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The present moment is exactly as it should be… a modern day spiritual fairy tale

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on the present moment is exactly how it should be, you will learn:

  • The game changer that will help you turn your reality around and allow you to see how perfect your current reality actually is
  • Examples of how your current reality is helping you discover your true power and abilities
  • Proof the Universe always has your back, even when outer circumstances say otherwise
  • How to see the perfection of the current moment
  • And more…

It’s more than just a spiritual platitude

You’ve heard it before that the present moment is always perfect, bringing you exactly what you need.

But did you believe it?

Well maybe when things were going exactly as you hoped or planned you thought to yourself ‘See! The current moment is perfect, exactly as it is.’

But tell me when the shit hit the fan, were you able to keep seeing how perfect the experience was that you were going through? Or did you start doubting the truth of this statement, when your reality seemed to be so far away from what you planned and nowhere near what you hoped for?

Did you lose faith? Did you feel a victim of circumstances? Did it feel like you didn’t deserve this, that it just isn’t fair? Maybe it even felt like the Universe turned her back on you. In any case you felt you clearly ran out of luck.

And who would blame you right?

Your reality just totally sucked or still sucks and you have no clue what is going on.

Ready to shift your perspective?

Let me give you an absolute game-changer that will help you turn your reality upside down in no time and allow you to see how perfect your current reality actually is.

Ready for it? It’s really simple, which makes it tricky cause the mind will try to convince you that it can never be THAT simple.

Plus you really have to believe that the Universe always has your back, if you don’t believe this – you will literally be blinded by fear. When you are blinded by fear, you see diddly squat and most definitely not what is really going on.

Okay, here comes the ultimate game-changer…

Be willing to see the perfection in your current situation.

That’s it?! WTF, how will that ever help me?

Let me tell you a story to illustrate how just this simple shift in perception can change your whole experience of reality.

Once upon a time….

You can listen to this modern day fairy tale here:

lovers at nightOnce upon a time, not long ago there was a girl who went to India to meet the boy she loved more than she ever thought she was capable of. They met, shared a deep love, talked about a future together and taking the next step. She had already offered him many times to use her company to fuel his company to which he now said to her ‘You have worked so hard, to get where you are. It wouldn’t feel right to leach off of your company.’ She answered him lovingly ‘If we are a couple, how on earth can it ever be leaching?’ He smiled at her and said ‘You are right.’ At this time her company was doing around 5 figures a month give or take and life was good. It had even brought her thousands of miles away from home in the arms of the boy she had loved from afar for the past 18 months…

Quickly after she left India to go home the boy changed his mind. She tried to find out why, but he refused to speak to her and the two times he did answer her text messages (this is a modern day fairy tale you know) he made no sense at all. What it came down to for him was that he didn’t love her he said and also didn’t want a relationship with her. She tried to remind him that this was completely the opposite of what they had discussed while together. It was also nowhere near what he had then said he wanted, even though they both knew they had some dragons and demons to face on the road to a happily ever after together, because in his country there were certain rules around marriage that did not exist in the country the girl came from.

Although the boy had been really mature and a gentleman, not wanting to take advantage of the girls love for him or wanting to have her face a pregnancy without him by her side he kept his passion under control and they spent their time together as teenagers – romantically holding her in his arms talking for hours while caressing her, sometimes kissing her and often teasing her. Whatever the boy did, it was enough to unlock the kundalini energy within the girl and have it start rising. Even though he had been so careful not to make her pregnant, she left spiritually impregnated.

When the boy left her, the girl was devastated. She had never in her life wanted anything more than the union with this boy and his beautiful soul. Although she didn’t believe him when he said he didn’t love her, she was wise enough to just accept that regardless if he loved her – he was free to choose to be with her or not. The only thing she could do was respect his choice. So instead she sat with her own pain and prayed and cried. She grieved the loss of this beautiful connection and honored the gifts it had given her. The boy had been afraid that her love for him could turn into hate, when he couldn’t give her what she wanted. He had said he never wanted things to get ugly between them and she had promised him it wouldn’t.

In order to deal with her own pain and to follow the signs that the Universe was giving her she went to five different healers and coaches to support her in her process. The boy started energetically showing up at these sessions. Although his body was still in India, his energetic presence was being felt not by the girl but by the people she was working with, all the way in her country thousands of miles away from his home. Every time he came to help the girl heal at a deeper level. On a physical level he still refused to talk to the girl. Even blocking her number so she could not influence him anymore like before, opening his heart to her with her words of love.

