that, these are your survival patterns which are deeply ingrained subconscious ego patterns meant to keep you ‘safe’ through the mechanism of control. They are of course also GIANT OBSTACLES to inner union, because how can you surrender to your soul when you have a defense mechanism on auto-pilot that reverts to ego control as soon as you feel ‘unsafe’?

It’s almost a catch 22, because it is so sneakily subtle that it often escapes our inner scrutiny – because it is so deeply ingrained. Which is why it is so difficult to do this process all on your own and you don’t have to it all on your own. You can do it while being fully supported by others.

If you find it hard to allow yourself to be supported by others, you may want to use the Bach Flower* Rock Water to learn to be less hard on yourself.

I pray this teaching serves you and helps you understand the importance of doing the true inner work. I pray it also has helped you understand why the standard Twin Flame industry solutions are not solutions at all and are even dangerous distractions from where your focus should be.

Did the content of this teaching resonate for you?

Then for God’s sake take action. Go buy those Bach Flowers* (see dosage instruction below), book a session with a real healer (not just someone that makes you feel good), join me as a student in the School of Inner Union and get access to my own personal team of healers to assist you in your inner union process.

DO NOT simply click away and continue life as is, you have done that long enough.

It’s time for change and YOU are THE ONLY person that can change YOUR REALITY.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Twin Flame journey and Ascension process, join the School of Inner Union for modern-day Initiates on the Twin Flame and Ascension path. In our signature program, the Inner Union Program we walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. Tribe members also get access to my own personal team of healers, who have assisted me in my inner union process. Inner union, is a prerequisite for true Twin Flame union and creating ‘Heaven on Earth’ from the inside out.

You can also book a Akasha Quantum Soul Healing Journeys™ to help you release deep pain and trauma (including fears and false beliefs) from this and previous lifetimes that are keeping you from creating the Heaven on Earth experience you want your life to be.

*Bach Flower dosage instructions:

Once you have bought the Bach Flower remedies that came out of your online Twin Flame Bach Flower consultation, you can make your daily dosage bottle.

Contrary to other methods (where you often take 3×3 or 4×4 drops a day) we are going to add the Bach Flower remedies to your daily water intake, this really helps to soak your vibrational field with the energetic frequencies of the remedies. Doing so helps accelerate the process.

You can use up to 6 different Bach Flowers at a time, but honestly less is more. Address one issue at a time and don’t try to fix all your issues in one mixture. The flowers work more potently when you address things one by one. I usually work with 3 or 4 flowers at a time, and sometimes just one.

Add 2 drops of each Bach flower remedy to a bottle of water of 8,5 oz, 17 oz or 34 ounces. Outside of the United States, Myanmar and Liberia that’s 250ml, 500ml or 1 liter. Close the bottle and shake it so that the Bach Flowers mix with the water.

Whatever amount of water you choose, drink it completely by taking small sips throughout the day. Make sure, the bottle is empty at night when you go to sleep. Make a fresh dosage bottle each morning. Continue the dosage as long as needed to create the shift inside yourself, this can be in a matter of days, weeks or months.

You can use the same flower or flowers for long periods of time. If you are working on deep issues, I recommend you continue for at least three months or until the stock bottle is finished.


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