[Money in 5D] The Money Manifesting Formula for Twin Souls, Lightworkers and Starseeds

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Do you recognize this?

Oooh I want that, but oh no I can’t afford it…

I would really like to go to the beach this weekend/ the mountains / a party, but I only have $50 in my bank account and I need to still buy groceries next week…

I want to work with a healer, but I don’t have enough money to pay someone…

Every time you think like this you SHUT THE DOOR on your manifestation. You cannot have what you want because you tell yourself that you can’t afford it. As soon as you tell yourself this, it becomes your reality because what we believe in our minds, is what we experience in the world outside of us.

I was inspired to write this article because so many times I hear the people I work with, which are mostly Twin Souls, say that they can’t afford things because they don’t have the money. Even when I recommend them to work with healers that ask less than $100 a session, I often hear the response that they can’t afford it.

There was a time that I thought this way too, until I learned how to allow the Universe to pay my way and give me the things I so desired – the formula I use for this is what I will share with you in this article.

Money in the old paradigm…

In the old 3D paradigm money is scarce, your sources of income are limited. You can only spend as much as you have. You need to save for a rainy day and your mantra throughout the day is:

‘I can’t afford this, I don’t have enough money…’

Money is limited. Money is a constant struggle. Money worries often keep you up at night. And your relationship with money makes you afraid, because without money you fear you can’t survive.

Except ALL of the above statements are not true, they are only false beliefs you have around money which then get reflected back to you as your experienced physical reality.

It’s like not being able to orgasm, you just haven’t learned to cum the right way. There is a whole world of unimaginable ecstasy (money at your fingertips) waiting to be explored, you just need to learn how to tap into it.

That’s what I am going to guide you through today, the money part that is…

I am going to teach you how to tap into YOUR OWN cosmic bank account.

Installing new money beliefs and abundance codes

In order to do that, you need to change how you feel and what you believe about money. Part of this is a very conscious process and is very tightly knit with your relationship with the Divine – your relationship with God/the Universe. Is that a loving relationship? Is it built on trust?

Do you believe the Universe always has your back without any exceptions?

The Universe is always saying ‘Yes!’ to us, there is nothing we can’t have or that is not meant for us as far as the Universe goes. Your soul get’s to decide what it wants and the Universe supports whatever the soul chooses, which is our free will in action.

So if you truly want something and you want it for the right reasons, you are meant to have it.

The Universe will also give it to you if you don’t shut down your manifestation by saying things like ‘I don’t have the money’ or any other story you tell yourself about why you can’t have what you want.

So instead you can say:

‘….if I am meant to have this, do this or go there – the money I need will show up.’

This opens up the possibility for the Universe to tap into it’s unlimited channels of abundance and send you the money you need in the most unexpected way. Because that’s the other thing with money, you can’t dictate how it will come to you. The Universe has unlimited channels, so it is not at all limited to give you your money through your job, the repayment of a loan you gave someone or winning the lottery – that’s 3D thinking again.

It can come to you in ways you did not even think were possible because money is in fact God’s love for you in manifested form.

If this sounds like fairy-tale thinking to you, then yes you are right. You HAVE to let go of any and all so called ‘realistic’ thinking about money, because that way of thinking is not realistic – it’s LIMITING. It limits you and it limits the Universe, which contradicts your’s and the Universe’s nature which is both unlimited – as you are one and the same.

Believing in this unlimited field of possibilities is what OPENS the door to their manifestation, just as telling yourself you can’t afford it (aka believing in the limitedness) shuts the door on your manifestations.

To all you die-hard realist, the idea of believing in an unlimited field of possibilities might sound like wishful thinking, but I am living proof of this being true. You see over the course of 7 years I got myself from being a single mother on welfare to owner of a six figure business simply by changing my belief-systems around money.

Often before you can install those new beliefs and abundance codes, you first have to bring into the conscious awareness, possible deep seated trauma around money that is sabotaging your outer efforts from within. One of the most pivotal experiences in my money transformation was when I cleared a past life in 2011 and was able to make a quantum jump in income.

If you feel that past life influences are holding you back in your money story, in a one hour Akashic Record Clearing I can help you uncover the past life false beliefs or subconscious beliefs inherited from your family that are limiting your income stream. To give you an example of how powerful these sessions are, one client had had her house on sale for months and no inquiries. After we did the clearing, she got a cash offer the same day and the house was sold!

Everything outside of us, is but a reflection of what we believe and hold to be true inside of us. Change what you believe within and the outer reflection of this belief will shift as well in your physical reality.

No matter how much money you have, there are always things you want that mean a stretch

At the beginning of this year I came back from our very first retreat in Ibiza and often as it goes with first time trials, I had made a gigantic loss on the retreat financially because my costs were higher than my earnings.

As a business every service you offer is not only taxed on income after deduction of business costs, but you also pay 21% service tax to the government on your gross revenue (before deduction of costs). I had a highly overpriced location, 5 healers to pay and full catering. I had even paid the costs to fly in all the healers and of course my revenue is in dollars, but my expenses were all in euro’s and you loose a lot of money on the currency conversion. So in short, I had lost money but that’s okay it was a great first experience with massive results for the retreat guests.

