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11 ways people unconsciously or ‘s …

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Healing to Be in Union with Your Twin Soul

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on healing to reach union with your Twin Soul, you will learn:

  • Why the spiritual aspect of your Twin Soul journey is non-negotiable
  • How pseudo-healing methods are a veiled attempt to force union
  • How ‘healing’ your twin is distracting you from truly healing yourself
  • Why you have to let go of union, to have union
  • And more…

Healing is the only way to true union

Healing is the buzz word within the Twin Soul community. Except for some people who believe you can bypass your healing or somehow game the system (trust me, you cannot) – everyone seems to agree that healing is the way to union.

Things get dicey when we start talking about what it means to heal or go deeper into what we we understand to be ‘union’. I wrote an article on healing last week, that you can read here. In this article that you are reading now, I will also include a list of examples of pseudo-healing, these are things we do – of which we THINK they facilitate healing, when in reality they don’t.

But this ties into the general problem within the Twin Soul Industry. First of all 99,9% of the so-called Twin Soul teachers and healers have you chasing the carrot (union with the twin) and these very same people have absolutely no clue what it means to heal. So, they sell you all these non-solutions in order to ‘help’ you get what YOU WANT, aka a romantic outcome with whom you believe to be your Twin Soul.

There is no true healing there and on top of that there is no true union, even for those who manage to end up in a romantic relationship with their Twin Soul – that is not true union. That is simply a physical romantic relationship with your Twin Soul, which is what most of you want to get out of this anyway. Many of you new to this journey could care less about the spiritual side of the Twin Soul process,

I know this because I was there once myself and I have worked with thousands of clients who have also been there earlier on in their journeys.

The problem is that you CANNOT bypass the spiritual aspect of the Twin Soul journey, it is a NON-NEGOTIONABLE aspect of this experience and the larger Ascension process that this journey leads into. Your soul chose this experience to come home to itself and although free will exists, it does NOT exist on an ego level. The ego only gets to choose between available options, it does not have the power to overwrite your soul’s intention for this incarnation.

And in the end the ego has no option, but to surrender to the soul – it’s own Divinity.

Trying to manipulate your way into union

But there is a whole slew of people that do not get this and so they stay stuck in approaching the Twin Soul phenomenon from a 3D ego perspective and this includes the above mentioned 99.9% of the so-called Twin Soul teachers and healers that promote or sell ‘shortcuts’ to their version of Twin Soul ‘union’ – which is as shallow as simply ending up in a romantic relationship with the twin.

Instead of teaching you the true purpose of the Twin Soul journey and giving you the tools to create the actual union that counts, they appeal to your ego’s desire to manipulate itself, your twin and the connection into the oh so desired romantic outcome.

Although these method will not work for the majority of the collective and actually tend to make things worse, because you are trying to force a specific outcome – it does of course work for some. But, you may want to question if these people for which these methods work are really on a Twin Soul journey. The chances are, that they are not Twin Souls to begin with, because if this was really THE METHOD to come together with your Twin Soul – word would spread around and we would ALL be in union.

In some cases Twin Souls do come together relatively quickly and more easily than others, this is because their connection needs closeness instead of distance to trigger the subconscious wounding that needs to be addressed. However often, these turn arounds in their connection come about quite easily without much effort – simply because that is what is meant to be for them and not because they did anything special to make it happen.

But, this isn’t true for most Twin Souls. The majority of the Twin Soul collective needs distance to trigger their subconscious wounds, which is why they experience running, blocking and separation. Their unique blend of subconscious wounding needs this type of 3D reality to bring up their deeply buried pain. There are no quick fixes for situations like this, because in order to have the and they lived happily ever after, they so strongly desire – this pain first needs to be released. As long as that pain is still subconsciously there, it will continue to color their experience in ways that trigger that pain so that it can be released once and for all.

