The truth about false twins, karmic twins, dark twins, catalyst twins, rebound twins, twin clones, narcissistic twins, backup twins and multiple twins in 5D….

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There are as many false prophets, as there are false teachings

There seems to be a lot of confusion in the Twin Soul community about the possibility of having more than one Twin Soul, which basically only makes this journey more difficult than it already is. One perfect Divine mirror is already confronting enough, why would you need multiple?

What makes it more confusing is that so called experts are writing about these concepts and as I mentioned in my article about how to avoid fake healers and charlatans on the Twin Soul journey, many people writing about this journey are doing so from a place of their own wounding. That does not make for the best teachings and it is one of the primary reasons that there are so many misconceptions and misinformation circulating in the Twin Soul community.

Basically anyone can set up a blog and start writing about this topic. You as a seeker thirsty for knowledge really have to develop discernment on this journey and take what resonates, there is honestly so much bullsh*t out there that will keep you going in circles ad infinitum – if you buy into it.

Start by asking the Divine to show you the truth about your situation and the Twin Soul journey. You will find that you will be drawn more and more to teachings that actually help you make quantum leaps in your journey and that help you better understand what is going on in your current day reality at this moment.

I’m going to spare you the mythical birth story of Twin Souls as it is just as symbolic as the Biblical story in which we all descend from Adam and Eve, but I do believe Twin Souls to be the last (final split) in the soul group/family splitting of the soul. If we use water from the sea as an analogy then a whole bucket would be the soul group and Twin Souls would be together in one drop of water, they are each other EXACT vibrational frequency match. Just remember even a half drop, when viewed by itself is still a whole drop of water – it’s lacking nothing. Similar to a snow flake of which each is unique or every fingerprint even on your own hand that is not identical, there is only one soul either here on earth or out of embodiment that matches your specific core frequency identically, hence the term twin. Whether you call it Twin Soul or Twin Soul, doesn’t really matter, because it is referring to the same thing.

Granted we live in a miraculous Universe so let’s not say that it is completely impossible as in human births it does happen that there are even identical triplets and quadruplets, but they are very rare. Wikipedia states:

‘Identical triplets or quadruplets are very rare and result when the original fertilized egg splits and then one of the resultant cells splits again (for triplets) or, even more rarely, a further split occurs (for quadruplets). The odds of having identical triplets is unclear. News articles and other non-scientific organizations give odds from one in 60,000 to one in 200 million pregnancies.’

It is safe to conclude that there will not be hundreds, let alone thousands of people who come out of a triplet or quadruplet situation with multiple Twin Souls and even if they did, they would most likely have to deal with the other one or two people involved in their journey and it would not be a case of leaving twin 1 from the triplet behind to be with triplet 2. Which often seems to be the need of having a backup twin in the first place.

So I am just going to go with ONE Twin Soul and either someone IS or ISN’T your twin, there is nothing in between.

The confusion about all the different type of so called Twin Souls

If you have been around a bit in the Twin Soul community, you have probably seen any if not all of these terms fly by. But the truth is there is only ONE true Twin Soul, the rest are all a case of IS NOT a twin connection.

Only time will show you if the person your heart belongs to is really your Twin Soul, but many people are impatient to label this connection which leads to a lot of mislabeling. Many people are holding on to people who only came into their life for a reason or a season, believing or hoping it is a Twin Soul connection – because then reunion is imminent in the end…

It doesn’t quite work like that, this journey is not about getting back with your ex. It is not about changing yourself beyond recognition, to not lose someone’s love. Bending over backwards to deserve/earn/keep someone in your life. That is codependency and if you are in a true Twin Soul connection, you have to heal codependency in order to actually be with your twin in the physical.

The reason I bring up codependency however is, because it is the EXACT THING that is making people hold on to ‘IS NOT a twin connection‘ scenarios.

