Thinking everything in life is a mirror saying something about you will drive you crazy

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Is everything in your life a mirror?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Yes, your outer reality mirrors your inner beliefs. No, not every jerk you meet in your life is a mirror of something inside of you or means you are giving off bad vibes attracting this shit.

I know a lot of people just starting out with learning spiritual principles agonize themselves, by trying to figure out how everything happening in their life is a mirror or think that as soon as they drop out of their forced idea of ‘happy land‘ meaning forcing themselves to only think happy thoughts and feel happy, that they will be out of alignment and then their whole live will spin off course….

Actually, suppressing your emotions is exactly the thing that creates situations that bite you in the butt, a suppressed emotion will create more havoc in your life then just sitting with the emotion – allowing it to be felt and then released – ever will. Just like the Bible and all other scripture have been misinterpreted, these new age concepts also get misunderstood. There is nothing wrong with negative emotions, they are a part of being human. Just don’t victimize others with it or stay stuck in them. The ultimate goal is forgiveness, but you can’t bypass grieve or anger. They are part of the process.

At the most ultimate level this concept of the outer mirroring the inner and your vibrations attracting are true, but it can be a subconscious believe or repressed emotion that is acting up and in both cases you will not be able to recognize them because you aren’t aware that you are either believing this or that you are not allowing yourself to feel the emotion that you are suppressing. In my own €10.000 a month revenue story it was even a believe from a past life time, that was manifesting itself in my reality. Although simple laws, the way they manifest can be much more complex and not as obvious as you would like or hope them to be.

However, agonizing yourself with how you attracted this situation, person or experience is the equivalent of self abuse, except now you are using spiritual concepts to terrorize yourself in your mind. The end result is the same, you aren’t loving yourself when you do this and that is the laws of laws, the very first one you should abide ‘Love thyself, as you would love others.’  Okay I modified it a little, but that is what it meant. Because from self love, all good things come.

So stop that shit, be nice to yourself.

I am responsible for my own reality

Yes, you are and yes you create your own reality. But the question is, who is this you? If you think that the you that is sitting in a chair reading this blog is your full you and fully responsible by him or herself, you are scaring the shit out of yourself probably. This person sitting in the chair is only 10% of you…. at the most, the rest is attached to you by a silver cord and is omnipresent – sees everything, knows everything. If you think that this part of you sitting in the chair is calling all the shots, this 10% – think again that would be insane right? Especially when you have a complete soul attached to you that has a divine plan for this lifetime, that has a soul purpose and has brought a unique gift to share with the world.

So please, also stop scaring the shit out of yourself.

You are being guided. You aren’t in this alone. There is a plan, your higher self knows where it wants to go and it’s going to get you there no matter what. Don’t let your ego trick you into thinking that it has more power then the soul, because it doesn’t. Also learn to laugh at yourself when your ego tries to convince you that it’s all about what you think and feel, because it isn’t.  There are greater powers at work. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be selective in your thoughts or that you should not take responsibility for your feelings. Just don’t scare yourself into thinking that it’s only these two elements that dictate what happens in your life, because that’s not true.

You can’t actually fuck up, because all roads lead to the same destination. Following your soul path is just the most enjoyable one, but even if you make a slight detour at some point you always return to the road you were meant to travel.

Your experience here on earth comes with a built in GPS, you will find it in your heart. Follow where it leads you and you can’t go wrong.

Everything happens for a reason

It’s true everything happens for a reason. But instead of trying to fit everything that happens in your life either in the round hole of misalignment or in the square hole of ‘a mirror of yourself’, you can just ask the Universe, God, your higher power – whomever you feel comfortable with to show you the reason why this happened and if you need to learn something from this. Then let it go and wait till you get an answer.

It’s good to wonder if you can learn something from a situation, it’s a rookie mistake to try and find what you ‘did wrong‘ to deserve this and blame yourself for bringing this experience into your reality.

If something shit happens, it’s not YOUR FAULT. Life is not about mistakes or who is to blame, it’s about learning and sometimes we attract difficult situations to learn from, but that doesn’t make it – that you are the one to blame.

There is a difference between taking responsibility for wanting to learn something or blaming yourself for creating a situation in which you felt hurt.

Good and bad don’t really exist

So you get in a car accident, does it mean you are misaligned? Was your energy off? Maybe, maybe you needed to meet the people in the other car and had some unfinished business with them from a past life. Maybe you didn’t have an accident, but your car broke down out of nowhere or wouldn’t start and hours later you hear of this terrible accident exactly on the road you would have been driving on at exactly that time, if only your car would have started or had not broken down.

I got purse lifted once in the Netherlands on my way to Amsterdam. I lived in Germany, the train conductor that I had to explain to that my wallet was stolen also lived in Germany in the same city I lived in and not only that, he lived a half a mile up the road from me where he had a side business with Polish expats. We exchanged addresses and I never thought about it again. A half year later in the supermarket, I bump into a woman also speaking Dutch to her kids.

I was used to the fact that there were lots of Dutch people shopping there so I didn’t take notice, she was new in town fresh out of Poland where she had lived with her husband the past years and dying to make new friends. So we became friends and they were living off of nothing, at one point things got so bad that her husband was desperate to find a job. He was also half Dutch so spoke Dutch and Polish fluently, all of a sudden I remember the train conductor and the husband got a great paying job there to support his family. My loss of a little bit of money, brought them a lot of money.

Imagine I would have terrorized myself for weeks and weeks for being misaligned which got my purse stolen, or trying to figure out how this was a mirror for me and how I was stealing in some way from someone. It would be nuts right? Especially considering that this experience gave me a chance to help a family in need. What are the chances right?! This guy living a half a mile up the road, this family living a half a mile down the road and me living in the middle, connecting these two. It shows you who really is in charge, the omnipresent part of you.