Now when the girl was in India she had told the boy when she asked him to take over her company that she felt that she was being called to do something else. She didn’t exactly know what yet, but she knew that her current business was not fully aligned to her divine plan. As time went by when she came back home, it became clearer and clearer what she was meant to do. The girl started growing and growing pretty much like a physical pregnancy and the boy was energetically by her side the whole time helping her birth this new part of herself.

She even setup a timeline. Although she strongly believed the Universe always has her back, for some reason, that she at that point didn’t understand – the Universe had rerouted the money coming into her business. First the amount of orders dropped. Then not one but five clients didn’t pay on time. Then no work came in and the girl became inventive in quickly coming up with a way to bring in some cash, with only moderate results. She had a team of six employees at that time and needed to pay their salary and pay her own rent and food for her kids at least.

The day after she set up the timeline her project manager told her she would be leaving soon, in any case sooner than that the girl had time to launch the new business. In a panic she reached out to the boy and begged him to help her. He ignored her. Her team manager called him and the boy only said ‘It’s impossible’ and then blocked the team managers phone number so he could not ask him again. The girl had to fire the project manager soon after that and applied for a creditcard so she could pay her remaining team no matter what.

The girl kept working diligently towards her goal, only listening to her inner guidance and the signs the Universe was giving her. One day a friend and her coach called her and had nothing really to say except that the girl should start doing readings. This was the second time the girl heard this. Her other coach who had introduced her to her Dreamteam, her angels and guides had also told her this. The girl had however dismissed this idea because she thought she had no special gifts except the ability to help people see a different perspective of the same situation that could change their whole perception of reality.

So, the girl reluctantly listened. It wasn’t like she had many other options. Nothing was fucking working anyway. She knew that she could be of service with this one quality and honestly had no clue what else was going to come through. She started doing readings for free at first, she sent an email to her mailing list offering seven free readings and within minutes after the mail was sent people from her list were replying to apply for a reading. In the end sixty people applied, while she only promoted once.

The girl started doing the readings and to her surprise she found her unique gift, where she never in a million years expected to find it. Quite honestly, what she was doing now was so far outside her comfort zone she felt a little out of whack. The girl had always been really grounded, she loves spirituality and has been on the path since forever but she never expected to be what she had become. Sometimes when she heard herself talk during the sessions, she had to laugh because she sounded to herself like a TV psychic. Something she had always had a slight aversion to or at the very least questioned. But at the same time she was blown away by the accuracy of what was coming through her and the effect of the healing & clearing energy she had been given to pass on to the people she worked with.

The girl was creating beautiful shifts in the lives of others and in her own life, but the money still wasn’t coming in the way she needed it to stay in business. But she kept saying to herself ‘No way in hell am I going to be guided to set up such a beautiful business that is so aligned with my divine plan to not have it work.’ and she really believed it most of the time.

Until at one point when her reality seemed so scary and she let fear drown out her faith.

The girl called the boy. Insisting for him to pick up.

She felt so afraid, so overwhelmed. She felt like a deer caught in the headlights and actually this part comes before she started doing the readings. But that is what happens with human memories, they sometimes get all mixed up. The boy refused to pick up. She sent him an urgent email telling him she really needed him at that moment and called again, the boy wavered this time, letting the phone ring longer before he pushed away her call. She tried one more time just in case, she could feel his hesitation. But he stayed strong. Although he didn’t pick up, he was there energetically with her immediately and she calmed down and realized that it was going to be okay no matter what. She decided then and there to forgive the boy and to take full responsibility for her own life.

And in that moment she became willing to see the perfection of her current situation.

Mind you, she had to remind herself a couple of times that she had chosen to see perfection and look through the outer circumstances. Like every human being the girl flipped back and forth between the new view and the old view while pressing ahead on her journey. Then one day she decided to look at her branding agency that she had taken her focus off in order to set up the new business. Her team had been working on the design, but she had been reluctant to do the translating that was necessary to go global with her company. She didn’t have the money to hire someone. She had prayed for a solution, but that didn’t manifest in another person in any case. So the girl decided to just face her demons and get to work.

She started translating the texts and as she was working, divine downloads came and all of a sudden everything that had happened made sense. The whole new piece that had been born inside her, with help of her angels and guides, a loving Universe and even the boy – now fit perfectly with the business she already had. It was like everything clicked into place and she saw that the reason money was tight and that the boy had refused to help her, were exactly what she had needed to be able to dig deep inside of herself and to have the guts to really embrace her true power and manifest her soul potential.

The girl also saw that the reason why her business had not taken off in the past, like it could have or like she had hoped it would, was because until then it had not been fully aligned with her soul purpose and was waiting for her to discover this unique gift that only she had to offer this world.

Because all soul gifts are always unique and fit to match the soul purpose for that lifetime.

