Deep Soul Dive Ibiza 2022! May 20th to 27th

The price is €2,777, members of The
School of Inner Union ONLY pay €2,555

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Price details

  • Price includes: private studio apartment with bathtub, breakfast, lunch and dinner, daily yoga and fitness, a Cacao Ceremony, a Water Ceremony, airport pickup and drop-off
  • Price is excluding: flights, last night out and healing and beauty sessions that can be chosen a la carte
  • You need to arrive the night of the 19th, you can book extended dates 19th to 28th
  • School of Inner Union members get €222 discount, use your discount code in the checkout
  • There are ONLY 12 private studio apartments available (you can come as a couple)
  • Payment is immediately through PayPal

Daily schedule May 20th* to 27th**

  • 7:30 to 8:15 am => Morning yoga and pranayama with sea view
  • 8:15 to 9:00 am => Fitness fusion at the sea or overlooking the sea
  • 9:00 to 10:00 am => Breakfast in the resort restaurant
  • 10:00 to 1:00 pm => Morning sessions booked a la carte or free time
  • 1:00 to 3:00 pm => Lunch and siesta with take away luxury salads or sandwiches
  • 3:00 to 6:00 pm => Afternoon sessions booked a la carte or free time
  • 6:00 to 7:00 pm => Dinner in the resort restaurant
  • 7:30 to 9:30 pm => Evening sessions*** booked a la carte or free time

*Opening ceremony the 20th from 9 to 10 am
**Closing ceremony the May 27th we go out to town for dinner at 7 pm
***Water Ceremony the 20th and Cacao Ceremony the 24th from 7:30 to 9:30 pm

Other group activities are a Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing with Elena Teixedor and a Water Ceremony with Katie at Align & Flow in a domed heated pool (36 degrees Celsius).

The week will be filled with yummy and healthy meals with a variety of vegan and vegetarian options for you to choose from.
But don’t worry if you love meat and fish, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect.

A la carte add-on menu

To keep the Deep Soul Dive experience accessible for all budgets, we have created an a la carte add-on menu that allows you to customize your Deep Soul Dive experience to fit your own needs and budget.

You can choose the healers you want to work with, the amount of sessions you want to book and what areas of your healing you want to work on specifically. This way you get to decide how deep your Deep Soul Dive experience will be.

For those of you who want to go ALL in, you could add a juice package and intermittent fasting to help detox during the Deep Soul Dive maybe with for example Ayurvedic herbs that are chosen for you individually to help the detoxification process.

Interested in losing weight? Choose the intermittent fasting, a 3 day juice package and personal training sessions to help you kick-start or intensify your weight loss process

Do you want to add in some luxury? Add on some extra massages and beauty treatments….. We are hitting town on the last night for a group dinner, so how about some beautiful evening make up to celebrate the new you?

These are just some ideas to help you make your Deep Soul Dive experience, the EXACT experience YOU need.

During free time you can go for walks, meditate, sit under the trees, go to the sea, go to the beach, journal, take long baths or socialize. It is completely up to you and what you feel you need in that moment.

A la carte rules

  • You pay for the sessions directly to the healers during the Deep Soul Dive experience
  • The healers you choose will contact you to schedule your session
  • You can book multiple sessions with the same healer
  • You CANNOT cancel sessions once they are booked with the healer
  • Choose at least THREE healing sessions with either one or multiple healers
  • Maximum amount of sessions possible is TWENTY during the whole week

Our Deep Soul Dive team

Giulia Campinoti – IDOL therapy, Reintegration massage & Etheric Osteopahty

IDOL therapy

IDOL stands for Inner Dance Of Love. IDOL therapy facilitates the connection between the heart chakra and the sacral chakra.

Through this connection with our center where the heart chakra is and with the memories and emotions stuck in our sacral/sexual chakra IDOL therapy helps us to heal them and not let them control us anymore.

In the heart chakra is the center of our being, of the truth.
In the sacral chakra we store all the emotions, anxiety, rage of all those experiences we lived from our childhood and we carry from our lineage. This is the reason why many times we use the sex to feel more “relief “, to release a certain pressure that is just there.

But the only way instead to release these emotions is looking deeply where they come from.

Reintegration massage

Reintegration massage is a massage technique made to reintegrate lost parts of the subconscious that help a person to release body blockages and let go of any energy that may be stuck so it can begin to harmoniously flow. This massage works on all bodies, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by working with the Chinese meridians systems.

Etheric Osteopathy

Etheric osteopathy works on the basis of the deep connection of the physical with the subconscious in the client and the skill of the therapist to change matter without manual manipulation of the affected area, in other words through etherical adjustment.

Giulia looks deep inside the body of the client which allows her to see where a problem is manifested. She then guides the client to understand what created this problem, how this problem has affected the client's life and what needs to be done to overcome the block that was created through the original problem.