Our major roadblock to being able to see this, is that our deepest pain is held repressed and suppressed in far away dungeons in our subconscious mind. This means that we are often a. not consciously aware of the wounding being there and b. don’t see how we are PLAYING OUT this subconscious wounding in our current day life – nor do we see the underlying connection between the different areas in our lives in which this same issue is playing out.

Why ‘union’ is the point at all

Yet, I get it.

Almost seven years ago when I first met my Twin Soul, ending up together with a bun in the oven was my deepest inner desire for how I wanted this connection to evolve. I wanted NOTHING more than that and I had NEVER ever wanted something as badly as I wanted a future together with this man.

He was THE ONE and he felt the same about me at that time.

But, because he was born and raised in India and conditioned to accept an arranged marriage instead of following his heart and his own deepest soul desires – he got married to someone else.

That put us on a completely different trajectory, plus the fact that we lived thousands of miles apart made it very difficult to see how we could get closer to one and other. This was a blessing in disguise (including his eventual marriage) because through my commitment to this journey, I came to understand that there was a much more important union wanting to take place…..

As I proceeded further and further in my own journey and healing process, taking countless wrong turns and having to back up out of dead-end streets (such as some of the pseudo-healing examples I will be discussing today) to my and the healers I work with surprise a merging process started within myself, not with the Twin Soul – but with my own higher self and soul.

This inner union as we were shown is what this journey is truly about and at the same time it is the only doorway that in the end leads to true Twin Soul union, because how can you become one with someone else – when you are not at one within yourself?

It’s impossible.

Still, this is what everyone is chasing so desperately – this finding oneness outside of themselves. But, it’s a fallacy, because you can never find outside of you what is missing within. Which brings us full circle back to where this article started, healing is the only way to true union, but true union starts inside ourselves and cannot be found in the arms of someone else.

You may want to read that again.

True union is found within and not through the love or physical presence of someone we want to spend the rest of our lives with. This experience can evolve into a merge with another, but only when we have removed the fragmentation inside ourselves. We need to first become ONE within, to be able to be one with others – which is why union with the twin is not even the point.

Union with the twin is a byproduct, but not the objective of this journey.

Read the free Ultimate Guide to Inner Union (click the link to download) to find out more.

11 examples of pseudo-healing to try and force union

But it is this deep, deep desire to be in a romantic outcome with our special person that makes us try to force this idea of what we think is ‘Twin Soul union’ and that is what leads us to buying into the various forms of pseudo-healing in order to get what we want.

What we tend to forget is that in the end, you can’t force the Universe or love. Nonetheless, because we don’t understand the true purpose of this journey or what healing really means, we engage in activities such as below to try and force our own rip-off version of ‘union’.

However, much like a replica designer pair of sunglasses or handbag – it just doesn’t cut it compared to the real deal. This is why I recommend you stay far away from practices such as the ones listed below:

#1 Twin Soul meditations and activations

I have written about it so many times, yet I find people still don’t get it. Twin Soul meditations and activations are BS. They don’t heal anything. They don’t bring in union. There is absolutely no reason to invest in them, because they are a waste of money. A generic one-size fits all guided meditation or activation DOES NOT clear karma, it doesn’t connect your chakras, it doesn’t remove ancestral imprints or bring in new relationship templates or upgrade your DNA.

Wake up people, you are being SCAMMED and the problem is that the more you engage in practices like this, the more it backfires on you and your connection with your twin because the Universe does not respond kindly to force.

Just think about it, when you try to force something or someone what happens?

You meet resistance, right?

The same happens in your Twin Soul connection when you try to force outcomes, you are met with resistance and that does not only apply to this example but to all of the following below….

#2 Scripting your way to reality

Another way many Twin Souls try to force their desired outcome is through scripting, but as soon as you write scripts that talk about your specific person and a specific outcome you are violating spiritual law, because you can’t decide for the other what their future is going to look like and with whom – even if this is your Twin Soul.

