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The present moment is exactly as it shou …

The present moment is exactly as it shou …

In this soul teaching on the present moment is exactly how it should be, you will learn: The game changer that will help you turn your reality around and allow you to see how perfect your current reality actually is Examples of how your current reality is helping you...

Twin Flames, the most unromantic yet gre …

Twin Flames, the most unromantic yet gre …

In this soul teaching on Twin Flames, the most unromantic yet greatest love story you will ever live, you will learn: Why there is often an obstacle keeping Twin Flames apart Why you can't break the connection no matter how hard you try How Divine timing governs your...

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A true story – bumping into my Twin Flame on a date with his new girlfriend

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling spiritual author, New Paradigm leader, and founder of Akasha Quantum Soul Healing™ & the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on a true story-bumping into my Twin Flame on a date with his new girlfriend, you will learn:

  • The benefits of using the right spiritual healers and teachers on this journey
  • Why solo healing doesn’t go deep enough
  • How a powerful healing session can eliminate old trigger responses
  • Why the objective of the Twin Flame journey is to come to inner union
  • And more…

So called ‘Making money off the suffering of other people’

Especially within the Twin Flame community there are people in huge resistance to anyone offering products and services on this subject. They love the FREE stuff, but get their panties all in a bunch, as soon as they have to pay for anything. I think I have heard it all, from being accused of making money off of other people’s suffering to being obsolete because it’s a NATURAL process (Twin Flame union) and people will figure it out when they are ready.

I walk my talk and I know for 100% that I would not be where I am today without the support of a large group of mentors and healers that have helped me come to this place in my soul’s evolution. It may be a natural process but it DOESN’T just happen on it’s own.

Still even those not in massive resistance may wonder if seeing a coach, working with a healer or buying a Twin Flame program will actually help them and who would blame them because there is so much low quality stuff on the market that sells them what they want, but not what they need.

I am not in the game of pedaling union like most Twin Flame websites currently do. I help my clients realize that the Twin Flame encounter is not just this uber romantic fairy-tale experience, but at the same time a fast-track to Ascension.

This is an absolute game changer in their personal lives, their Twin Flame journey and their understanding of the Ascension process (which is pretty new to us all, to be honest). To illustrate the difference in going solo on this journey and reinventing the wheel or finding a mentor that guides you, I have gotten permission from one of my clients to share her story.

Reading her story shows you how drastically working with mentors and healers can shift your experience and that it is really not about making money off of other people’s misery. It’s about empowering people to find their inner strength and to help them liberate themselves from their own subconscious sabotages.

Meet my client Sarah

Sarah a beautiful young woman in her 20’s booked a coaching session with me during the summer, but then decided she didn’t want to wait (I have a waiting list) and joined The School of Inner Union the same day and started working on the modules,

When we had her coaching call about a month later, she was just about to go on vacation to her Twin Flame’s home country in South America. They had been in a relationship together, but had since broken up. During our call Sarah decided to book an Akasha Quantum Soul Healing™, for when she came back and I scheduled her in the weekend when I usually don’t work. But I know from experience how impactful visits to our twin’s home countries can be, so I gave her a spot within days of coming back home. If I remember correctly she arrived back, the night before our session together.

Sarah excited to be going to her twin’s home country kept him in the loop and asked him for tips of what to see when she was there and although he replied initially, he started lagging off in his response to her messages. When she finally persisted a bit, he told her that he was seeing someone new. Luckily this happened during the end of the vacation, just before Sarah was heading home.

Sarah recalls from that time “I was a MESS. I was on an airplane and I ended up passing out and throwing up because I was so distraught that night.” As we would all be in those moments. I remember the first time I heard my twin had to marry right after we met and long before the actual marriage, it felt like I was punched in the stomach. It’s not what you want to hear.

Sarah’s next thought was: “How dare you, that’s supposed to be me!”

That’s basically how she entered the Akasha Quantum Soul Healing™ with me in utter disbelief that this was actually happening and so grateful that she had booked this before she left, because boy did she need help now to make sense of it all.

