How do I know if this really is my Twin Soul? Including a fool proof test to find out once and for all

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In this segment on how do I know if this really is my Twin Soul? you will learn:

  • Why it’s important to get clarity on whether this person is your Twin Soul
  • Why you shouldn’t use the common Twin Soul signs and symptoms checklists or other external methods as confirmation of your connection
  • The fool proof method to get confirmation of your connection from the Divine
  • Why you should prepare to be baffled by the Universe
  • And more…

This article was written in February 2017, when I like many of you was still deeply lost in the romantic illusion of the Twin Soul connection. My Twin Soul had just unexpectedly gotten married to a girl his family picked out for him (arranged marriage), the marriage took place a couple of days BEFORE my birthday which was when I wrote this article.   

A question many twins have on repeat

If there is one question many twins have on repeat, it’s the question:

Is this really my Twin Soul?

It starts out as a burning question at the beginning of the journey and even years later, it can every now and then creep back in the mind as a doubt, when you and your twin are traveling through the rocky parts of your Twin Soul adventure.

It’s also a question that can be asked by the people around you, when you try to explain this amazing connection that you are experiencing with this person you believe to be your Twin Soul. Their disbelief can easily have you spiraling into doubt, especially when your twin is running away from you and it really looks like he or she is just not that into you. Leaving you wondering if it was only you, who felt the intense magic or that it was all just a figment of your imagination.

In this article I will show you a fool proof method to get Divine confirmation of your Twin Soul connection and I will explain what methods out there you should NOT use, to avoid fake twin or near twin experiences. You want to avoid having to ask this ‘Is this really my twin?‘ question as much as possible, but you especially want to avoid having to ask it about multiple people.

One of the most important reasons to get clarity around this question is because, chances are you will sit on the fence longer than needed or wanted about whether you should treat this as a Twin Soul connection, if you are not sure if this really is your twin. It’s like you are at the start-line of a marathon, but you are not sure if you should start running or not.

How do you know for sure?

Often when I talk about Twin Souls with my mom she asks, ‘But how do they know for sure if it’s their Twin Soul?‘ I used to answer, when you have met your twin – you just know and the Universe will knock itself out to confirm it to you. But she keeps asking that same question over and over again, so now I just tease her and tell her that they go to a love pharmacy and buy some ph sticks that they then stick into something to know 100% that the other is their twin… This always makes her laugh.

But honestly, there are no Twin Soul Authenticity tests kits to prove your Twin Soul connection. No ph sticks that will color purple if you are a perfect soul frequency match. Wouldn’t it be awesome though if there would be like Twin Soul pee sticks that would light up positive or maybe Twin Soul DNA kits that will confirm your changed DNA after meeting your twin?

Something a new age Twin Soul inventor might come up with one day….

Until then, there is really only one way to know if someone is your Twin Soul or not and that is your inner knowing. Really listening to what your heart has to say.

I would not suggest using common Twin Soul signs and symptoms as a checklist to see how high you score as a couple, because you can have those signs as well if you are not in a Twin Soul relationship. I had a boyfriend once when I was 28 and we had telepathy on steroids. I could even feel when he felt attracted to someone else. It was eerie, but he was not my twin. My soulmate ex-husband would totally come out as my twin according to most signs and he did an awesome impression of Twin Soul running in our marriage, but I never once thought he was my twin.

So don’t use those lists as a validation method, because you can end up dead wrong.

Go to your heart, what does your heart tell you about this connection?

I was brought up in a spiritual community run by a Twin Soul couple, well Mark had passed on by the time I arrived but his wife and Twin Soul, Elisabeth Clare Prophet ran the show back then and she was one of the first Twin Soul teacher of our time. So by the time I was nine I knew what Twin Souls were and I knew who the Ascended Masters twin couples were.

It wasn’t until I met my actual Twin Soul that the thought crossed my mind, ‘This could be your Twin Soul…‘ and then out of nowhere I met all these women who were suddenly telling me about their Twin Soul connection. I swear I had never till that day spoken to anyone who told me they had met their twin and remember I knew about Twin Souls almost all my life.