So let’s take a look at what are NOT Twin Soul connections:

False Twin Soul

This term is used for everyone you thought was your Twin Soul but turned out not to be. This can happen to people using Twin Soul signs as checklists, which does not work. It can happen by being wrong about a pre-twin experience, despite your heart insisting that ‘this is the ONE’. It happens to the best of us, but in the end this was not your Twin Soul. It of course also happens to people romanticizing the Twin Soul connection and those who are searching for their twin. However in many cases this person and relationship did prepare you for the Twin Soul encounter and turned out to be a blessing nonetheless.

Karmic Twin Soul

This one always confuses me because it seems like trying to mix oil and water. A karmic partner is someone who came into your life because you both agreed to work out a karmic situation together, which is common in the old 3D paradigm. A lot of romantic relationships are based on this principle. Once the karma is resolved, the relationship is over.

The Twin Soul connection is a 5th dimensional frequency relationship (hence the analogy of mixing water (3D) and oil (5D)) and when you meet your twin you actually enter a cycle in which you burn off karma until you are karma free. The connection with your twin never ends, nor can you break the deep bond between you, even if you wanted to. No cord cutting of any kind can sever a Twin Soul connection.

Dark Twin Soul

This is when one believes their twin is consumed by the dark or that someone was sent by the dark as a false Twin Soul to lure you into darkness. This belief is caused by seeing two forces instead of one, which is 3D duality consciousness mixed in with some victim identification which also belongs to the old 3D paradigm. These people might actually have other symptoms of paranoia (feeling like the world or people are out to get them), which makes it highly doubtful they are in fact on a Twin Soul journey because they have not reached the level of healing and wholeness within the self that it takes to be ready for meeting their perfect mirror.

Most Twin Souls might feel like they are going crazy at times on this journey, but this journey is in fact for the hyper sane not the people who are suffering mental disorders. Shifting out of 3D (which is the agreed upon norm) into 5D (which defies everything we have been taught in 3D) is scary as hell and it can leave you questioning your sanity. How it leaves you feeling might even be misdiagnosed as a mental disorder but in truth the Twin Soul encounter can only come into your life when you are ready for it. The Universe never gives us more than we can handle.

Spell casting, curses, black magic, voodoo etc.. falls under this section as well. It is often named as a reason why your twin is not with you or with someone else. Don’t put your focus here and believe ‘What God has joined together let no man put asunder‘. This is again believing in two opposing powers, when there is in fact only ONE power. Nothing can trump the power of God source and I don’t mean that in a religious way. Good and evil only exists in 3D duality perception, in 5D there is only a loving Universe that has your back every step of the way.

Love bites

This assumes some evil plan involving aliens trying to mess with human love relationships, so now the paranoia has left the Earth plane and has extended to involving extraterrestrials. These are some of the signs believers of love bites list:

  • Feelings of being watched, or being played like puppets in some drama-myth.
  • Paranormal activity, third party “entity” visits or attacks, sudden dreams, visions and thoughts as if implanted.

This is victim consciousness, which in true Twin Soul relationships has to be overcome, because it is part of the 3D ego paradigm. It has to be checked at the door when you want to enter into 5D and unity consciousness – there is no us against them in 5D because that is part of the 3D consciousness of separation.

Believing such things will bring you nowhere fast and it does not help work towards union with your beloved because you fear ‘outside forces’ whether alien or demonic as described in the section before are out to obstruct you where they can. These kind of beliefs, leave you battling an outside force – when in fact you should be going inside and facing the dragons and demons in your own subconscious mind.

Catalyst Twin Soul

A catalyst Twin Soul refers to the pre-twin person and relationship that prepared you for the Twin Soul encounter with all it’s unexpected twists and turns. Most often this is a soul mate relationship that helps you develop the mindset you need in order to be ready for the purging process with your true Divine counterpart.

You DO NOT have to have a pre-twin or so called false twin experience prior to meeting your Twin Soul, so don’t think you have to have been wrong about the first one in order to end up with your twin. Each journey is unique and perfectly pre-planned by the Twin Soul couple before the incarnation into this lifetime.

Rebound Twin Soul or Band-aid Twin Soul

I have to admit I coined both these terms but they are meant sarcastically as we all know that a rebound relationship is meant to help you get over your ex and a Band-aid is used to stop the bleeding or make you feel better.

