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11 ways people unconsciously or ‘s …

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The dark side of Twin Soul healing, here are 11 side effects nobody ever talks about….

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on the dark side of Twin Soul healing, the 11 side effects nobody ever talks about, you will learn:

  • What Twin Soul healing really means
  • Common Twin Soul healing traps and how they delay or derail your healing efforts
  • Twin Soul healing done the right way
  • The side effects associated with Twin Soul healing
  • And more…

Twin Soul healing, what does it really mean?

You don’t have to look far to hear about Twin Soul healing, as soon as you start researching the Twin Soul experience you find it mentioned everywhere. But what does it really mean?

Well to be honest, most people have no clue what it really means and this is reflected in the services and products being offered within the Twin Soul realm of which many don’t work or deliver what they promise to do. This is because the majority of the services being offered are either guided meditations, healing activations, clearings and readings which are pretty much all services or products where you can lean back and have others solve your problems for you.

Which is of course a very tempting idea, that your issues and problems can be solved by listening to an audio or paying someone to get rid of it for you. But here is the thing, you’re not broken and you don’t need to be fixed. What you are healing are your own subconscious fears and false beliefs that your ego and personality have formed throughout your soul’s journey through time and space. And unless you make the effort to dig up, face and release these subconscious and often past life (aka karmic) fears and false beliefs they stay put and they keep coloring your current life experience – because they are the filter through which you perceive your life.

Having other people clear, lift, or whatever your issues does not serve you, because it doesn’t give YOU any insight into what YOU created on a subconscious level. It also doesn’t help you learn from your mistakes, because you don’t get insight into where your issues are really stemming from. But I think most importantly, is that having other people ‘save’ you stunts your own growth because it keeps you in the illusion of being your ego and personality instead of waking up to your soul truth.

This does not mean that you should not work with healers and it even doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work with healers that can help you in the clearing process. What it means is that you need to go deeper into your healing and take responsibility for your own healing process, because as I stated above you are not broken and you don’t need to be healed. What you need to heal are the misconceptions that you have come to belief that are keeping you from fully expressing your soul self. It’s these subconscious fears and false beliefs that need to be healed and an important aspect of this healing process is identifying and facing them head on. Because in doing so, you have the opportunity to reprogram them instead of living them out by default (something that I will explain further on in this article).

Twin Soul healing traps

But first I want to go through some other misconceptions that many people hold around Twin Soul healing that delay and sometimes even derail their healing efforts. These are Twin Soul healing traps, that I want to help you avoid because they get you stuck on your journey. Another thing that you may have heard about Twin Souls is that we are here to assist in the planetary Ascension process and that is why we can’t afford to get stuck on our own journeys.

Part of my mission is to support the Twin Soul collective in getting unstuck in their individual journeys. For decades the Twin Soul industry has kept Twin Souls running in circles endlessly, chasing their tales (Twin Soul union) when the BIGGEST gift of this journey is not the union with the beloved but instead the union within oneself.

Outer union is but a reflection of the union found within, with your own soul. If you are interested to find out more about this and the true nature of the Twin Soul journey, please download the free Ultimate Guide to Inner Union. It will help you understand, why this journey is about so much more than the romantic fairy-tale happy end that you currently may be craving so deeply.

Trap #1 Healing to be in union

Blinded by your undying love for your Twin Soul and the deep desire to be together with them in a romantic relationship, you may start out on your healing journey with only one goal in mind and that is union. But this will only bring you so far, because you are doing your healing work with a hidden agenda and most likely constantly looking towards your Twin Soul connection to validate your progress.

This is a rookie mistake, because the absence or progress of romance in your connection is not indicative of being successful in your healing work and it is very important to remember this. The higher selves use closeness and distance to bring up the deeper layered wounding, often from many lifetimes ago (wounding = subconscious fears and false beliefs). Sometimes you need closeness and sometimes you need distance to trigger the subconscious wounds.

In the end you have to surrender your connection to the Divine to come into union in the first place, but interestingly enough also in order to be able to get to the deeper layered wounding. Being without hope of ever re-conciliating, allows people to go to their deepest repressed pain and face it. Healing is what will inevitably align you to inner union and the outer reflection in your physical reality, but healing to be in union will keep you stuck in your journey because you have to let go of union in order to have union. This is true for any manifestation, you have to let go – in order to receive that what you want to manifest in your physical reality.

