Part 1 – Being the creator of your own reality doesn’t mean you are to blame when something bad happens to you

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In this segment on Part 1- being the creator of your own reality doesn’t mean you are to blame when something bad happens to you, you will learn:

  • How to understand spiritual law and its effect on your reality
  • Why finding fault is a 3D paradigm concept and results in giving away your power
  • How a fear-based world view results in ‘bad’ experiences
  • How the experience of contrast helps you anchor deeper in your own truth
  • And more…

Understanding spiritual law

What often makes it difficult to understand spiritual law is that it goes against our 3D programming and when we say 3D we don’t mean physical reality, because the 3rd, 4th, 5th dimension and higher are NOT physical places – they are states of consciousness and states of being.

These states are then manifested in the physical reality because that is what reality does, it mirrors back to us our inner state of consciousness and subsequent inner state of being as a physical experience.

We have been conditioned to believe that there is one mutual experienced reality, yet even science is catching up to the fact that there is no such thing as objective reality. Reality depends on the observer, which is also what spiritual law teaches – that reality is the outer manifestation of the inner beliefs and emotions of the observer.

I recently reconnected to a very talented reader who is extremely accurate in reading energy and possible timelines, she had shut down her business temporarily and did not want to do one on one sessions anymore because she was convinced that people were not willing to pay her fee of a couple of hundred euros. I told her that we charge twice as much for the same period of time and that we are fully booked at that price range, with about a two to three week waiting list at the moment for clients to be able to schedule their appointments.

We both offer spiritual services that work through over a longer period of time. The reading in question is a once a year read, it’s not something you need to come back for monthly. My clients also don’t need to come back on a monthly or otherwise frequent basis, the energy shift that happens in one session is enough to work through for months as it creates a completely different experienced physical reality and can even help restore estranged relationships.

I have a flourishing business with my work and she needs to take a break and feels the need to distance herself from the spiritual community that she finds toxic and not appreciating or valuing her spiritual work….

Why is her reality experience so much different than mine?

Because of her inner beliefs, that she believes in strongly and that are true for her without a shadow of a doubt.

Yet everything she believes contradicts what I know to be true in my reality. She was telling me that the spiritual people who really had unique talents couldn’t get through, only the fake people. She was telling me that people were not willing to pay her what she is worth, the couple of hundred euros for a two hour session in which she gives you a year prognosis month by month based on your current energy and what is possible for you.

As I was listening to her I realized that none of the things she believed were true for me, but when I tried to say this to her she didn’t want to hear it because she said her journey was different than mine. Even when talking to a potential client, who was willing to pay her fee – she wanted to hold on to what she believed to be true about her reality.

We agreed she would let me know, if she would offer one on one sessions again.

Oh so it’s your own fault?!

It would be really easy to read the above comparison and then conclude that it is the energy reader’s own ‘fault’ that she is where she is at the moment, but finding fault is a 3D paradigm concept and completely useless.

The only reason you need to find fault, is in order to blame someone and the only reason we need to blame someone is to shove off responsibility and claim being powerless (aka the victim) in the situation – which only does ONE thing and that is perpetuate your circumstances.

I found out last week that there is a whole group of people who interpret spiritual law as victim blaming, spiritually bypassing the pain of victims and gas-lighting them. They think that taking responsibility for your own creation means that it’s your own damn fault if something goes wrong in your life – because you created it. Many of these people are very angry people, who don’t want to forgive the people or institutions that have hurt them and have become an angry mob that lashes out at everyone that triggers the immense pain carried within.

More on the importance of forgiveness later on in this series.

It is of course never a victim’s fault that they are victimized. That’s like the whole current discussion in countries like India – an idea we have also had to overcome in the past in Western countries as well, that for example rape is a product of women wearing provocative clothing or a product of their behavior – that they are somehow asking for it. This is not true for many reasons, but especially not because that argument falls flat on it’s face when the victims are little children which many of them are.

This is not about making the aggressor right and the victim wrong.

This is not about letting people get away with bad behavior, by blaming the victim for provoking them to act this way. Spiritual law can never be an excuse for people to act in ways that are not spiritual to begin with and hurting someone deliberately or satisfying your needs irrespective of someone else’s consent or safety are of course not aligned to the Divine. So spiritual law doesn’t obsolve perpetrators of carrying the responsibility of their own actions when they act in ways that are not aligned to Divine law, nor should they not be made to face the consequences of human law when they transgress against it.

Yet if the done to or victim, keeps carrying what was done to them – with them, they perpetuate the pain and suffering caused by the other, long after the perpetrator left their life… Forgiveness is not to obsolve the perpetrator of their wrong doing, but to allow the person that was hurt to move on and start their healing process. These are two very different things.