It refers to people fleeing into new relationships after they met their Twin Soul, because it looks like their twin moved on in 3D or because they feel so hurt by their twin that they need someone to soften the ego pain. Most often these connections center around proving they are desirable especially sexually and reaffirming their worth in the market place. Both pair of the twin couple flip back and forth between 3D and 5D before fully anchoring in the higher 5D frequencies. Especially women will have to come to terms with their sexual power and how to use this wisely, plus they need to heal their identification with and attachment to their sexual identity.

In 3D it might look like your twin is choosing someone else above you, but in fact this situation has come to trigger all your own wounding around feeling not good enough or fearing some other woman might be better than you. You don’t heal such wounds by going out to prove that you are desirable, that you are good enough or that you can make a man crazy for you. All those actions keep the status quo and your ego firm in place. It’s better to go inside and look at why this triggers you, instead of suppressing your pain.

Twin clone

A sibling to the rebound twin is the twin clone, which is as the word implies another version of your twin except, that you are well aware that the original is the better version.

When you are the one running or perhaps also running, chances are you will run right into the arms of your Twin Soul clone. They will maybe talk the same way, feel the same way, etc. You will just be sitting there and thinking ‘Oh my god! It’s him/her!’

I met a Twin clone in the summer of 2014, which in the end led me to totally committing to my twin in December of 2014 despite how over and done things looked in 3D at that time. My twin had fibbed about his birth year, but I didn’t know that then. The clone had the exact same false birth year. He had similar body features and body insecurities, that my twin turned out to have when we were together in India. In fact the twin clone prepared me for my time in India with my twin. He even explained the psychology behind the choices my twin was making at that time and made while we were together.

Plus he totally cloned our Twin Soul block. Despite the fact that this guy had come to look for me and he was not Indian but had an Indian name because his parents were Bollywood fans. After he heard what had happened between me and my twin – he called his father to check if he was free to marry the woman of his choice and he was told he wasn’t. My twin’s and my mutual best friend at the time, encouraged me to stay close to this guy, as you never knew how things might change in time. I knew right then and there that if I was going to stick it out with anyone in a complex situation like this – it would be with my own Twin Soul.

Backup Twin Soul

This one someone dropped on my Sabriye Ayana Facebook page recently and she was dead serious about it. Apparently if you can’t deal with your Twin Soul you can tell them to take a hike, because you deserve better…. You deserve someone’s attention, affection and love and on it went. And then after you have dumped this nightmare person, who sent you to hell and back, you will find that there are backup Twin Souls to complete the inner journey with.

The only problem with this theory apart from the fact that it’s utter bullsh*t is that a backup twin implies that the first one was in fact the real deal, which you are then replacing with someone you find more agreeable which is utter nonsense. What makes it even more interesting is that this person claimed that the whole Twin Soul concept is an illusion, which makes me wonder why you would need a backup variant if it is all not real anyway?!

Clearly someone who does not get what this journey is about. You have no control over the Twin Soul connection on a 3D self level, your soul is in charge and surrendering to your souls guidance is one of the most important shifts you make on this journey.

Multiple Twin Souls in 5D

The theory here is because 5D is a place of unlimited abundance, unconditional love and unlimited timelines and possibilities to manifest, that you would have one Twin Soul in 3D and multiple twins in 5D. Sounds feasible.

The thing is once you meet your Twin Soul and go through the purging process your vibrational frequency is raised, your chakras are realigned and re-calibrated and you yourself become much more sensitive. From your opened and activated higher chakras your ability to love has increased drastically and there are always more people that we can feel attracted to. Coming from this heightened experience of love it can feel like this new person is a Twin Soul as well, however even the people that I personally know who have had such an encounter have always chosen for the first person they identified as their twin to be the one they wanted to be with, which shows that even given the option to choose for someone who they feel can be their twin as well their heart belongs to the original Twin Soul.

