[Astrology] Age Of Aquarius Part 2 – What to expect according to your Zodiac sign

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This is part II of a guest article by Twin Soul astrologer Lilliana Thorvald. You can read part I here.

How to navigate the New Paradigm

Old Earth Paradigm is in a turbulent transition into the New Earth Paradigm and we are in the breakthrough year of 2021.

This article is part II in the mini-series on the Age of Aquarius.

In part I we looked at WHAT the Age of Aquarius is bringing to two major areas of our lives – money and relationships. We covered where Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are at in this big transitional time.

In part II here, we will talk about HOW we can make it easier for ourselves to transition into the New Earth Paradigm. I will offer the tools and shortcuts we have available to create our individual user’s manual for New Earth.

We finish this article with yearly forecast for each zodiac Sun and Ascendant sign.

Welcome to the Future!

One of the most illuminating experiences I’ve had in my life was overhearing a conversation between two school kids chatting, a girl and a boy around 10 years old. “What are your favourite subjects in school?” the boy asked, starting the conversation. The girl said “I like languages and history.” The boy paused, had a moment to think and said “History? There are many stories about the people of the past and how they lived and what they did, it is almost hard to believe. But what confuses me is this – why isn’t there a subject about THE FUTURE? I mean, what are we going to do and how should we live, we should prepare right?” At that time I had been a school teacher for twenty years, and there was nothing in the school system that prepared the kids for their lives, and for the future. A light went on in my mind in that moment and I recognized myself as someone who could teach – The Future!

Luckily, I have a lot of Aquarius in my birth chart so my basic internal software is oriented towards the future and I was already well into astrology. I’ve since delved into the subject more and I am sharing the tools and shortcuts to our best future.

Aquarius is the era of the Authentic Individual and that is how we deal with it – we prepare our own personal customized manual for our life on New Earth. We get informed about our highest potential and we learn how to get there, healing all that is blocking us as we go and we step into our big role.

We have two ancient methods to be informed by the future: one is astrology and the second one is shamanic journeying into the future.


Astrology can provide a lot of information, it is showing us how the energies will be aligning in the future, so even now we can make charts for each year until the end of our lifetime. The solar system will go the way it goes and we can’t change that, it is a cosmic clock. What we can do is gain basic to advanced literacy in the working of the cosmic clock and become an active participant in using the energies for our highest good.

To put it in the simplest way, astrology helps us know who is who, what is what, and when things are likely to start moving in which direction.

Divine Plan

Basic literacy in astrology is knowing why you were born, what purpose and mission your life has – we call it your natal chart – your Divine Plan. It is your cosmic blueprint, and answers the questions like “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” That is the foundation, knowing your life’s mission.

Divine Timing

Intermediate literacy is staying up to date with your Divine Timing, being informed and knowing what’s coming your way long term, and especially what is not coming your way long term.

When we have the big picture of our likely future, we then start zooming in on shorter periods and split it all up into smaller steps so we can fulfill our big life’s mission in ‘yearly mission chunks’ as I call them. We explore what the year’s task is and we do that task. This year most people only have one or two tasks to do with all the planets being in Aquarius. That means we don’t have to focus on ten other life areas, what a relief!

However, we should know which two areas are active and which ten are inactive, in order to use the year well and stop worrying about everything.

We can even zoom in on shorter periods and follow our trimesters, or our monthly tasks, even day by day. The Divine Clock always provides enough guidance – the future happens day by day, month by month, year by year.

In summary, knowing your immediate short term steps, your yearly tasks and missions and following your timing step by step helps you make the best of each step.

Divine Relationships

Advanced literacy would be knowing the Divine Plan and Divine Timing of your Beloved and your children so you know who is who.

You stop projecting roles onto them, you stop being frustrated because they are not doing what you think they should be doing and when they should be doing it. You simply learn about other people’s lives and processes and what your relationships with them are supposed to be for each person involved.

From pressure and judgment we shift into compassion and mutual support.

Imagine if your parents knew what your soul purpose was when you were a kid and made good conditions for you to develop your gifts? It would have been way easier. I believe the new generations will be informed about their Divine plans since Aquarius rules astrology, it is coming back.