There is also a whole group that fear spiritual law because they misinterpret it, they fear their thoughts and fear their emotions because they think that everything they think and everything they feel creates their reality and that is not true at all. So they don’t allow themselves to feel any so called negative emotions and try to be happy and positive all the time, which only creates more problems in the long run because everything you repress comes back with avengence to bite you in the butt when you least expect it. It becomes a volcano that inevitably erupts because you are trying to be something or someone you are not.

And in the end it’s really not about finding someone to blame, but owning your experience so that you can move past it. The problem with being the victim is that a victim is powerless and can’t change the situation because in the story of victimhood there is always a tyrant or bad guy that controls the victim’s fate and needs to be defeated for the victim to be freed from his/her oppression. But because the victim is powerless by default, he/she becomes like Don Quixote fighting windmills.

Both views are misunderstandings of spiritual law because they are an attempt to understand higher 4D, 5D & up principles from a lower 3D state of consciousness and state of being. Words such as fear, victim, oppression, fault, blame, doer, done to, tyrant, bad guy, oppressor, fighting, us against them is all old 3D paradigm lingo – which views the world from the ego point of view and separation consciousness.

It’s based on duality thinking because you can’t have the one pole without the other, you can only be powerless if someone else is more powerful otherwise you would just be equally powerful which is the soul truth of our existence. We are all equally powerful, but just as in the example of the energy reader – the extent to which we can experience this as our physical reality depends on our inner consciousness and inner state of being.

It depends on how we view the world we live in and above all how we were subconsciously conditioned to view the world we live in.

Why do we create bad things?

A famous quote by Albert Einstein is:

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

He identifies three choices we have in the extended text of the above quote and that is that we can believe that the world is unfriendly, neutral and that God is essentially ‘playing dice with the universe’ or that the world and Universe at large is a friendly place.

Your answer to the above question either generates a world view based on fear (answers 1 & 2) or a world view based on love (answer 3).

Spiritual law is based on viewing the Universe and the world we live in from a state of love and identifying it as a friendly place. Spiritual law says life is working for us and not against us, everything is happening for our highest good.

So if that is true, why do bad things happen to us or why on Earth would we want to create them if we create our own reality?

Because we don’t create our reality consciously, as much as we create our reality SUBCONSCIOUSLY.

What you have to understand in order to wrap your mind around something that seems so contradicting, is that only 5% of our reality is created consciously and the rest is all a product of our subconscious mind which holds many thoughts, beliefs, experiences and emotions that we are actually not consciously aware of and that are probably not even something we would hold true for ourselves today if we knew we subconsciously believed in them.

Our capacity for conscious creation is limited especially when we have not moved up in the 4th and higher states of consciousness and states of being. We would be like the sorcerer’s apprentice in Fantasia, abusing our creative powers for personal interests and gain that would inevitably always backfire on us. The less connected we are to our soul, the more the ego runs the show and to prevent the ego from running amok each and every lifetime derailing the soul’s Divine plan for the embodiment – the creational power the ego has access to is deliberately limited. It is when the connection to the soul becomes more and more restored that we incrementally get access to the soul’s creational power as we grow and mature in our understanding of spiritual law and our own responsibility as creators of our own reality.

Oh so the subconscious mind is the enemy? Or the ego. No, there is NO enemy. There is no one to fight, there is no one to silence or to have to overcome. There is no one to blame, nor is there a reason to blame anyone.

Remember, everything is happening for your highest good and most of the time it’s not clear right off the bat what that highest good is. This is because it’s not our physical self that is creating our reality, it is the soul and the physical self including the ego often can’t see the highest good because it tries to understand the experience within the 3D frame of reference when reality is not created from this state of consciousness or state of being because the soul’s truth resonates at a much higher consciousness and state of being (even above 5D).

Until one reaches the 4th and 5th dimensional state of consciousness the soul is seen as separate from the physical self and ego, which is of course not true but a byproduct of the separation consciousness that is typical for 3rd dimensional thinking. Yet in the 3rd dimensional state of being there is literally a rift between the three lower chakras and the four upper chakras that enables one to see themselves separate from source, the Divine and one’s own Divinity.

The short answer to why bad things happen to us or why we would create ‘bad’ things to happen to us is because they are part of our subconscious programming. And in order to come back to living our soul truth as the powerful creators that we are, we need to release all pain, trauma. past experiences and beliefs that tell us otherwise.