Narcissistic Twin

I am going to be blunt here, there is no such thing as a narcissistic Twin Soul. Narcissism is a severe mental disorder and as I stated before you have to have reached a certain level of healing and wholeness in order to be able to embark on the Twin Soul journey. I will go deeper into narcissism further on in this article.

For the untrained eye especially the disharmony between Twin Souls in the runner and chaser stage and in the separation stage may look like toxic behavior, but it’s not – it serves to bring up the deeper layered wounds that need to be healed in the Twin Soul pair. In a Twin Soul relationship life only becomes better and better as you heal deeper and deeper. You find yourself saying each and every time, if this is all it was ever meant to be it was worth it because it has been such a blessing.

Toxic relationships move in an opposite direction, things only get worse and worse as time proceeds. Trust me a narcissist would never leave you alone for multiple months unless he or she has really moved on and found someone new to create the constant drama and conflict with that they crave. If they have moved on, good riddance and kudos for you that you seem to have healed the pattern in you that attracted this type of person, but know this person was not your Twin Soul.

Addiction personalities can also be confused with the behavior of narcissists. Twin Soul encounters bring immense healing on all levels, mentally, emotionally, vibrationally and physically. I know many Twin Soul stories where the love for the twin, has motivated the other twin to overcome their addiction of choice. The same goes for depression, anxiety and such. However this healing does not come about by their Divine counterpart doting on them and hovering around them.

If your Twin Soul is facing an issue that makes union impossible like an addiction or psychological problems, which are both impossible to live with for the long term you have to back off and give them the space to step into their own power. In fact if you really feel this is your Twin Soul ask yourself where you are shirking stepping into your own power. Take your focus off of your twin and fully focus on you and reclaiming your own strength, that might have a knock-on effect on them if this is a Twin Soul connection.

But you can’t ‘love’ someone out of addiction or any unwanted behavior, that is their own choice and responsibility. Stepping back is the only option. If this is your true Twin Soul, you cannot lose this person anyway. If it was just a toxic relationship, you saved yourself years and years of drama.

The primary reasons people want to believe in multiple Twin Souls

There is of course a reason why people want to believe in multiple Twin Souls and it is always self serving, when in fact the whole Twin Soul concept is about serving the whole (collective) and coming back into unity consciousness.

Here is an overview of the primary reasons people buy into the concept of multiple twins.

#1 They want romance and ain’t getting any

This group of people expect Twin Souls to be the ultimate love story and in a way Twin Soul love is. It is a story about how love conquers all, but before it does there are going to be some unexpected twists and turns leaving you wondering if this is in fact true love or just your worst nightmare (depending on which mood you are in that day). What this journey isn’t going to give you is the fastest route to romance, that is just not the primary goal on the Twin Soul journey despite that you have met your FOREVER love here on earth.

If you want to know more about why this is not just another, boy meets girl love story or a LGBT version thereof – download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript.

It can be very frustrating to someone wanting to make the Twin Soul encounter a romantic fairy tale, because it isn’t and it won’t ever be. So at some point they decide that they deserve to be loved (still looking for it outside of themselves) and go and find themselves a new Twin Soul, because this one clearly was a false twin, catalyst twin, dark twin, love bite or whatever.

#2 They don’t understand the journey

Another variation to the romance one is that the journey just becomes too hard because they don’t understand the underlying objective of the Twin Soul encounter which is to help the twin couple shift out of the old 3D based ego paradigm into the 5th dimensional Soul truth.

This image was on multiple Facebook friend’s timelines in the last couple of weeks and it is a very accurate visual of what people think spiritual awakening looks like and how it really goes down. The same applies for the Twin Soul journey which is meant to bring about awakening and the shift into 5D unity consciousness, it does not come without ‘I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy.’ episodes.

Learning to love in the seemingly absence of love and trusting all the 5D synchs and signs even when your outer reality is showing you the complete opposite of what you know and feel to be true in your heart. These initiations are only possible with your Twin Soul engaging in unwanted behavior.

If they did what you wanted, it wouldn’t be much of an initiation in love.

Read Dealing with your Twin Soul’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personas during the runner and separation stages (what’s really going on…) to better understand the dynamic behind your twins erratic or closed off behavior.

