The real reason money is tight. Let’s talk about money blocks

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What’s blocking your money flow baby?

The story I share with you today was one of my first steps out in the world of using the power of healing and what even I considered to be pretty woo-woo stuff back then,  to INCREASE my BUSINESS SUCCESS.

I had set a target of wanting to go over the €10.000 sales in one month, my first 5 figure month ever. I started working on my mindset like most of you have done, writing out my dreams, doing my affirmations.

I did the work, but my reality started getting further and further away from where I wanted it to go. It actually literally started spiraling out of control. Instead of manifesting more money like I was affirming, the money flow got COMPLETELY blocked.

Clients stopped coming in, so no sales. Pending invoices weren’t paid. I couldn’t pay our business expenses. I couldn’t even pay my rent anymore. It was the scariest time EVER in my life. I felt totally out of control and like my life was heading off the cliff and I didn’t know how to stop it.

What I did know was that it had to be something blocking me in my subconscious mind, a believe I didn’t even know I was holding to be true. There was no other factors that could be causing this, it had to be inside me. Together with a healer I had been working with before we went into a session where I went back to a past life. It was a life in which I was a wealthy, but very eccentric man (I’m still pretty eccentric) except back then a couple of hundred years ago being eccentric could get you into deep shit and that’s what happened to me in that lifetime. My family had me committed to a mental asylum and I felt their only reason for doing this was, to get their hands on my money.

Subconscious beliefs

I decided that lifetime that being rich meant losing everything, including yourself. Cause well, you know how mental institutions were a couple of hundred years ago, I lost myself there and went mad, like the others. A pretty charged experience in any case and even more interesting was that exactly that believe was fucking manifesting itself in my 2012 reality. Apparently my subconscious mind thought €10K a month was rich and it was like the destruction program had been activated and I couldn’t find the freaking shut down button!

Until this past life believe came into my conscious memory and I could stare it in the eye and call it bullshit. But that is the thing with beliefs. Beliefs are more powerful than idea’s, because a believe is an idea that you have decided is 100% true for you and therefore it isn’t checked against reality anymore. This happens with past life beliefs, childhood beliefs and any other age beliefs. We decide they are true and therefor, they go unchecked – which is great if the believe supports you and is damn inconvenient if it’s one that sabotages you.

We neutralized the past life memory and that pretty much already happened by itself, because in this life that believe made no sense. It was completely irrational, I wasn’t that person in this lifetime. I didn’t have that family around me in this lifetime and also not completely unimportant, since that time period it had become a lot harder for family members to have their kin committed, even if they really have psychiatric problems. In this day and age you have to be a threat to society to get locked up.

Thank God for that, so we can all safely embrace our more eccentric side…

Past lives really?! This life is already complicated enough

I totally agree with you. I strongly believe If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Don’t go looking for trouble. I personally only find past lives interesting if they can help you in the HERE AND NOW, anything other is just thrill seeking or worse ego tripping. I grew up in a spiritual community in the States where the fucking elite reincarnated all at once, yeah right. Everybody had been a historical big shot and who knows maybe one or five of them were, but I would not go around boasting that I was Cleopatra in a past life (Which I wasn’t). I do know of an incarnation that I was a famous royal person, but it doesn’t say that much does it really? In this life I was a single mom on welfare for a bit too, before I got my act together and started an online company. Shit happens, right?!

Two months after accessing this past life, we hit over the €10K in sales. We broke into the 5 figures a month. Already the next month we had a nine grand project coming in and the month after that we went over the €10.000. Hallelujah, all pending bills got paid and I got to keep living in my adorable little house with garden in Amsterdam. Three story semi stand alone houses with garden are hard to come by in this city.


It was like pulling out the weed of this sabotaging belief and the reality that I DID WANT TO CREATE came to blossom. But it shows you exactly why sometimes just doing the mindset work isn’t enough and why accessing past lives can be functional.

