Astrology and predicting the Divine timing of your Twin Soul union

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This is part II of a two part series guest articles by Twin Soul astrologer Lilliana Thorvald. You can read part I here.

How Astrology Can Help You on Your Twin Soul Journey
Part 2 – Divine Timing

Behind every Twin Soul journey there is a Divine Plan and there is a Divine Timing for accomplishing it. Getting insight into both the Divine Plan and the Divine Timing needed to execute the plan, will help you relax deeper into your Twin Soul journey and understand your own unique path.

Your Divine Plan

Your Divine Plan answers WHAT you came to do alone and together: your mission plan is in your birth chart, your twin’s mission is in their birth chart and your Union’s mission is in the relationship chart. It also sheds light on how those three missions interact and play this game together – it shows us the plan and the strategy.

In Part 1 of this astrology series about the Divine Plan, I have explained why it is important to know who is who and who is doing what, and what you are doing together (and especially what you are not doing together so you can stop driving yourself crazy).

The Divine Timing

Divine Timing answers the question WHEN things are happening and informs us of your timeline in the whole process. As an Twin Soul astrologer, the question I get asked the most is:

When is Union happening? WHEN???

While I hate to say it is almost impossible to predict, I can assure you that there is a lot that we can predict. We can definitely see what is happening with each person and with your connection. We can see what cycles are finished and what cycles are coming, for all involved. We can see when the doors are going to open, and how long they are going to stay open.

But the planets just bring energy and opportunities, everyone has free will and can choose what to do or not do. In my experience, the earlier we take action, the easier it will be, if we procrastinate with changing our lives the way we should be in order to align with our missions, the harder it gets, the pressure only builds because our souls want us to get our mission accomplished. Our souls want us to execute our Divine Plan.

Catching the ride, no HEAVY baggage allowed

I will compare planetary influences to travelling by train or plane. There are seasonal lines, and there are lines that exist for 300 hundred years. Let’s imagine an express train line is opening on a certain date – the train will be going from London to Paris at 7pm each day for a year. We first have to get informed about our travel options available, and let’s say we find out there is this express line to where we want to go. Then we ask for how long it will be available, does it run next year in the summer as well? The same train might be available for a year, or two years, or it might be going through this part of the world only now and the next time we will see it is in 12 years from now (if it’s the Jupiter train) or 30 years from now (if it is the Saturn train). We learn how much time we have available to board that train.

This is what we can see, the complete timetable for you, for your twin and for your connection. What I cannot predict is whether you or your twin will board the train. You probably will. The likelihood of you guys boarding the train will be the amount of your cabin baggage – how much can you take with you on board the Union train? The baggage of the past, pre-twin life, pre-mission life, wounds, insecurities, past life traumas, cultural, social and religious programming…

Well you can’t take too much of that, you have discovered that already, haven’t you? They will just kick you out. “Sorry M’am, you’re only allowed one piece of cabin baggage with you.” That’s why we need to do our healing work! Did you read my urgent message for the Twin Soul collective yet? If not you can read it here.

Have you ever showed up at the airport with an extra weight suitcase? There is a weight limit for the safety of the journey for all passengers, so you have to show up with appropriate small size baggage. Nobody likes that, I know, but it is easier. To find a baggage relief system, go here to Sabriyé’s Inner Union Soul Alchemy program that shows you step by step how to break free from the shackles of your past and prepare for inner union with your soul.

So, to conclude, we can definitely see when those trains are coming in, astrology is our timetable. When we know this in advance, we can prepare accordingly: we have a certain amount of time to do something. If we have missed some trains, we have to let that go and focus on what we have available now. If there will be no trains for a while that are going to where you want to be going, you might have to let that go and align with the existing timetable.

For example, you want to fly to a far away paradise island (on a honeymoon with your twin), but the flights to that place are seasonal, starting next May. You can prepare for May and book in advance, or you can bang your head on the wall because you want to be there now. It’s rainy over there at the moment, but you can honor your wish and use your time now to prepare that body for bikini life. When on honeymoon with your twin, you want to look super hot right? Go make that happen instead of sulking over the fact that you can’t go there right now.

Are you looking at the bigger picture?

The good news is that the cosmic clock never stands still, the planets keep turning and our journeys keep evolving and pulling us along. So even if it seems nothing ever changes, it is not true. On the contrary, everything is always changing, we just need to know where to look for evidence. We also need to zoom out from our timeline and observe longer time cycles, because the most planets that deliver the BIGGEST punch are slow and the change happens over a longer period of time.

We tend to have such short term vision and usually only consider what is going on this year. We often can barely remember last year, which means that we forget to look at the bigger picture and longer cycles. The Twin Soul journey works over a longer timeline, because it is a soul process and part of our Ascension path. It is IN alignment with the cosmic clock, but OUT of alignment with our habit of wanting to see results right here right now (our desire for instant gratification).