The subconscious mind helps us by attracting to us situations, people and experience that allow us to PLAY out our wounding in order to heal it and restore Divine order in our lives. It’s also through playing out our false beliefs that we get the opportunity to bring them in our conscious awareness and decide if we still want to believe them.

How did this programming get there you may wonder?

The short answer to that is cultural, societal, religious and familial upbringing, inner child wounding and past life trauma – but that really doesn’t say much if you are relatively new to this subject so we will give you the long answer as well.

What’s the long answer to owning what we create as our reality?

We are all on a journey back to ONEness, a journey back to the Garden of Eden a state of being where everything is in Divine order aka Heaven on Earth.

As souls we chose to have a human experience, we are vibrational beings having a human experience. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, as we have been conditioned to believe in the old 3D paradigm.

The reason we chose to have a human experience is because it offered us the gift of free will. It offered us the experience of what we are not in order to experience our true self by contrast. As souls we are pure love, pure light, pure energy. There is no such thing as skin color on a soul level, there is no gender, there is no such thing as more than or less than, there is no race, there is no social status – everyone is equally special.

There is only oneness and the truth of who we are.

But being one has to be a choice, not a default through lack of options, so on a soul level we created free will in order to be able to fully experience our true nature and to experience contrast so that oneness became a choice. That is our whole soul’s journey throughout time, space and dimensions this being ‘born into’ oneness and moving through the experience of contrast to know and experience the self and come back to oneness by choice of free will.

Throughout our soul’s journey, we have been, done and seen it all.

We have been the victim, we have been the perpetrator. We have been every race you can imagine, we have tried on each and every skin color. We have been male, female, transgender and homosexual. We have been rich and we have died of starvation. We have been kings and queens and slaves or servants. We have experienced life from every vantage point possible and all those experiences have made us to be the unique individual we are today.

Many of these experiences have left a mark on us in some way like a fear, a false belief, a trauma and or intense emotions like anger, resentment, rage, hatred, guilt, shame, self-loathing and many more deeply toxic emotions we still carry within our energy field – most often not even from this lifetime.

All the above contradict our soul truth and therefor need to be released from our thought patterns, our programming and our vibrational field. So the soul through the subconscious mind attracts to us the people, places, situations and experiences that will help us bring the above distortions of our Divine truth into our conscious awareness – so that we can re-align ourselves to our soul truth.

It’s often through the experience of the contrast that we anchor deeper into our own truth. for example it is our experience of being/feeling powerless that helps us tap into the power within that has been there all along – but that we forgot about while we were playing our various roles throughout lifetimes and lifetimes. Often forgetting that we are only playing a game and over identifying with the characters and their struggles that we were playing out in that moment, kind of like getting lost in the role and forgetting who we truly are which has happened to all of us on a soul level.

To help us remember who we truly are – the soul in collusion with the subconscious mind attracts to us the challenges and obstacles that spark our memory and allow us to tap back into our true potential and essence of being.

Those challenges and obstacles are often what we see as the ‘bad’ things happening to us. The soul which is YOU on the highest level, created those experiences to come back to it’s own truth and experience of it’s innate Divinity.

This is why we shouldn’t judge others or busy ourselves ‘healing’ others because we are not privy to their Divine plan, their soul knows what it is doing and is on top of it. A mistake that many Divine feminines make in connection to their Divine counterparts out of fear of not getting what they want. It is utter arrogance to think that we know better than one’s own soul.

For example in the case of the energy reader it could be that she is working on a soul retrieval of an aspect that it is ready to be re-owned and needs time off to integrate this. It could be that she is working through a past life trauma around her worth and the spiritual community and her current experiences are helping her play out this past life trauma. The soul can have a thousand other reasons why she has to go through this experience right now, that serve her highest good in ways we can’t see maybe – but when it comes down to it, it’s really none of our business, someone else’s process and lessons. That’s between them and their soul.

It’s absurd to try to condense this meaning into ‘Oh you had something bad happen to you? Tough luck, but you had it coming. You brought this onto yourself! Tough titties, baby’

Such an attitude goes against the very foundation of love that is our core, plus it derails you from truly seeing which higher purpose the experience comes to serve as it becomes a useless discussion of who is to blame.

Blame is a 3D paradigm concept, that does not exist in the higher dimensions.

Let us repeat, there is no one to blame – not you or any other people involved although it may not feel as such in this moment. You may still really want to blame them, but bear with us as we explain further in the second part of this article that will be published next week.

In part 2 of this article we will explain the real deal with karma, forgiveness and the need to release victim identification in order to be able to anchor into the new 5th dimensional reality that we are collectively shifting into.

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With my deepest love,

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