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Everyone wants Twin Soul union out of their journey

If you are on the Twin Soul journey then your deepest heart’s desire is to be in a physical romantic relationship with your twin. You might be reading this and saying, ‘not me‘ but there are hardly any people out there that don’t have romantic feelings for their Twin Soul. Over time they may have let go of that dream or changed their mind about how desirable they find their twin, but everybody starts out from the point of romantic love. This is also true for those whose twin is discarnate (not in a physical body), despite only connecting energetically there is a deep love, attraction and I have even been told chemistry.

There is a reason for this……

The reason is that if this person would not turn your life upside down, you wouldn’t be here on the internet searching for answers. You wouldn’t be thinking of them 24/7. You wouldn’t be missing them, even when it makes no sense. If this person had not felt as ‘the One’ you would have continued your life as is and nothing would have changed in your reality. If you are still throwing yourself a pity-party you may be telling yourself that you wished you never met this person but that is ONLY because you don’t understand the journey you are on.

The first three years of my own Twin Soul journey, the thought of not ending up with my twin would bring on untold anxiety. I know how you feel, because I went through all the Twin Soul stages myself.

Relax, I am not going to tell you that it is ONLY a spiritual journey and that you can forget about romance because that is not true. But it’s also equally not true that the Twin Soul journey is about ending up in a physical romantic relationship (which by the way is not Twin Soul union). If you haven’t already, please download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to find out more.

So, it’s not just about a spiritual awakening and at the same time it’s not just about ending up together with the twin as a couple.

What is it about then?

Meeting the Twin Soul and feeling all the emotions they awaken in you, activates a deep memory of a state of consciousness and a state of being where you experienced life as Heaven on Earth. In fact, meeting your Twin Soul in the physical will make you feel as if -THIS- is Heaven on Earth – this person, this soul connection, this heart enveloping love.

This is why this person feels like THIS IS THE ONE!

In reality meeting the twin is activating a dormant higher dimensional template in you that your soul recognizes and longs to return to. Because you have so strongly been conditioned  over lifetimes and lifetimes to seek everything outside yourself, you do whatever it takes to try to get your beloved to commit to you and the more you try, the more they pull away from you. This is because in order to truly have what you want, you need to find it inside yourself first.

It is that journey, that not only leads to your own spiritual awakening, but also prepares you to be a partner in this higher 5th dimensional Divine partnership that true Twin Soul union demands of us. It is when we unlock the state of Heaven on Earth inside ourselves, without piggy backing on our Twin Soul’s energy that we can HAVE Heaven on Earth with them or someone better.

(Yes, I know you think no one can ever be better suited for you than your Twin Soul.)

And that’s the driving force behind this whole journey, this deep heart-pull to be together with your twin that makes you willing to face every challenge, overcome any obstacle to be physically united with your person. Your soul uses this deeply felt desire to work through all the challenges and obstacle you face to awaken spiritually and this spiritual awakening automatically aligns you to all that is yours by Divine right (which includes deep soul love).

This is a highly abbreviated version of the Twin Soul journey of course, but this is in a nutshell what it comes down to. This is also why most Twin Soul couples, do not come together quickly because if they would, they would create romantic relationships based on the old 3D paradigm love templates which are deeply fear-based. This would simply happen automatically, because this is what they have learned ‘love’ looks like – this is how they (we) have been programmed and conditioned over lifetimes and lifetimes.

Part of the spiritual awakening process, is seeing the toxicity in these old 3D paradigm templates that were never based in love to begin with. This then allows the couple to bring in the higher 5th dimensional love templates that allow true Twin Soul union. So, you see it is really a question of and/and not or this or that, which is part of the old 3D paradigm scarcity template. In the higher frequency of the 5th dimension, also known as the Heaven on Earth frequency – you can have your cake and eat it too.

This is why chasing or ‘manifesting’ Twin Soul union DOES NOT work, because it is only part of the equation. It’s a package deal, you can’t have the one without the other. Above all you can’t bypass or pretend your way through the spiritual aspect of this journey, simply to get what you want the most – this romantic outcome with your person.