Let us broaden our vision and see how long each planet takes to go around the zodiac – covering all 12 signs and 360 degrees, making a full circle.

The fastest heavenly body we all follow is the Moon, it takes 30 days to go around the zodiac. Mercury is also fast, travelling through the zodiac in a year or more (it really depends on how long retrogrades last), Venus takes about a year as well. Mars cycles take 2 years or longer and then we get to the bigger planets that take a while longer. Jupiter transits the zodiac in 12 years, changing signs once a year. Saturn takes 30 years to go around the zodiac, Uranus takes 84 years, Neptune 164 years and the champion is Pluto, which completes his journey around the zodiac every 248 years.

This is why we need to look at longer cycles to discover where things are going and where in the process you are now, you are somewhere in the middle, just like your twin is.

If you are around 30, Saturn has made his first circle around your chart and now you are stepping into the second 30 year cycle as an adult and you have to take responsibility for your life and build it up. Half a Uranus cycle is 42 years. That is when people experience the need for freedom and change, they might suddenly leave everything – the proverbial midlife crisis from movies: get a bike with a new lover and travel the world free from your old life type of thing.

These are just simple some examples, we can discover a lot more with astrology.

Charts for Divine Timing

I will talk about three types of charts I use to explore the timing:

  1. Transits
  2. Solar return charts
  3. Progressed charts

The Transits

Collective timing is translated into personal timing. The position of the planets as they are now and the direction they are going is affecting us all with the energies they are bringing right now, but they affect each individual differently depending on what areas of life they are activating for each of us. Right now we are all heading towards the biggest heavenly clash of our lifetimes that is going to happen in January 2020 – the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn that I talked about in my urgent message for Twin Souls. It’s crunch time, the final battle before our final rebirth, but it is affecting each person differently, according to the natal planets. Where is crunch time hitting you? In the house where you have Capricorn. Capricorn and Cancer people have taken the biggest hit, December Capricorns are shouldering this shift as leaders, the next wave is January Capricorns, especially those born 1990 -1993 (please prepare if this is you).

Reading transits is like adding a bigger outer wheel on a smaller inner wheel that is your birth chart. The outer wheel touches certain points in the inner wheel, activating them and pushing them forward. Those points in the inner wheel that are being activated is what we experience as undergoing some pressure or changes – if it is our Sun, we are undergoing personality changes, if it is our Moon, we are experiencing changes in our emotional nature, our heart awakening.  If that Pluto has parked himself on your Sun or your twin’s Sun for a few years, this is deliberate pre-meditated soul’s choice to go through death and rebirth in this life and come out empowered.

What that means is that if you, your twin or your Union is having a significant transit of one of the slow travelling planets, this is going to impact you for many years.

We are all affected by them, but we feel it more if they are touching our natal planets and points. We also look at how long they will be travelling through a certain area of our lives.

Awakening process – will it be slow and painful or sudden and shocking?

There are different ways of awakening, I will use Pluto type awakening and Uranus type awakening as examples.

Pluto transits to the natal Sun or Moon ask for a complete death and rebirth, it is the Dark Night of The Soul. It lasts a long time, at least a few years. If it is touching more than one planet, it may last ten years. But when we know this, we can accept we are in rebirth mode for the long haul and we do what we need to do and we become the shaman and the alchemist that Pluto wants to make us into. He is taking us at our caterpillar stage, grinding us into mush and making us into a butterfly. It will take a while and there will be no way out, because the only way is through.

Uranus transits are different, they are sudden, unexpected, they are like an earthquake and a thunderstorm that takes everything away and people are left in shock because their old life and the only reality they knew is taken away and everything is turned upside down. This is the Tower card energy, it works in shorter periods of time than Pluto, since Uranus moves faster, but the shock and PTSD from the sudden change might take a while to integrate. Uranus rules overnight awakening, direct downloads from God when in one moment everything becomes clear.

We can see what kind of process each twin is going through, and where in the process they are now.

We can see how long it is going to take, how long that express train line to awakening will be operating, and where it is leading.

For example – if Uranus is now at the end of your tenth house, you have maybe two years to change your job and then you will have to deal with changing your social circle for the next seven years, after which you will have seven years to change your karma load by clearing it all out. With Pluto, if you know it has just left your 12th house of karma, it has cleared out your psyche and past lives and you don’t have to deal with this again in this lifetime. However, now it is going to stay in your first house for the next forty years, and you start working on empowering yourself and becoming that superwoman who is to role model personal power for the collective. You become the force of change for the collective, since you have completed your spiritual task of death and rebirth.

Solar return charts – birthday to birthday missions

These charts are made for your birthday each year and they cover 12 months from your birthday this year to your birthday next year. This is a good way to focus on what needs to get done in a shorter time frame – your yearly mission. You know what to expect and where to apply your energy, you get your yearly schedule. This way we can predict what the coming years are bringing and what your experience will be like. I will use my own example.

