Akasha Healing™

Akasha Healing™ is a life-changing healing method with which you can heal past lives, inner child wounds, ancestral wounding and understand how all three are in fact interconnected and do not stand on their own.

Akasha Healing™ is one of the deepest levels of trauma & karma healing available to us now. Working within the Akashic Quantum field allows you to heal money, love, relationships, vocation, and all other areas of your life by closing the door on the past once and for all.

6-Mth Training

Heal past life trauma & karma through the Akashic Records

6-Mth Certification

Assist clients in their healing and Ascension process.

Mastermind Group

Online healing container and study group to practice with.

BONUS: Module

How to build your booming 6-figure healing practice online.


“This program is truly a gem…!
Since starting the process of learning this healing method from Sabriyé, there have been so many synchronicities, so many aha-moments and my own healing journey has taken massive leaps.​”

— Jasmijn de Graaf, New Zealand

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Client results

The Akasha Healing™ method works to help clients find the root cause on a soul path level to their current life struggles. When we heal the root cause, it heals all consecutive timelines in which these wounds were continued to be played out in an attempt to heal them once and for all. In the Akasha Healing™ sessions we address unresolved pain and trauma, such as:

Money struggles

Self-worth & Self-esteem

Glass ceiling and income plateaus

Healing narcissistic relationships

Absent or emotionally unavailable father

Mother wound

Inner child wounding

Ancestral or transgenerational trauma

Soul legacy wound

Visibility struggles

Getting off the victim triangle

"Bad luck' in love relationships

Overcoming the loss of a child, birth & abortion trauma

Self-love & Self-forgiveness

Healing sexual abuse

Abandonment & rejection wounds

Overcoming fears & phobias

Twin Soul & Soul mate relationships

Not getting promoted

Imposter syndrome

Incarnation wounding

Past life oaths and vows of celibacy and poverty

Codependency and stepping into your power

Soul retrieval

Past life karmic patterns/karmic debt

Sibling rivalry

Sisterhood wound

Your relationship with your soul and the Divine


Inability or difficulty to receive


Laura Mullis


“Sabriye was able to take me to depths of healing no one else has reached.”

I worked with Sabriye using the Akasha Healing method to help understand my soul’s story and the root of the continued pattern of martyrdom in my life. In 3 sessions we were able to piece together my entire soul story (the details of which I could not have imagined) and fully understand exactly why I have been caught in a pattern of sacrificing myself to save others.

After our work I felt a radical shift in the martyrdom pattern and now have the ability to recognize the pattern when it surfaces and have the power to choose not to engage in it. I am so grateful for Sabriye, the Akasha Healing Method and the space she holds. She is such an intuitive, patient and amazing healer. I was so impressed with her work that I enrolled in her Akasha Healing Method program and I am finding it brings radical shifts to the people I am honored to help heal. Thank you Sabriye for trusting your intuition, doing your own work and bringing this gift of Akasha Healing to the World.

—Laura Mullis


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