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Twin Soul taboos, dating or moving on with someone other than your twin

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on Twin Soul taboos, dating or moving on with someone other than your twin, you will learn:

  • How to stop yourself from feeding into Twin Soul delusion
  • How to determine if you’re in a romantic relationship for the right reasons
  • The effects of 3rd party relationships on your Twin Soul connection
  • Whether new love influences your inner union process
  • And more…

The self-perpetuating Twin Soul delusion

Up until recently I thought it was Twin Soul service providers that were primarily responsible for perpetuating the Twin Soul delusion and they are certainly complicit to it, but what I have realized since then is that it is in fact Twin Souls themselves that are the biggest drivers behind the perpetuation of their delusion.

What do I mean with the term Twin Soul delusion?

The desperately clinging to the Twin Soul as ‘the One‘ and ‘union’ (aka romantic outcome) being the only objective to be pursued in this connection. They put both the twin and the relationship with the twin on a pedestal, which not only guaranteed sets you up for disappointment but also keeps both twin and the desired relationship firm out of reach. You cannot have what you fret or obsess about. The end-result being people stuck endlessly chasing their tail (a physical romantic relationship with their twin – which they think is union).

How did I come to this conclusion that it’s not the service providers, but the Twin Soul collective itself that is responsible for their own delusion? And yes, of course I understand that this is not what you want to hear – but it’s what you need to hear if you are to wake up from this basically collective romantic psychosis.

Because I realized that most Twin Souls, but luckily not all – ONLY want to hear what they want to hear. If something does not fit the desired narrative, they DON’T want to hear it. This is WHY so many Twin Souls love psychic, astrological or energy forecasts. It’s why they love YouTube tarot and pick-a-card readings. It’s why they spend money on psychics and psychic hotlines. The reason why all these products and services are so popular is because they all potentially tell them what they want to hear.

They reaffirm the delusional thought patterns and deepen the romantic psychosis experience, by saying the twin will come back (even when he/she most likely won’t under current circumstances) that they reciprocate their feelings (even when the person tells them to F-OFF or blocks them) and other nonsense that strengthens the person in their chasing, pining and often overstepping boundaries that sometimes even leads to restraining orders being issued.

You may think that I am exaggerating here but I am not. I recently ran a test after my article on Why 99% of Twin Souls Will Never Be in Union had one of the lowest open rates and one of the highest unsubscribe rates in history, when I sent it to my email list. I crafted a subject line for the next newsletter that I knew everybody wanted to hear, which was; ‘This is the year where all your Twin Soul confusion and suffering stops‘. Do you want to know what happened? Almost 24% of the list opened it, average open rate is about 21,5% – so people were eager to read this. The email with the lowest open rates and the highest unsubscribe rate (55 people immediately didn’t want to hear from me ever again) was opened by less than 18% of my list with thousands of subscribers. They did not want to hear, that it actually takes work to make your dreams come true and that ‘union’ is not a given, that will eventually fall from the sky into their lap.

You may feel that I am being exceptionally hard in my words, but listen up it is COMPLETELY delusional to keep running after something, only wanting to hear what you want to hear and because of this to continue going in circles endlessly without realizing that what you are doing is counterproductive.

Even the word psychosis is not completely out of context here, because this is how it is defined: ‘Psychosis is when people lose some contact with reality. This might involve seeing or hearing things that other people cannot see or hear (hallucinations) and believing things that are not actually true (delusions).’ Source: NHS

This is not to say that the behavior of the majority of the Twin Soul collective will clinically classify as psychosis, but just take a moment to feel into this and you will have to admit that much of this behavior is utterly unhealthy and does not serve you.

I remember that at the height of my own anxiety around a romantic outcome with my twin in 2016 and early 2017, I would have these angel cards open in a browser on my phone and would continue to ask questions and pull cards about my connection and I could not stop myself (not even when I was with other people). It was the only way to not to get caught up in my immense fear over losing the love of my life. I would continue to pull cards until I calmed down again, but of course the messages of those cards didn’t change anything. Pulling them, simply gave me a way to cope with the internal fear I felt.

So, when I use these strong words it’s not from a place of looking down on those who are stuck in this kind of behavior. No, it’s because I know what you are going through and that it takes a lot of healing your past in many ways to get out of these unhealthy mental and emotional behaviors.