Being Twin Souls does not in any way give you the right to meddle or interfere in the other persons life. You can script the kind of love you want to experience and what qualities you desire in your life partner, but as soon as you ask for so-and-so to come back to you and be in ‘union’ with you – you are crossing a line that is not to be crossed.

Imagine that someone would try to meddle or interfere in your life in this way, writing down and calling in this whole life together with you and maybe even adds in some children. Doesn’t that sound a little bit creepy to you? It’s bordering on obsession and that is a yucky energy that of course repels the very thing you want.

If you want to experience love then you need to create room for love to enter into your life and this means you have to work on healing your own blocks to receiving love, that is the healthy way of manifesting love – instead of trying to pull your specific person into your desired outcome that you dream of with them. You are not allowed to do that.

#3 Dabbling in magic & ‘love’ spells

The same also applies of course to dabbling in any form of magic, black or white or love spells – that is an ABSOLUTE NO-NO! You are just racking up karma when you start trying to energetically force a desired outcome that may or may not be in accordance to your and your Twin Soul’s Divine plan.

Even if you believe that you and your twin are meant to be together in the physical in this lifetime, there may need to be other lessons learned or karma that needs to be settled with other people. Only our souls know our Divine plan, our 3D self and ego don’t, which is why they sometimes doubt there is such a thing as a Divine plan to begin with – but that is of course part of the way the ego operates.

The ego loves to think that it is all on it’s own and the only one looking out for numero uno.

The soul on the other hand knows that this is not true and that we are not only interconnected with ALL that is, but also always supported by ALL that is. The Universe has our back.

The soul knows that EVERYTHING happens for our highest good and so it sees no need to try and force a different reality, because it knows that the current reality is EXACTLY how it is supposed to be in this moment.

To be ULTRA CLEAR: dabbling in magic & ‘love’ spells is the anthesis of surrender.

The reason why I put the word ‘love’ in quotation marks is because, it’s of course not loving to try to control someone or make them do something that you want (whether they want it or not) it’s basically spiritual rape when you try to force yourself energetically on someone else or even worse alter their lives without consent. If we cannot have sex with people without their consent, then we cannot make them be with us, without their consent even if we try and do it the woo-woo way and whether it works or not – we violate spiritual law in doing so.

The mere intention of trying to force your will on someone else violates spiritual law, which creates unnecessary karma. You may think that it is cute and sexy to dabble in witchcraft and spells but you will have to inevitably pay the price when you do.

#4 Removing curses, hexes and black magic

I have heard the most heart breaking stories over the years of people who have bought into these kind of scams, wasting hundreds to thousands of $$$$ on removing curses, hexes and other kinds of black magic that supposedly were cast by their twin’s current ‘karmic’ or the dark forces.

You are being suckered and intentionally being pitched against ‘the other woman’ in your twin’s life, when in reality our twin’s current partners are just as much our soulmates as they are theirs – assisting us in our union process (read an article I wrote about this here).

The reason we can’t or don’t want to see it that way is because we are holding on to the false and very 3D interpretation of what a karmic, soulmate or Twin Soul relationship entails. We see karmic relationships as toxic and soulmates as life partners, that we ‘settle’ for when we can’t have the epitome of true love everlasting – which is the fairy-tale love that we project on to the Twin Soul relationship.

These are all just old 3D ways of looking at love, because the truth is that we can still have karma with soulmates as well as our twins and we can find true love with soulmates as well. The so-called ‘karmic’ relationships, can be immense connections of healing as most relationships are.

The reason we fail to see this, is because we are unconscious of our own unresolved pain and trauma that attracted these people and situations into our lives to begin with.

The whole idea of believing in the dark forces and black magic stems from a time in which we needed this idea of an invisible nemesis to the light and God to make sense of the ‘evil’ we perceived in the world. It is part of the ego separation programming and the dualistic world view that resulted from it.

In reality there is ONLY good, because we live in a Universe that is forever conspiring in our favor.