If you met who you believe to be your Twin Soul and suddenly the Universe starts throwing Twin Soul info in your reality or you start meeting all these other people who have met their Twin Soul, then you have entered the twin vortex and you can trust that the Universe is confirming your inner knowing.

That’s also how it works when you recognize the importance of this connection, the Universe will confirm it to you.

A client of mine told one of my good friends about this man she felt this incredible connection with and my friend totally recognized my story in hers, so she told her to check out my website. The not yet client did that and thought ‘Whoa, not sure if I am ready for this.’ so she parked it in her thoughts and the very next day she meets up with a good friend of hers who when she hears her story says ‘Sounds like you met your Twin Soul!‘ That same day my client to be, came back to my site to book a session, because she realized this was too much coincidental – to not be synchronicity in action.

First comes the realization that this connection is beyond anything you have ever experienced and then you will get the confirmation and the information you need to proceed on your journey.

How not to seek confirmation of your connection

I am strongly against seeking outer confirmation of your Twin Soul connection, simply because one person will tell you this is your twin and the next will tell you he or she is not. The truth is only you, your twin and the Divine are really in the loop about the truth of your connection. One of the most important lessons on the Twin Soul journey is learning to trust your own judgment and trusting what’s coming through in 5D instead of only going by what your naked eye can see as the reality in 3D.

So let me walk you through all the ways NOT to try to get confirmation of your Twin Soul connection.

Twin Soul signs and symptoms as checklist

I already wrote some things about this above and I think these signs and symptoms are the #1 reason people run into near twin and fake twin experiences. As far as I am concerned there is no such thing as a near or a fake twin. There are only two option, the person IS or IS NOT your Twin Soul – so everything near or fake equals to IS NOT your twin.

But using these outer appearance markings as your measurement of the authenticity of your Twin Soul connection can get you into big trouble as you can see from my own examples, the telepathy I had going on with my hot Czech lover was intense and much more than I ever experienced with my actual Twin Soul. My Adonis in bed soulmate ex-husband, would totally fit the near twin experience but he wasn’t my twin.

Talking about being an Adonis in bed, that’s another reason women who have already met their twin then suddenly start asking themselves ‘Maybe this is my twin?‘ after they hook up with their twin-rebound guy which only brings more confusion and adds to the near twin or fake twin idea. Once you have met your twin, it’s best to stay celibate – unless you actually meet the love of your life and you are 100% sure they are your real Twin Soul without sleeping with them first. Because as soon as you hit that first orgasm, your oxytocin levels will easily help you make Mr. Wrong into a perfect Mr. Twin – even when he isn’t. But all the feel good chemicals released in your blood and brain will make you see him that way.

Looking into the cards

If you own a deck of divination cards, you know you can’t be trusted with those and the problem is even when you pull out the exact cards that you would want, you don’t dare to trust them anyway. If you don’t own a deck of cards, trust me – don’t buy them. You will just drive yourself crazy, trying to get the answers you seek. It’s really a waste of time. Yes, also delete those divination apps on your phone – they really don’t add any value to your life.

Well then you might think to go to a tarot reader who can confirm if this person is your twin or not and although tarot readings can be very valuable, most readers don’t know anything about Twin Souls and even if they do – it doesn’t always make them correct.

If you would ask 10 readers to confirm your connection there will always be SOME to many of them who will say ‘No, this is not your twin‘. Not every reader is a clear channel that can be a reason, but also their own ego thinking can get in the way- especially if you give them details about your twin and what’s going on, which often looks nothing like what we are conditioned to believe real love looks like.

Using tarot to confirm your Twin Soul connection is like Russian roulette, a one in x chances that your answer is going to be right.

Consulting a psychic

I have had very mixed results with psychics from very negative to completely positive and the thing is most psychics are never completely wrong, but I have never met a psychic that was 100% completely right either.

