Twin Soul taboos, dating or moving on with someone other than your twin

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The self-perpetuating Twin Soul delusion

Up until recently I thought it was Twin Soul service providers that were primarily responsible for perpetuating the Twin Soul delusion and they are certainly complicit to it, but what I have realized since then is that it is in fact Twin Souls themselves that are the biggest drivers behind the perpetuation of their delusion.

What do I mean with the term Twin Soul delusion?

The desperately clinging to the Twin Soul as 'the One' and 'union' (aka romantic outcome) being the only objective to be pursued in this connection. They put both the twin and the relationship with the twin on a pedestal, which not only guaranteed sets you up for disappointment but also keeps both twin and the desired relationship firm out of reach. You cannot have what you fret or obsess about. The end-result being people stuck endlessly chasi...

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