How Much Do You Trust Your Soul?

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

I did another Soul Clarity Journey today with a client that has been following me since 2017. In the session, we were shown that she had come here to teach love in all its facets. I felt this huge sense of enthusiasm as she started to uncover what it was that she has brought in as a gift to give to the world.

But first, we had to work through some inner resistance on her side that made her doubt that she could do this. Especially if she was qualified enough, she felt she first needed to become love in order to teach it.

Here’s the thing when it comes to our soul mission what I have seen to be true over and over again, is that it’s already there all we need to do is trust our soul. We were clearly shown in the session that her soul had been preparing for this for the past three lifetimes. It was already there, all she needed to do was be the bridge through which it could manifest in the physical.

I tell my Akasha Healing™ students this as well, that it happens through us. I tell them that we are the kitchen window that connects the kitchen to the restaurant. Our only job is to allow what our soul cooks up in the kitchen to be served in the restaurant, that is only possible to the extent that we trust our soul.

Within the 3D world, we have been conditioned to believe that we need credentials and certain schooling to be able to do what we came here to do and yes in some cases we do need a piece of paper to be able to work in a certain field or practice a certain profession. But when it comes to our soul work, more often than not it is something that the soul is already highly skilled in.

Often all we really need to do is be that kitchen window that does nothing but passes through what the soul already knows, what the soul has already prepared. Yet, at the same time, this can be the most challenging because the kitchen window doesn’t get to bang itself on the chest for what is passed through it. It’s in service of the greater good and simply allows what wants to pass through to come through which is only possible to the extent that we can trust ourselves.

This is also how I became the kitchen window for the Akasha Healing™ method. It started presenting itself and initially, I had no idea what it was or what I was supposed to do. Looking back I think it took me six months to a year to figure out that I was working in the Akashic Records. Initially, I had no clue, I just knew that as soon as I set up the energy my clients started experiencing their past lives. It took me years and working with over a thousand clients to understand the healing modality that I now teach others to use in their healing or therapy work with clients.

And here’s the things I have learned about stepping into soul mission:

  • it’s messy because there is no user manual that you can follow, the plan will simply unfold step by step…
  • it’s scary because you have no one’s authority to lean on but your own. You can’t hide behind other people’s expertise or credentials.
  • it’s vulnerable because whatever you are birthing is unique to you, no one else is doing it the way you are when you truly allow your soul gifts to come through
  • it triggers imposter syndrome because you may not have the “right’ credentials but if that is the case you don’t need them because your soul is already a pro at what you are meant to do
  • it makes you doubt yourself and your worth especially if your mission is BIG and you are uncertain if you can actually do it

No one sees their soul mission and says ‘OMG, that is such a cinch!’ If it doesn’t stretch you, if it doesn’t force you to take a leap in faith it’s not your soul mission. It may be the next step on your journey, but it’s not living your soul purpose if it doesn’t ask you to step out of your comfort zone and defy logic.

Do you know why? Because living our soul purpose is purely intuitive, it doesn’t come neatly packed in a way that is safe, predictable, or logical.

It’s unleashing your inner genius, your inner authority, and fully trusting what comes through. It’s a risky business to the ego because it means risking falling flat on your face. But, of course, when we trust our soul we realize that this part of us can’t ever steer us wrong because it is the oldest and wisest aspect of ourselves.

Are you ready to step into your soul mission? In as little as one session we can get complete soul clarity on what genius is waiting to be unleashed inside of you and which painful memories are keeping you from fully stepping into your own authority.

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