It’s impossible and yet this is what 99,9% of the Twin Soul teachers and “gurus” are trying to sell you……


Why quick fixes don’t work and often backfire on you

“And what went wrong when other alchemists tried to make gold and were unable to do so?” “They were looking only for gold his companion answered. They were seeking the treasure of their personal legend, without wanting actually to live out the personal legend.”
Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist

Let me tell you the story of my client Bae (which is obviously not her real name). Bae has been on the Twin Soul journey for six years, she is in love with a co-worker and has been desperately trying to get into a relationship with her guy all this time. She has spent well over $10.000 on programs and personal coaching that are meant to land her this romantic outcome.

She joined my program three years ago, but quickly left after she found a coach who promised her guaranteed union through a technique that worked with energy manipulation through the sacral chakra. She spent over $5000 on this solution alone and wasted one year, with the net result that her twin was now open to a friendship with her – something that most likely would have happened naturally over time anyway.

She came back after that to me to complain how this had not worked for her. I urged her to get back in the program and do the actual work, but she didn’t listen. She found a new coach, who of course like the previous one claimed to be in union with her twin. This one works with affirmations and so Bae would do the affirmations religiously and then the coach would do psychic check-ins with her special person to see if her ‘inner work’ (it really is nothing but energy manipulation) was having an effect. Of course Bae was making headway, because that is the only way to get clients to come back by telling them what they want to hear….

But Bae had a second strategy, she had befriended twin’s best-friend who was willing to help her get closer to twin if she made it interesting for him. Best-friend was telling her everything she wanted to hear, but she wasn’t really listening. He told her that he wanted her anyway he could have her, but then became very specific and asked her to put out in order for him to hook her up with his best-friend. Bae only heard how much ‘in love’ twin’s best-friend is with her and told him that if she saw any progress made with her guy, that she would have no issues giving his best-friend sexual favors!

[awkward sound of record player scratching] Say what?!

Not shortly after that twin wanted nothing to do with her and she cannot get her head around what had just happened. Everything was going so well and suddenly twin wants nothing to with her again. Now, you may be thinking this is her own fault for not understanding the basics of men. As soon as you have sex with his best-friend, you’re out and you will never get to be with him unless there is something terribly wrong with him. Because to every guy that is healthy and has at least a shred of self-esteem, you passed a limit that cannot be undone. Not everyone is a sucker with no self-esteem, any Offspring fans in the house?

But hold up….

If those affirmations worked so well, how could she have manifested this situation in the first place? If they had really done what she hoped they would do, then why wasn’t her twin all over her in the way his creepy best-friend was now? It’s because once you start f*cking with energy for your own personal gain, you lose control over it. It will always backfire on you – one way or the other. This girl was so desperate to be in a relationship, that she was willing to do anything to get this end-result ‘manifested’ in her life.

But here is the second point of why this ‘manifesting’ method did not work and that was because it didn’t address her underlying wounding that, where for most women alarm bells would be ringing code red – she saw no issue at all in pursuing a ‘relationship’ with twin’s best-friend who she was convinced was in love with her. Had she addressed her underlying self-esteem issues and other subconscious wounding she would have never been willing to put out to be able to get closer to twin.

I am not trying to be mean or judgmental by sharing her story, I am using her story as a real life example of why these quick fixes don’t work because they completely ignore the underlying causes that are creating the experienced reality. Do you think Bae is going to heal her underlying lack of self-worth and using her sexuality as a bargaining tool by being in a romantic relationship with her twin?

No, she won’t. If she would be together with her twin she would still have all this previous wounding intact, which is in the way of creating a higher vibrational and higher dimensional Divine partnership. She is in no way ready to be with her twin, because she is still playing out old 3D paradigm romantic love programming.

For example using your sexuality to manipulate the other sex and get what you want is very old 3D paradigm, it has NO PLACE in a Divine partnership connection. It is a programming that almost all Divine Feminines subconsciously carry because for thousands of years (6,000 years of patriarchy to be exact) this was the ONLY way women could use their power in a society in which they were considered subordinate to men.

That is how deep, this deprogramming process goes. Such false concepts have to be released in order to align to true union, because true Twin Soul union is based on total equality between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine inside oneself and within the Twin Soul connection.

Bae’s story is not an exception to the rule, I have seen this happen over and over again. This happens because one tries to bypass the underlying causes that are causing the separation to begin with. In Bae’s case we may think; ‘Well I know better than to use my sexuality as a bargaining chip.’, but the truth is that you may do the same in more subtle ways. Or alternatively your subconscious wounding may lie in a different area and will manifest in other ways.

