Why Cord-Cutting Isn’t Really a Thing

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

Do you still believe in cord-cutting?

I know you may think cord-cutting actually works and swear by it, but in this little musing, I will argue why it is actually an old paradigm concept that is rooted in victim consciousness and ego perception.

Like you, I used to do cord-cutting meditations, visualizations, and rituals because I thought they helped and there is of course some merit to reclaiming your own energy and giving back any energy of others that you are subconsciously holding onto. However, cord-cutting itself is a concept that stems from the psychic and magic industry which is an industry deeply rooted in fear, aka the old paradigm. Now, this is not to say that cord-cutting is bad or evil, as that would be more fear-mongering of course — what I mean is that it is given more power as a concept than is actually warranted. At best cord-cutting resets the connection with someone which I have written a full teaching on here — The Art of Cord Cutting and Why You Can’t Cut the Cord with Your Twin Flame.

Through my extensive work in the Akashic Records, I have come to see that cord-cutting is a very superficial approach to what is really going on. Let’s first address the ego aspect of cord-cutting as we usually tend to want to do this in difficult and painful relationships such as family relationships and ex-partners. Although we can technically want to cut cords with anyone, family and intimate relationships are often the most difficult relationships for us to navigate. The idea of cord-cutting gives us a false sense of control that we can somehow end the soul contracts with people prematurely because we find them to be too painful or because we believe that the other person is an energetic vampire and so on. This is all ego perception because on a soul level everyone you meet is there for a reason and that reason ALWAYS (without exception) serves your highest good. It’s when we can’t see this that connections become painful and we want to get rid of them.

On a soul level, however, these people, situations, and experiences have come to help you heal unresolved pain and emotions that you brought in from previous lifetimes, took on from your ancestors, or experienced in your childhood starting in your mother’s womb. As the ego is never privy to the soul plan, it can’t see any of these underlying dynamics because the ego is created anew for each Incarnation to fit the needs of the soul for that particular embodiment.

This is why cord-cutting doesn’t actually work because there are only three reasons we energetically cord with people; this is because of karma, trauma-bonding, and through our own unresolved low-frequency emotions.

You can’t cut karma with cord-cutting that’s wishful thinking and the same is true for trauma bonds you can’t cut those either by visualizing that you’re cutting the cord between you and the other person. And as long as you don’t deal with your own unresolved low-frequency emotions such as anger, resentment, hatred, fear of loss, fear of abandonment and so on you will keep being all over the other person with your energy no matter how many times you cut the cords — your unresolved emotions recreate those cords over and over again.

Then there are of course those that believe that others can drain or siphon off our energy, but that is only possible to the extent that you allow it. Other people have no power over you unless you give it to them. Yes, you can carry other people’s energies and burdens but only to the extent that you subconsciously agreed to do so. No one can energetically force you and also here there will be a deeper reason why you either volunteered or agreed to carrying someone’s energy or burden which often is rooted in guilt and wanting to make amends from encounters in previous lifetimes.

When we get to the true underlying cause of all of these different types of energetic cords we see that cord-cutting is almost superstitious, a ritual we do to feel in control or feel safe but that doesn’t really address the underlying problem. As the underlying problem is always a past-life issue that cord-cutting doesn’t address, you can cut cords with your past lives until you are blue in the face this doesn’t actually do anything.

So what does work then?

Journeying back to where the karma was created, or the trauma bond and understanding what these situations and experiences including the people involved were trying to help you heal. The same is true for unresolved pain and emotions that you are still carrying from current life experiences, that is what creates the energetic cords and so in order to truly ‘cut’ those cords, we need to heal those unresolved emotions even when you have every right to be angry with this person. It’s not about denying your emotions it’s about seeing things from a different perspective, the soul perspective which allows us to let go of the unresolved emotions and pain we subconsciously carry.

This is the work that I do in my Akasha Healing™ sessions, I journey people back to where and how the unresolved pain originated and help them see who they subconsciously hold responsible (aka blame) for their pain in this lifetime and previous lifetimes and this in my experience is the ONLY way to truly dissolve or ‘cut’ the energetic cords that we have created with others. Because this is what created those energetic cords, our unresolved emotions.

Visualizing that you are cutting these cords tends to do Jack sh*t because it doesn’t address the actual root cause of these cords, which are our own unresolved emotions and fear attachments that make us energetically become entangled with others. When we address this actual energetical entanglement and restore our relationship back to love with this person, even if only on a soul level (because we have no control over the other and their evolution) we cut ourselves free once and for all.

That is how we truly “cut” cords, everything else is glitter-glazed spiritual make-believe.

Granted working with me is a larger investment than your average cord-cutting session, the difference is that with me you’re actually doing the work that needs to be done to cut yourself free — while the money you spend on traditional ‘cord-cutting’ only buys you the idea of cutting yourself free.

With my deepest love,


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