Trap #2 Twin Soul union shortcuts

Another insidious trap is buying into Twin Soul union shortcuts, the most sold Twin Soul solutions out there are of course shortcuts to union. Whether it is through meditations that clear your vibrational energy field or people in so called ‘union’ teaching their method that cracked the Twin Soul union code for them….

Please keep your wallet in your pockets, because ALL of these methods are SCAMS.
(intentionally or not…)

I know that sounds incredibly harsh but let me explain, why I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that these products DO NOT work. The simple reason is that, the Twin Soul journey is not an experience that stands on it’s own – it is part of a much BIGGER process and that is your personal Ascension path that leads to enlightenment or inner union.

This journey is NOT about ending up in a romantic relationship, DESPITE the fact that this is your deepest held desire in regards to your person. This deep desire is simply your soul’s way of getting your ego and personality on board of this great adventure that leads to the realization of self. Which does not mean by the way that you won’t have your romantic outcome, it merely means that it’s not the main objective behind the Twin Soul encounter.

People selling these kind of shortcuts to physical union, know how DEEPLY you desire to be together with your person and that’s why they are selling you what you want and not what you need. The truth is that you CANNOT bypass the spiritual growth and healing that aligns you to your deepest desires.

Like crash diets or diet pills they might seem to work initially, only for you to be worse off than when you started when you pack on all your lost pounds and sometimes even more shortly after. If you want to lose weight you have to put in the work and in the same way when it comes to Twin Soul healing or aligning to Twin Soul union – there are NO miracle solutions that hack the system.

Trap #3 Believing in ONE stop solutions

It’s very tempting again to believe in one stop solutions, but the very UNSEXY TRUTH is that no one healer can help you solve ALL of your issues, no matter how amazing they are in what they do. I give extremely powerful sessions through my Akasha Healing Journeys™ you can read my clients testimonials that confirm this – yet I advice all of my clients to work with many other healers as well, because from my own experience in my own healing journey I have found this the best way to really make quantum leaps in your healing.

It’s through stacking different healing modalities with different healers that you are able to go deeper and create a better understanding of yourself and your own internal sabotages. Different healers and different modalities allow you to address your subconscious programming and conditioning from different perspectives, which allows quicker and bigger breakthroughs.

So often I hear clients tell me that their healer told them not to work with other people, or to not have sessions after their sessions for x amount of time because their sessions are too powerful and so on. These healers are coming from a scarcity programming, they NEED you as a paying client and so they try to control and manipulate you in order to secure their income.

When members of The School of Inner Union need a healer I don’t race to them and offer my services, I look at their issue and recommend them one of the healers from the Tribe environment that is most suitable for them to work with – unless I feel that I am the person they need to work with. I am constantly referring my clients to other healers, because I am not afraid of losing clients. I serve my clients more by giving them what they need, instead of trying to make a quick buck.

Of course it’s much more SEXY to convince people that you are tha sh*t and that you are going to fix all their problems for them, but honestly people claiming this are simply on one BIG ego-trip. Listen, even if someone could make all your problems disappear in one or ten sessions, that person would be doing you a disservice because they would be keeping you small and ignorant to your own soul truth. Better to find people that empower you and help you to uncover and reclaim your true nature.

Twin Soul healing done right

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” C.G. Jung

Which brings me to the type of healing sessions you should be investing your money in. Psychic and tarot reads are of course not healing modalities, at best you can use them to get information on your own subconscious wounding but other than that they are pretty useless and the predictions don’t tend to come true. I wrote an article about the inaccuracy of psychic and tarot reads recently, that you can read here. The Twin Soul industry is practically built on these kind of services, but well they are the epitome of selling you what you want instead of what you need. Nine times out of ten, they are a complete waste of money. Again, I know it sounds harsh but I would not be saying it if it weren’t true. These kind of services, just keep you chasing the romantic outcome with your beloved when that is EXACTLY what is keeping you running in circles – and stuck on your journey.

So, what does work?

Any healing modality that helps you face your own inner demons and dragons.
(Yes, it is really that simple….)