We all have ghosts from the past that need to be put to rest and the Twin Soul connection, is custom designed by our souls to TRIGGER all of these memories from this lifetime and even previous lifetimes. Not to mention the traumas that have been passed on to us from previous generations through our maternal and paternal ancestral lineage.

You can’t bypass all these underlying causes with positive thinking, affirmations or woo-woo energy manipulation. You have to do the real inner work, which means finding these subconscious wounds within yourself and healing them.

Listen to me, there are NO shortcuts. I tried them all in the beginning and none of them work.

There is no cracking the Twin Soul codes, or hacking the system.

You have to do the inner work.

People offering these kind of wishful thinking services (quick fixes) will tell you that focusing on healing your wounding will only increase the amount of wounding that you have to work through and create never ending blocks, but that is nonsense.

Decorating a room doesn’t make it clean; the dirt needs to be cleared first.

That is what trying to raise your vibrational frequency comes down to, when you don’t clean out your subconscious wounds from the past first which includes releasing unprocessed pain, fears and false beliefs that you have brought with you even from previous lifetimes.

You can’t simply pretend these wounds aren’t there, that doesn’t make them go away and disappear. They remain hidden and continue to wreak havoc in your life until you deal with them. They become the reality of your life, so that you can heal them. Like Swiss psychiatrist and founder of psychoanalysis Carl Jung said:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Yes, I know it is EXTREMELY tempting to believe these claims of ‘manifesting’ union.

But they are FALSE CLAIMS because they don’t address the underlying causes. Just like the other alchemists in the book by Paulo Coelho, we can’t only be interested in the gold (aka union) if we want to attain it. We have to be willing to actually live out our personal legend, if we want to have the treasure of our personal legend. There are no shortcuts to creating gold through alchemy in the same way that there are no shortcuts to alchemizing inner union – outer union is nothing but the reflection of the union attained within oneself.

Which means we can’t bypass the inner union aspect of this journey, because without that there is no true union possible outside of us.

But what about all their great testimonials?

I explained all this again to Bae for the umpteenth time, as I have had this discussion with her over and over again and she asked me but what about all their great testimonials?!

How come it seems to be working for those people and not for me?’

So I broke it down for her…..

Who says they are truly Twin Souls? Who says they are still together? Who says they weren’t already a couple before, who were just in a lovers tiff?

Especially in these cases testimonials don’t really mean much because if you aren’t in a Twin Soul connection it’s not that hard to come into a relationship. I have had UPS guys, pursuing me for weeks to get me to go out. I have had guys hit on me in the supermarket, in the gym and waiters following me out of restaurants to be able to get my number. I am single by choice, not because I need to be. I could be in a relationship today, if I wanted to be. But I am not, because I have not met anyone that I consider relationship material.

There are many men and women who go into relationships and stay in relationships for all the wrong reasons but that does not qualify them as being in Twin Soul union. Guys come back all the time, it’s in their genetic make-up. Almost all the men in my life whether I broke up with them or they broke up with me have at some time come back to me either to see if we can work it out or to see if they could still get back in my bed.

There is this one guy I keep bumping into since 2016 that asks me out every time I see him, I then ask him if he still does drugs and he knows it’s a no-go for me. The guy is hot as hell and the chemistry between us is on fire, but what do I want from a guy who does drugs? It’s not something I am willing to put up with. But many people are willing to put up with addiction, especially if they have a savior complex playing out in their subconscious mind.

Testomonials don’t give you background information like that. Nobody ever writes, I manifested union with a drug addict. We are getting married now. If we would read that, we would think poor girl or poor guy. We would not envy them or wish to get similar results.

Yet, we don’t stop to really think about these things. We are so desperate to find a way to get what we want that we don’t think these things through or listen to our intuition. We drown it all out and dive in whatever it is, that we believe will get us the results we need. Often showing zero discernment, whatsoever – as long as it GETS US WHAT WE WANT.

When we become this ruthless about our objectives, we always end up paying a price.