Let’s just get really honest with each other for a moment and look at how and where our behavior is potentially unhealthy. It can show up in so many ways, such as compulsive behavior, codependency, accepting abuse, lack of boundaries and so on. Basically anything that can go wrong in normal relationships, can still happen within Twin Soul connections.

Just because you met your twin, doesn’t mean that all your previous unhealed patterns are now somehow erased. No, you bring them with you into every new relationship (including with the twin) until they are healed.

Like you, I have been there and the twin can be like an addiction.

As with all forms of addiction, it starts with being rigorously honest with yourself. You can’t change things, if you refuse to acknowledge that you have a problem. For me, wasting hours per day obsessing (read an article on the true reason we obsess over our twin here) over a romantic outcome with someone far away – not giving me the time of day, was not who I wanted to be or how I wanted to live my life.

I am assuming that however these unhealthy patterns are manifesting for you, that this isn’t how you want to be spending the rest of your days. You may not be constantly drawing cards on an app, you will have your own unique ways to soothe and calm yourself but let’s face it this is compulsive* behavior.

*’Compulsive behavior is defined as performing an action persistently and repetitively without it necessarily leading to an actual reward or pleasure. Compulsive behaviors could be an attempt to make obsessions go away.‘ Source: Wikipedia

Of course you want to have the love, companionship and romance that you dream of and that is your God-given birthright, but it’s exactly these unhealthy patterns that are manifesting themselves in your life right now, that are stopping you from actually having your romantic dreams come true with your twin or someone else.

This is why it’s IMPERATIVE to break the delusion and the only way to do so, is to be brutally honest with yourself and to quit chasing fantasy futures. What you seek, CANNOT be found outside of you. Your Twin Soul is not the answer. Being with them romantically is not going to magically fix you and your life and although you may rationally know this, subconsciously you buy into this idea that all your woes will end and be forgotten when you and this person are together. But that is the delusion*.

*’Belief in something that is not true.‘ Source: Cambridge dictionary
or ‘an idiosyncratic belief or impression maintained despite being contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder.‘ Source: Google dictionary

Teachers bowing down to the industries demands

Starting this article I said that most Twin Soul teachers are complicit to perpetuating the Twin Soul delusion and I will explain why. They do this in multiple ways, which of course includes telling the Twin Soul collective what they want to hear, instead of the truth. It’s very tempting for them to do so of course, because their income depends on it.

Me, I can’t be f*cked. I will speak the truth no matter what. If someone doesn’t want to hear it, that’s their problem – not mine. I do not compromise, it’s either all or nothing. I cannot pretend, if I don’t believe in something I don’t do it. To me honesty and integrity is everything, as an Aquarian I have an immense strong sense of justice and I am not afraid to speak up for my beliefs – which is why I am the perfect woman for the job of exposing the truth of the Twin Soul journey.

Another way I see this complicity play out is in the terms that are created to fit in so-called Twin Soul teacher’s new love relationships to the desired narrative and I really have an issue with this. I lose all respect for someone who tries to shove twin number 2, 3, or 4 down their followers throat.

Why lie or be deceitful? Yet, this is happening and it happens a lot. Third-party relationships that are being hushed because ‘ONLY teachers in union, can teach you how to be in union’. Because there are so many people who want to learn to be ‘in union’ from someone who is in ‘union’ (when they are not, they just market themselves as such).

Or soulmates that are being labelled a Twin Soul, just because it sells better. Twin Soul connections, that now are seen as false twins, narcissist twins, catalyst twin and all these terms that actually don’t really exist to justify calling their new love interest – their Twin Soul and this is a problem.

Because it’s all about protecting their own financial interest and bending the truth, to bow down to what the target group demands in order to perpetuate the delusion. When the Twin Soul teachers primary task is to uphold the truth and teach the true path and journey, but because it is financially more lucrative to sustain the delusion many don’t and of course this is partially because they haven’t healed the delusion within themselves. This inevitably results in the blind, leading the blind, when those who are meant to reveal the true path fail to do so.

Recently my mother urged me to keep my new boyfriend under wraps because, this may lead to people not taking me serious anymore. She had apparently not been listening to me, because I had just said in regards to another teacher who I know hides her being with someone else, one of the reasons why I could not take her seriously at all. I felt that if she was honest and a person of integrity, she should be forthcoming about being in a third-party relationship with someone else instead of claiming to be in union with her twin, which she is not.

