The Magic Is In the ‘Last’ Session

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

Recently I have been working with a client who flew in from Cairo, Egypt to work with me. She wanted to do a package that we normally spread out over three months live and in the space of one week. Today was the last of three sessions and we hit absolute gold. Don’t get me wrong, sessions one and two were valuable on their own but in this package which contains three separate sessions – the last one always tends to be the crowning of the series.

I created this package last year and have had the privilege to guide over a dozen clients through this process and I have seen it happen in every single package, that the final session really went to the core and was like a supernova compared to the two previous sessions. It’s like sessions one and two unlock the capacity for session three to initiate the client into the Universe’s mysteries.

This was certainly true today as the client went back to the incarnation wound and saw herself as a lightbeing before embarking on the journey into the physical world (incarnation). There were three beautiful aspects to this scene she was being shown:

  • She was able to reconnect to her true soul essence and feel her utter purity, joy and innocence which deeply changed her sense of self.
  • She saw that some of her most painful wounding (as the incarnation creates our trauma filter through which we perceive life), was based on her own misinterpretation of that experience.
  • She saw the truth about the incarnation process and how it is working for us, not against us. She even connected to the Ascended Masters that are overseeing our process and saw that the process including the adversity we face in the physical served our highest good.

Incarnation wounds lie at the depth of our deepest current life issues and we were able to connect the dots in many ways to how this unresolved pain from that moment all the way back to the beginning of time was still affecting her in her life now.

For me this is where the value of clients experiencing their soul memories first hand is better than someone reading their Akashic Records for them, because that feeling of who she truly is on a soul level – that can’t be explained in words to someone. That feeling would get lost in translation, because hearing someone describe what they are feeling for you and feeling it yourself are worlds and worlds apart. I believe that is what makes the Akasha Healing™ method so powerful, because it allows clients to experience everything themselves without it being filtered through someone else’s perception that may as well still not be trauma free.

Witnessing her accessing this deeper level of soul understanding was beautiful, often I have to help clients shift their perspective but my client today who is super fast in everything, understood it instantly. When I invited her to forgive, she immediately told me that the only one she needed to forgive was herself for her misinterpretation. Although she had for eons and eons subconsciously blamed the others involved, she now saw that there had been no foul play and that no harm was ever done. It is rare to be able to get someone to that level of soul truth in the first session, rarely it does happen but often people need to clear out some debris that is hiding their soul treasures underneath.

Session one and two brought absolute deep shifts as well, but it’s that last session in this series that makes it complete. Last week I launched a new package that goes even deeper, because we will be journeying into soul together for six or twelve months. To be honest, I don’t know yet if it will work the same because it’s a brand new concept but what I do know is that it will take us even deeper than the three series one, because this one is targeted at complete soul liberation. This is for everyone who is ready to cut themselves free from the matrix and move into the new paradigm of Heaven on Earth.

We will dive deep into the original wounds underneath your childhood and current life experience as well as your ancestry that were created in previous lifetimes. Because the truth is that all wounding is in the end past life wounding seeking to be healed through your current incarnation experience which includes your ancestors, in utero experience, birth-, childhood-, teens-, and adulthood experiences. Once all that is cleared out, all that is left is your soul truth that can then be embodied because there’s nothing anymore standing in between it.

I have created three spots for this new intensive package and one spot is already taken, message me if you are interested in one of the two remaining spots.

With my deepest love,


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