Divine Abundance

Astrology provides information about our destiny with money and abundance, it shows the highest intention of the cosmos to provide for us in the best way, but we usually have to clear some blocks around our core wounds or heal some ancestral programming. All the information about that can be found in our astrology charts, we can see where our money comes from, what’s in store for us this year financially, what to heal in order to get to the next level, what new skills to develop in order to thrive and so on. Astrology even tells us what part of the world our best paying clients come from so we can expand into that local market for best results in profit-making.

When we put it all together, it looks like this:

Both Sabriyé and I have worked with a girl here who wanted to have a typical white picket fence life in a small town and be a modest wife. The sacred partner refused that and left. She learned about herself – we found her mission is to become a very prominent high class artist with international success and status, with her abundance coming from her art, not from any marriage. She needed to know her Divine plan, to accept it, to choose it, to heal all the blocks and then go for it step by step following the Divine Timing. The Divine wants us to play our big roles and have our Divine Abundance according to the big plan. It is very different from what she thought she was meant for, but way cooler too because the world needs 5D art now.

Shamanic journeying into the future

Shamanic journeying into the future has to be my favourite thing as a method for acquiring significant information. Shamans use the practice of changing their state of consciousness induced by repetitive drumming and they can travel in both time and space. I’ve been studying with some of the most renowned shamans of today and they use this technique to ask our descendants and the shamans of the future how to solve the problems of today.

The idea is to find a willing spiritual worker in the future to answer this question – “What did we do in our time that worked?! What did the people of the 21st century do to save the world?” What the descendants said to answer this was that the people of the 21st century realized all beings are like fingers of one hand, and they united to function together in harmony instead of behaving like they are not connected. They also said we simplified everything, minimized technology and returned back to living closer to nature – reintegrating back into the web of life.

This practice can be used to answer your very personal questions as well, like “What is my highest possible future in which all my potentials are used to help Earth?” and you are shown a movie, you go to witness it and visit it. That is a huge change from having to visualize and create your desired future from your own thoughts when you are ‘manifesting’, sometimes we don’t know what’s best for us. You simply go visit the best possibility and ask how you got there. Then you follow the steps the guides give you and it usually involves healing some past wounds and releasing old energies that don’t serve you.

Meeting my Descendants

I had the pleasure of meeting my descendants from the year of 6250! I saw a vision of a beach, my father and I were standing there, and two futuristic looking young women came to meet us. They were dressed in something similar to yoga outfits, but the fabric of the clothes had built in devices and buttons that were flashing and keeping the portals open to their own timeline. The girls were a little overwhelmed to see us, and surprised we had no knowledge of them.

One of them, around 30 years old, spoke to us, almost with tears in her eyes: “You are our family’s ancestors, we are from the year 6250. We came to see if you are ok… are you ok?” “We are ok.” I said reassuringly. She continued: “Oh my God, you are the first ones! You are the first generation of Lightworkers on the planet in our lineage! We could not imagine how hard that was, there was still darkness on the planet … you started it all! We came back to SEE YOU!” They looked at us like we were aliens. That made me giggle, I repeated that we were glad that the humanity lived and we have great-great-great-grandchildren in flashing suits. That’s all I remember.

The conclusion I got from this strange visit is that I didn’t (will not) die from the big C and I had (will have) a kid who will have kids who will have kids… who will all live in Light! Homo Luminous, Divine Human happened, my mission was successfully completed!

This kind of travelling should be done in a shamanic session with a trained shamanic healer, please don’t do this by yourself, we don’t want you to get stuck between dimensions.

2021 Gives us shortcuts to the new paradigm

In addition to using astrology and being informed by the future people, the Age of Aquarius will give us shortcuts to create Heaven on Earth. This year is ideal for making big leaps into the future, here is how.


Aquarius is the king of detachment. We are now collectively in this energy, especially in the first half of 2021. This is the best time to learn how to let go of expectations from our Beloved, and from anyone else for that matter and focus on ourselves. We are now able to detach emotionally and energetically, to have some distance and a better view, we can develop our observer consciousness. We can easily step out of emotional neediness and experience everything we need from our energy upgrades. We are building our Authentic Genius self now.