I met up with a potential client who was in Dubai at the same time I was there last year. She was a smoking hot IG model and I mean guy’s eyes were popping out of their head while we were walking around in the hotel where she was staying which also had a small shopping mall and food corner. Her twin was some famous sports guy I forget in which sport and he came back to her, but she had done ZERO inner work he – just came back on his own after some months of her blocking him because he had left her.

She still has to book an Akashic Record Clearing with me and it’s been a year since.

They were together, but she would get totally triggered because he would still talk to other girls on social media making her insanely jealous. She got the guy of her dreams, but they constantly fight over her ‘insecurity’…. This is however also the underlying cause that they are playing out, because within psychology it is a well known fact that extreme beauty and insecurity go hand in hand.

Woman praised for their beauty tend to equate their value with being beautiful – it is literally how they have been conditioned by other people’s reactions to their beauty. Of course such a false identification stands in the way of a spiritual awakening and has to be deprogrammed in order to wake up to the truth of who you are. Because who you truly are is not defined by an hourglass figure, the size of your breasts or beautiful facial features.

Another thing is that testimonials are snapshots in time, one of my clients in physical union recently posted that she and twin are taking a break because SHE wanted more space. Twin is fighting to have her come back and continue their relationship, they are engaged to get married. This is true for many of my Twin Soul clients who are together with their person, that they are still struggling to make it work together. There is this erroneous belief among Twin Souls in separation, that being together with their twin will magically fix everything, but it doesn’t.

Twin Soul triggering does not stop because you are together, closeness can trigger a whole new layer of deeply suppressed wounding.

Yes, testimonials can give you an indication of client satisfaction but in cases like this where there is so much more going on than meets the eye, you have to be discerning. This is a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR industry with a lot of people offering non-solutions. It is uber-tempting to buy into these solutions because they promise to deliver all that you dream of and much more.

But the reality is that they don’t deliver as promised, because they can’t.

You can’t slice off the romantic love aspect of the total sum of the Twin Soul journey and manifest it separately from the rest. It would seem like a dream-come-true to many, who deeply desire this, but the TRUTH is that it’s not because your soul has BIGGER and better plans for you and your Twin Soul connection than you are currently aiming for.

Why do Twin Soul teachers play the union card?

So, if this is true, then why do so many so-called Twin Soul teachers play the union card?

Because they know that is what you desperately want and that you are willing to pay for it.

It’s that simple they are selling you what you want and not what you need.

It is a marketing gimmick that they use to convince you to buy, because they have what you think you want and because they claim to have it – they say they can teach you how to attain it as well and this is the second place where they make a mistake. The very first mistake, is thinking that ‘union with the twin’ is the ultimate reward and goal of this journey. The second mistake is to think they have somehow cracked the Twin Soul code or hacked the system, and can teach others to do so as well.

The truth is that the higher selves of the Twin Soul couple, use closeness and distance to bring up the subconscious wounding as part of the spiritual awakening process and so someone in a physical romantic relationship with their Twin Soul is not necessarily further along in their process than those in separation.

This is the most important thing to realize for everyone desperately seeking to find out how to come into ‘union’ aka a romantic partnership with their Twin Soul – those people who are in a romantic relationship with their twin are not automatically more woke than you or deeper into their union process. That is an illusion.

Are they really in Twin Soul union?

Heck, the person that they claim is their Twin Soul, may not even be that. Did you know that in a survey I held last year close to 30% of the respondents said they had been wrong about their Twin Soul at least once. I know many Twin Soul coaches, teachers and readers who are onto Twin Soul number 2, 3 and with some of them I have even lost count. We of course only have one Twin Soul, but many of these people now claiming to be in union are not with whom they initially thought was their Twin Soul.

This is true for at least 50% of the Twin Soul teachers, healers, readers and coaches that I know or have followed in the past. I no longer follow any other Twin Soul websites, because none of their work resonates for me. Most of them don’t understand what the Twin Soul journey is about to begin with, most of them are simply chasing union themselves.

This being wrong about the Twin Soul is such a common theme among Twin Soul service providers and something that I have seen very prevalent in the Twin Soul psychic’s (tarot readers) community. I know at least three women who were wrong once or more times about their own Twin Soul connection. Something that easily happens when you go looking for your Twin Soul. When I was in Egypt in 2018 and ran into trouble during our trip, one of them connected me to an ex-boyfriend of hers who she had believed to be her Twin Soul when they were together. Now, she believes someone else to be her twin and is focusing on working towards ‘union’ with him. People she coaches now, don’t know that this is at least the third person she believes to be her Twin Soul.

