Giving back

Giving back is an important part of our business model. We want to be a force of good in the world, not only through what we put out in content, products, services but also through spending actual $$$ on projects and initiatives that touch our heart.

Previous projects:

  • Micro-credits to female owned businesses in third world countries through As empowering female entrepreneurship reduces poverty.
  • Building toilets for women and girls in India through Building toilets in India for women and girls is a proven strategy to reduce sexual violence and improve female health conditions.
  • Groceries packets for poor people in India who lost their jobs due to Covid-19 lockdown through This project helped feed hundreds of migrant worker families and Hindu illegal immigrants from Pakistan.
  • Supporting ‘Twin Soul’ entrepreneurs during the Covid-19 lockdown, who follow The School of Inner Union Facebook page, by buying $500 in products and services from them through a Facebook post.

Current ongoing initiatives:

  • Planting trees, reforesting rain forests worldwide through Planting trees is one of the most important ways that we can reverse climate change, and leave this world a better place for our children and grandchildren.
  • Educating people on sexual abuse, child sex trafficking, and child sex slavery through Elizabeth is herself a survivor of abduction and sex enslavement as a child. The sexual exploitation of children is the biggest pandemic of our time. A truly enlightened society does not prey on their most vulnerable, but protects and nourishes them.


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