Healing into freedom

Stop and smell the light codes of Freedom! Uranus wants ultimate liberation for us. Everything has to go! This is the year in which everything finally drops from our body, all the trauma, all the purging, all the ancestral programming. We are sweeping the archives of Earth clean and we are being given a clean slate. The old heavy energy doesn’t have the foothold in the new reality, the energy is now free to shift into a higher vibration. When we have helped it along.

We have to cooperate and become actively involved in releasing and healing. If we don’t, huge ascension waves will rock us like a small boat in a storm and we won’t be able to hold our ground. If we jump in and do the final releasing, we can now make huge leaps, we can finalize healing of wounds we have been working on for years and years. It’s all good to go, just don’t latch on to anything, let go and keep letting go, especially of your old identity.

Mission buddies

The New Paradigm is built on relationships that share common missions to help the Earth ascend. Find people who are on the same mission as you – we have healers, we have environmentalist, artists, coaches, 5D business leaders, teachers, we have people who will work with golden children etc. Your sacred partner is your closest mission buddy, learn about that in your relationship chart. New Earth relationships and marriages will be mission based. Get connected, get organized and start your activism in your mission clusters. We are in the age of future-informed activism.


We are in the age of miracles and quantum jumps now. Everything can happen as fast as lightning and come in unexpected ways. What you have to do is ask for something and then pay attention – you will get your cues. Most people come to me because they get a sign or their guides tell them to write to me. Don’t miss your cues. They will lead you to people who might be in high positions, someone you’d never dare talk to. You have to remember your Lightworker in a high position is here to do the same thing you are doing, they are your mission buddy.

The Old Paradigm of social rank is done, the New Paradigm of Lightworker buddies is on. If you get guided to them, go to them, they will be your shortcut and your miracle if it is meant to be. It comes with the obligation of being the miracle door opener for others who are guided to you, be their portal, be their shortcut, be their mission buddy. If we all start doing it, we can be very fast and efficient and make quantum jumps. We are like a network of neurons in the brain – a signal goes out into the collective that we need something, the collective responds. Do not overanalyze miracles, just be grateful.

What does 2021 have in store for you?

This is 2021 forecast by Ascendant and Sun sign, please be advised that your year will depend on your entire birth chart, not just your Sun sign, so this is around 5% of the info available in your birth charts. It is best to get a personalized reading for comprehensive guidance.


You are advised to work on your healing, these are some themes: wounds around the physical body, your masculine energy, sexual energy, self-confidence. We know you are impatient to have your life back and have it run like a good mechanism, but you actually have to go 5D now to be able to have that. You can be quick with learning how to function in both 3d and 5d now, with applied effort. You can be the collective’s rocket ship into higher reality when you get rid of the deadweight!


If you were born between April 21st and May 5th, you are under the influence of Uranus, the Awakener for the long haul. We know there is nothing you like more than your comfort zone, but simply can’t count on security now. You are in the midst of the biggest awakening phase in your life and you should appreciate it and learn how to go with the flow. Your psychic gifts will expand and you will come out a different, liberated person. Zero programming is the goal. Be the revolutionary, that’s how you align with your future. April born Taurus will have a huge birthday year with 7 bodies in the sign, please talk to me about your yearly forecast (solar return chart). Maybe it’s just time for a cosmic party in your head and you need a disco ball in your bedroom to align with the mood J


This whole year of 2021 we have the collective mission in your sign so your gifts are what everyone is looking to develop now: communication, writing, speaking, negotiating, and having some lighthearted fun. Please share your gifts now, step up to the new bigger roles that the reality is asking you to take, and be all of you, do not hold back. It’s finally your time to talk and everyone will want to listen, this won’t happen again in a while, so have some fun. The stage is all yours, complete with a glittery microphone.


The last few years have been very difficult, and now you finally get to have some rest. It is almost hard to believe that the worst is over and that things are improving. Yet, it’s very true, you’re out of Mordor and you’re not going back. It is ok if you still want to be in hermit mode, rest, nurture yourself, nourish your heart with some soft happy bliss and whisper to your soul – it’s over, the sunshine is coming back. Cook good food, immerse yourself in fragrances that remind you of heaven, and repeat – “It’s over, I’m heaven bound now!”


