Reactivating Your Divine Blueprint

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Subconscious Blocks Clearings help you release unprocessed trauma and vibrational residue (including karma) from this lifetime and previous lifetimes. Reprogram deep subconscious beliefs, release fears and phobias that are limiting you and retrieve aspects of the soul that were disowned or ‘lost’ in other timelines. Each session helps you reactivate your Divine blueprint, that has always remained immaculate within the soul realm.

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Choosing your session type

If you have never worked with Sabriyé Ayana before, please book a first 2 hour session (€1555). When doing this deep work for the first time, there is often a build up of themes that want to be seen and released. We need the extra time to be able to work through them.

For repeat sessions you can book a 1 hour session (€888).

Are you stuck in painful patterns and karmic loops?

Is an area in your life not completely working for you?

Do you keep running into the same kind of situations and the same kind of relationships? Do you recognize repeating patterns in your life that you just can’t seem to break?

You are not alone. This is very common, but hardly ever addressed.

Everything we experience in our outer reality is a reflection of what we believe and hold to be true internally. This is how life in the physical plane works, it allows our subconscious to project out onto the screen of life that which we hold to be true inside of us.

Throughout our many incarnations on our soul’s journey since we split from source, we have had many different experiences in the physical and in between lives. Some were extremely happy, loving, joyous and beautiful. Others were scary, traumatizing and extremely painful to go through.

These latter experiences often have left their mark on us and we still carry with us the vibrational residue of these experiences even when they happened lifetimes and lifetimes ago. This vibrational residue and in some cases unprocessed trauma from the past is what pulls in the people, situations and experiences that we encounter in our everyday life. Which is what many people refer to as karma.

This happens not as a punishment by the Divine because you did something wrong, instead it is a blessing where the subconscious projects everything unresolved and unprocessed out onto the screen of life as an opportunity to heal it once and for all.

The reality is that all our pain is ultimately based in a misinterpretation of our experience. It all started with the incarnation wound, our first experience of separation from the Oneness that is our true nature. The pain of feeling separated and what we made it mean about ourselves is what started our accumulation of karma. As we started to attract the people, situations and experiences that would help us heal our misunderstanding – we instead felt victimized and hurt more because we didn’t understand that they were presented to us as an opportunity to heal.

Over the course of many different lifetimes this has led to the accumulation of various different misinterpretations, which each then created their own unique set of false beliefs and or fears that keep you from accessing your original Divine Blueprint which has remained immaculate within the soul realm.

By revisiting these various moments of misinterpretations and remembering what we erroneously made them mean, we restore them to our soul truth. Each time we do this we reactivate our Divine Blueprint, which allows us to return to our original state of Oneness and the Heaven on Earth experience that life in the physical is meant to be.

The Akashic records, which are the chronicles of the soul – offer us a unique opportunity to make our subconscious fears and false beliefs (our misinterpretations) conscious. Each lifetime in the physical and all our experiences throughout the different dimensions are held in our personal Akasha. The Akasha is an all-pervading field in the ether in which the records of all our past events are imprinted. By removing the unresolved trauma and unprocessed pain from this field we reactivate our Divine Blueprint.

Healing separation and inner fragmentation

Part of the reactivation of the Divine Blueprint is healing both separation and fragmentation within yourself. Only when you have restored your sense of wholeness within can you become who YOU really are and always have been on a soul level and fully embody this state of consciousness and state of being in your physical reality.

The reason you have not been able to do this until now is because throughout your soul’s journey through time, space and the different dimensions you have accumulated many subconscious fears and false beliefs that are keeping you from seeing your true self.

These fears and false beliefs are like looking at yourself in a cracked mirror, showing you the broken and fragmented pieces of yourself instead of the real YOU that has been there all along – your true essence which is whole and one with the Divine.

Your soul is the highest expression of you, but instead over lifetimes and lifetimes throughout eons and eons you have been conditioned to identify yourself with your personality and ego self, which is the false self. It is not the truth of who you are.

Soul Partnership connections are meant to wake up both of the couple out of this illusion of identifying with the false self and fully realizing who they are on a soul level. Which is the essence of the Ascension process, shedding the old self and experiencing an inner rebirth as the soul self.

Working inside the Akashic Records really allows you to find the places inside yourself where you subconsciously feel fragmented or broken due to past life experiences and trauma. Your current-life trauma is ALWAYS connected to past life trauma, that was left unresolved and is seeking to be healed in your current day life experience.

Facing these painful and often even disowned parts of yourself is what many refer to as shadow work. Another important part of working in the Akashic records is soul retrieval, this is where we bring back fragmented and lost parts of your soul that you disowned and that are now ready to be reintegrated, which restores your sense of oneness within which is essential to reaching inner union.

