[Astrology] Age of Aquarius Part 1 – How it Will Affect your Money and Relationships

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This is part I of a guest article by Twin Soul astrologer Lilliana Thorvald. You can read part II here.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius!

We have 7 planets out of 10 in Aquarius now and we can say 2021 is the Change Maker as opposed to 2020, year of Darkness, where we had most of the planets in Capricorn. We are in very different, more positive energetic territory now. Everyone is being affected depending on where we have Aquarius and Taurus in our birth charts and what areas they are activating for us. That means only one or two areas of our life are in focus while others are in the backseat and that is ok! This can be seen from our birth charts and our timing charts (you can learn more about them in Divine Plan and Divine Timing).

You can see in Sabriyé’s Solar Return chart for 2021-2022 that the focus is in her 2nd house of earned money, business, values and self-worth and the 5th house of romance, love, children and creativity. The Fifth House is where you burst out onto the scene, in your full glory. These are the two themes that will be the most prominent for her in the upcoming year. This will be different for everybody according to their own unique chart.

In this article I am going to look at WHAT the Age of Aquarius is bringing collectively to two major areas of our lives – money and relationships. The Old Paradigm model is in a turbulent transition into the New Paradigm model and it might be a little distressing to see how different they are, but I will follow up with solutions in the next article.

In part two I will talk about HOW we can make it easier for ourselves to transition into the New Paradigm. I will offer the tools and shortcuts so please be sure to check it out. I will do my best to give you a user’s manual for the New World, to help you navigate it.

The Worst is Over!

We’ve made it through the roughest patch in 2020, congratulations everybody, you are a champion and you know it!

If we say 2020 was walking through Mordor (a Lord of the Rings underworld), we can say in 2021 we’ve found an exit, we’ve escaped the biggest danger, we somehow got to the first next mountain top, and in January we just flopped to the ground from exhaustion and slept for days and days. When we were awake, we were showered with new energies, extreme amounts of new light codes that we needed to integrate fast. Now we are getting a chance to breathe, to look around and see where we have come from, where we are, and most importantly, where we are heading.

If we look back, we can see Mordor clearly, dark and threatening. There was a time when we could not believe that something like that even existed, but now we know, we see the terrible agenda, we’ve felt it on our skin, we’ve lost people, not everyone made it. We have had to develop and use many superpowers, we’ve all become a bit of Gandalf in our own lives.

We’ve made it and many brave others have, we are not alone. If we look around we see there is a new ‘we’, a collective of very magical and very powerful beings. There is a worldwide family of Lightworkers.

What happens now, when we are at a clearing, at the top of a safer mountain? Thunder comes! A big storm comes down, bringing all the guides, Gods and angels that we prayed to! They are bringing upgrades, they are bringing the new genius that we need in order to move forward. We are at the scene of Moses being at the top of the mountain and then Thunderstorm speaks to him and gives him his mission and the codes for the new value system that he is to give to humanity. That is the way forward – with the new value system and with the collective of those who can hold it and spread it, united as one.

It is no more a question of being worthy or good enough, but a question of survival. If we look back to Mordor, orcs are still chasing us, attacking our homes, our jobs, our finances, our lives. But the horizon shows more, Mordor is just one mountain, there are many more places and beings in the world, and they are starting to realize what is going on, their vision is becoming sharper and they are looking for the closest wise man Gandalf they can talk to.

So we know, the masses will soon be coming to ask for our magic, because orcs are chasing them too. If we look up, the Thunder is getting ever louder instructing us on what to do and upgrading our energy bodies, and if we look down the earth is shaking shedding its old skin and welcoming us as its birth doula, since we know how to ride the storm and bring fresh air and a new world into being.

So here we are my brave hobbits, let’s see what the Thunder God wants from us now – let’s get acquainted with Uranus and the sign of Aquarius that he rules. They are bringing in the New Paradigm.