As soon as I said that, I knew it meant that I had to be open and honest about the fact that I am at this moment in a wonderful relationship with someone other than my Twin Soul. I can’t criticize someone else for being out of integrity and then do the same thing myself, I have to live up to my own standards of course, if I want to act with integrity. So, I shared openly both publicly and privately with my students that I was with someone new and deeply in love.

I decided that if people were going to take my teachings less seriously, because of this that these people were not my ideal clients. Similar to those who seek a Twin Soul teacher ‘in union’, to teach them how to be in union – is also not my ideal client. These people are ONLY interested in the romantic outcome and will do ANYTHING to try and bypass the true inner work that needs to be done, to have the union they dream of.

As I teach my clients how to do this true inner work (inner union soul alchemy) the people described above, have no interest in what I teach because it doesn’t get them fast enough where they want to be. Neither do the methods of their choice, but because they are so deeply fixated on achieving the outcome they desire they continue to chase after it – endlessly or at least until they awaken from their delusional state.

The truth is that the Twin Soul journey is not just about the romantic outcome, it’s a modern-day initiation path to Ascension (download the free Ultimate Guide to Inner Union to find out more).

Why we have got the different relationships labels all wrong

Another way the Twin Soul delusion is perpetuated is through the different relationship labels within this community. Although these concepts are sprinkled with spiritual fairy-dust, they remain to be a very 3rd dimensional way of looking at things.

Toxic and painful relationships are labeled karmic, then there is the soulmate with whom you can potentially spend the rest of your life and as the epitome of true love there is the Twin Soul and this is the most blissful love one can experience. If you can’t be with your twin, then you can always settle for a soulmate. Plus of course the twin’s third-party relationship is their ‘karmic’ because to admit that they are a soulmate connection might mean, that they will never go away and that would mean you can’t be in union with your twin.

In reality there isn’t such a clear cut separation between the one and the other. You can have karma with anybody, even with your Twin Soul. It’s an illusion that there is no karmic residue between Twin Souls, because we have all had past lives with our Divine Counterpart in which things happened that still need to be resolved. We can also have karma with soulmates, because karma is nothing but unresolved pain from the past. Karma is not evil and neither are relationships that are karmic in nature.

All relationships offer us an opportunity to heal and grow and I would say that the Twin Soul relationship gives us the BIGGEST opportunity to heal and grow. I think where most people go wrong, in regards to the Twin Soul connection is to project this idea of perfect love unto it. We do not learn to love unconditionally from perfect people, perfect behavior and perfect circumstances. No, we learn to love unconditionally when we are challenged to continue loving someone despite their humanness and imperfections. If love has to be perfect to be unconditional, it is in fact conditional because it has to be perfect.

As for third-party relationships on whatever side of the Twin Soul connection, I teach that these are soulmate connections assisting the Twin Soul couple in their union process. My twin’s wife has been a vital part of my inner union process and my current boyfriend is assisting me beautifully in the final stages of inner union. As I will explain further on, being with other partners does not stop the Twin Soul or inner unification process.

It is really too bad that other teachers are not teaching this, because by not doing so they keep their clients and followers small and cut them off from the truth – which probably they themselves are still cut off from. I don’t believe most so-called Twin Soul teachers are deliberately deceitful – I think because they do not work on their own healing most of the time that they are also still caught up in the Twin Soul delusion.

Are you with someone else for the right reasons?

Should we now all be with whomever comes along in order to heal ourselves? I don’t think so. I believe that the only good reason to be with someone is because you love them.

It comes back to this honesty….

Many men and women are with someone for all the wrong reasons, which include not wanting to be alone, not wanting to be perceived as a loser, wanting physical intimacy (sex), wanting to prove your worth (desirability/sexiness/etc.) or wanting to feel loved and so on.

You can’t sleep (f*ck) your way into healing, it simply doesn’t work like that. It’s a ridiculous excuse to be with someone or worse to be promiscuous and be with multiple people simultaneously or consecutively, when you become a serial monogamist who never takes a break between relationships and is always someone’s partner or lover.

Being WITH someone, is for many people the ultimate attempt to ESCAPE themselves and is often a big distraction from the actual inner work that needs to be done. I for example remained celibate until I was in inner union and if truth be told I was simply too exhausted most of the time to even have room in my life for a partner. Rewiring and reprogramming your inner belief system is hard work that consumes a lot of mental, emotional and physical energy.