#5 Making a Love or Twin Soul altar

Next up is making a Love or Twin Soul altar which becomes a no-no as well as soon as you put your twin’s picture on it or anything else that is meant to call in this person specifically.

Don’t put your focus on outside things….

The reason that love is absent in your life at the moment is because there is something inside of you that is not aligned to having love show up the way you want it to – for whatever reason. It can be from past life or current life trauma, subconscious beliefs, or even something passed on from your ancestors. For example in my ancestral lineage there was a great fear to be hurt by men, which was passed down from my great-grandparent to my grandmother and from my grandmother to my mother and inevitably to me.

It is much more effective to find your inner blocks to receiving love, than to make an altar with basically a prayer for love on it.

Because if we want to have the Divine help us out we first need to take aligned action. In other words from a metaphysical standpoint it’s not enough to simply ask for what we want – we need to prepare ourselves to have and receive what we ask for.

The Quranic text below, underscores these Universal spiritual truths that our outer circumstances can only change when we address the inner issues causing them. God or the Universe cannot intervene on our behalves until we are willing to take responsibility for our own (often subconscious) creation that we see reflected back to us in our outer reality.

‘The Quran’s Ar-Ra’d 13:11 reads:

Indeed Allah will not change the conditions of a population until they change what is in themselves.

In this passage, the Quran expects a person to help himself by changing his own attitude and behavior before God will come to his aid. The principle is the same as that in Aesop’s proverb: those who expect divine help must first get the ball rolling themselves.’
Source: Biblegateway.com

We don’t get the ball rolling by only asking for what we want, but also by being willing to see inside ourselves why what we want is currently absent in our lives. Our lives are a co-creation with the Divine and as a co-creator we need to check within to understand HOW we created our current reality.

Most human beings are stuck rehashing their unprocessed past over and over again without even knowing it, because they don’t understand life or the Twin Soul journey. This is true for the majority of you reading this article as well, you are just living your subconscious wounding because you don’t understand what healing really is.

Like psychiatrist and founder of psychoanalysis Carl Jung said:

‘Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’

#6 Creating a Twin Soul union grid

This is where you use gemstones and crystals to create a union grid. This is more of the same, the problem is that most stayer twins feel so absolutely out of control that they will do anything to feel like they are doing at least SOMETHING that will keep them from losing their twin forever.

So, they create an elaborate grid with crystals, gemstones and other sacred artifacts to protect their union energy or create closeness or ‘union’ with the twin – because this literally gives them a sense of control in a situation in which they are completely out of control.

The problem however is that this does not address their deep fear of loss and where it originated from. It doesn’t heal anything. It doesn’t change the person, their twin or the situation because this fear of loss needs to be addressed.

Because even if their twin would be with them now, the twin would subconsciously do things to trigger this deep seated fear of loss – as it needs to be healed. They will for example still be talking to their ex, or talking to other women (or men). Their behavior will be such, that this fear of loss gets triggered anyway and they won’t even know they are doing it.

This is because the subconscious mind CREATES the outer experiences that match our inner fears and false beliefs. It attracts the people, experiences and behavior needed to trigger our deepest wounds and we can’t escape that no matter how hard we run or how hard we try.

We cannot escape PLAYING out the things that we don’t CLEAR out and so unless we address those inner issues anything we do on an exterior level is basically useless.

Yes, it potentially makes us feel good and gives us a sense of control – but the deeper issues remain unaddressed.

#7 Affirmations & visualizations

Affirmations and visualizations are powerful tools that we can use or abuse, and the truth is that many people use these methods incorrectly.

In the School of Inner Union we use weekly affirmations as well, but not to try to force ‘union.’ Instead I give my students these affirmations to create new supportive belief systems that override negative thinking and false ego belief structures.

We use affirmations to reprogram the mind to accept the spiritual truths being taught in the Inner Union Soul Alchemy program, our Mystery School curriculum.