Guess who is in the limelight of the Gala Awakening show 2021? Yes, it’s you! It looks a little strange though, you are always in the spotlight, but now there is less light on you, they needed to put it over there across the road from you in Aquarius. It feels as if your neighbours are using your free Wi-Fi so your signal is low. You now have to look for the light inside of you, it won’t come from the outside. Let your big lion heart grow, expand and embrace the entire world. You are inside the year called “the Making of the King” and you will come out of it knowing you deserve royal love.


You are next in line for big expansion starting next year. Use your time now to work on your health and your lifestyle, get those habits in order and eat well, rest well. Use your perfectionism to create smooth working order in your life and then it will be easier to go into more spiritual growth and serious commitment to service when the time comes. You can transform your time now into useful chill time with wellness in mind. Just keep in mind that the other signs are dreaming of some downtime that you now have available.


You are probably having the easiest time out of all the twelve Sun signs, because by this time you have probably mastered your balancing skills. Now your task is to help others and help the collective, especially kids.  If they are not interested, just visualize Athena, the Goddess of Justice, balancing the scales between governments and the people, between men and women, between the sky and the earth. This is excellent practice to balance your inner Masculine and inner Feminine too, you have the green light to get it right. Marry your own Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and hold Union codes for the entire zodiac, because you can.


You like being in control, but it is likely that everything you try to have a grip on explodes out of your hand, especially if you are a Scorpio born in October or the first week of November. The game has changed, you are being upgraded internally, you need to find power and security in yourself, not in the other. Restlessness might be bothering you, but it is a call to a regular meditative practice so you can develop your psychic gifts and hear guidance well. Partners are somehow flaky and don’t want to commit but you can have a Kundalini awakening even without physical contact. Welcome to the future J Just loosen your grip and be flexible, live and let live.


It might feel like you are losing the ground under your feet, everything is just falling away by itself and you don’t know how to fix it. If everything needs to go, just let it go. Your passion for travelling and learning can now be replaced with story-telling, little ones would be interested in hearing about all your adventures and it would help you too. Spend some time with your inner child, maybe do some past life healing, and release all those exaggerated expectations of yourself. This year you can just have fun with simple, small things.


You are the master of the Shift, you’ve made it to the end of the tunnel. We know you’re tired, rest, recuperate. Breathe! That was hard … it will never happen again in your lifetime, the worst and the most difficult is over. Breathe! The fast shift into Aquarius is still making you a bit dizzy, but soon you will realize your rewards are coming, there are no more chains that bind you and you might as well have a disco party that will last for the rest of your life. You deserve it! Yes, others still need you, yes, you still want to work. But you can also have fun now. Breathe Wonder Woman! Check out your yearly birthday chart to see where the party is.


This is probably the most life-changing year in your lifetime. It brings many blessings, some limitations, but certainly lots of change and by the end of the year, you will know your place in the world. You were born for these times and the pulse of FREEDOM you are feeling in your body right now is what is coming for everybody. We need you to be brave and be your authentic genius self and create the future for us all following those wild ideas. Do check your birthday chart to see what area of your life is exploding into focus. Brilliance is your new power word!


You feel something big is coming, in the big ocean, still far away. You will get a glimpse in the summer but for now, let go of escape mechanisms that are not serving you. All bad habits will get worse if you don’t deal with them now. Things like TV time, screen time, wine, the hundredth podcast on spirituality, stubborn pessimism etc, can be replaced with salt baths, swimming, talking to the ocean and God, making art. Heal, clear out your Divine Antennae, the time when you will need them is close. It might feel like nothing is going on, but that big wave is coming, it’s good, but you will have to be able to surf it without baggage. Do check your birthday chart to see what area of your life is exploding into focus, you will have a big year with a stellium in Aquarius and Venus in your sign for the yearly chart. Love has come!

Wishing you all a very exciting birth year of our Future!

If you would like to work with me in person on exploring your Future, you can find me at tf.astrologer@gmail.com

Lilliana Thorvald

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Lilliana Thorvald is a Twin Flame Astrologer and Shamanic Healer. She uses astrology to provide in-depth information about each twin’s life purpose, mission – The Divine Plan, as well as their Divine Timing. To book a session email her at tf.astrologer@gmail.com.