When I returned, it was also tax time – so irregardless of my costs I had to pay the 21% to the government, over what I had earned over the past three months. A sloppy 5000 euro which I didn’t have because I had gone way over-budget on the retreat.

Right about that time came a last minute mailing from Gabby Bernstein for the Spirit Junkie Masterclass in New York, it was to be the last in it’s kind. I knew I had to go, but even though I had a flourishing 5 figure a month business – I had no money to go because I had just paid my taxes.

All my accounts were empty.

Yet my intuition said, ‘You have to be there.’ and so I emailed them to ask for a PayPal link and charged it on my PayPal account. I told myself if it was meant to be the payment would go through and it did. They booked it from my bank, which was empty as well but they couldn’t see that so the payment was cleared. By the time they figured out that my bank account had been empty too – I had earned more money and I could easily pay the charge that had now been deducted in PayPal again due to insufficient funds in my bank account.

I had paid $2000 just to be at the three day event, which was two full days and 2 hours on Friday. I still had to buy a plane ticket to New York, I had to have a place to stay and I needed to eat while I was there. In total it became an around $5000 expedition and remember when I decided to go – I had zilch money left.

But that’s the thing, energy flows where the decision goes and so the Universe said to me ‘Oh, you want to go to New York to Gabby Bernstein? Sure, here are the clients you need.’ That month was my record month till this date, with the Universe bringing in more than double the clients I usually served. I made over $25.000 that month!

3D thinking would say that it was irresponsible to have booked that event ticket in the first place, because I really didn’t have the money. But because my intention was so strong and my faith so great, instead of getting into debt (which most people fear) the Universe not only made it possible for me to go but made sure I had everything I needed. Which was a good thing because the Airbnb where I was staying triggered a deep teenage trauma, that I had been working on releasing and I ended up moving to a room in the Hilton which I could easily afford because by now money was flowing in massive abundance.

New York was a tough experience for me especially those first couple of days because of the triggering of the trauma and I just really don’t like big cities that much in general, but I am so happy I went. It was such an enriching experience. In hindsight while I thought I was there for a business event, Spirit had actually gotten me there to release some core wounding that ties right into the theme of our Twin Soul journey that my twin and I are working through which shows you how guided we are on this journey.

It’s also a perfect example of OPENING the door on your manifestations instead of closing them directly by saying it is impossible,

The Money Manifesting Formula to allow the Universe to pay your way through life

That I have been able to achieve this is not because I was lucky or special.

There is also no need to be envious or jealous because YOU can tap into this unlimited abundance too, which is available to everyone making the jump from the 3rd to 5th dimensional consciousness.

Something I teach my students in The Twin Soul Tribe and the Twin Soul Program.

One of the things that I teach in the program is that we are all heirs to our creators wealth and that each and every one of us has their own slice of unlimited abundance available to us during our time here in the physical. It is up to us, if we choose to tap into this abundance or not.

The formula I use is really simple:

  • Decide what you want
  • Ask the Divine to make it happen
  • Trust that the Divine is working on your behalf and get out of the way (aka surrender)
  • When you think about what you want, tell yourself the money will be on time if it’s meant* to be

*This will take the edge off of wanting it so much that you are energetically still all over your manifestation – which actually BLOCKS it.

Whether you want money to go to an event, work with a healer or buy a cute new outfit – the money manifesting formula works for every single desire. You can’t be selfish and you can’t ask too much. It’s not because the Universe gave you a luxury all paid vacation, you now have to wait until it’s your turn again. What the Universe gives you does not detract from anyone else and it’s resources are unlimited, so your requests are allowed to be unlimited as well.

For those of you on the Twin Soul journey, all you need to be successful on this journey is always being provided to you. I have worked with dozens of healers on my own journey and so can you because your healing serves the world, not only you.

Just as I take thousands of people with me in my own healing process, through my written articles, videos and paid services – your healing affects those around you too. Although you may not have the immense reach I have – your personal healing may also affects hundreds if not thousands or millions of people around you.

That’s what we signed up for as Twin Souls, Lightworkers and Starseeds, we promised to lead the way. And we don’t lead the way when we don’t work on our own healing, because we tell ourselves we don’t have the money.

For all of you who believe you can heal yourself or are bartering your way through life, it’s unnecessary. All the money you want and need is waiting for you to call it in. I am a very gifted healer, but I don’t ‘do my own healing’…. of course healers don’t heal you – they create the space in which you can heal yourself. However if you want real authentic breakthroughs -working with a healer can help you access depths inside yourself, which you were not able to access before.

And again I have shared this so many times, but when I started out on my own healing journey I didn’t have the money to pay healers either. I started anyway and the thing is the more you heal yourself, the more you heal your money story as well. It took me 7 years to get from welfare to a six figure business, but I got there one step at a time and so can you!

If you keep taking one step at a time….

I pray this article helps you shift into the new paradigm money mindset and with that learn to rely on the Universe to pay your way, instead of stressing yourself out believing that you are the only one out there that will be looking out for numero uno – because that is of course separation consciousness and seeing yourself cut off from Source, which is not true.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you please share it abundantly. Thank you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie




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