Work with me FAQ’s

How to start working with me?

If you want to work with me you can choose from the options under the Store page.

Not sure what to book?
  • To clear subconscious and past life blocks through a powerful Akashic Record Clearing – Book an Akashic Record Clearing
  • For a detailed step by step guide to Inner Union and ongoing support from your Soul tribe– Join The Twin Flame Tribe
  • If you want the whole package with a sweet discount which includes the Twin Flame Tribe & Akashic Record Clearings – Buy the Inner Union Package
How do I book?

All my services can be booked on my website. Unless it is stated differently you will be given direct access to the Twin Flame Tribe and Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program.

If you booked a clearing session with me, you will automatically be redirected to my online scheduler to book your appointment with me or I will email you to set up an appointment. Your appointment is booked, only after I have accepted the date and time slot you chose.

How do I pay?

All payments are securely handled by Credit card or PayPal. If you are living in the Netherlands and you want to add money to PayPal through iDEAL go here https://www.paypal-opwaarderen.nl/nl/opwaarderen.

Refunds and no shows

There are no refunds. Appointments can be rescheduled up to 48 hours before the session. In case of no shows, the session will be cancelled completely.

All sessions are online only

All sessions are done on Zoom (a private online conference room), you get the custom link to the online conference room when you schedule your appointment with me.

The Akashic Record Clearings are audio only so that you can fully focus on your inner experience during the session.

I do NOT offer in person sessions offline.

Only on retreats do you get to work in person with me.

If you have never used Zoom before please watch this instruction video to prepare for your call with me:

Inner Union Program FAQ’s

Will the Inner Union Program Work For Me if:

I met my Soul Partner online, but we have never met in real life?

Yes, this program also works if you have never met in real life. The Soul Partnership connection is a deep spiritual and energetic connection, online or offline doesn't change that.

My Soul Partner and I have never been in a romantic relationship?

Yes, it will work for you because many of my clients did NOT start out their Soul Partner relationship as a romantic connection.

My Soul Partner and I have never been intimate?

Yes, this program is for you. Physical intimacy does not make or break a Soul Partnership connection. Many of my clients have never been physically intimate with their Soul Partner.

My Soul Partner and I have been in a romantic relationship and are now separated?

Yes, this program will also work for you - because the separation is meant only to bring up the deeper subconscious wounding. The program is geared to help you fix this.

I have given up hope of ever reuniting with my Soul Partner?

Yes, if you've given up hope of union with your Soul Partner but want to heal and deal with the blocks that are lingering. It will help you!

I am not on the Soul Partnership journey, but I am on the Ascension path?

Also for you this program is a perfect fit. Whether you are walking the Ascension path with your beloved or are walking it solo, both paths lead to inner union.

I am not 100% sure this person is my Soul Partner?

Of course you aren't. That is SO common. Just look at some of the testimonials of people who had their doubts as well and joined anyway. One of my clients joined and that same day, her Soul Partner told her he had feelings for her too and asked her out - when before he had even blocked her!

My Soul Partner is in a relationship with someone else?

Yes, this program will work for you even when your Soul Partner is in a relationship with someone else. You DO NOT need to be in contact or in a romantic relationship with your Soul Partner, to come into inner union with your soul and align to the Divine design of your life.

My Soul Partner doesn't reciprocate my feelings?

I have great news, there's no way for you to know that for sure right now. You haven't felt like yourself since this journey started - so if your Soul Partner is put off, it's not you. You're going to do so much inner work and inner transformation in this program you'll actually come out of it feeling almost like a new person. Then we'll see how they feel, and better yet, how YOU feel about them.

My Soul Partner and/or I am gay or we are both heterosexual but my soul partner is the same sex?

Yes, this program is for you. Sexual identity and sexual preference does not exclude you from the Soul Partnership journey. Your soul chose the precise dynamics you find yourself in, because they are what best suits your soul evolution. The soul itself has no gender, it is androgynous - both masculine and feminine in perfect balance.

My Soul Partner and I have a big age difference or we live very far from each other?

A big age difference or a big physical distance are NOT an obstruction on your Soul Partnership journey, although they may seem to be. Some of my first clients to come into physical union with their Divine Counterparts, lived miles and miles apart. That distance did not prevent them from proceeding on their Soul Partnership journey. It's the inner work that moves us forward, not the outer circumstances.

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