How the subconscious mind creates your physical reality

Until You Make the Unconscious Conscious, it will Direct Your Life and You will call it Fate.
Carl Jung

You are a vibrational being who is made up of both a conscious part and a subconscious/unconscious part, your conscious part is only deciding 5% of your life. The subconscious mind directs your life for 95% so if there is still a lot of subconscious pain and trauma in the subconscious mind, it will attract matching vibrational outcomes in your physical reality.

Which is why Carl Jung psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology, states that if we don’t make these parts of us conscious, they will create our reality and we will just write it off as fate – never realizing that the problems in our lives are ‘self-generated’ (which does not mean it’s your fault). Blame is a 3D old paradigm concept, that does not exist in 5D.

What you belief to be true within you – whether conscious or subconscious, is mirrored back to you as your physical reality outside of you. A lot of your subconscious beliefs that you held true lifetimes and lifetimes ago are not aligned to your highest or soul truth. By having them mirrored back to you in your 3rd dimensional reality, you get a chance to become consciously aware of the subconscious belief and decide if you still want to believe it. In other words it provides a unique opportunity to check if this belief is still true for you today and continues to serve you.

Because many of our subconscious beliefs are trauma responses, they no longer apply to our current reality. However, because they are subconscious (automated beliefs) we don’t revisit them to check if they are still relevant. Because we deemed them to be true at some point, they remain to be seen as true today even when our circumstances have completely changed. This is true for for example past life beliefs, as well as childhood beliefs – although we have evolved our subconscious belief system still holds the outdated beliefs from before as true for us even when they are false and or no longer apply.

It’s not uncommon in sessions with clients for them to see that what is happening today in their life is a redo of a previous life or a deeper karmic pattern that they have had on rinse and repeat throughout multiple lifetimes.

The subconscious mind doesn’t know time, it only knows the now and it doesn’t know any other than the self, so anything it believes is applied to the SELF in the NOW whether it is from a past life, an ancestral belief or from another origin.

There is also no differentiation in where the false beliefs or fears originated because all origins across different timelines are connected to the same soul and through the connection to the soul they all become relevant, as they are false identifications. They prevent you from seeing the truth of your being.

When it comes to subconscious beliefs, you need to either PLAY out the past in real-time (fate) or CLEAR out the past energetically.

This is because everything that you do not clear out yourself, you will have to play out in your physical reality to have it fully cleared. Clearing out these old energies, reduces and often eliminates the necessity to have to play out all these painful past hurts in your life in order to heal them. This makes your current life experiences less painful and easier to navigate.

It’s not always easy to recognize the connection between current events and the past, especially if there is a connection with previous lifetimes. You simply don’t know, what you don’t know which is why it is so important to make the subconscious conscious, so that you can start to see your experiences from your soul’s perspective instead of the ego perspective.

The ego always feels attacked, victimized, done wrong and treated unjustly which only adds insult to injury (leads to more accumulation of trauma). Only the soul can see the higher good and the connection to a bigger picture across different timelines. When we can tap into the soul’s perspective we enter a vortex of immense healing.

Below you will find some of the subconscious wounds that are keeping you from fully living your soul truth:

  • Abandonment wounds
  • Rejection wounds
  • Wounds in relation to your mother (Mother wound)
  • Wounds in relation to your father (Father wound)
  • Inner child wounding
  • Sexual abuse issues
  • Grieve & loss issues
  • Anger & resentment issues
  • Fears great (phobias) & small
  • Hatred & revenge issues
  • Your relationship with your soul and the Divine
  • Your relationship with siblings
  • Wounds with your Twin Soul or Soulmates in past lives
  • Unresolved karma from past lives
  • Past life oaths and vows of celibacy and poverty
  • Ancestral beliefs around love and marriage
  • Codependency and stepping into your power
  • Patriarchal conditioning and wounding

What makes it complex is that you are often not consciously aware of the wounds that are being triggered.

You see your current experience as an isolated experience with the specific people or person involved, when in reality they are interconnected with often your childhood, your family lineages and unresolved trauma from previous lifetimes – literally subconsciously calling in these people, situations and experiences that you are currently living.

However, this ‘recreation’ of the past so to speak, creates an immense opportunity for you to heal and grow, which will help you to really transform your life and create the life of your dreams – by clearing out all these subconscious blocks that were keeping you stuck in unwanted realities.

The more you close off and collapse these old timelines, the more you free yourself to be able to call in the experiences that correspond with your Divine Blueprint – your Divine Design. All of the above wounding is nothing but thick layers of debris that keeps you from accessing what is yours by Divine Right. Once you remove these layers of false perceptions and pain, you fully reactivate your Divine Blueprint.

Akashic Record

In order to help you heal these past lives and bring the subconscious programming that needs to be reprogrammed, into your conscious awareness I have developed a technique that gives YOU direct access to your own Akashic records.