One of the other ladies I mentioned above ‘manifested’ Twin Soul union with a guy who was of a different faith than her. This was Twin Soul number 6 or 7 as she was constantly so-called manifesting ‘Twin Soul union’ even while she was still married to the father of her child and into polyamory. To each his own, but please don’t slap on labels that don’t go together polyamory is not a part of the Twin Soul journey.

Anyway her new partner which she referred to as her Twin Soul is Muslim and it was the month of Ramadan, so he was fasting. Something she was not happy about because they couldn’t go out, eat, have fun or have sex. So, she decided to manifest that he would give up fasting. He started having muscle aches and so she convinced him that this was due to lack of minerals because of him observing the Ramadan and he stopped his fast. She boasted on social media that she had manifested this and all hell naturally broke loose because this is of course not Twin Soul behavior. Nor is it the kind of ‘teachings’ that a Twin Soul teacher would put out in the world. I just checked, but she has left the Twin Soul stratosphere and is now a YouTuber that teaches manifestation….

Just because someone says that they are in Twin Soul union, doesn’t mean it’s true.

These women that I am mentioning are not small-time players, they have followings in the multiple 5 and 6 and sometimes even 7 figures. They look legit, but if you have been in the Twin Soul arena as long as I have been you get to know other people’s journeys.

For example Stargirl the Practical witch did a video with her husband who she believed to be her Twin Soul, I’ll link it here but she tends to take videos down sometimes. Three months later he left her and blocked her. The videos she made about him leaving her are already taken down. On her official YouTube channel her video about true Twin Soul signs has almost had 1 million views, Twin Soul signs in itself are nonsense because you can’t use a checklist to see if someone is or isn’t your Twin Soul.

Had her husband stayed with her, she would have continued to market them as Twin Souls ‘in union’. I don’t want to get into the discussion if they are or are not Twin Souls, because that is between them and God, but influencers like this perpetuate the romantic illusion that surrounds the Twin Soul connection which keeps the false reinforcement going that this is somehow about having this fairy-tale romance experience that leads to marriage and having 2.6 children with the twin. If that were the point of this connection, you would already have it. Apparently it is meant to be more than that, which is why the romantic outcome is not manifesting itself currently.

Is their definition of union, the same as your definition of union?

Another question to ask yourself is if their definition of union, is your definition of union? One Twin Soul teacher claims to be in union with her Twin Soul Douglas, who is discarnate. Douglas has been dead as long as she has been alive. This means they never met in the physical. He started presenting himself to her through dreams, which is all valid – that’s not the issue. You can of course be in union with a Twin Soul on the other side of the veil. The problem is that this is not what she says up front.

She makes it sound as if she is together with her twin, which isn’t completely true.

It’s only later that you find out that she is not in a physical Twin Soul connection or union. She promotes herself and her work as a Twin Soul in union, but her true ‘union’ story is not clear to everyone buying her quick fix solution of guided Twin Soul meditations. They think that this is the method she used herself to come into union, even if that would be the case (and it isn’t) then many people would not buy her products if she would be transparent about her own so-called union status. Because those buying her product are not interested in an energetic union, they are interested in a romantic outcome with their person. Which is not the head objective of this journey to begin with, even though it may be the result. This ‘teacher’ however encourages people to believe that they can have their romantic outcome TODAY if they work with her tools.

But I have another example of a Twin Soul couple ‘in union’ that may not be your definition of union either. This couple had a very toxic relationship in which he would habitually drunk text her business email-list every time they had difficulties in their relationship, airing their dirty laundry in an attempt to shame and control her. She got pregnant by accident and wasn’t sure she wanted to have the baby, because of his behavior – as he was so controlling that he dictated her life and business. Although she didn’t agree with him – she would often cave in just because it was easier to let him have his way. Does this sound like the Heaven on Earth experience you are hoping for? No, of course not because even though they were together as a couple, they were still working through releasing old 3D romantic love programming.