When consulting a psychic in regards to your Twin Soul connection, make sure the psychic is a twin themselves because trust me if they are not, chances are they won’t be able to give you an accurate read anyway. A psychic read is really only valuable if it can show you your own blocks to Twin Soul union, because if you are using it to look into the future of your connection that is actually a form of trying to control the process – which will always get you stuck on this journey.

I tend to agree with my favorite metaphysical teacher’s view on this:

‘I have found it destructive to look to the psychic plane for guidance, as it is the plane of many minds and not the “The One Mind.”

As man opens his mind to subjectivity, he becomes a target for destructive forces. The psychic plane is the result of man’s mortal thought, and is on the “plane of opposites.” He may receive either good or bad messages.’

Florence Scovel Shinn

A psychic is as good as the clarity of his or her channeling and it really depends on how far spiritually developed that person is themselves and capable of accessing the higher realms of truth.

The odds are a bit better in this case than the tarot cards, but you still have a 50% chance that what you are being told is utter BS. Not intentionally of course, this person sees what is shown to them, but do you really want to bet all your money on what someone else sees about the authenticity of your Twin Soul connection?

I would rethink that strategy, because now you have reduced your odds to a coin flip but there are still two options – heads or tails.

Through Astrology

So after writing an Astrology article recently I got back into contact with the astrologer Courtney who had already done my twin’s and my chart two times before. I hired her a third time to do our couples chart and I received a 17 page report which also looked into our connection:

‘There are many aspects and connections between your two charts that are indicative of this being a legit twin flame or soul mate relationship. In this section of your reading we’ll go over these and the significance of each. First, let’s go back to that Sun/Pluto aspect between your anaretic Pluto and his anaretic Sun. Both of these planets exhibit extreme versions of their already intense energy. Both are working together to bring elements of your previous lifetimes back into the picture today, and together these two planets, representing life and death, activate something within you both that you can’t deny makes you feel driven to be closer and closer to him.

Not only does this aspect show that you are definitely here to serve an important purpose (or two) in one another’s lives, with the involvement of your Vertex making a trine with your Pluto, and a sextile with his Sun. The Vertex is a point of fate found in your chart, and when someone else’s planet intersects or otherwise aspects your Vertex, you will feel as though your relationship was fated or destined to be.

The Vertex person will go through some sort of life changing experience brought on by the one whose planets come along and activate this sensitive spot in our stars. What’s more, his Vertex in Scorpio makes a conjunction with his own Pluto while making an unstable aspect with your Part of fortune. Basically, what this shows is that your two souls are perhaps trying to figure out what it is that must be done in this lifetime in order to be able to move forward.

You’ve awakened something within one another, and from that there’s really no turning back. This doesn’t mean that you’ll end up together, but you know that already. You’ll never be the same as you once were, before you physically came across one another on this plane of existence, but that’s okay because you’re learning the lessons and living the life that the Universe has set out for you to take advantage of.

To add even more fuel to to the fire that keeps your twin flames burning, your North Node in Aquarius, another karmic point in your natal chart, makes a beautiful trine with his Ascendant. This only further emphasizes the connection you share and your bond that is unbreakable.’

But it took three times to get this in the reading, there was no word of Twin Soul or Soul mate in the first two charts, which could have been due to the rules of the company she was working for at that time. I know some psychic lines also prohibit the use of the term Twin Soul in the phone consults.

When it comes down to it, its still seeking 3D confirmation of a 5D connection – you can do it but it’s kinda old school, if you get what I mean. I would not spend a couple of hundred dollars on getting this question answered because as you can read in my reading, even with aspects like this – it doesn’t guarantee that you will end up together. It certainly doesn’t make the work you need to do on yourself any less. It basically changes nothing and unless you stop doubting the connection in yourself, you will keep asking yourself ‘Is this really my twin?’ or you will keep manifesting situations in your outer reality that trigger your own inner doubt.