This has always been the purpose of affirmations to reprogram the subconscious mind. But, the biggest obstacle is that our deepest fears and false beliefs are our most cherished ones, which make them exceptionally hard to overwrite (reprogram) because we hold them to be true, so deeply.

This makes it almost impossible to rewire them, without actually revisiting the origin of the often traumatic event that imprinted the fear or false belief into the subconscious mind. The more emotional that experience was, the deeper ingrained the belief.

This is something I help my clients undo in the Akasha Healing Journeys™ where I guide them to the original wound where the fears or false beliefs were created. These origins have to first be exposed in order to be able to reprogram them.

The same is not true for beliefs that are faulty but not hardcoded through deep and often traumatic emotions, those are much easier to reprogram and so for those we use affirmations that simply help us correct our thinking. They teach us spiritual law and through the repetition of working with these affirmations. Simply by repeating them out loud or writing them down we consciously imprint them on our subconscious mind – thus altering our belief system from fear-based (3D) to faith-based (5D).

The same pretty much applies to visualization, it can be a very powerful tool but it should not be used to create your ego desires in your physical reality – because that simply racks up more karma.

The object of the Twin Soul journey and the Ascension process is to CLEAR karma, not add to it.

Metaphysical teacher Florence Scovel Shinn shares this story on the consequences of violating spiritual law through visualization:

‘Obedience precedes authority, and the law obeys man when he obeys the law. The law of
electricity must be obeyed before it becomes man’s servant. When handled ignorantly, it
becomes man’s deadly foe. So with the laws of Mind!

For example: A woman with a strong personal will, wished she owned a house which
belonged to an acquaintance, and she often made mental pictures of herself living in the house.

In the course of time, the man died and she moved into the house. Several years afterwards, coming into the knowledge of Spiritual Law, she said to me: “Do you think I had anything to do with that man’s death?”

I replied: “Yes, your desire was so strong, everything made way for it, but you paid your
Karmic debt. Your husband, whom you loved devotedly, died soon after, and the house was a
white elephant on your hands for years.”

The original owner, however, could not have been affected by her thoughts had he been positive in the truth, nor her husband, but they were both under Karmic law.’

#8 ‘Manifesting’ a text, phone call or hookup

After everything that I have explained up till now, what can I say about engaging in such nonsense?

I mean it completely misses the point of everything. There are hundreds of YouTube videos that explain how to do this, including ones that explain how to give energetical blowjobs (facepalm).

It doesn’t matter if they text, call, or that you get to see each other – yeah sure, it gives a temporary rush of excitement but it basically adds no value.

It changes nothing.

Especially, if you got them to reach out through energy manipulation….

It’s basically you resisting your reality and trying to force a different one that you do want to see. But, here is the thing. What you resist, persists and so you may get them to reach out and then get bitch-slapped by the Universe through an experience that magnifies your actual blocks to true union.

This can manifest in various ways, such as them telling you that they are with someone else, expecting a baby or getting married.

If not that, it will show up some other way like that they are moving away, have an addiction that you can’t live with, going into rehab or becoming a monk or a nun and so on and so on…..

The problem is not, not being in contact (even though you think that is the problem), the problem is the wounding you are currently PLAYING out (that you should actually be CLEARING out) that needs this explosive experience to get triggered (even deeper).

Whether you have contact or not, it doesn’t matter because the real issue at hand is PLAYING ITSELF out in your life as we speak and that needs to be addressed.

Everything else is simply CHASING the carrot (chasing down ‘union’). Even if you get them to reach out to you, you are just mind-fucking yourself, because if you have to make them do it – it doesn’t actually count and you know that deep down inside.

#9 Using woo-woo ways to getting them to unblock you

If you are blocked, you are blocked for a reason and I don’t mean that you may have stepped over the line. You may have done absolutely nothing to end up being blocked, but there is always a higher reason WHY you are blocked.