This year my solar return chart’s focus is on the 12th house which rules everything of the spirit including the twin flame connection in 5D. It rules past lives, healing with regression, hypnosis, shamanism, everything that is in the realm of the invisible, the spirit. It is a hermit year of hard spiritual work, with little to no contact with the outside world. While it is difficult, I know that this is the last time I will have this in the coming 30 years, so I better use the time now to clear out all the junk from my subconscious. I can isolate myself and do a lot of healing work now, or I can avoid it and bring my issues with me and carry them around for another 30 years. Which is how long I would have to wait if I didn’t use my time well, in this birthday year.

Next year I will have more purging and clearing to do, but it will be around sexual energy and it will be preparing me for sacred sexuality. After the next year, I will have ‘open air’ houses, travelling, socializing with my tribe, teaching, having fun and romancing! I press on with the hard core healing work now so I can have quality fun and love when the time comes. Healing now, love later.

The Progressed charts

These charts show us how a person is maturing, we ‘age’ your natal chart to your actual age now. Your natal chart is always the strongest energetic blueprint that you have, but you change as you grow and you are not the same person at age 20, 30 or 50. This is what progressed charts express very well – who you were, who you are now and who you are becoming. It is a personality overlay, and it may involve quite a change in a person.

For example, I am frustrated by the fact that my twin is very focused on his mission work, travelling around the world all the time, making money, trying hard to achieve – it is his Aries energy, a warrior in battlefield. However, I know it will change into Taurus in a few years. Taurus is different, he likes to be comfortable and enjoy himself, to settle down, to enjoy the finer things in life, to take it easy, to wine and dine with his lady. I know it is coming, and although I am not the happiest about the timing, I could use my time to learn how to cook for example, to prepare for those times that are coming in the future.

We can also make a progressed chart for your Union and see how the relationship or the connection is growing and maturing and what that is going to be like. There are challenges and blessings in each chart, relationships evolve just like individuals do. It is good to know and prepare.

Should we or shouldn’t we have a peek in the future?

A lot of people are unsure whether they should have a peek into their twin’s charts and timing. I see it like this – you came together as two parts of one soul and one mission, if you don’t know what the other half is about and what is going on with them, you won’t be able to do your part well. When you know, you can have peace and relief from that understanding.

For example, Sabriyé’s Twin Soul took on deep social programming around marriage and social status with the soul’s intention of breaking through the programming by following true love.

We also saw that the time for the deprogramming is coming in the next couple of years and his marriage is going through the death phase. From his natal chart we know WHAT he is doing and WHY, and from his timing we know WHEN that train is leaving the station. We can’t say what day he will board the train to divorce, but Sabriyé’s timing shows changes in her marriage house for the next few years and many surprises, so we know things are going to shift for both of them.

That is the difference between knowing what is happening and not knowing.

Even if your twin’s awakening is five years from now, it is better to know and accept it and do your own thing than drive yourself crazy thinking ”What is he doing already?” But what if Union is just around the corner, next spring maybe? Is your body ready? Do you have space for it in your life?

What if they are going to have a Uranus awakening process, the earthquake type? You are going to feel this and it will affect your energy, just like their dark night of the soul will depress you. Knowing what you are dealing with will help you get the skills you need to cope with it and help your twin out when things gets rough. It can be as simple as preparing for a Kundalini awakening when that Uranus transit hits and telling your twin what it is so they don’t think they are going insane.

What and when?

To sum it up – we look at the Divine Plan and the Divine Timing. We answer WHAT each twin is doing and what is Union doing in the world, and then we answer WHEN and WHERE each person is and what is coming, and we can do this by looking at transits for longer cycles, by looking at yearly tasks and missions, and by looking at how we are maturing and what we are growing to be in the world. Each chart takes about 90 minutes to read, so imagine there is something like 30 hours worth of talking about your twin flame journey. Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Long term work is more than rewarding and will reveal precious information that will allow you to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Do you need your twin’s exact birth data?

To make the charts exact, it is necessary to have each person’s correct birth time, including the hour and the minute. Most people don’t know their twin’s time of birth, but even with just their birthday and location, we can do around 70% of the charts. We can make a two hour call and about 20 pages about your twin’s personality and at least another 20 about their timing without their exact time of birth. The same is true about your Union chart with them. That is not the complete picture then, but it is much better than nothing. There is still a lot of information available.

Should you decide to work with me on decoding your twin flame journey and its timing, feel free to write to me. I have plenty of twin flame cases behind me and ten years of experience in astrology. I am myself a veteran twin flame so I know the journey and I speak the twin flame language well.


I see the stars in You.

Lilliana Thorvald

Twin flame, astrologer and shamanic healer at Twin Soul Toolbox

If you would like to work with me, please feel free to write to Twin Soul Toolbox on Facebook or email me at

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