Why Lack of Money Isn’t Caused Externally But Internally

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

Yesterday I got an email from a reader who has been struggling for quite some time with lack in her life and instead of just answering her personally I thought this answer is interesting for everyone who is facing money issues, lack, or scarcity – so I decided to answer it publicly.

When in the midst of living money problems, it tends to feel extremely real and happening outside of us or maybe even to us, but what I have learned from my own journey from being a single mom on welfare to becoming a six-figure business owner as well as from my experience with working with hundreds of clients on their money blocks, is that it is always something subconsciously inside ourselves that is keeping money out of our lives.

I am not saying that it is poor people’s fault that they are poor because that’s of course a heartless thing to say, what I mean is that behind lack of money there’s always a subconscious decision underneath. Subconscious of course means something we are not consciously aware of. So, we aren’t to blame because you can’t blame people for not knowing what they don’t know, but the flip side of it all boiling down to a decision you once made but can’t remember – is that you have the power now to choose differently.

Granted, if you’re new to my world you may be scratching your head wondering how on Earth you could make such important decisions and then forget about them?! The answer is because you made the decision in a previous lifetime, which was often anchored in deeper through your current childhood and ancestral patterns passed down through your family lineage.

As far-fetched as that may sound if this is all new to you, revisiting the circumstances of that decision and then choosing differently can change your money story completely.

I know this because I am living proof of it.

In 2012 I had just successfully gotten myself and my two younger children off of welfare and I was invited to participate in a project to help women create six-figure businesses. The only problem was I didn’t have a six-figure business myself, I had never even had a five-figure month. Because integrity is everything to me, I set out to make my first five-figure month happen and all of sudden everything went to the sh*tters, instead of making more money – I was making way less and eventually none at all.

That is until I found a past life memory that had me subconsciously believe that it was safer to be poor. After that things turned around quickly and three months later I had my first five-figure month.

When I changed my internal belief system, it changed my external reality.

But it’s not only me. I have had clients get a cash offer on a house the same afternoon we did the session even though there had been no viewers for months. I have had clients getting large sums of money from family members after working with me or even winning an all-expenses paid luxury retreat to Egypt right after our session. The results aren’t always instantaneous but they show up sooner or later. One of my Akasha Healing™ practitioner students came in needing multiple jobs to make ends meet, she worked with me and another healer and she now works from home doing one job and getting paid more than when she was holding multiple jobs. At the same time, she sets up her healing practice.

There is no reason why anyone should have to live in poverty, which can be triggering if you are currently experiencing such circumstances in your life. But the truth is that lack is an unnatural state in a Universe that is so abundant. Scarcity mindset tells us, that there’s only so much to go around, that we live in economic hard times – but we all have our cosmic bank accounts that we can tap into and economic hard times paradoxically create more millionaires than economic good times. In 2020, more than 1% of adults worldwide were millionaires for the first time (meaning they weren’t millionaires before) – despite the pandemic. Source: BBC.com

It’s time to stop looking at external circumstances as the problem because we create our external circumstances through our subconscious mind. Yes, it’s easier to see ourselves as victims of circumstances but that keeps us stuck where we are instead of moving forward into a new reality where money is no longer scarce.

Over the years these are the culprits I have found to be underneath the most tenacious money problems:

  • Believing it’s not safe to have certain amounts of money (unresolved money trauma) aka it’s safer to be poor
  • Not being able to receive, this is often a protection mechanism to avoid getting hurt (it limits money, love, and all the good stuff)
  • Feeling undeserving or not worthy of money (false self-image or subconsciously seeking to punish oneself for past (life) digressions)
  • Not trusting oneself with money (unresolved money karma)
  • Resentment towards others for whatever reason (unforgiveness blocks our own good)

And often they are a mix of the above, not just one but deeply intertwined with multiple layers that need to be peeled back one by one over time. Because money problems aren’t necessarily a problem of the poor, the affluent and the rich can still have money blocks. They can be stuck under glass income ceilings as well at any level. I have only just recently shattered one of my own glass ceilings that was capping my earning capacity at a level that I had outgrown.

One thing that I have found is that it is never God or the Universe that doesn’t want to give us more money, it’s something subconsciously inside of us (see bullet points above) that makes us not ALLOW in more money than we currently feel comfortable with.

The only way out of this state of lack is by changing your inner money belief system.

The problem is that your subconscious beliefs are much stronger than your conscious beliefs, you can try to consciously overwrite your beliefs on whatever topic as much as you like but your subconscious beliefs will simply cancel out your conscious beliefs because the subconscious is infinitely more powerful than the conscious mind.

In order to change your subconscious beliefs, you need to be able to access the subconscious mind which is possible for example with the Akasha Healing™ method that I have developed and teach. When you can tap into the stories that created the money blocks as listed above, you can successfully reprogram them because they are no longer subconscious, but conscious which gives you a chance to decide if you still want to believe this particular belief. Because that is the issue with beliefs, they are thoughts that we have decided are 100% true for us and therefore we do not check if they are still true for us today.

It’s not that you actively have to change your belief system, it’s that you need to reassess the subconscious beliefs that are canceling out the conscious reality you want to create. If you don’t like the circumstances outside of you, then the only place to ‘fix’ this is inside yourself. Change the internal and the external naturally follows.

If you are interested in experiencing this shift in reality firsthand, sign up for an Akasha Healing™ Money Blocks session.

With my deepest love,


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