Keywords for Uranus and Aquarius:

Everybody – Humanity – Awakening – Future – Progress- Change – Technology – Electricity – Genius – Thunder and Lightning – Father Sky – Guides and Angels – Kundalini

If we want to sum it up, we are in the time of emergence of the NEW AUTHENTIC GENIUS WORKING FOR THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY

All the planetary bodies in our solar system spin around their axis horizontally, except Uranus – Uranus spins vertically, tilted by a whopping 98 degrees relative to the plane of the solar system, meaning it essentially spins on its side. Uranus is different, it has its own thing going on, being the original ‘oddball’. It also has an interesting fluorescent glow in the dark thing going on and strange rings that are sometimes visible, sometimes invisible, at least to us.

In mythology, Uranus is the ruler of heaven, he is Father Sky while Gaia is Mother Earth. He is associated with thunder, electricity, light, technology, inventions and the future. The image of Aquarius we got from ancient astrology books is that of a bearded old man in the sky pouring water down on Earth. For me it looks like Uranus pouring light codes on us humans, but he is a human too.

That is why his predominant interest is HUMANITY!

All other gods and archetypes in the solar system are not really concerned about the ordinary human, but Uranus cares. The other planets are normal to themselves, and they see Uranus as the odd one. Luckily, Uranus doesn’t give a damn, to him, all the other planets spin in a wrong way but he can’t argue with each one of them since he’s a minority here, so he will just have to be a genius in how he manages to get through to Gaia to help humanity. He can create ripples in the space-time continuum, create multidimensional wormholes and open cosmic portals for his people, for the ready ones, so they can make quantum leaps and get out of the system ways.

Uranus is all about giving us shortcuts to get to the best future fast, but we have to do it his way – the sideways glow in the dark spin way. It is so urgent that other regular spinning planets have figured out their way is not working anymore, they need to go talk to Uranus and learn from him – in 2021!

2021 is the year of Aquarius and Uranus, we don’t have a choice anymore but to learn from his perspective. We have 7 out of 10 planets in Aquarius right now and for the most part of February and then they will join Uranus in Taurus in April, so between now and mid May – Uranus is about to teach his class to the solar system, he waited longer than he would like to admit, some 600 years, but his time has come.

The half-dissolved old world and the half-formed new world are meeting this year and they clash a few times throughout the year. Both sides are shocked at the perspective of the other side, maybe not even against it, just shocked at how different they are from each other, trying to wrap their minds around the other side’s perspective and worldview.

I am going to present the Uranian perspective here in the context of major life areas that we all share and that most of us are struggling with right now – money and relationships.

Uranus is Father Sky who wants to protect Mother Earth by teaching their children, humanity, the New Way. The New Way is that individuals, businesses and relationships have to serve Everybody’s highest good and be of service to all of humanity and Gaia.


I will start with the good news – Jupiter in Aquarius in 2021 means abundance to the Lightworkers! In 2022 it continues to Pisces, so more abundance to the spiritual community.

The New Paradigm is that the money has to go to those who will work for the benefit of the planet and its people, to the spiritual ones, to the Divine Feminine, because she will take care of everyone.

We are transitioning from the Masculine money paradigm into the Divine Feminine money paradigm.

The Old Paradigm was designed to serve a privileged minority at the expense of humanity and the planet itself, through systems that were constructed as a self-preserving mechanism of accumulating wealth, rather than being of any service to the common human being. We are coming from a ‘me-first’ and ‘each to their own’ mindsets. That has created a lot of damage for the planet and for everyone.

In the New Paradigm Gaia wants to provide for everybody and Uranus is coming to teach us a different way.

Abundance means having a lot of everything in your life – food, clothes, shelter, money to spend: all of these things are produced on Earth, nothing comes from outer space. That makes it simple to understand that it is possible to have enough of everything because we can produce all of it by ourselves. The only problem has been unequal distribution of resources so that’s where an intervention is needed.

What shamans teach is the ancient Earth wisdom, a healthy model of manifesting abundance for everyone.

This is what they teach:

When we pray for abundance we do it top-down: we start from the planet Earth > my continent > my country > my town > my community > my clients > my family and me.