If everything is always happening for your highest good, then being blocked is for your highest good as well. Often blocking shows up, when our souls want us to look inside so they create an outer reality in which there is nothing more that you can say or do. You are forced to accept the reality and that is that you cannot CHASE DOWN or FORCE union in any way.

True union is an inner process and it cannot be achieved externally, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a physical union. It means that you can’t make it happen outside of yourself.

Being blocked, gives you no other choice but to take the journey inside.

Yet, this is where most Divine Feminines then turn to the energetic realm and the occult to try to force ‘union’ the woo-woo way (see the various different examples listed here). Again this gives them a sense of control in a situation where they have literally lost ALL control (they can’t reach their twin and he or she doesn’t even want to talk to them), but you have to understand that this wanting to feel safe and in control is nothing but a coping mechanism*.

*’Coping mechanisms are the strategies people often use in the face of stress and/or trauma to help manage painful or difficult emotions. Coping mechanisms can help people adjust to stressful events while helping them maintain their emotional well-being.’
Source: Goodtherapy.com 

But if your coping mechanisms are getting triggered, you can bet your bottom dollar there is a trauma getting triggered underneath. So, instead of wasting your time trying to get unblocked – you are better off digging up the trauma being triggered and healing that.

Makes sense, right?

#10 Doing love or union rituals

Rituals can both be beautiful and powerful but they are not meant to be used as a way to get what we want. Again there are a plethora of videos on YouTube to show you how to do this, but before you run off to go watch them – this is what you need to know…

Or maybe what you should know by now if you have made it this far into the article:

You cannot heal or change anything externally. Everything that you want to change or heal has to be done from within in order to manifest itself durably in the external and physical world. You don’t need to do a ritual to close timelines for your twin and his or her karmic, that relationship will fizzle out on it’s own when the time is right.

You don’t need to do a ritual for love and union, what you need to do is find all the blocks inside yourself that block you from receiving the love that is your God-given birthright. No matter how many candles you light, how many spells you cast, or incantations you recite – they cannot and will not overwrite the subconscious programming (aka wounding) inside yourself that attracted this current situation in the first place.

These are all tools we resort to because we do not see the correlation between our inner world and our outer reality and thus we try to alter and manipulate our outer reality to reflect what we want, without changing what we hold to be true within and that never works.

Even if it looks like you got what you hoped for, you will soon find that something is off with your manifestation and that is because you used your will to force it into being.

#11 Healing your twin

Another form of pseudo-healing is staying busy ‘healing’ your twin. Your twin’s healing is none of your business and not your place to begin with. The most dangerous aspect of it is that we often project our own disowned wounds on the other, meaning what you see in the twin is actually what you don’t want to see in yourself.

You think you are fine or in many cases the Divine Feminine thinks she is already healed and just waiting for her Twin Soul to catch up with her (him), but in reality you are just stagnating the connection because you aren’t healing yourself and you CAN’T heal your twin for them.

Also what does that so-called healing you are sending look like?
There is a reason why doctors are discouraged to practice on their immediate family….

Physicians generally should not treat themselves or members of their immediate families. Professional objectivity may be compromised when an immediate family member or the physician is the patient; the physician’s personal feelings may unduly influence his or her professional medical judgment, thereby interfering with the care being delivered.’ Source: AMA Journal of Ethics

If this applies to well trained physicians who studied for years to practice their profession, how objective (neutral) do you think you can be when you send ‘healing’ to your twin? There is such a conflict of interest there, especially if your twin is in a third party relationship. You want nothing more than for them to be with you, when they are with someone else – which is the reason you want to ‘heal’ them to begin with.

You want them to open their eyes and realize that they are with the wrong person, especially if you believe that their current partner is toxic and that they deserve someone much better (you).

Even when you consciously think that you are neutral and coming from a place of unconditional love, the chances of all your subconscious attachments to this person and the outcome you desire, muddying up the energy you send out is inevitable – simply because our subconscious is infinitely stronger than our conscious desire.