On their website they state that they are in union and they have a baby that makes it all look picture-perfect, but is this what you consider to be Twin Soul union? Is this what you are waiting on your Twin Soul for (you shouldn’t be waiting anyway)? No, this what most people would consider to be a dysfunctional relationship and yet it is being marketed as a ‘Twin Soul union‘ because this couple sells Twin Soul activations and so marketing their own ‘union’ helps convince people to buy their method.

Also their ‘union’ did not come from her using her own method, she actually didn’t do much inner work at all before he decided to come back. One day he was still engaged to someone else, the next day he decided to break off the engagement to come back to her. He may have come back but even after leaving her, being with another woman and so on – he still wasn’t prince charming and mistreated her to be frank.

This is of course all related to what they had to work out together subconsciously, but that does not change the fact that their so-called Twin Soul ‘union’ is not what most envision union to be or what a 5th dimensional Divine partnership actually looks like.

Twin Soul teachers come and go….

We kind of already touched upon it earlier, but Twin Soul teachers come and go. The Twin Soul tarot reader that I talked about earlier, left the Twin Soul business and is now making name for herself as a YouTuber teaching manifestation.

Another Twin Soul coach that I have actually worked with in the past, I recently saw has rebranded herself as well and is now teaching money manifestation. She was one of those twins in ‘union’ coaches, but wasn’t very transparent about her union which made it less credible and she would often get attacked on that. Many Twin Soul services providers claim to be in union, simply to strengthen their marketing claims.

I did a Twin Soul session with her once a long time ago. I paid $350 for 30 minutes and in it she did a visualization with me of how my Twin Soul would react if I go towards him or pull away. Of course if I pull away he would come after me and that was the session! I did not feel that that was $350 well spent and it didn’t change my twin’s behavior one bit because this journey isn’t about the romantic outcome to begin with. That’s the wrong focus.

I am not randomly taking down the competition here, I have like many of you tried these methods myself and can say from personal experience that they don’t work because this journey is simply not ONLY about achieving a romantic outcome.

This is why so many people give up on this journey in the end…..

The Twin Soul stratosphere is full of abandoned blogs, YouTube channels and broken urls of Twin Soul teachers, healers, coaches and readers that have often given up on their own connection and since moved on.

Which I will explain in this next section.

Twin Soul teachers are on this journey as well

The thing you need to realize is that ALL Twin Soul teachers, healers, coaches, readers and so on are coming from their own journey. There is no Divine Connections 101 that you can specialize in, so anyone offering services within this niche is doing so – because they are or they think they are on the Twin Soul journey.

There are no regulation, there is no oversight, nothing. Everyone that wants to, can set up shop and offer Twin Soul services to whomever is willing to pay them. The downside is that as with many other spiritual or therapeutic services, the service provider is only as good as the level they have reached themselves and sadly MANY (and I am really not exaggerating here) Twin Soul service providers invest little to nothing in their own healing.

They don’t work with other healers and generally only invest in expanding their healing modalities, but that is not the same as doing one’s own inner work. They like selling their own services, but don’t invest in their own healing or inner growth. This I have found to be even more true, for those who have the gift of sight. They think because of their own clairvoyance that they no longer need to work on their own wounding, which is also why most of these service providers do not evolve beyond thinking that ‘union with the twin’ is the ultimate goal and reward of this journey.

They stagnate in their own journey and do not evolve past the idea that this journey is about somehow ‘manifesting’ a romantic outcome with the twin because of their own deep desires and subconscious unmet needs. They teach from their own wounding and own limited understanding of the Twin Soul concept and journey.

This becomes even worse if they think they are in ‘union’ themselves, which is not true Twin Soul union but instead a physical relationship. In some cases this may even lead to them feeling better than those Twin Souls who are not together with their twin, feeling superior because they have accomplished union and you haven’t. This is of course a very spiritually immature soul, that is still pretty stuck in his/her ego.

Finding the right healer, teacher or coach for you

There are very capable people out there, but there are also many Twin Soul service providers out there that act in unprofessional ways, because they themselves have hardly worked on themselves. I personally prefer to work with professionals outside the Twin Soul arena and I encourage my own clients to do the same. I have simply found that despite them often not understanding the Twin Soul connection, they do understand their profession and can help you in your healing work that is often not Twin Soul related, but does impact your Twin Soul connection. Think of daddy issues, sexual abuse, co-dependency, healing rape and so on.