It is the opposite of what we did so far – we did me > my family > maybe my community – conflict + taking away from Earth.

We usually did manifestation work for ourselves only, and then we’d share with our family and maybe our local community, but that’s as far as it got. It was upside down and created competition and rivalry. How can I have more than enough if the Earth did not make enough food this year and half of the world’s industries have closed down? It will be difficult for her to distribute. If we start helping her create plenty, she is able to give plenty. If we help our community to be abundant, we don’t have to worry about earning money. We especially want our regular clients and people who need our services to have plenty of money – that has to come first, and then we will be taken care of.

It is important to add that if we put ourselves last in the chain, it doesn’t mean we will have less than we have now, we might have more than we have now. Now if our clients and our community don’t have money it means we don’t have money. If our clients and our Lightworkers double their income, we double our income.

That is the new way. Everyone first, and then it trickles down to us as it is meant to (which doesn’t mean that you have to keep your prices low – because that is old paradigm lack and scarcity thinking).

Let’s try this together. Let’s try to do abundance work for this community of Lightworkers so that everyone is taken care of.

You can do visualizations, meditations, you can imagine golden light being installed going top-down from Earth. Everyone make a new vision board with the Earth at the top. Here is the model:

Earth is abundant – all its resources are abundant, there is abundant food for all beings and all species. The community of Lightworkers on the planet is abundant.

My country is abundant – there is enough for everyone.

My city is abundant, everyone has everything that they need.

My clients are abundant, everyone can afford to pay for their self-work and healing.

My family has enough of everything they need and in the end,

I receive from Earth everything I need according to my rightful contribution to the evolution and wellbeing of the planet.

Maybe it is not my role to determine how much I should receive, the universe will give me what I deserve according to my sacred birth-right as a child of the Divine.

I believe we are being financially pressed because we as Divine Feminine need to be the leaders in the shift into the New Paradigm – which is tricky because we have been conditioned so long to give our love, care and resources for free, expecting nothing in return. This is all pretty new for us and it’s important that we reclaim our worth as the feminine first, because not seeing our innate worth was another part of the old paradigm conditioning that saw the feminine as inferior to the masculine. As leaders of this New Paradigm shift, we first have to heal the wounds of the patriarchy, including the Mother wound that Sabriyé wrote about before here.

Extra tip: I install golden light abundance codes into the land – in the streets and city squares, so that everyone who walks there can get abundance codes activated and benefit. That’s what the Earth wants, she wants everyone to have everything, and if she registers you are someone who is doing what supports her transition into the New Feminine Paradigm, she will say, ok, I will support this person because she supports all life.


Uranus wants Earth to survive and thrive. It has to eliminate what is causing damage. For example, when your regular corporate guy is making a vision board: he wants another car, a new office building and a new holiday house at a prestigious resort.

The Earth is thinking: “Ok, that is going to create more air pollution, water pollution and wipe out an important biosphere at the coast, I can’t have that, no manifesting of this kind anymore, closed.”

Earth has started closing down what she can’t have anymore and that is going to increase.

Let’s use an example of huge tourist complexes in the most expensive coastal regions of Spain. Natural animal habitats had to be destroyed to build these, big ships with international tourists were coming in and out polluting the water and the air, and tourists were leaving a lot of garbage. Now we all know what happened in 2020 – no tourism, no problem for Earth, she is clearing her air and her water and she doesn’t care what billionaire is losing money with big resorts sleeping empty.

We could also see how quickly Mother earth recovered from water and air pollution during the strict lockdowns, within weeks places that had been highly polluted cleared up.

Businesses and companies are next – if they do not transition into being a healthy supportive part of the web of life, they will be closed down, maybe in the long run, maybe soon. We see lots of factories and industries all over the world closing down. In the future, if a business is not run in a sustainable way, if it is poisoning the land, the air and the water, it is not going to exist. It won’t matter how much you invested in your business coaching if you are not feeding life on Earth.

