There is no Plan B – Ever! If you want to manifest your heart’s desires

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In this segment on there is no Plan B - Ever! you will learn:

  • Why having a backup plan is counterproductive to manifesting your desires
  • The importance of completely trusting the Universe to deliver what you want
  • Why having a Plan B is actually preparing you for failure
  • How to prepare for what you really want
  • And more...

Do you still have a plan B?

When working with the Law of Attraction, having a plan B will not get you the results you want and it will actually keep you from manifesting your heart's desire.


Because as long as you have a backup plan, you are not fully trusting the Universe to deliver the goods and you are in fact preparing for failure. How does the Universe respond to this? Not as you would hope for of course, but exactly as should be expected. You get what you prepare for, so in...

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