You need a solid person to create a safe environment for you to revisit this unprocessed pain, not someone who has barely looked at their own pain. When one doesn’t work on oneself, the danger of projecting your own wounds onto the client exists. Especially when these are aspects of yourself that you have deeply disowned within and are therefore blind to.

On the other hand, you can only take your clients as deep as you have gone yourself and if you have not worked with other therapists or healers you haven’t gone that deep – even though you may think you have.

In most European countries, a requisite number of hours of personal therapy is obligatory in order to become accredited or licensed as a psychotherapist. This is different in the U.S. where personal therapy is not mandatory. However in a completely unregulated market, someone can even have huge mental issues themselves and still offer their professional services to others.

An example of this is a so-called Twin Soul couple that is being called out all over the internet and their content is being banned almost everywhere because of the traumatizing effects of their teachings and abusive treatment of their students. I have worked one on one with some of the people who were part of this cult-like community and their experiences are shocking.

I share this not to scare you, but to empower you in finding the right people to work with.

Ask questions when selecting a healer, coach or therapist, don’t only ask them if they invest in their own healing but ask them specifically what they have done to invest in their own healing. You want to hear that they have worked with various healers in their own healing process. If they haven’t worked with multiple other healers, you don’t want to work with them because their own issues will seep through in your sessions and you don’t want that.

The key to unlocking your Twin Soul journey is doing the inner work and it will take multiple healers and different healing modalities to bring about your spiritual awakening. I also did not come to inner union using my own method, because I can’t use my method on myself. I cannot be the journeyer and the guide to my own experience, the way I guide my clients into their subconscious and past lives. I have personally spent a small fortune on my own healing process and I have worked with a small army of different healers and various different healing modalities.

I have also over the years wasted a lot of money on quick fixes, non-solutions and even on psychics with zero return on investment. I have tried each and every method of which I have said it doesn’t work. I don’t regret these investments because they helped me understand the true depth of the inner work required on the Twin Soul journey and our Ascension path.

I have no personal interest vested in the truth, like you I have been on this journey for myself and I have tried what works and what doesn’t. If any one of these methods would have worked, I would promote them and make sure that everybody in the Twin Soul community would hear about it. This is because I of course want everyone to succeed in their Twin Soul journey, even if it would mean that websites like this are not needed anymore. I am here to move past the BS and get down to the truth of the Twin Soul phenomenon – even if that would mean we are never to be together with our twin.

I believe it is better to know the truth, than to live a fantasy and that’s why I am a relentless searcher of the truth, because it is the only thing that is everlasting. It is also from that place of truth-seeking, that I have written this article to help the Twin Soul collective move through the illusions and fantasies of this journey into what really works. This articles ONLY objective is to expose the truth, no matter if it is convenient, nice or politically correct – because the truth hardly ever is.

I pray this article serves you and has helped you understand why we cannot simply slice off the part that we want to get out of our Twin Soul connection, aka union and ignore the rest. It’s impossible and it is indicative of old 3D paradigm thinking, where we can simply separate off what we want and throw out what we don’t understand or can’t be bothered with. That is not the road that leads to spiritual awakening or higher dimensional realities. It only serves to keep you stuck where you are now, because it doesn’t address the underlying issues that have created your BIGGEST obstacles and challenges to the union you so deeply desire.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Inner Union and Ascension process, join the School of Inner Union for modern-day Initiates on the Soul Partnership and Ascension path. In our signature program, the Inner Union Program we walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. Tribe members also get access to my own personal team of healers, who have assisted me in my inner union process. Inner union, is a prerequisite for true Soul Partnership union and creating ‘Heaven on Earth’ from the inside out.

You can also book a Reactivating Your Divine Blueprint Session to help you release deep pain and trauma (including fears and false beliefs) from this and previous lifetimes that are keeping you from creating the Heaven on Earth experience you want your life to be.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you, please share it abundantly. Thank you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie


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Sabriyé Ayana is the leading expert on the Soul Partnership journey and Inner Union process. As a spiritual teacher and healer, she helps those seeking to attract or reunite with their Soul Partner to understand that this journey is not just about creating a fairy-tale and they lived happily ever after together... Download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to find out more.