The quote above is from Carl Jung a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. It means that the subconscious and unconscious create our life experiences and until we address our subconscious (or unconscious) fears and false beliefs we will be LIVING them as our physical reality, believing that this is merely our fate.

Another beautiful Carl Jung quote is:

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.’

The answer to both Twin Soul healing and your personal Ascension lies in making the subconscious (which is most often unconscious), CONSCIOUS. This is the kind of healing services that I facilitate and the kind of healers that I refer my clients to.

Twin Soul healing side effects

But be warned because this path is indeed not for the faint hearted, when you do face your own shadows, break karmic cycles, uproot ancestral or past life programming or unravel lifetimes and lifetimes of patriarchal conditioning – when you hunt down your subconscious fears and false beliefs  (your inner dragons and demons) all your bodies will respond, the etheric, mental, emotional and physical.

Part of the Ascension process is moving from a carbon based body to a crystalline body and doing all of this inner work is what activates the rewiring of your complete system on all levels of existence.

Please keep in mind that this information is not medically based and does not replace medical care if needed. If symptoms worsen or persists, do of course go to a doctor to exclude the possibility of a more dangerous underlying cause.

These are 11 of the most common side effects that you may experience in this process:

#1 Tiredness and lack of energy

Healing costs a lot of energy and especially the rewiring of the whole system can be draining. Take lots of naps and make sure you get to bed early. Be prepared to be whacked after otherwise normal activities because the simple fact is, that the majority of your energy is being used for your spiritual process. This is also something that doesn’t pass quickly, it’s not just a matter of weeks or months but instead think in years.

Don’t despair though, that it will take so long, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither does your Ascension process happen overnight. Just be gentle with yourself in the process. If you are nearing exhaustion and there are no physical underlying causes that need medical care, try the Bach Flower Olive or Hornbeam depending if the tiredness can be traced back to a cause or not.

#2 Nightmares and weird dreams

A lot of your healing work or preparation for your healing work that happens in your awakened state happens in dream state. During our sleep the subconscious mind has time to process things and bring them into our conscious awareness. We also do a lot of integration work while we sleep, which is probably also why we want to sleep more because in our sleep and dream state our mind is less active, which allows the soul and the subconscious mind more leeway with our inner control freak (aka ego) vast asleep.

This can also result in nightmares or weird dreams in which we may be working through current life or past life traumas. Dreams can be used for integration, but also for accessing long forgotten memories. After various sessions with a healer in Ibiza in 2018, I was shown the details of the early-life incest by my father in my dreams, the night after a particularly potent session. The incest happened when I was around 3 years old and had been repressed for multiple decades because it had been so traumatic and because I was so young when it happened.

Especially very traumatic experiences are often hidden from us by the subconscious mind in order to survive the experience, we call this dissociation. Dreams can be a more ‘safe’ way for us to literally wake up to the things we were not able to deal with in the past whether they are from this lifetime or previous ones from which we still hold karmic residue in our vibrational field.

#3 Sensitive to people and energies

Another thing that you will notice is that you become much more sensitive to people, places and energies. Do not be surprised if you cannot hang out anymore at places where you used to love to go or spend time with people that you used to feel real close to. As you heal deeper and deeper layers of subconscious wounding, you naturally start to raise your vibrational frequency.

But that does not always apply to the people once close to you or the places you loved to hang out at and you will notice that these people or places may start to repel you because you are no longer a vibrational frequency match to them. This can absolutely s*ck, especially when this involves people such as family members or lifelong friends but it doesn’t have to be indefinitely.

Many people on the healing journey also just need a short period of hermit time in order to learn how to adapt to their new found sensitivity. Give yourself permission to put yourself first during this time of transition and test what works for you and what doesn’t. Other people’s feelings and what they think about you, should simply not be your priority in times like these. Chances are they don’t understand you anymore anyway, but that’s okay – you have outgrown them. Especially if these were your drinking buddies, your gossip girls and so on…

#4 Shaking and teeth chattering

This is one of the more scary side effects, but it can happen at various times throughout your healing journey. Your body starts to shake and your teeth start to chatter, which can happen during a deep emotional release or purging of energies.