Being with someone other than your twin has to be about them being an amazing human being and not you trying to use them as either a surrogate or a way to pass your time, while waiting for your twin. It should be someone that you are passionate about, that you love to talk to and spend time with. Someone that you are deeply in love with and can see yourself having a future with, if not chances are that your reasons for wanting to be with them are not pure and that means that you are basically using them, which is maybe not a pretty truth – but it is the truth.

Again honesty is key here, when you are brutally honest with yourself about this person you will see why you are with them and if that is for the right reasons or not.

This is something I struggled with, because of my lifestyle I do not get to meet hordes of eligible single men – even in Ibiza. I work from home and other than the people I meet at the store or the staff in restaurants, there aren’t huge opportunities for me to meet men. Even if I had been someone that enjoyed clubbing, all the clubs are closed currently due to Covid.

Dating apps aren’t my thing either, in real life younger men are attracted to me because I don’t walk around with a sign that says my age. I don’t look my age, but on dating apps your age often becomes the deciding factor with whom you get matched up with. Besides that I am looking for a relationship, not just a hook-up.

So I went old school and asked a friend, if he knew someone that would be a good match for me. He asked me if I wanted a relationship or just sex and I answered that I preferably wanted both (having been celibate for so long I of course definitely wanted sex to be part of the deal). He told me one of his guys (employees) was single and that he would send him over the next day and that all I needed to do was work my feminine charm on him.

The guy he sent had been in my house before with his colleagues and he was the ONE guy that I had felt really attracted to, the first time I saw him. He also spoke little words and sentences in my native language which to me was super cute.

But even the idea of having to flirt with him brought on this immense fear of rejection and loads of tears when I realized how afraid I was to get out there again and let a man know I like him. My friend allowed me to cry and talk while he held and squeezed my hand to give me courage, as I faced my fears of not being desirable enough to someone I want to be with. Historically I have no issues attracting men who want to have sex, my struggle has been to find someone who truly loves me even within my two marriages.

When alone with my now boyfriend for the first time  – I flirted softly with him, without coming on too strong. I quickly realized I had nothing to worry about, because he was doing everything he could in a sweet way to impress me. Before I knew it he was suggesting we would swap phone numbers to help me learn Spanish and help him improve his English.

The next day we went on a walk and he was all over me in a way that made all my alarm bells go off. We had planned a date for the next day and I almost cancelled, but instead just told him I wasn’t looking to just have sex – I wanted a real relationship.

On our first date he was the perfect gentlemen and even apologized for his behavior from the previous night, having been celibate himself for the past three years he had become a little hot in the head as he said. We had a great time and really had an opportunity to get to know each other. From there things moved quickly and we have been in a relationship ever since (now two months).

It’s the very first time post meeting twin, that I have fallen in love with someone else and even though at times I have been the one to take a step back, this guy is steadfast and committed to not let me push him away from me. He stands up to me, not in a fighting way but calm and self-secure which allows me to be the wild and powerful being that I am knowing that he can take it. He is not going to collapse or walk away, it’s safe to be fully me with him and that is an absolute first within my romantic relationships. I couldn’t even be fully me with my twin when we were ‘together’.

The more I spend time with my new boyfriend and get to know him, the more deeply I fall in love with him. But I had to do a lot of soul searching and honest self-reflection to get here. My literal first reaction, after our first date was – he is not the twin. And he is not, but he doesn’t have to be because he is wonderful himself. When we shower together after we make love, he washes my hair with such care – it makes me want to melt into his arms. He talks to me on Whatsapp throughout his day, checking in with me every morning and saying goodnight every evening. When I am in deep pain he stays present and holds me. The way he looks at me, even when we are with friends – there is always this look of deep knowing and connection.
He is just genuinely a great guy and my mom loves and adores him.

The effects of third-party relationships on your connection

From a 3D perspective third-party relationships seem to be the end of your Twin Soul connection, but this is not true. In reality third-party relationships (not flings, friends with benefits or f*ck buddies) are there as I mentioned before to assist the Twin Soul couple in their union process.

Third party-relationship are soulmate relationship to both of the Twin Souls, for example my twin’s current wife has been my sister in multiple lifetimes. I had karma both with her as well as my twin’s mother, who was his wife in a previous lifetime where I was his mistress.

On a soul level, there is no such thing as a ‘karmic’ (it’s such 3D language) because everyone including the people who have hurt you the most have come into your life to help you both heal and grow from a soul’s perspective – we are all drops of the same Divine sea (soulmates, soul family, soul groups – we are all ONE on a soul level).

