11 Mind Blowing Pay-Offs to Doing Deep Inner Healing Work

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Healing is the best thing out there

I love healing work! I love facilitating it, I love being on the receiving end of it and I love witnessing it in my clients when they work with me or with the many other healers that are connected to the School of Inner Union.

I believe that it takes many different healers and many different healing modalities to help us pull back the layers that are covering the truth of who we are. I don’t believe that any one healer or a single healing modality is THE solution, because our subconscious wounding runs so deep, is multi-layered and tends to be complex.

There is simply so much to address on the inner union journey, when we return to the Oneness with our own soul.

We need to heal our inner child wounding, current life wounding, past life wounding, generational trauma that we inherited from our maternal and paternal lineage, the father wound, our mother wound and the list goes on.

But when we face, hold and soothe these unhealed places inside ourselves – magic happens!

What I don’t mean with healing….

In every industry there are a lot of wannabees and people offering quick fixes….

As humans we are always in a hurry to find a solution to our problems, but if it sounds too good to be true, well baby – then it probably is. The thing is no one can heal you for you, true depth healing work is always a mutual endeavor that calls for your own active participation.

There are also beautiful healing tools that can support your healing journey, like gemstones, Bach Flowers, journaling, meditating, and so on. These are powerful tools in their own right, however they do not facilitate the depth needed that one achieves with working with actual healers that have themselves journeyed deep within.

Always look for a healer that actively works with other healers in their own journey, because someone can ONLY take you as deep as they have ventured themselves.

11 Mind blowing pay-offs to doing deep healing work

But oh boy, once we venture down this road….

It’s life-changing and your reality keeps on getting more amazing and yummy, the deeper you venture into the depths of yourself and face the shadows that are keeping you small and out of alignment with all that is yours by Divine right.

So, let’s look at some of the most mind blowing pay-offs to doing deep inner healing work.

#1 Amazing finances

One of the first things you will notice is that healing yourself, heals your money story. There is something about deeply investing in yourself that moves the Universe to bring you more money because you are making it clear that you deserve it.

I always teach my students, that the money that you spend on your healing and growth always comes back to you and clients often write to tell me that the money they invested in working with me – magically was returned to them in unexpected ways. It’s a beautiful gift from the Universe, conspiring in our favor.

#2 Conscious partnerships

Oh my gosh and then the effect on partnerships, woooohooo so amazing. Here’s why, our intimate relationships tend to trigger us the deepest – bringing up all of our unresolved stuff. When we pro-actively work on our own healing we become another person in relationships and this has a knock-on effect on our reality. We either attract better partners or the people we are with start to level up.

One of my Tribe members just moved in with her boyfriend and when he got triggered in something, he asked her which healer she works with, would be a good fit for him to schedule a session with. He ended up doing a session with one of the healers connected to the School of Inner Union. And here’s the thing, when you actively work on your healing – people around you notice it and think to themselves I want that too. This opens the door to beautiful conscious couples entering deep soul partnerships.

#3 Loving relationships

But it’s not ONLY your love life that improves, all of your relationships improve even the previously more strenuous ones. I have personally helped so many clients heal estranged family relationships with parents, grandparents, siblings or extended family.

All your relationships are returned to harmony when you do your inner healing work, because you understand deeper and deeper that everyone in your life is helping you heal and grow. This is especially true for the people that are the most challenging. But, this doesn’t mean that you need to keep everyone in your life close to you. Sometimes the most loving thing to do is say ‘no’ or goodbye.

#4 Delicious sex life

Now let’s talk orgasms, did you know that the more you heal the deeper you come? So much unresolved pain is held in our sexual organs and sacral chakra, the deeper you release this the deeper you can allow yourself to feel all those yummy tones of pleasure.

We often don’t realize that when we shut down our feelings, we don’t only shut down our ability to feel pain – but also our ability to experience deep pleasure. Healing yourself deeply, opens up a whole new level of orgasmic pleasure that will make your previous climaxes seem like child’s play.

I always thought I was pretty good at climaxing, until I had my first big girl orgasm – my whole body was shaking, I couldn’t control my voice (I was screaming down the building) and tears were flowing down my cheeks. I had never before experienced an orgasm that was this earthshattering deep.

It was the kind of orgasm that people witnessing it would say I’ll have what she is having!’

#5 Improved health

Did you know that the physical body is the last of the four bodies where sickness manifests? All diseases start first on a mental, emotional or vibrational level. Forgiveness work for example has become an important component of cancer recovery and of course this doesn’t make traditional medicine obsolete. Once disease has manifested itself physically, we often need traditional medicine to help us fully recover – but deep healing work can help us uncover the root cause of the mental, emotional or karmic wound that is manifesting itself physically.

Doing deep healing work can help you heal long-standing issues, especially all those issues that are called psychosomatic to which traditional medicine doesn’t have a solution. Our unresolved traumas can create many physical symptoms, that melt like snow in the sun when we address the underlying mental, emotional and vibrational cause.

#6 Fulfilling work or mission

Once you start deeply healing yourself, you also start unlocking your innate spiritual gifts (which does not mean that you have to become a healer). Your spiritual gifts are unique to you and are designed to fully support you in your Divine mission, for this embodiment. This may mean that you will start your own business, but it could also mean that you shift your profession or upgrade your job.