One of the first times this happened to me was in 2015, the day after a 5 hour chat with my twin. We met in 2014 and within a matter of weeks really, my twin bolted and did everything he could think of in order to forget me which included banging a hot 20 something girl from his friend group. However by February 2015 he had to admit, that none of it was working because I was still the last person on his mind each night before he fell asleep. So he let me back in his life carefully, inch by inch until one night for him and an afternoon for me in the end of August he opened the door to us being lovers again and although it was all very innocent he send me a long email explaining his true feelings for me and his inner conflict, only to come back on the chat and describe how he wanted to make love to me….

The energy exchange between us even with thousands of miles separating us physically was earth-shattering (a term my twin loves to use) and although there was no self touching or orgasms involved on either side, the energy between us moved us deeply. The next evening I was in my bed by 6 pm shaking, teeth chattering, ice cold as I was integrating the whole experience. Maybe also because I never expected this to happen, he had been keeping me at bay for over a year and suddenly he pulled me so close and confirmed everything that I had been hoping to be true all this time. I was literally in shock, despite the fact that this was what I wanted. This was everything that I had been longing for.

But as we know even good things can cause immense stress think of moving, getting married and even going on holidays…

These physical reactions are part of the fight or flight response, or the acute stress response. When the alarming situation is over the body releases the built-up tension. This is when a shivering or shaking takes place. Many people experience their teeth chattering. During this time the heart rate and blood pressure, which had been elevated, decreases. As long as the body is able to release the built-up tension, the trauma is not set in the body.

At the same time this is how the body releases trauma that was stored in the body in the past, meaning that when we release the trauma mentally, emotionally and vibrationally this is how it is released physically, through this involuntary shaking and other body reactions that could very well come as a delayed response. Which often makes it so confusing because if there is a time lag between the mental/emotional event and the physiological response you might not see it’s connection right away.

#5 Feeling hot or ice cold

Another way that the body uses to release emotions and trauma is heat or cold, often when we become very emotional we heat up and our neck and face turn red. Anger, rage, shame are all emotions that create heat and redness in the body. Just think of when we blush as a response to embarrassment.

Shock and grief are generally experienced as deep cold, often felt as being cold to the bone. In my own journey of releasing past life trauma and as a therapist assisting my clients in releasing past life trauma, feeling deep chills and ice cold waves being released through the body is a common occurrence when doing past life work and in general when releasing trauma.

#6 Nausea and vomiting

Another way that the body can deal with the purging process is through nausea and vomiting or other stomach and bowel related movements such as diarrhea. Many of our physical organs are involved in our healing process, because our mental/emotional and vibrational state influences our physical health.

We can’t stomach certain experiences or have difficulty digesting them. There are many sayings that involve our organs that connect to emotional states of being to for example our liver, our gallbladder or even our throat. I don’t have any English examples that come to mind, but actually every country has their own specific sayings that connect our emotional states of being to our body. This is because they are connected and those mental or emotional states of being affect our physical body.

But both nausea and diarrhea can also be the way our bodies react to stress and fear and can therefore also be the physical body’s response to remembering long forgotten memories for example, especially when these memories change our lives and the relationships we thought we had with certain people in our life, forever.

#7 Headaches and weird sensation

My twin is a great example here, back in 2018 he asked me why he was feeling these weird sensations in his forehead as if his third eye was opening? Every time someone talked about spirituality, or even while he was talking to me over chat he felt this tingling sensation in where his third eye would be and would feel drawn into this meditative state. But he didn’t understand how this was possible because he didn’t meditate or pray, so why was his third eye seemingly opening spontaneously?

At first I gave him a general answer, but when he rejected it I took a deep breath and told him that it was because of me. He and I were energetically connected and I had done massive inner work since we last saw each other three years before (in 2015 when I was with him in India for a couple of weeks). His immediate response was ‘I knew it had something to do with you!‘ When I later on asked him how he knew he told me, he could feel it was connected to me somehow.

There are two major chakras in the head plus the throat chakra that affects the neck and can cause tension headaches through the neck and the truth is that sometimes the opening up of chakras can be uncomfortable or even painful.