This does of course not excuse bad or unlawful behavior on their or your part in the physical, nor does it mean they shouldn’t meet the consequences of their actions both within the physical world and energetically through the law of karma (which sorts itself out – you cannot escape the laws of cause and effect and sooner or later they come boomeranging back to us – the Universe is very precise in this).

But just as your twin’s third-party relationships benefit you and your union process, so do your third-party relationships benefit you, your twin, your individual and mutual union process in the same way. My current boyfriend recently helped me heal one of the biggest blocks I encountered within romantic relationships and the #1 block between me and my twin which was  female interference in my love life based on an inner child wound (read the article I wrote about this here).

If it was not for my twin’s mother (he said other people in my life), my twin and I would already be together and have everything we had always talked about according to him. These were my twin’s literal words, when he tried to explain the conflict he felt in having to chose between me and his family because they were pressuring him to accept an arranged marriage according to Indian tradition (my twin is born and raised in India).

I love my twin and I always will but I cannot put my life on hold waiting for him to make up his mind. In 2017 on his third month wedding anniversary he promised me that he would be on the very next plane to come to me, if he would ever leave his marriage. In 2018 he let me know that he was going to be a father, his son was born in 2019.

Last September 2020, we spoke (argued about the past) for four hours and he told me that ‘us’ wasn’t going to happen anymore, if it would have happened – it would have happened then (which was impossible at that time) but that now it wasn’t going to happen anymore because he felt it had become impossible now. My twin told me that he doesn’t want me to be alone and encouraged me to see someone else more or less, at the same time probing if I wasn’t already with somebody at that time. I understand him, leaving his wife now, would mean leaving his son as well for good and that is never an easy decision to make. If he can make his marriage work with her, then he has my full support.

But for arguments sake, it would make sense that if the twin’s third-party relationship is a wake-up call for us, then our authentic (not just a means of manipulation to induce fear of loss) third-party relationships will be wake-up calls for the Twin Soul as well. Does that mean they will drop everything and come running back?

Maybe not, but what it will do is bring up their subconscious wounds in the same way it has for us – that is of course if it is a genuine Twin Soul connection. Do not go out and find yourself a guy or girl, to hurry things along because it doesn’t work that way. Within a Twin Soul connection, you can’t fake things – your twin will not be moved by manipulation.
He or she will feel whether or not your relationship is authentic.

The effects of NEW love on your inner union process

But new love also doesn’t deter from the inner union process. The inner union process once started is unstoppable, it will continue to progress because it is a soul process.

This was something I was afraid of. I was even scared that I had done all this massive inner work, but that I was simply repeating the same patterns. In many ways my new boyfriend has both parallels with my second ex-husband (father of my youngest son) and my twin, which is not surprising because I loved both these men very much and still do. I have a very good relationship with the father of my son.

I would like to have an equally good relationship with my twin and in a way we do have that, except that he is still afraid to fully open the door back up to a friendship between us. He tries at times, but then often pulls back when things get too intense or emotional for him. But in general I can message him when I want and there is no bad blood between us. The last time we really talked (not just responded, but really opened up) my twin told me that he wanted to rebuild the trust between us and be a part of each other’s lives.

It was on the December solstice during a woman’s gathering at my home that I let go of this fear of not having progressed in the romantic relationship department, despite all of my efforts. A friend of a friend was there who after some casual chitchat remarked that I was so filled with light, I was like a light house she said – all lit up. I first muttered grudgingly, I ought to be after all the inner work that I have done. But then realized that this was exactly what I had needed to hear and thanked her, because this was EXACTLY the thing I had been doubting that I had simply been deluding myself into thinking I had made any real progress. She replied ‘Oh no my dear, your inner work is fully visible in your energy field.’

Two weeks later this friend of a friend is the healer that helps me unravel the inner child wound that had me keep attracting female interference into my romantic love relationships.

In a session with another healer after that she saw that there was an ancient high priestess energy from Atlantis (an aspect of my multi-dimensionality) trying to ground from my heart and solar plexus into my first and second chakra. She saw that my new boyfriend was connected to this process and soul contract and told me to go with him to the power spot Es Vedra on the other side of the island. We went there last Sunday and nothing earth-shattering happened of course – BIG shifts often come layer by layer.