So, that is where your healing efforts also should be directed on yourself and your subconscious wounds that have you so attached to this person and the desired outcome.

Why you have to let go of union, to have union

The biggest problem within the Twin Soul collective is that the stayer twin is internally stuck in the push/pull dynamic around wanting union with their Divine counterpart.

They either can’t let go and hold on for dear life, stagnating all the energy around the connection. You have to create space to be able to receive what you want, but as soon as you cling to your twin and the outcome you so desire it’s like you suck all the oxygen out of the air and everything becomes tight and constricted. Most Divine Feminines, are scared that if they let go that they will lose their Twin Soul forever and this fear only tightens their grip.

Then there are those who shoot to the other end of the spectrum because their twin is not giving them the romantic outcome they desire and this brings up a lot of anger towards the twin, the Universe/God and the connection. These Divine Feminines don’t want the connection anymore or the outcome they once desired so strongly and are actively pushing away the Twin Soul and the connection. This can be out of anger, desperation, manipulation or trying to force the outcome by soliciting fear of loss in the twin or a misguided attempt to let go….

Letting go, DOES NOT mean that you don’t want what you want anymore with this person.
It means that you are willing to NOT have it, if it’s not meant for you (aka part of your Divine plan).

This sounds deceivingly easy, however THIS is where true healing is needed.

Because whether you cling to the connection or desperately want to sever it, these are all trauma-driven reactions to your reality. You either cling to it because of your subconscious wounding or you seek to push away due to your subconscious wounding.

You may want to let go of the romantic outcome, but as soon as you start doing so it triggers your subconscious wounding whether you are prone to cling to or to push away – these are just two sides to the same coin.

This is what makes surrendering so Goddamn difficult, because as soon as we do – we are left no other choice but to face our deepest wounds that have kept us from HAVING what we want to begin with.

You can’t fake it until you make it past these subconscious wounds, they have to be addressed. Which is why all the examples above don’t work, because they don’t address the real underlying inner issues that are PLAYING out in your reality experience.

In the School of Inner Union I teach my students how to address these real causes, which allows them to find their own inner blocks to the outcome they desire – which are unique for every individual. We all have our own special blend of subconscious wounding, which is why there is not a one-size-fits-all, quick fix solution.

This is also why I don’t sell quick fixes, instead I have created a full package to support Twin Souls on their journey which includes a road map to inner union, a support group to fall back on and a team of expert healers to work with on your subconscious wounding (inner blocks to true union – inside and out).

I pray this article serves you and helps you understand why you can’t heal to be in ‘union’. There is no way to game the system and get what you want, without actually putting in the inner work. People selling such so-called shortcuts to union, are really only in it for themselves and the money – because they know this is what people want to hear and want to HAVE – it SELLS.

But as I have explained in this article, we can’t bypass our healing (inner work) which makes those quick fixes useless, because they don’t address the real underlying issues (inside yourself) that have you locked into current timelines and experiences.

Change the internal programming and the outer reality experience automatically shifts to reflect the inner change. It’s that simple and yet at the same time, that complex.

Learn to unlock Heaven on Earth

Book an Akasha Healing™ Journey with me to release the unresolved pain and wounding that is keeping you stuck in reliving your unhealed past whether that stems from your childhood, ancestry, or previous lifetimes.

It’s through healing the wounded ego, that we not only come into union with our soul – but unlock our soul’s superpower to create the reality we dream of.

Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed?

This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page. The key to unlocking your private version of Paradise is healing the separation between the ego and your soul.

Love, love, love my work?

Get your friends. colleagues and family to join the Inner Learning Circle. Let’s create a ripple effect of healing in the world! Imagine how the world we live in would transform if we all healed our unresolved pain. We would individually and collectively create Heaven on Earth.

With my deepest love,

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Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed? This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page.

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