#8 Heart pain and palpitations

The heart chakra is one of the biggest chakras that get activated in the Twin Soul and Ascension process. You can experience heart palpitations, flutters or even heart chakra pain (the middle of the chest) as it is expanded and opened up deeper. The heart chakra is the gateway to the 5th dimension and to inner and outer union.

But it doesn’t open at the drop of a hat and here’s why…

In general our body wears a lot of protective armor, but the biggest walls are built around our heart, also known as heart armor. We need to tear down those walls and dissolve the survival and protection mechanisms that we built around our hearts in order to protect it. Only deep body work helps you release these survival and protection mechanisms that you have hard-coded energetically into your physical body.

Do remember to go in for a check up or call emergency services if you feel that what you are experiencing, is potentially life threatening. Chances are that you will be sent home with the diagnosis anxiety attack, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

#9 Weight gain and Buddha belly

Weight gain and Buddha bellies are such a common occurrence on the Ascension path, which is why I wrote a whole article on it that you can read here, by clicking this link.

There are various reasons for weight gain during the Ascension process but two primary reasons are toxicity and acidification. By the time you hit 40 your body’s ph level will tend to be more acidic instead of alkaline – especially if you eat a diet rich in animal products. Animal proteins are extremely acidic. A too acidic ph level in your body creates a whole slew of discomforts, that left unchecked turn into disease.

Healing work and especially those therapies that help you access and release deep trauma, also release a lot of toxins, heavy metals and lactic acid in your system. You need to help your body detoxify these waste products by eating a healthy diet and supporting your lungs, liver, kidneys, bowels and skin in expelling them safely and efficiently. This is also the reason that I have naturopaths on The School of Inner Union recommended healers list (only available to those who have joined the Tribe), because if we don’t detox the physical body all these waste products accumulate and increase the toxicity level and acidification. This in turn also increases inflammation as our body’s immune system tries to fight off ‘the invaders’ (released toxins).

Toxins not only lead to weight gain, which effects our hormones and insulin levels in and of itself, but toxins will alter our metabolism and our bodies ability to maintain proper blood sugar levels leading to diabetes. Source: https://www.revivechiro.com/post/minimize-toxicity-environmental-toxins-and-weight-gain

#10 Physical pain in the body

Trauma is stored in the physical body, not only from this lifetime but also from previous lifetimes. Much of our chronic pain is the effect of childhood trauma, a link that is not only made within the woo-woo new age world but also in scientific research.

Bodywork is essential in releasing these trauma records from the body and interestingly enough our mental and emotional pain is experienced as physical pain when touched and released.

Pain and stiffness in the body are indications of where we are holding onto emotional and or mental pain of the past, using the physical body to help us remember these experiences whether they are from this lifetime or previous lifetimes doesn’t really matter. The discomfort or physical pain is there as a reminder of the deeper situation or experience that was left unresolved and therefore unhealed.

#11 Kundalini rising and opening up your chakras

All of this healing or inner work has only one purpose and that is to prepare the physical body for the union with the soul. Part of this process involves the Kundalini rising, which is only possible when we have sufficiently cleared and opened up our main chakras.

Actually in the Kundalini awakening process we open up our higher chakras as well and expand our chakras above the existing main seven; the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakra.

This often seen as the golden prize in the spiritual process, but without doing our ground work of facing our inner demons and dragons and releasing our subconscious fears and false beliefs we actually never get to this stage of the journey. Because this is what is blocking our chakras and keeping them closed, our current and past life traumas left unresolved that are blocking the energy flow and preventing the Kundalini energy from rising.

I pray that this article has helped you gain a better understanding of the Twin Soul journey and Ascension path. It’s maybe not your romantic fairy-tale come true but it’s nonetheless very exciting because it allows us to pursue an evolutionary path that not many have walked before us. We are pioneers, in this cosmic journey from the third to fifth dimension. We chose this exact time to incarnate and we chose the Twin Soul encounter because our soul is ready to manifest itself fully in the physical. Don’t worry about not feeling ready, your soul has been preparing for this moment in our evolution, since the beginning of time. You’ve got this!


P.s. If you want to make a quantum leap in your own healing process join me in The Deep Dive Experience in Ibiza May 20th to 27th. Grab your spot here, there are only 3 spots left!

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