#3 Their 3D reality with twin just turned hopeless and they desperately want to move on too

When in the physical reality their Twin Soul chooses or marries someone else, this can be a cue for many people to decide this can’t possibly be their twin because otherwise why would they be with someone else.

A third party is always there by mutual agreement of the Twin Soul pair on a soul level, in fact for many Divine feminines another woman is just what is needed to trigger some of the deepest layered beliefs about not being good enough. Your twin choosing for someone else triggers fear of loss, fear of abandonment, lack of self love, codependency issues (bending over backwards to keep someone’s love), etc.

Instead of embracing their own wounding they search for someone to take the pain away and project their illusions of perfect love onto this new person, who they now wonder might actually be their REAL Twin Soul. Keeping your pants on really helps to avoid projecting the Twin Soul label on to everybody you sleep with. In fact most true Twin Souls can’t actually even imagine having sex with anyone else, so most of them become celibate until they can be with their twin.

But there is another phenomena at play with true Twin Souls, after meeting your twin your whole chakra system will be realigned and re-calibrated. You become much more sensitive and sexual encounters become of a whole new level – meeting your Twin Soul has opened your heart and so sexual encounters with others either become the ultimate let down if you are looking for love – no one can trump the depth of a twin connection or it can be an amazing experience of ecstasy if it’s just sexual chemistry based.

It is as if the Universe wants to test if you will choose the real deal or will you just settle for some hot sex.

#4 They want to be special, to be one of the chosen ones

Perfect romance and a Divine mission to help save the world from the Dark forces … Where do I sign up?! I want to be one of the 144.000 chosen (total BS) ones, please! Hallelujah, amen!

A massive ego trip.

When you are on this journey for ALL the wrong reasons, you are delusional anyway. Why not get yourself a new Twin Soul, if this one is too much of a hassle to deal with? If you have lost touch with gravity and you are floating up way high, in possibly drug induced states of higher being, this all might sound like a new age wet dream come true – but it isn’t.

It’s f*cking hard work, not for the fainthearted and you have to face every part of you that you especially DO NOT want to look at. That is what the Twin Soul encounter does, it forces you to be brutally honest with yourself and take responsibility for every ounce of inner wounding that still needs to be addressed.

It is much more than chillin out on your yoga mat or meditation cushion, drinking kombucha tea and cleansing your aura daily. Not that there is anything wrong with yoga, meditation, cleansing your aura or even kombucha tea, it’s just that it is so much more than just doing all the right stuff, looking good while doing it and desperately trying to fit in with the latest fad.

Cause being a Twin Soul does seem to be becoming the latest hype, but like we established in reason #2 it’s not this neat, glowing, inner peace experience that leads to nirvana. It is messy as hell, brings up every neuroses, makes you face what you fear most and before you get to the other side of it – your life will be in utter chaos.

You are not going to be looking your best all of the time, especially not when purging old emotional crap. Neither you nor your life will look Instagram picture perfect way more often than you would like to admit, while you are going through the rocky part of this journey. It’s more likely that sunglasses have become your new best friend to hide your puffy cried to tears eyes and to help you avoid having to answer questions – that even when you answered them, no one really understands anyway.

It is much easier to opt out and find yourself a new Twin Soul that better fits the zen vibe you want the world to believe is authentically yours, the gag is though that for TRUE Twin Souls there is no opting out… EVER – you are stuck with this person until eternity. There ain’t no breaking a real Twin Soul connection.

#5 They are stuck in duality and victim consciousness

This group of people get stuck in the 3D illusion of separation and duality. So now either their Twin Soul becomes a narcissist or their twin is part of or being influenced by the dark forces.