Once the client understand the subconscious cause of the situation Giulia will etherically adjust the physical part affected (bones, organs, tissues, etc. etc.) and bring these parts back to their healthy state. This allows for a deep transformation on both a subconscious and physical level to facilitate full healing on both levels.

Ellen Nijenhuis – Craniosacral & Inner child

Touching the rhythm of the cranio sacral fluid (deep in the body) and the alignment on a soul level awakens the healing power and the intelligence of the body. Giving the soul the opportunity to show what is needed!

This can be :

  • Cleaning out the survival system
  • Cleaning blockages in the emotional body. For example: old pain, fear or sorrow from your childhood.
  • Helping your inner child feel safe again.
  • Help you release blocks from past lives.
  • Finding place where you split off pieces of your soul.
  • Strengthening the connection with your guides, your higher self and soul energy
  • In the Twin Soul sessions we connect to the twin soul field, to gain deeper insight around the connection and your mission.

My personal connection is with the Egyptische (twin)Gods :Isis and Osiris and their child Horus .

Sandra de Vos – Light Language & Lightcodes

You can see Sandra as the voice of your subconsciousness. She loves to bring harmony in what seems energetically out of alignment. She invites blockages to come to the surface; that what was kept hidden and longs to be released from its imprisonment, to be truly seen for the essence that it carries deep inside. Blockages such as unprocessed emotions, traumas and limiting beliefs rise to the surface. Sandra facilitates you with releasing 'old' energy and dysfunctional subconscious programming.

Through channeled cosmic sounds and light languages deeply rooted energies are being transformed.

This process contributes to:

  • self empowerment
  • a growing inner strength to (blindly) rely on your feelings and to take the corresponding steps.
  • a major energetic clean-up on a deep level. Sandra is also referred to as an energetic vacuum cleaner ;-).
  • greater sense of inner peace
  • deeper self-love
  • relaxation of your mind
  • solid grounding
  • an open heart
  • trust and surrender to life
Sharon Loerzer – Soul & incarnation therapy

Sharon uses energy healing and homeopathy to assist you in deep soul and incarnation processes. She has the depth and understanding to guide you to where you are out of alignment to your true self and can help you create deeper alignment with your true essence, your soul self.

An opportunity to delve into and shift any issue that deeply concerns you at the moment. This can be family oriented, or a personal challenge regarding health, career, partnership etc.

Swift diagnosis, and immediate life changing tools.

Sharon is a certified Sa'Sen Yin therapist with 25 years of experience. Her gift is to come swiftly and compassionately to the core and root of any ailment or situation that is disturbing you. This can be recurring or an acute moment in life.

Once she has guided you to focus on the root cause, she can help you to transform that into a life changing, constructive and integrated tool for you to use to become happier, more balanced and creative.

Any life situation or issue is included......Sharon will work with you to make sense of it, and increase your personal growth.

Jan-Marc van Keulen – Painbody release

Trauma is stored in the body and needs to be released from the body in order to be fully healed. You can heal trauma on a mental, emotional and vibrational level and the roots can still be lodged in the physical body. It’s the physical anchor point of the trauma and it has to be released, to really FREE YOURSELF completely.

Jan-Marc studied with the pacos (shamanic healers) from all over the world and is specialized in releasing stored mental and emotional pain from the physical body. This in itself is a physically PAINFUL process (it hurts a lot, be ready for that) and is not for the fainthearted. Much of your traumas have created adhesion, calcification and other forms of stagnation within the body. The pain that is stored from the traumatic experience, is felt as physical pain when it is released from the body, this means that you have to be willing to FREE YOURSELF in order to do this intense body work.

Katie Greaves – Water Journey therapy

Water Journey therapy is a profoundly healing modality- aiding the recovery of the physical body (great for overcoming MANY physical ailments-amazing for the spine), the energetic body (learning to relax fully) and the emotional body (overcoming relationship issues, reaffirming trust, remembering, letting go, overcoming traumatic experiences, releasing tension, surrendering, experiencing divine love, reconnecting). This therapy is great for anyone looking to recover and heal, overcome any emotional pain, rediscover deep inner peace, or who would simply like to relax their entire system in a very unique way.

This therapy takes place in the water (in the sea- depending on time of year, or in a therapy pool in San Carlos heated to 34Celcius). Supported by Katie you are invited to float and will explore various flowing movements above/beneath the water (client dependant). In a session your deepest muscles are able to relax which aids the relaxation of the central nervous system. You will move through a flowing sequence allowing you to let go, release tension, release emotions, and enter into a deep meditative state. Often people go into a state of ‘no mind’ as the frontal cortex switches off completely.