So fast forward four years and I can now with the Gangsta Goddesses energy help others easily access their subconscious mind. I can help you access past lives, pre-incarnation periods and of course trauma’s and repressed emotions from this lifetime which can create their own havoc as well.

And in the Gangsta Goddesses Soul Journeys we often end up in past lives. Recently for example an experienced healer contacted me to help her because she had a money block that she could in NO WAY access herself. She had tried everything to get it in the light, but she was blocking it completely. She was not an easy client to get there, mostly because she was so afraid it would keep eluding her. We broke through nonetheless and she accessed a past life where she as a child had inherited a lot of money and had multiple guardians advising her and urging her to be very frugal with her money. A set of beliefs that were completely useless in this time and age were uncovered, that she could now see as FALSE and let go of forever.

There is enough stuff to work with in this life too

But don’t worry this life often has more than enough material to work with, that can help you bust your money blocks. Let me name a few:

  • Childhood messages you got around money especially the non verbal ones
  • Family money beliefs from both sides that were passed on from generation to generation
  • Any kind of unforgiveness becomes a money block
  • The people you keep company with
  • The thoughts you think and the words you speak

Childhood messages you got around money especially the non verbal ones

These are sneaky little ones, cause they were never spoken out loud but transferred on to you nonetheless. Chances are they also conflicted with what was being said, as children we learn a lot from what we see and imitate. However because these memories don’t even have words often they are lodged deep in your subconscious, shaping your relationship with money without you even knowing it.

Family money beliefs from both sides that were passed on from generation to generation

These are often more easily accessible and writing down your money history and what you learned about money from home can already get you far in uncovering beliefs that you may actually in the here and now want to say goodbye to.

Any kind of unforgiveness becomes a money block

Unforgiveness throws up a wall between you and your own good. You might think you are punishing the other who hurt you badly, but in reality you are hurting yourself the most on all levels even financially.

Recently in a Gangsta Goddesses Soul Journey a woman was facing money problems for a really long time and when we went back to when her problems got worse it was when a family member came up with a shady scheme that would bring in money quick, she was so ashamed about it that she had until that day never dared to tell anyone her secret. She delivered her part, but she never saw the money the relative had promised her. Although she was physically untouched, the whole experience left her with a feeling of being raped. The experience was emotionally THAT charged for her and she couldn’t forgive the other especially because he was family.

She couldn’t even bring herself to do the forgiveness prayer, ho’oponopono. She felt her family member didn’t deserve to be forgiven. He was family for Christ sake, how could he do this to her? Then in the Journey she saw the real reason why this had happened and she could not only forgive this relative, she could actually thank him for helping her learn a very valuable lesson she had wanted to learn and the emotional charge was released and neutralized.

Now what changes on the inner MUST always have an effect on the outer reality. When you forgive someone, it will always benefit your money flow. No exceptions. This woman also started slowly seeing change, after decades of resentment was released every day a little bit more. During the Journey she saw the truth, but it took daily practice to undo the effects of decades of buildup of negative emotion around this incident.

The people you keep company with

Also the company that you keep can influence the money coming into your life. It’s often said you are the sum of the five people closest to you. So how well are the people close to you doing? What are the saying about money? How are they spending their money?

Take careful inventory and then ask yourself, do I want to be the sum total of this kind of money mindset or is it time to get myself some new friends?

The thoughts you think and the words you speak

Your thoughts and words become things. What is nurtured on the inside is manifested in your outer reality. So what are you seeing in your outer reality? It will give you an idea of what you are holding to be true about money consciously and subconsciously.

Like my past life believe was manifesting itself as a 2012 reality in which I was on the verge of losing everything including my home. The same goes for the words you use, they don’t return void. They are seeds planted that can grow into trees, the quality of your words around money decides what results will be harvested. So start listening to what you are saying about money, because it will show you what you are thinking and even more importantly beholding to be the TRUTH about money at the deepest level.

Need some help accessing your subconscious?  Book a Gangsta Goddesses Soul Journey with me. I will be glad to help you bust through your MONEY BLOCKS.

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Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie



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