As you become more and more who you truly are (instead of embodying your subconscious wounding), you align to the work that really satisfies your soul and doesn’t only serve to pay the bills. You light up and this makes you magnetic for clients, promotions, the works, which often goes hand in hand with earning more money – while having more time to invest in the things important to you. No more trying to survive, instead you’ll thrive.

#7 Deeper happiness

The more you face your shadows and unresolved pain, the more happiness becomes your default state not because of what is happening in the outside world – but because this is how you feel within, no matter what your outer circumstances are like.

What is robbing you of your happiness, are all the subconscious stories you tell yourself and the unresolved pain you have continued to carry with you over decades and sometimes even lifetimes and lifetimes (i.e. past life). The more you release this old baggage, the lighter and happier you become, Because happiness is your true nature, instead of the heaviness you’ve continued to schlep around with you.

#8 Authentic positivity

Many people on the spiritual path force themselves to be positive, out of fear of attracting negativity. However this constant fear, has them all stressed out which actually attracts bigger problems than allowing themselves to feel their temporary negative feelings.

Such behavior only has people repressing their so-called negative emotions deeper and deeper, which causes these emotions to wreak havoc in their lives because they need to be released. Thus attracting the people, situation and experiences needed to heal them once and for all.

When we allow our negative feelings to be felt and witnessed they disappear for good, this allows us to become authentically positive without a bunch of negative feelings vibrationally swept under the rug. We may pretend that they are gone, but our energy never lies and people pick up on this.

#9 Higher vibrational frequency

I have written a beautiful piece before on Hucha (heavy) and Sami (light) energy, that you can read here. The more we release our heavy vibrational past, the more our energy body fills up with higher vibrational frequency energy.

When we release denser vibrational frequency emotions such as rage, anger, jealousy, hatred, injustice, unforgiveness, feeling victimized and so on – our vibrational frequency increases naturally because these denser emotions are no longer weighing it down.

It is really that simple in theory, what posses the challenge is the fact that we are not consciously aware of the heavy and dense emotions we are subconsciously holding against ourselves and others. It’s not until we start digging deeper and deeper that we start to see how much we are holding onto without even knowing it.

Especially our inner child can be deeply pissed off, even when we had loving parents and a relative happy childhood. This is stuff we have to face in order to really ‘Ascend’ (actually the soul descends into the body as part of the Ascension process).

#10 Less drama lama in your life

You can start to say good-bye to drama in your life, once you embark on your deep inner healing journey. Current life drama, is nothing but past life trauma pulling in the people, situations and experiences you need to heal the original pain once and for all.

The more you clear out your karmic residue, by proactively doing your healing work the less drama you encounter because you no longer need to PLAY it out in your current life reality. This applies to all past wounding, whether it’s ancestral, inner child, past life and so on. The vibrational residue of your subconsciously unprocessed pain, pulls in the players and experiences you need to help you heal them for good.

Less trauma = less drama.

#11 Instant manifestation power

Last but not least at the bottom of the healing goodie bag, is the power to instantly manifest.
All this raising your vibrational frequency, unleashing the inner Shakti and Kundalini energy coupled with transcending your ego brings you in a vibrational space, where manifestations become quicker and quicker and even instantaneous.

The more you truly embody your soul (true nature), the more instantaneous your manifestations become. This happens because you have overcome your egoic desires and therefore don’t need to be protected against the karmic repercussions of these desires anymore.

As you return to the original Oneness with your soul and ALL that is (inner union), you have come to understand the interconnectedness of everything and therefore only want what is in the highest good of everyone involved (when the ego only thinks of me, me, me). This shift in consciousness, let’s the Universe know that you are ready to start reclaiming your power as the powerful Divine creator that you are.

Become a member of our high vibe healing community

Doing your deep inner healing work has as you can see beautiful mind blowing pay-offs, but it’s often not a walk in the park. This stuff of shadow facing and generational ‘curse’ breaking isn’t easy.

I tell ya.

Which is why I have built an amazing high vibe healing community that you can join to help you navigate the inner union process and support you in your healing journey.

This is what you are signing up for:

  • Lifetime access to a 14 module step-by-step guide to the inner union process
  • Access to our international Mastermind group with people from all over the world on the same inner union journey
  • Pre-recorded healing sessions with different healers that we expand as we go
  • A list of regularly updated recommended healers connected to the School of Inner Union who I have personally worked with on my own journey and who know how to assist you in your inner union process
  • Support from me and my team in making a deep shift in consciousness (from 3 to 5D)

Which leads to:

—> No more having to figure it all out on your own.
—> No more having to waste money on healers and healing modalities that don’t work.
—> No more feeling crazy or all alone, because you don’t know any other people doing deep inner healing work.

I really can’t make it any more easy for you to say ‘Yes!’ to your soul.

Join here today.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Inner Union and Ascension process, join the School of Inner Union for modern-day Initiates on the Soul Partnership and Ascension path. In our signature program, the Inner Union Program we walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. Tribe members also get access to my own personal team of healers, who have assisted me in my inner union process. Inner union, is a prerequisite for true Soul Partnership union and creating ‘Heaven on Earth’ from the inside out.

You can also book a Reactivating Your Divine Blueprint Session to help you release deep pain and trauma (including fears and false beliefs) from this and previous lifetimes that are keeping you from creating the Heaven on Earth experience you want your life to be.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Soul Partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you, please share it abundantly. Thank you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie


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