Yes there are narcissists out there but Twin Souls come into each others lives after they have achieved a certain healing within themselves. If they have not they will likely just kill each other, so much gets triggered between them. A narcissist would not even be able to handle the intensity of being shown his or her own wounding in the Twin Soul mirror. They would gaslight the whole issue and make you feel that you are the one to blame. Unless that narcissist is ready to wake up out of 3D, they will not be meeting their Twin Soul – because they are nowhere near ready to live their Soul truth. Remember the Twin Soul encounter is not primarily about romantic love, it’s about waking up out of the illusion of separation into unity consciousness. So, if you think you are dealing with a narcissist, then you are probably not dealing with your Twin Soul.

Don’t get me started on the dark forces, that is just about the lamest excuse ever. There are no dark forces, there is no good and evil – that is the very essence of duality, seeing two opposing forces. In reality there is only ONENESS and that one force is ALWAYS, no exceptions EVER, working towards your highest good. So dark forces are just excuses to stay in victim consciousness and to entertain the illusion of being attacked by the dark because you are light is nothing but another ego trip. Assuming that light is better than dark – it’s like claiming that the day is better than the night. Which only tells us one thing for certain, people believing these concepts are still perceiving life from a 3D paradigm perspective.

Of course no one will blame you if you want to trade in a narcissist twin or worse a twin who has been taken over by the dark side. I don’t think people claiming this about their Divine counterpart ever get that your Twin Soul is your exact frequency match and perfect mirror, meaning wherever they are at-  is where you are at as well and if you do the healing work and this is your true Twin Soul it will have a knock-on effect on them.

With Twin Souls when you make an inner shift, your twin will follow suit.

Where this does not apply is for any other kind of relationship, outside the twin arena. In non-twin relationships the other person will either change their behavior or leave your life, when YOU change your vibrational frequency. With Twin Souls no matter how many miles between them, no matter how many months (or years) of silence – the connection is never lost and it can’t be severed either.

Imagine a world in which you couldn’t detach from a narcissist or someone consumed by the darkness, it doesn’t exist because we live in a loving Universe that is FOREVER working towards our highest good – if you believe your twin is a narcissist or consumed by the dark, then it’s really simple he or she is not your Twin Soul or you are misinterpreting their behavior.

#6 They were barking up the wrong tree

Which brings us to one of the biggest reasons people find they need another twin, is because the person who they thought to be their one and only just was not their Twin Soul.

This can happen because someone seemed to show all the signs commonly experienced in a Twin Soul relationship, the thing is that those lists name many different signs that can apply to karmic or soul mate relationships as well. They are not a good reference to determine the true validity of the Twin Soul connection. If you want to determine if this is your True Twin Soul – try this fool proof method.

Also it is common to have a pre-twin relationship or more than one that prepare you for the Twin Soul encounter, like I said you have to have achieved a certain level of wholeness and healing to be ready for the challenge that meeting up with your twin in the physical can be. I know some people seem to come to union without much problems, however the people I know who this applies to have had very difficult lives prior to meeting their Twin Soul. They had already burnt off loads of karma.

Sometimes people mistake their pre-twin experience for a Twin Soul connection, but that still does not make it a Twin Soul. It just makes it a catalyst experience, that prepares you for the Twin Soul experience. Of course the narcissists and the by darkness consumed twin are clear examples of barking up the wrong tree. This also can happen to people looking for their Twin Soul which we will discuss in a minute.

#7 They are out there looking for their Twin Soul

You cannot go out in the world to find love and this applies even more so to true love and finding your forever love, it’s not something that can be initiated. It happens when you are ready, but there is actually no guarantee that you will meet your Twin Soul in this lifetime. You cannot manifest a Twin Soul, you can manifest soul mate love but meeting your twin in the physical is something that is already pre-agreed upon before birth.

You see your Twin Soul can either be here on Earth or out of embodiment.

Cassady Cayne for example has an out of embodiment twin and there are more people who have contact with their Twin Soul who is on the other side. In most cases you do not incarnate in the same lifetime, one stays out of embodiment to assist the other (who incarnates) in his or her physical experience. The reason so many Twin Souls have chosen to come together now, is because we have promised to help in the collective ascension from 3D to 5D consciousness, that all mankind is about to make as we enter the Aquarian age.