Rossana Pintus – Naturopathic Nutrition, Ayurveda & Herbal Medicine Consultations

Mental, emotional and vibrational healing work releases a lot of toxins and heavy metals in your physical body as you release trauma and repressed emotions. This can create imbalances in your body that need to be addressed on a physical level to help your body cope with the huge inner transformation inside.

Rossana helps you to understand the cause of your current complaints, and ways to manage and preserve your own health according to your personal constitution.

Receive a personalized plan and advice regarding changes in your lifestyle, diet, nutritional supplements, herbs and naturopathic routines to bring back balance and well-being.

Holistic support for Chronic conditions, Stress, Anxiety, Sleep problems, Weight management, Hormonal imbalances, Digestive and Skin Problems, Infertility and Prevention.

Sabriyé Ayana – Reactivating Your Divine Blueprint

Through your Akashic Record Sabriyé Ayana will guide you to the past lives that your soul wants to bring deep healing to. Through revisiting past life trauma, understanding what really happened, releasing our fears and stuck emotions around the event and going to the original wounding that created our karmic patterns - past life work gives us a vital key to healing our current life reality. We are all living bleed throughs from previous lifetimes that are deeply lodged in our subconscious mind, by revisiting these past life experiences and understanding them we can close the door on the past once and for all.

Doing past life work can create a deeper sense of wholeness as we bring back lost aspects of the soul. Deeper self-love and forgiveness towards oneself and others. Important relationships improving and being restored back to love and many other benefits suchs as a deeper sense of trust, inner peace and harmony.

Mandy Venus - Soul Vibrational Reading

Mandy is a soul journey facilitator, Womb practioner and Soul vibrational reader, she has been working as an energetic intuitive psychic facilitator for over 25 years, in her practice she has come to realize that all information and experiences are held within the vibration of the soul and your soul contracts. During the session Mandy and her guides communicate with your soul and your team of guides, where information and guidance is received through the portal of the heart as the heart is the purest channel of love. She has the ability to see and feel your potential in life, one of the most important aspect of any reading is the guidance you receive in the session. Mandy sometimes uses the Tarot as a tool in her sessions to support the information coming from spirit or as Mandy likes to lovingly refer to them as soul guides, as they are extensions of your soul.

Lydia Majoli - Crystal Harmony Healing

Crystal Harmony Healing is a unique healing technique where by accessing the clear vibrational energies of crystals and use of sound, botanical aromas, touch, elemental invocations and light on the subtle bodies, you are able to experience the healing power that resides within your own being. The intention is always focused to reconnect you to your true nature of wholeness whilst honouring your individual awakening journey which can facilitate in profound changes of your overall wellbeing.

During a session, you will be laying down and crystals are placed on or around the body depending on what frequency is being called to be activated. Lydia scan's through the energy interactive systems to work on areas such as the chakras, grid lines, etheric bodies and multi-dimensional timelines to assist in re balancing, fine tuning and clearing any blockages that may appear. During these sessions Lydia is able to connect with a divine intelligence, channelling messages from higher realms of consciousness.

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Please select the a la carte sessions you would like to add to your Deep Soul Dive experience: Each healer only has 20 timeslots during the whole week to work with, which is why you need to pre-book in order to make sure you get to work with the people that YOU want to work with. If not, you risk that the healers of your choice are fully booked out on location and you will miss out on the opportunity to work with them.

Select the checkbox of the therapy you want to book and adjust the amount of sessions if you want more than one.

Trauma Release Bodywork :

  SESSION type Facilitator Price Duration Qty
Reintegration massage Giulia €120 1.5 hours
Painbody release Jan-Marc €195 2 hours

Emotional healing :

  SESSION type Facilitator Price Duration Qty
IDOL therapy Giulia €120 1.5 hours
Water Journey therapy Katie €156 1.5 hours

Subconscious healing :

  SESSION type Facilitator Price Duration Qty
Craniosacral energy healing Ellen €121 1.25 hours
Soul & Incarnation therapy Sharon €130 1 hour
Akasha Healing™ Journey Sabriyé €999 1 hour
Etheric Osteopathy Giulia €120 1.5 hours

Energy healing :

  SESSION type Facilitator Price Duration Qty
Light Language & Lightcodes Sandra €150 1.5 hours
Crystal Harmony Healing Lydia €120 1.25 hours
Soul Vibrational Reading Mandy €144 1 hour

Physical health :

  SESSION type Facilitator Price Duration Qty
Ayurvedic consult Rosanna €110 1.5 hours
Juice day Astrid €50 per day
Intermittent fasting Astrid €225 per week
Personal training Astrid €75 1 hour

Beauty Sessions :

There is a €10 service fee on top of the total booking amount of beauty sessions for on location services.

Food preferences :

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