Businesses will have to blend in and be a healthy link in the web of life, otherwise Earth perceives it as a threat, an infection. That’s why the temperature is rising – the mother has fever.

Bottom line is getting your business and your lifestyle in balance with the elements – water, air, earth and fire.

The next mission step for me is guiding business owners in how to upgrade their business in a way that serves the Earth, if you are someone who owns a business, please contact me so we can get started together, it’s new for me too but it’s urgent.


We are going to see a big trend in the dissolution of the family as it has been in the Old Paradigm. Most families functioned from the baseline of ‘us first’ – ‘we have to provide for our family’. The main provider, mostly the father, would go into a competitive game with questionable morals to obtain resources for the family. That is producing destructive consequences for all involved. Women played a big role in enabling them in this – marrying into good money and using their sexuality to be provided for, staying in bad marriages so the father would finance their children’s education etc (the remnants of our patriarchal conditioning).

That is why we have been working on paving the way for New Paradigm relationships that are based on serving the world as our common mission.

Read this article here that Sabriyé wrote on the Aquarian age partnerships that we are shifting into.


Values around love, partnership and marriage are changing – we are starting to value conscious partners, we value people who ‘do the work’, and people who are active in making the world a better place. We are crying for the true Sacred Masculine who is the protector and guardian of all life and all families, not just his own.

We will have to start saying a consistent NO to everything less than that.

I think it is thanks to a huge amount of work on the part of the Twin Soul collective as pioneers, especially the Divine Feminine, that the New Paradigm of conscious relationships is spreading into the larger collective. Women are simply not interested in the patriarchal model of relationships anymore, they want emotional connection, sacred space, soul intimacy in sex and definitely the basics of good behavior.

They are massively healing their abandonment and rejection wounds and no matter who the universe is sending, in the beginning stages of the spiritual journey, it is a catalyst for the healing of all our obsolete wounds. That’s where women are at – doing the self work so they can have a new life.

The healing of women is crucial, please start or continue with your inner alchemy, everything depends on it. This massive purification process of the larger feminine collective is crucial since we will create and bring up New Earth children who are going to save the world.

Join the School of Inner Union if you are ready to take your healing to the next level.


The long term plan for our planet is to raise her vibration to higher dimensions as part of her evolution and become part of the intergalactic network, of cosmic life. The Earth has called in a community of empaths, spiritual teachers, healers and wise ones to incarnate here and help her move through her challenges.

That means that Genius souls are coming back to help us, but we need to prepare a place for them.

The biggest challenge is the disbalance in the elements of creation: fire, water, air and earth. Everything that exists is made up of these four elements and all of them have been polluted and they are trying to re-balance themselves and send messages to humanity by fires, floods, earthquakes and plagues. They are calling for purification and balancing of the eco-system so other species can live and survive. Earth might soon, in the span of the next 150 years lose its ability to defend itself against threats coming from outer space like meteors that can cause another great flood.

We are looking at the next 7 generations, so around 150-200 years into the future, as our deadline for the solution of these problems. The solutions are coming through New Children– genius children who will find new technologies and inventions to solve environmental issues.

Uranus is the planet of genius. Let’s use Nikola Tesla as an example – the man who lit the world up. A genius sent by divine providence, following his visions to create a new world of free energy for humanity. He worked for the good of entire humanity, and now we have the world as it is, we owe so much to this one man.

Earth after Tesla and Earth before Tesla are two very different planets. He is from the past, but he is from the future. The great ones are coming back, and our task is to prepare a place for them, the next two or three generations are crucial for the survival of the humanity and many other species on the planet. That’s why the time of the New Earth Genius is upon us. We are their teachers and their parents, grandparents. We are the creators of the new humans who are going to save the world.

New Earth children will have special energetic needs so to speak – they are coming with much more light in their light bodies and with developed psychic and empathic gifts. They need balanced and healthy family environments with clear energy and zero burden (karmic residue) from the past. This is something Sabriyé has also written about before, explaining what we need to do to bring in these New Earth children.