Drilling down to the trauma

Sarah went into the session really quickly and started to see the things that were relevant to her own life and soul’s evolution. We easily accessed some past life trauma that was connected to tough experiences she had already faced in her relatively short life. Things started clicking into place and huge family healing came along with it, healing the relationship with her parents but also clearing the maternal lineage that had been passed on from grandmother to mother, to daughter. She was really doing well.

Until we needed to go deeper and she started going into resistance, complaining that it was so hard for her to see things. So I reminded her of how easily she had accessed everything up to now and she could see her own resistance. She wanted to go deeper but at the same time, kept banging up against her own defense mechanisms (which is also why we can’t do this deep soul work on our own). I pushed her and I pushed her hard, to go deeper and deeper and that is where she found liberation. Now liberation may sound like a BIG word in this case, but it is the only word that fits as you will see as this story unfolds.

Finally at the end of the session, extending into over time because I could feel she was on the brink of her breakthrough – she slipped into a past life that gave her the missing piece of the puzzle that put everything we had seen and that she had experienced with her Twin Flame into place. It was a life in Biblical times filled with guilt and shame, plus deep self loathing. It was horrendous and this was also what made it so difficult for her to face. It’s super easy to see the lives where we are victimized and others are to ‘blame’, but it takes guts to see the lives where we condemned and judged ourselves, because they hold our deepest pain.

Interestingly our deepest wounds are always self inflicted, it’s not what others did to us – it’s what we did to ourselves.

Sarah burst into tears as many of my clients do (including the men) as she started to understand how she had subconsciously tried to manipulate and control her Twin Flame, because of these wounds of the past and she saw how they had also attracted the traumas she experienced in her current life. This is a perfect example also of the Twin Flame dynamic, this 2000 year old subconscious programming was keeping her from both giving and receiving true love. She couldn’t receive love because deep down she didn’t believe she deserved it based on this past life and at the same time she wasn’t free to give true love either because she still carried a subconscious pattern of manipulation and control in order to try and bind her lover to her.

Now before you think Sarah is this freak exception, we all carry this kind of outdated life and love programming within our subconscious. This is what all the push/pull between Twin Flames is about to bring to the surface these outdated conditionings that prevent us from truly aligning to unconditional love. They help us make the unconscious, conscious.

Sarah’s litmus test, orchestrated by the Universe

Fast forward a couple of weeks Sarah is feeling great! She has started her dream job, is back in the dating game and she is feeling good.

As she says: “Like to a point where I realized if I never saw my twin again, I would be so so okay because I was just grateful for the revelation his (her twin) existence offered since then.”

She is out with her sister for a celebration dinner when her sister says to her after a while:

“Oh my god, there’s this couple behind you and they look so unhappy. He’s been on his phone the whole time and she’s fidgeting with her hands.”

Sarah turns around and sees that the man her sister is referring to is none other than her Twin Flame on a date with his new girlfriend!

This is the moment that you find out what you are made of and especially the moment you know if you are healed or not. Because remember how extreme her physical reaction was when she only found out through text that there was another woman in her twin’s life? She vomited and passed out. Now the Universe confronted her face to face with her Twin Flame and the woman she at first envied for being able to be with him.

This time she stays calm and collected. She struts her stuff making sure that he sees her feeling completely victorious not merely because he is obviously bored out of his mind in this new relationship, but because she realizes that this whole setup was thrown together by the Universe for her benefit to show her how far she has come. Instead of becoming a complete MESS like she did before she liberated herself from her past, she had now risen above it and it no longer triggered her.

So how about a couple of days later, was she still feeling strong and standing in her own truth? Well the Universe gave her another chance to feel into it, Sarah shared with me.

“I bumped into my twin and his girlfriend in town AGAIN tonight! The funny thing is- it doesn’t arise many negative feelings from me. I don’t envy what they have going on… ” 

That’s when you know that you have really made a giant leap in your evolution.

