The art of cord cutting and why you can’t cut the cord with your Twin Soul

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Cord cutting, what is it actually about?

So if you have been in the spiritual scene a bit or on the Twin Soul journey for a while, you will have undoubtedly heard about the concept of cord cutting. But why do we actually need to cut cords with people in our lives and what does this really mean to cut cords with someone?

To answer those questions you first need to understand the process of cording, because it is actually not as toxic as you might think. A cord is nothing more than an energetic connection that you make to another person, place or thing - you can even be corded to a morphic field (a collective consciousness energy).

Cords can be beneficial, you and your Twin Soul for example are connected through an indestructible cord that keeps you connected throughout all time, space and dimensions. But most likely when you think of cording, you think of the tox...

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