Every situation has a gift if you look close enough…

I don’t believe that every situation is literally a mirror, even though the mirror concept is really a powerful and useful tool in it’s own. To me it’s just not one that is always as clear cut or useful – especially if you get lost in it. But I use it myself too, I just don’t try to make it work for every experience in my life, there are more spiritual tools to choose from that can help you grow.

When my Twin Soul threw me out of his life after I returned from India I asked for a clear and definite sign that we were still in the Twin Soul reunion process and if that was the case to show me what was my next step. Almost immediately I got an email from Mike Dooley a note from the Universe, it said:

Funny, most folks “there” are waiting for a sign of sorts from folks “here,” before they make a move, take action, or commit.

Same “here.”

Let this be your sign,
      The Universe

Good thing we have eternity, huh?

I racked my brain for a couple of minutes I was on a call with my team manager Yashit who had been with me together with his wife, my designer Jyoti, when I was in India and with my twin. He was leading me the wrong way, just hoping I would just finally let that “asshole” go… He meant well of course, but also he didn’t understand the change of heart in my twin after being an eye witness to how much in love my twin was with me while we were in India. He was angry as hell at my twin because he saw how my twin had broken customs to be close to me and even made unspoken commitments that were not taken lightly in their culture.

I kept thinking, kept reading the TUT words out loud and thought some more and then it fucking hit me. My twin had been a mirror to me. He wanted to commit, he wanted me as his wife he said. If it were up to him alone, we would already have everything we always talked about, but he didn’t dare trust his own judgment. What if we committed to each other now and it didn’t work out? He had so much to lose, as far as he knows choosing for me means losing his family.

This was mid February, two and a half months after I came home from India and it hit me that my next step was trusting my own judgment. Because just like him I was waiting for some sign to commit, instead of just trusting my own inner knowing.

So I started trusting my own judgment. A weekend later while I was in a new age store I pulled out a Romantic Angel card from Doreen Virtue. I asked what I could still expect from my twin and pulled out the card engagement, exactly what I wanted from him. The card said ‘Your love life is ascending to a higher level of commitment’. Two hours later I saw an article on Facebook about the sacred marriage, a sign I had asked in January to be shown if my twin was my partner by divine right for this lifetime. Things were looking really good…

Until a couple of days later when my twin answered my text message for the second time saying that he didn’t love me the way I thought he did and that he also didn’t want a relationship like ours. The first time he had apologized for hurting me, asking for forgiveness and telling me to move on. In his defense this second time, he reacted immediately to me crying in a voice app, telling him if he wanted me to move on – he really needed to help me a bit. He directly texted back ‘How can I help you?’ I asked him why he was doing this, what had happened for him and he replied, he was doing nothing. It was me who was trying to make SOMETHING out of NOTHING with caps.

When I asked what he meant, he answered NOTHING as in NO LOVE. Of all the things he could have said, I never saw that one coming. Plus the way he broke it to me, was like I was a complete delusional moron who just wouldn’t listen. He conveniently forgot that he had refused to talk to me since I left, there was no way I could have known that this is how he felt.

The 17th of February I started trusting my own judgment and the 8th of March, my judgment was severely tested. My twin almost tried to convince me that it was all just only my imagination. He might as well have tried to convince me the sky was green, I wasn’t buying it.

And that is what often happens, when we make a decision – The Universe gives us a situation in which we can test ourselves if we are really committed to our decision. Often people panic and think ‘Oh no! Why is this happening again I must be misaligned or…..‘ fill in the blank. But in reality, it’s only a possibility for the soul to test if the next level that you are vibrating at is stable or if you will let yourself get knocked off your feet.

If I had let myself be knocked off my feet then, The Twin Soul Tribe would not be here now. So I decided to let him think what he wanted, I did tell him he was full of shit (of course I got angry)  but that I wasn’t going to argue with him about his feelings. I kept to what I knew to be the truth and let him go, you simply can’t force love or a love relationship. I knew we had shared a deep love, that I cherished as well as our time together. He could try and drag it through the mud, but I wasn’t going to play ball. Most importantly if he did love me or not, didn’t matter I loved him on a level that I had never experienced before and that was way too beautiful or precious to now degrade simply because he couldn’t see a way for us to be together or even claimed to not want that anymore.

Fast forward another two and a half months and trusting my own judgment, brought me to embracing my unique gift. In which I constantly have to trust on what I feel, what I hear, what I sense and what I know when I energetically connect to someone in the Akashic Record Clearings. Add to that the fear and resistance I felt around owning my clairvoyant powers, that I had to overcome to get here and you can see I was tested through and through if I was really ready to take on the responsibility that came with living my life purpose and sharing my unique gift.

But as you can see my twin with his so called shitty, unfair, bladibla behavior was an important instrument in getting me here.

Imagine how much I would have shortchanged myself and the people waiting for me to own my unique gift, if I had stayed stuck in the idea that this was somehow my fault – that it was my energy that was off or that my twins harsh behavior was somehow mirroring a side of me that I couldn’t see – but because it was happening in my reality it had to be a mirror of my own harshness, denial or dishonesty or whatever….

I would have missed the real gift inside the lesson.

Now let me ask you, where are you keeping yourself in a maze – completely lost in trying to make sense of your reality by only playing the I must be doing something wrong mind game with yourself.

Don’t stay stuck a minute longer, you also have a unique gift to share with the world and finding the gift in the lesson will get you there quicker.

If you are interested and excited to know how I can help you in this process, check out my Akashic Record Clearings to release deep pain and trauma (including fears and false beliefs) or join the Twin Soul Tribe & the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program in which I share step by step how to come into inner union.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you, please share it abundantly. Thank you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie





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