The girl knew right then and there that the financial situation would shift soon afterwards because the reason for it appearing had now been fulfilled. Hell, she wouldn’t even be surprised if the boy came back after this to apologize, not that he needed to because she could see how his not helping her, actually helped her more. She felt utter gratitude toward the boy, toward the Universe and toward her angels and guides including the Ascended Masters who had helped her come to this point.

The girl had felt it right, soon after she started selling her readings, to international clients even and also new branding projects came in.

We don’t know yet how things went after this between the boy and the girl,….

But we do know that the girl went on  to shine her light BRIGHT – fully living her soul purpose and fearlessly sharing her unique gift with the world.

The moral of the story

I am of course this girl and I can tell you that without this feeling forced by almost no money coming in on the one side and my Twin Flame forcing me to save my own ass, I would not have discovered my unique gift that I have to give in this lifetime this quickly. If my Twin had jumped in to save my business, which was easy for him because he owns the same kind of business and he speaks the same language as my staff – the money flow would have been restored. I would have been distracted by his presence and I wouldn’t have done the work I needed to do to get here. Not out of laziness, but simply because there would be no necessity.

As you already read in the story, my unique gift was not one I expected or felt comfortable with. I had to overcome some resistance to really accept this side of me. I love these kind of gifts in others and also work with such people, I just honestly never expected to be someone that also had a gift like this to share.

Since the Kundalini rising experience after I came back from India I am capable of all kind of things that I never imagined I would ever be doing. I can know what people are thinking during the readings. I can feel blockages in their organs and chakra’s – I literally feel them in my own body. For me the strongest way I get information is through claircognizance, inner knowing.

Never in my life did I ever think, when I grow up I want to be clairvoyant. I was in utter denial to tell you the truth. I really had to get used to the idea. I always saw myself as really grounded and this stuff now seemed pretty woo-woo to me at first.

The only way the Universe was going to get me here was by force. I had that much resistance to break through around owning my unique gift to the world, which now that I have recognized it and I am sharing it in my own grounded way, it’s just fucking awesome to say the least. I am really blown away by the immense power of the healing energy that has been entrusted to me, to serve mankind.

So, now that I am here I am ecstatic. In awe and just soul deep satisfied with how my life turned out. Like, pinch me, life has never been this good!

And the universe had my back all the way…

This is what happened:

  • The three families that my business supports including my own family were able to pay food, rent, insurance, utilities etc. every month even in the months where turnovers were so low it wasn’t funny anymore
  • Every time my refrigerator went empty money seemed to come out of nowhere so the kids and I could eat – even organic food like we are used to
  • I got money refunds almost instantly on things that broke down and were sent back to the store despite it being Mercury retrograde – good for around €170 in refunds
  • I got a free session from my chiropractor as a gift and awesome compliments. He is taken, but insanely buff. Like absolutely yummy bodybuilder which is actually not my type, but this guy is gorgeous. On Facebook they refer to his biceps, as the guns and he was caressing my leg and saying ‘How are you pretty lady?’ When I left I got a hug and some air kisses when he signaled me to just go, that this one was on him.
  • My local Moroccan shop owner who thinks I’m hot and that my mom is the sweetest thing ever, offered me a tab to put groceries on (he has a lot of organic brands and veggies) until I’m in smoother water again. I didn’t take him up on it, but my mom who is like my biggest support did use his kind offer to fill up my fridge before she left
  • Having hardly any revenue coming in means using every reserve you have, including almost 2K in reserved service taxes. That had me worried, cause you don’t want to get into shit with the tax department. At the end of Quarter 1 God knows how, I had a deduction of €1800 in already paid services tax, which left me with a totally doable amount of not even €200. When that happened I knew for sure I was going to make it!

So no cans of beans or tuna, or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, breakfast and dinner. A slight build up of pending invoices that I need to pay business wise, but nothing I can’t handle. Including the surprise that a Dutch business creditcard is actually not like a real creditcard. So the 2K that I used, I need to pay back like immediately, which actually defeats the purpose of having a creditcard but okay. With God all things are possible, so that 2K will also show up when I need it.

If walking this path of faith has taught me anything these past three to six months of which the last three were almost devoid of money coming in through my business is that it’s really just true. The current moment is perfect, it’s exactly as it should be. Except now it’s not some lofty spiritual idea that I wish would also be true in my life, it’s now something I really BELIEVE to be the truth of my reality.

I hope that sharing my story will help you navigate through the shit in your own life and help you see the perfection of the current moment. As you can see in my case, help is always there and when the people we love don’t help us, even if they can – it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s actually a blessing in disguise.

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With my deepest love,


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