Imagine if Sarah wouldn’t have worked with me…

Imagine for a second how things would have gone if Sarah had not bought my program, or had not done the coaching call that got her scheduled for an Akasha Quantum Soul Healing™ right after her trip. She could have reasoned on the coaching call that she had already spent a lot of money with me and that it was better to hold on to the money she still had, instead of booking a healing session with me.

That same week another client of mine who had just found out her twin had fathered a child, chose not to do an Akasha Quantum Soul Healing™ with me, Despite the fact that she found out about this only after I had shared my story of dealing with my Twin Flame having a son earlier this year, it was as if the Universe had sent her to me first to help cushion the blow. Although she initially said yes, she later changed her mind because she felt she would be able to heal this on her own. When the trauma is this deep that you need literal shock therapy (the shock of your twin with a new partner or a baby) to access the subconscious wound, it’s going to be so deep you will hardly be able to access it on your own. It will be tightly guarded by a myriad of defense mechanisms, set up to keep you away from the immense pain of whatever is being triggered.

Back to Sarah, we know that her body (and mind of course) had reacted violently to the news when she first heard it. Let’s imagine that when she came home she had no one that she could talk to this about, like she was able to do in The School of Inner Union Mastermind group where she posted and shared with us what happened and received immediate support from the group.

Then let’s imagine that she had not booked a healing session with me and so she would have not been able to liberate herself, There would have been a big chance that she would have slipped into a depression. No getting back into the dating game, because she would still be hurt so much over and pining for her Twin Flame. Would she have landed her dream job? Maybe or maybe not. But she would probably not have felt like going out with her sister to celebrate and instead prefer to stay home to lick her wounds.

Sarah herself believes that she would have NEVER bumped into him like this, had she not had this massive breakthrough in herself and such deep self-liberation and why would she? The Universe is not cruel, it doesn’t rub salt in our wounds. She was ready for this encounter BECAUSE she had done the inner work and when she did, the Universe showed her that there was really nothing to be jealous about. Her twin was not having the relationship of her dreams with someone else, he was merely with someone else at the moment because that was how it was meant to be.

Plus it was the threat of this other woman moving in on her twin, that was part of the self-liberation that Sarah was able to attain. These are ALL soul agreements made prior to our incarnation, our Twin Flame’s so called ‘karmics’ have vowed to aid us in our union process despite their own ego desires towards our Divine counterpart.

It is their own egoic desires that make them play their parts perfectly, because remember Sarah’s subconscious block was giving and receiving true love which is mandatory in order to come into true Twin Flame union. Heck, you can’t even come into inner union while secretly loathing yourself (she was disgusted by herself in that previous lifetime) and without inner union, there can’t be TRUE Twin Flame union. Through believing that she could lose her twin, to this new girlfriend Sarah was willing to face the even deeper pain that was being triggered for her – this past life that was blocking her union whether she realized it or not.

Does this mean that Sarah will be in Twin Flame union now soon? If you are asking yourself this question you are missing the point. Sometimes it is really just ONE single thing blocking a romantic relationship with our Twin Flame, but because this is an Ascension journey we tend to have many more blocks to inner union and Twin Flame union is nothing but a physical reflection of the union one has attained within. So who cares if Sarah will be with her twin soon or not, because as her story clearly shows us that is not the point. The point is to find all these places inside ourselves where we are misaligned to our own soul and union within.

When we can come back to union within, the union without takes care of itself.

It is not worth obsessing over.

I pray that sharing Sarah’s story inspires you to dig deeper on your own Twin Flame journey and Ascension path. If you were on the fence in regards to working with me or other healers and coaches I hope this article helps you see, what a difference it makes to have others support you. Nobody can do the work for you, Sarah’s success is hers alone because she had the guts to face her deepest pain and liberate herself from it. I did not do it for her, I merely helped her reach the depth she was willing to reach on her own but had difficulty accessing. If she had not been willing, no amount of pushing her in deeper would have helped her get there. Union is an inside job, but there are many capable people who can help you in the process.


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