However the desire to find your Twin Soul is often ego based, it can be fueled by romantic illusion or wanting to be special, one of the chosen ones. But there is no guarantee that you will meet up with your Twin Soul in this lifetime and that is okay, you can still have a beautiful live calling that serves the multitudes. You do not need to be a Twin Soul to serve the world. Plus it might be a lot easier for you to come into a mutual loving relationship if you haven’t chosen the Twin Soul path for this lifetime.

If you are scheduled to meet your twin then you already agreed on your timeline for bumping in on each other on planet Earth and you will meet in the way and at the time you both agreed to, before being born in this lifetime. There isn’t really much you can do, it will show up when it is supposed to if that is the plan for this life – till it does you should actually just be going about your business.

A Twin Soul encounter is really like a ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you‘ deal, and you can’t do anything to change it once here on Earth. It is a soul agreement, that is made pre-incarnation. So you either agreed to meet up in this lifetime or you didn’t, wanting this to be different once here is basically the same as wanting to be Chinese instead of African or wanting to have been born rich instead of poor… You can’t change it, nor should you want to because your soul already chose the Divine Plan for this lifetime that perfectly matches your own personal soul evolution.

What seems to be common for people who do at one moment come face to face with their Twin Soul is the quest to experience true love. As I said we live in a magical and miraculous Universe, it could be that such an intense desire shifts timelines, moves Heaven and Earth and such… that results in the Twin Soul being brought into their life, but the question is if you need the Twin Soul encounter to manifest true love in your life?

I would be careful about making the Twin Soul experience the end all be all experience of true love, this is a tough road to travel and it is just not everyone’s destiny to be on this journey – nor does it have to be.

What does this mean for you?

This all may sound very harsh but it’s good to create some clarity. The Twin Soul journey, is already challenging enough in itself. There is no need to complicate things even further with confusing concepts that either keep you away from what you really want or keep you stuck in situations that are simply not meant to last beyond the lesson they came to teach.

I so know the feeling of desperately wanting to hold on to this ONE person, but whether this IS or ISN’T your Twin Soul, it is in fact your own inner wounding that is having you clutch on to this person believing that your life and your happiness depends on it.

The fact that you are obsessed with this person and can’t let go can indicate a Twin Soul connection, but there are three parties involved in this journey: you, your twin and the Divine and only time will tell if you guys are really in this together through thick and thin. Free will has nothing to do with it, your twin’s soul wants union as much as you do if he or she is your Divine counterpart (is your true Twin Soul) – despite outer appearances of them not wanting it in 3D.

It takes time to really find out if this is a true Twin Soul connection despite signs from the Universe, it may take months to years to see the 3D manifestation of these signs in your physical reality. I.e. your Twin Soul coming back or telling you that they still love you as well and that you have never been out of their heart and mind despite their efforts to fully break all ties with you. Or however they might formulate it, you sense the general idea.

The only thing you can do to get to such a place in your journey, is focus on you and your own inner healing and be willing to lose this person forever, if they are not your Divine selection.

Pulling on your twin in 3D only alienates them more. I know that letting them go is the toughest to master, because it will deeply trigger any wounds around fear of loss. In order to help you make this shift and many other needed shifts, I have created The Twin Soul Tribe and Inner Union Program only available to tribe members, which is designed to walk you through this process every step of the way.

Even if this person isn’t your Twin Soul, this relationship still offers you an opportunity for deep inner healing and immense spiritual growth, who knows this could be a pre-twin experience or it might just be an invitation to shift out of the vibrations that attracted this situation. Everything is ALWAYS happening for your own higher good, but no matter what the true nature of the connection is that you are dealing with – healing yourself is the best course of action in all cases. When you make an inner shift, the situation shifts with you or the situation is removed from your life opening the door for something that serves you even better.

If this is your Twin Soul, the more you become the real you the closer it will bring your twin back to you.

I pray this article serves you and helps you clear the confusion around what is and isn’t a Twin Soul connection.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you please share it abundantly. Thank you.

Did this article give you a deeper understanding of your Twin Soul journey? Share your insights in the comments, I love to hear from you.❤

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie


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