Following our visit to Es Vedra I had a session with one of the healers on the island and just before my appointment with her, something happened with my boyfriend that rubbed me the wrong way. It’s too long of a story to be part of this article, but the short version of it is that it was triggering something deep in me, when it was of no real importance to him. Pretty quickly I realized that he did not mean it, the way I was taking it and that as far as he was concerned there was no problem.

What I was making it mean was on me and at first I thought it was triggering the witches wound, because it all seemed to be pointing that way. When I did the session with the healer, we saw that it was in fact the Mother wound which I will write an article on soon that was coming up for healing and that me attracting these men with wounded relationships with their mothers, was in fact a mirror of my own wounded relationship with my mother, my step-mother and on a larger scale the mother-archetype.

In the end it was all about my feeling loved, protected, nurtured, safe and supported by the greatest mother of all, LIFE. And the questions that I had been asking my boyfriend that morning, were basically the questions we as humans all ask of the Divine. Which made me understand that this was deeper healing on my incarnation wound (which I saw in 2020), a lifetime where doubt around my purity had been cast on me and I had internalized that doubt which started the separation process (where ego was born). It only makes sense that these wounds have to be revisited as part of the re-union or unification process with our soul.

The fact that I am now healing the Mother wound and fully relaxing into the motherly arms of life, which is true surrender when you can truly trust life to take care of and support you without bracing yourself or preparing to course-correct life from your ego perspective shows that genuine new love connections serve to further assist you in your soul process.

What the Twin Soul journey is truly about

You simply cannot enter Heaven on Earth (paradise), without fully restoring your trust in life (fully detaching from the 3D fear-grid) first. As long as fear is holding you hostage at whatever level, the doors of paradise stay shut because there is no fear in paradise. Remember in the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had no need for clothes, there was ample food and water and all their needs were fulfilled by God. This is much like the womb state, that we experience as we are initially born into our mother’s womb before we are expelled out into the world.

Returning to Heaven on Earth after we have completed this leg of our soul’s journey throughout time and space is very similar to the metaphorical state of the garden of Eden or the experience in a mother’s womb, this complete experience of love, support, nurturing, protection and safety within the arms of the Divine.

This is where the Twin Soul journey is meant to take you.

In my new eBook that I channeled in April 2020 (far before I met my current boyfriend), but only just recently published I share The Nine Levels of Twin Soul Initiation on the Ascension path. Each level describes how meeting our Twin Soul in the physical is meant to help us reach the end situation, described above – manifesting Heaven on Earth aka living in the 5th dimensional reality (which is a PHYSICAL reality).

I understand that for some people it is tempting now to discredit my experience, because this allows them to continue within their Twin Soul delusion. I have truly heard it all before:

  • This can’t be your Twin Soul if he married someone else.
  • This must be a soulmate or a karmic if you have karma.
  • This can’t be your twin, if you are now in love with someone else.
  • and all other variations….

Don’t get me wrong, the Twin Soul experience is very real. There is nothing delusional about it, except for those who refuse to see the true purpose of this journey. For those who like lemmings (yep, those rodents that en masse plunge themselves often to their death from seaside cliffs) chasing ‘union’ or a romantic outcome with the twin to be more exact. They have yet to understand that, this person coming into their life is a BLESSING whether you end up in a romantic relationship or not.

Meeting your Twin Soul is meant to bring you living in the higher 5th dimensional reality. As we have just entered the Aquarian age, more and more people and in the end whole planet Earth will be migrating to this new level of consciousness and being. As Twin Souls we are the front-runners of this BIG dimensional shift, but this only possible to the extent that we have pulled our heads out of our arses and do the true inner work necessary to access the 5th dimension from within – by cleaning out all the accumulated gunk and sludge from our childhood, previous lifetimes or otherwise inherited through our paternal lineages on both sides.

I pray this article serves you and helps you see the truth of the Twin Soul journey and how your own third-party relationships can assist you in your journey and inner union process. Instead of pretending that this new person is now suddenly ‘the twin’ or other nonsense like that, you can simply relax into the beauty and uniqueness of your relationship with them – knowing that they have come into your life at this time to support you in your soul process.

Not everybody is meant to or does end up with their Twin Soul (I have no idea if I will end up with mine in the end or not), but that doesn’t make the journey any less spectacular, unless you believe that ending up with them romantically is all that this journey has to offer you. Which merely means that you have remained stuck at the first level of Twin Soul Initiation on your Ascension path. There are still eight more levels for you to move up into…..

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Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed? This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page.

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