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A love letter from your Twin Flames higher self, this is what your twin can’t tell you in real life

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling spiritual author, New Paradigm leader, and founder of Akasha Quantum Soul Healing™ & the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on a love letter from your Twin Flames higher self, this is what your Twin can’t tell you in real life, you will learn:

  • Why you signed up for this journey with your Twin Flame
  • The importance of creating harmony between your inner masculine and inner feminine
  • How the illusion of separation from your Twin serves as an opportunity to learn and heal
  • Why you can never truly lose your Twin Flame
  • And more…

My dearest beloved,

That I am not with you now in the physical, is not because I don’t love you or because I don’t want to be with you. I am always with you in energy, I carry you in my heart wherever I go, even when my 3D self doesn’t give you a clue that this is true.

Remember we chose the circumstances we are in because they would help us and our 3D selves remember who we are on a soul level. Being together prematurely would hinder us in this endeavor, because we would not be able to become who we need to be, to truly be in union with ourselves and each other. Yes, I long for romance as well but just think about it: If we want to bring in new relationship- and higher love templates, we first need to unlock these templates inside ourselves and release the subconscious patterns and conditioning that contradict them.

This takes time and that is why we have agreed on the unexpected twists and turns that our journey has taken us through, because this is what allows us, to both release old programming and simultaneously step into the highest version of ourselves.

We chose this path because we wanted to purge ourselves clean in preparation of our Hieros Gamos (our sacred union). We wanted to create Heaven on Earth together, but that is not possible before we have faced the demons and dragons that we subconsciously hold within ourselves. We cannot keep dragging the pain of the past with us and so we called in those life circumstances, that leave us no choice but to let go of the past. We first needed to face our shadow side, in order to realize that there is nothing lurking in the dark out to get us.

Once we realize that there is no enemy within, we realize that there is also no enemy without. This is an important lesson we wanted to learn, because this is the key to a lasting life-partnership, as most love relationship die an often slow death due to the animosity that grows between the once lovers. Most romantic partnerships are poisoned from the inside, because the pair individually did not remove the poison within themselves.

It never takes long for this poison to ooze through in the connection and pitch the couple against each other. In reality they are merely projecting their inner animosity against the self onto each other. An inner animosity and sometimes even self-loathing that is buried so deep, they had forgotten that it was there since eons and eons. As souls we have been on this journey since the beginning of time and have not come out of it, without being cut and wounded.

We, my dearly beloved decided to be different. We wanted to be pioneers of a new revolution. We signed up to usher in the next step in our evolution.

We wanted to bring in a love that would not spoil. A love that would never turn into hate. A love that would not vanish into thin air the moment the one we love, did not or could not give us what we wanted. We wanted to experience a love that was deep, true and everlasting and that would stand the test of time over lifetimes and lifetimes. A love that was truly unconditional and did not depend on whether we are together or apart. A love that was above outer circumstances because we carry the truth of it, in our hearts.

So why am I maybe with someone else at the moment if I want the same as you want? Why am I not with you now – even if there is no one else in my life, when that is also my deepest heart’s desire? And my answer is because the time isn’t right yet. We are still going through the purging process. We are still in the process of unbecoming everything we never were to begin with. The pact we made and the mission we chose of bringing in unconditional love, is not something that is realized within a couple of weeks and months.

We are undoing thousands of years of patriarchal conditioning, because you and I my beloved want to be each other’s equal. And in order to be each other’s equals, we first need to create equality within between our inner masculine and our inner feminine. How can we see and treat each others as equals, when we still maybe fear, reject or disown both or one of these aspects within ourselves? We need to overcome the battle of the sexes within, in order to really eradicate those subconscious programs and patterns in our connection with each other. Subconscious patterns and programming that were installed by society, our culture, religion or family. We first need to break free form those, to unlock the gates of Paradise together.

If I am with someone else now, know that no one can replace you. There is no need to be jealous of the person I am with or the connection that I share with them, it is nothing like the connection I have with you and it never will be. I know that and yet still I have to fulfill my end of our soul contract and that is not only because I have unfinished business with this person. It’s this relationship that is helping my 3D self prepare to be together with you, when the time is right. But as you may have felt by now, this relationship with someone else also benefits you. It allows you to experience the depth of your love for me. It allows you to free your love from attachment and fear, so that you can really remember how to love unconditionally.

It’s through the illusion of losing me, that you are able to learn all these things about yourself and about your capacity to love. And it’s through this idea that all is lost forever between us, that your deepest pain and sorrows are brought to the surface. These are memories of other times together or apart that were left unresolved and need to be addressed. Cuts and wounds from your soul’s journey throughout time and space that are ready to be healed.

And the truth is of course, that you can never loose me, as I am yours forever.

Yet here we are in the illusion of being separated from each other and playing out a reality that is a far cry from what we both really want or set out to create. Fret not, my dearly beloved as this is temporary and we are still on track to creating the future that we want. Our current reality is not what our future will look like, but that is exactly why we did agree to set it up this way together, with all the obstacles and sudden plot-twists that we selected – because if our 3D selves would know from day one that we would be together guaranteed, we wouldn’t get them to do the inner work necessary to fully incarnate as the highest expression of ourselves (the higher self) in the physical.

They would continue their lives as they had prior to our meeting and their connection to us the higher selves, would still be shut off because that is the world they grew up in. A world that has put logic and rational thinking on a pedestal. A world without magic, miracles or synchronicity because they felt cut off from their own divinity. They have forgotten who we are or that we are here to guide them. But the thing is of course my dear, if my 3D self would find all the words to tell your 3D self what I have just told you, your 3D self wouldn’t have the patience to wait for things to take their natural course. Your 3D self, would push and pull on my 3D self to commit and be together even when the time wasn’t right and we weren’t ready yet because the 3D self is like a child, it wants what it wants and it wants it now – as long as it is ruled by the ego.

So, this is why we remain silent, but it’s not out of callousness or a lack of love.

We just know, even if my 3D self only knows this subconsciously that we need to wait for the right time to come forward. We need to allow the unexpected twists and turns, to take us where we wanted to go because we agreed to bring each other home. We need to overcome the obstacles we selected and allow for the sudden plot twists to unearth what we have been hiding from ourselves since the beginning of time (spoiler alert: our immense power) but it was only through pretending to be what we were not, that we were able to play the game of life and experience duality. Remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around. We only chose to hide our power, so that we could play the game and in playing the game manifest our full potential.

We are the creator you and I, experiencing itself through it’s own creation.

When that truth really sinks in from the mind into the heart, we have understood all there is to understand. It unlocks all the remaining secrets of the Universe, this one understanding. Which is why you and I agreed to meet up here in the first place, to help each other release all the subconscious fears and false beliefs that have been keeping us from seeing who we truly are on a soul level. THIS is the ONLY reason I am not with you now, because if we would consummate our love in the physical in this moment, I would not be able to help you see everywhere where you don’t love, reject or abandon yourself subconsciously and so it is out of love that I stick to our soul contract. It is BECAUSE I love you, that I am keeping my part of the agreement.

It’s when you are able to retrieve the lost parts of your soul, that I am able to call back my lost parts within myself. Do not for one second doubt, that I am not moving forward or that I am deviating from our soul plan because I am not. My loyalty is always with you, you never need to fear that this isn’t true. It is BECAUSE of my loyalty to you that I find the strength that I need, to do what I need to do, to hold up my end of the deal. But I come into your dreams and leave you signs, so you know I am always with you.

Together we can do this my beloved, we have been preparing for this moment since the beginning of time.

With all my love I am yours,


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