My fool proof method to get confirmation from the Divine

I much more recommend you get a 5D confirmation of your Twin Soul connection, because honestly baby – you are going to need to learn to trust these 5D signs anyhow, they are all you are going to get for the majority of this journey. It will not only be in regards to your Twin Soul, but this will be your new way of life as you shift out of the 3D density and start living in the magical and miracle filled reality of 5D.

So, let this be your starting point of entering a world that does not work on seeing is believing which was our reality in 3D, but instead it works on believing is seeing.

Read my personal story about confirming my own Twin Soul connection here, when I asked for a gold ohm sign to confirm our connection in 2015.

This is my fool proof method:

  • Choose a sign (my twin sign is a gold ohm sign) that is symbolic for you and your twin but uncommon enough that you won’t see it everywhere
  • Write yourself an email asking the Universe or God to show you this sign 3x in the next 3 days* if [write your twin’s name] is your Twin Soul
  • Go about your business trusting that the Universe or God will show you your sign in the perfect time. Don’t actively look for your sign and when you think (panic) about not having seen your sign yet, tell yourself that if this person is really your twin the Universe will confirm it

*This way you will be sure it isn’t random luck, if you see your sign once. Three is a very common sequence in the Twin Soul realm. Often random twin signs, when the Universe wants your attention will come in three. Three also symbolizes the twin connection, the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine and the third energy the twins generate together.

You need to trust that if this person is really your Twin Soul, that the Universe will knock itself out to give you confirmation. We twins play an important role in lifting the planetary vibrations, so the Universe wants us together with our twin. Download the Ultimate Guide to Inner Union to find out how Twin Souls have chosen to incarnate and reunite in this lifetime to assist in the ascension of planet Earth.

But what if you didn’t get your sign?!

If you do not get the sign you asked for, this is your answer from the Universe – that this relationship although valuable in it’s own way, is not a Twin Soul connection.

Also follow the complete instructions and don’t put things in or leave things out or make the results fit the narrative you want to hear, you have to be willing to face the truth of your connection. If you aren’t ready for the truth, don’t do the test. There is really no use in pretending something is, something it is not. It’s better to simply face the reality of that.

Check out these results!

This method is really fool proof and over the years I have had so many people reach out to share their stories of confirmation with me, that we have decided to centralize them all together in this article so you can read other people’s experience with using this fool proof test.

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Do you also want your story up here?

Send me the short version in a message with a picture if you have it, make sure to not make it too long, because otherwise it won’t fit.

Prepare to be baffled by the Universe

To show you how powerful this method is let me show you the answer to a sign, I asked on my birthday earlier this year (2017).

I wrote on the 9th of February:

‘Dear God,
Please give me a clear and definite sign in regards to me and {twin name}, what do I need to understand and what is my next step? Show me two white swans if we are still working towards Twin Soul union.’

The very next day, the 10th I got my signs. I had asked two white swans as a sign that my twin and I were still working towards Twin Soul union. I had to speak at an event that day and just before I got in the car I see a picture of two white swans on the timeline of a friend who had just moved to Belgrade, Serbia and the picture was in a Facebook photo album called Belgrade.

When I messaged her that she just gave me the twin sign I had asked for she said, she had just felt the push to update it just now. So we talk a bit an then I head out the door to drive to the event, which was like a one and a half hour drive.

As I am driving on the highway at 130 KM/h with the radio blasting, I pass two identical trucks… uh twin trucks and then I’m blown away by what is on the identical trucks. Two golden interlocked hearts and next to their Swiss head office location both trucks have the text Belgrade, Serbia on them! That was the Universe knocking itself out to really say, take those swans you saw seriously because that was our answer to your question.