We cannot skip our healing work, because it prepares us to be the guardians of these New Earth children as mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, and grandparents.

This is what we are preparing for. They will come though unions and sacred partnership, because these unions will have the highest, purest vibration and they can hold the most light.

My brave Divine Feminine, if you can keep your perspective on this you will do great in continuing your healing journey. All the healing we are doing now, clearing ancestral lines, clearing the land, clearing the feminine and the masculine in us, healing all our darkness and ascending into the highest light. We are doing this so the next 7 generations can have a completely free, unburdened field with a high Light Quotient.

These next 7 generations are crucial for the healing of the world.


That brings us to our most frustrating question: “How is the Divine Masculine going to ‘wake up’ to the spiritual path and start doing the work?” The answer –  when money and relationships have collapsed.

The role of man as the provider for his family (only) is collapsing, the circumstances are not supporting this phenomenon anymore, so he is failing. The wife and children start to hate him, resentment grows if the marriage is not built on true love, the sex is unsatisfying and everyone is miserable. The man tries harder, but ascension is kicking in too, he is tired, exhausted, he cannot provide any security and things are getting worse. The family rejects him and he can’t connect with his male friends anymore, everyone is just falling away. His old 3D life kicks him, ascension intensifies, heart chakra open us and that is the start of his spiritual journey.

Too aggravated at this point, he is not taking any commands or advice, especially from his parents and authority figures – because he did everything they wanted, he did everything ‘the right way’ because he was a ‘good boy’ and everything’s gone to hell anyway.

The impulse to rebel gets stronger, and he is finally finding courage to face the fact that his social programming could have been wrong.

He will accept no more control, no one will tell him what to do, not the parents, not the boss, not the wife. He is losing old friends and people because he has no more patience for superficial thrill chasing and bad jokes. He is now learning to discern the truth for himself, he is realizing that pushing more, fighting more and drinking more is not going to solve anything.

Fear, he has to overcome fear, he has to have a calm clear head in order to figure this out, he needs a new perspective, he needs to take care of his body and his soul or he will collapse. He looks for something that will give him a heart spark, something that will give him a heart smile. It is not running after a fix that is sex or a drink or an adrenalin rush from bungee jumping. Outer fulfillment is not working anymore. He can’t be a circus monkey entertaining everybody and working for validation and status.

That’s where men are at, at the crossroads.

They need something stable inside that is going to be a good pillar and hold everything together as the world is collapsing around them. They need to build an inner light that will radiate from the inside out and they can start sorting the world out, they need to do something that is going to decrease the amount of chaos.

Outer chaos requires inner stability, the emergence of their true power. They want to be useful to the world. Discarded as a failure by their parents, wife and kids, they think about their role in the world. That is the introduction and a good road to mission, to discovering their Divine Plan. Mission is the right path for them now, a priority. Once men realize they now need to join the global revolution for the good of everyone or otherwise watch the world burn, they will be initiated into the true role of the Sacred Masculine, the Guardian of All Life.

Then my dears, they will be given the right to stand next to their Divine Feminine.

When is this happening?  It depends on each individual’s Divine Timing, which can be found in each person’s natal chart. Collectively, it is happening now and in the next two or three years for pretty much everybody. You can look at approximate awakening timelines here.

But it’s important to emphasize that you cannot sit around and wait for your Divine Masculine to awaken, you need to do your own inner work in the meantime to truly embody your own Divine Femininity.

We will talk more about each sign in part two of this series on the Age of Aquarius.
Stay tuned for shortcuts, tools and guidelines for the New Paradigm.

If you need more guidance on you and your partner’s missions and timings, you can write to me at tf.astrologer@gmail.com.

In summary, here we are still together, Living La Vida Loca

Love you all,


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Lilliana Thorvald is a Twin Flame Astrologer and Shamanic Healer. She uses astrology to provide in-depth information about each twin’s life purpose, mission – The Divine Plan, as well as their Divine Timing. To book a session email her at tf.astrologer@gmail.com.