Then I reach the event location where a friend of mine has booked me to do an Akashic Record Clearing with the group women that she is doing a two day business event with. She is one of my best friends and knew it was my birthday so she had a gift for me that she gave me during lunch. A beautiful golden necklace with a small intricate lotus on it and a text plate that says ‘and so it goes‘. The very first thing I notice though is that the gift wrapping had the exact same pattern as her Christmas gift to me a Bollywood cookbook to cook out of for my twin. I remember having the book on my lap and caressing the cover, having such a strong realization of how I would cook for the rest of our lives out of this book for my twin. So I wanted to ask her if she got it at the same shop, but she was already telling me about this online jewelry store where she had ordered my gift.

Because of this strong association I knew there was something about the gift as I put it on and wore it throughout the day. Then when I came home and placed the two patterns next to each other I could really see how they were almost identical. So then I started looking deeper and I googled what the symbolism of the lotus meant and of everything I read, the word detachment caught my eye.

So I googled the meaning of detachment, not because I didn’t know what it meant but for clues and suddenly it hit me what was to be my next step, it was non-resistance.

And I remembered this Florence Scovel Shinn quote:

When you can be happy with or without your heart’s desire, it will suddenly appear, for your ship will come in over a “don’t care” sea.’

Voila, the Universe gave me my next step. I needed to let go of my GRIP! I wanted reunion so badly I was fully demagnetized and not only getting in my own, but also in the Universe’s way.

Two weeks earlier, I remember thinking to myself there has to be an easier way then this. I don’t want to pull this relationship into existence any longer. As soon as I thought it I get a Skype message, from the Skype bot telling me my twin is also on Skype and I should say hi to him. So I click through to the linked profile and I see we are connected on Skype all of a sudden, which we haven’t been since 2014. I knew that for a fact, but here we were connected again.

It was like the Universe was saying ‘It’s here waiting for you, all you need to do is let go. Get out of the way.

‘Do not let your heart’s desire become your heart’s disease.

You are completely demagnetized when you desire something too intensely. You worry, fear, and agonize. There is an occult law of indifference – “None of these things move me.” Your ships come in over a don’t care sea.’

Florence Scovel Shinn

The Universe is really at our beck and call, eagerly awaiting to fulfill our each and every wish, but you have to obey it’s laws and one of these laws is the law of indifference. You have to be willing to let go of the very thing that you want the most. Matthew 7:7 in the Bible says: ‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.’ this is not just some ancient outdated text – this stuff works in the here and now. This is the 5th dimension, the Kingdom of heaven – your Heaven on Earth. It’s all there waiting for you to call it into your physical reality, but it won’t manifest until you have let go of your attachment to it.

That day changed my life. I realized if the Universe as a confirmation of my sign two hours before, was capable of getting the two f-ing twin trucks from Belgrade Serbia on the same road I am driving on. If they got me to look at the print on the trucks, cause honestly when I am driving 130KM/h – I usually have my eyes on traffic instead of reading what it says on the car I am overtaking. If they could get my friend to have ordered the perfect gift for me, that would support me in taking my next step in my Twin Soul journey and could bring it all together the way they did that day – giving me ONE HUGE confirmation that no matter how bad things looked at that moment in 3D – The Universe totally had my back, every single step of the way.

If they (Father & Mother God)  were capable of doing all this, there wasn’t anything they couldn’t do.

I needed to get over myself and trust even deeper. I was asked to let go and let God, in overdrive. I received the message loud and clear and I started working on letting go of my deep attachment to the outcome I wanted and the fear that it was never going to happen and it wasn’t like I was not surrendered before. I had already stopped messaging my twin because I realized that messaging him was just another way of trying to control the situation. Prompting him to respond. Besides even to myself I sounded like a broken record, repeating the same thing over and over again and him bat crazy, still reading it.

I have been working hard on myself to become fully indifferent, to the thing I want most of all in this Universe. So today I say to myself ‘If my twin and I are meant to be together, the Universe will bring us together in the most perfect and miraculous way.’ God makes a way, where there is no way – because God is capable of everything. So, if this is meant to be, God will make it happen.

I pray this article serves you. Do let me know what results you get with working with the fool proof method to confirm your Twin Soul connection.

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With my deepest love,

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