The Akashic Record Clearings offer you a powerful journey into your subconscious mind and Akashic record to help you release deep unconscious and often karmic patterns that are weighing your vibrational field down with dense energies – which keep you corded to the old 3D paradigm templates and vibrational frequency.

It’s these energies that repel your twin and cause energetic disharmony which is at the root of the Twin Soul runner/chaser dynamic and long term separation. Remember Twin Soul unions don’t work on the two halves, becoming one whole model. Your twin will keep triggering everywhere where you are still feeling cut off from your own wholeness, even when you are already in a romantic relationship together.

The point of a Twin Soul connection is not the romance, the point is the soul growth – the romance is the cherry on top.

We all wish there was a magic pill, that we could take and we would be in instant union with our Twin Soul. Trust me, that pill doesn’t exist. We all have to do our own inner work and with this session, I can help YOU find multiple past lives and the subconscious programming that are keeping you out of harmony within.

Contrary to most Akashic Record Clearings, I do not read your records for you. The energy I bring into your chakras and energy system activates your own dormant psychic abilities, this allows you to experience the content in your Akashic record first-hand without having to rely on the readers interpretation or level of understanding.

In the session you will experience directly which exact (past life) trauma’s, beliefs and repressed emotions are at this moment causing the problems in your life and causing your Twin Soul to keep distance. The energy that I bring into your chakras will help you heal and clear these vibrational wounds at the deepest level. It’s the equivalent of spiritual Drano, that deeply unclogs the pipes of your subconscious mind.

This cleansing will benefit YOU personally, it will benefit your twin (as all the healing work one twin does works through to the benefit of the other twin too) and it will benefit your Twin Soul connection.

Many Twin Souls are scheduled to come into union in the coming years, but it is not something that just magically happens. If that were the case there wouldn’t be so many twin couples in separation for years on end and often even decades.

You have to remove your own (subconscious) blocks to union within. The more you heal on your own initiative, the less wounds there are left to be triggered in your Twin Soul relationship and the deeper these union energies can help you connect to your twin in the time to come.

Doing your inner healing work, in the end will be what will bring you into lasting harmony with your twin and get the most out of the supportive energies that are now being sent down to help more and more Twin Souls reach their final reunion together.

How does it work?

The Akashic Record Clearings are done by audio call. After you have paid for the clearing, you will be redirected to my online scheduler where you can pick an available time and date. When your booking is confirmed, we will meet on a conference call on the appointed date and time.

During the call I will bring in a powerful clearing energy through your chakra’s that brings up the subconscious wounds, this energy activates your own dormant psychic ability allowing you to see (feel, hear or know) during the session.

Your higher self will guide us through the session and will bring up the wounds that are ready to be addressed and released in order for you to reach the next level of consciousness available to you at this time.

In this journey into your Akashic record and subconscious mind we will clear and heal any of the following according to what your soul prioritizes:

  • Any place where you are holding low frequency emotions such as anger, resentment, fear, hatred, judgement, guilt, shame, blame, grief, depression, devastation and so on
  • Any place where you are pitched against yourself, through shame, blame, guilt, self-loathing, self-judgement, self-hatred, etc
  • Any place where you are not standing in your power, because of victim identification or because you don’t trust yourself with power based on past experiences
  • Any wounds regarding trusting your higher self or the Divine
  • Any places where you disowned pieces of your soul (soul loss) that are now ready to come back and be integrated, including the past life gifts from those lifetimes (soul retrieval)
  • Money related trauma, stuck in the root chakra, solar plexus chakra or heart chakra and any fears or false beliefs you have around money and abundance
  • Your core wounding (when you are ready) that is keeping you in false identification with the ego and personality, instead of identifying with your soul
  • Any wounding and beliefs from past lives that have you mistrust men/women, doubt love, fear sexuality or have any other negative charge that is making you subconsciously distrust the other sex in this lifetime
  • Possible past life oaths and vows, such as poverty vows and vows of celibacy
  • Cut cords with people, places, morphic fields (racism, slavery, misogyny, patriarchy, etc) and collective consciousness that no longer serve you – release outdated soul contracts
  • Any joint past lives with your twin in which you hurt, killed one another, lost each other or any other memory that has now been reactivated and needs to be healed before you can reach harmony together
  • Replace 3D paradigm subconscious programming with new 5th dimensional consciousness and unity codes

The session will take you through multiple past lifetimes and current life wounds which we will heal one by one. This will then reveal a deeper underlying karmic pattern to me, that we will hone in on and I will help you clear the root karmic pattern that is causing the manifestation of that same pattern in this lifetime.

Do not fear being re-traumatized as you will ONLY be shown what you are ready to see and release. We work in a highly protected energetic force field, directly in your Akashic record and under direct guidance of your higher self. My role is only to set up the force field that allows you to access your Akashic records yourself and to guide you deeper into the experiences. I create the bridge into this etheric realm and I am your guide there until I bring you back in the here and now, when we have done our healing and clearing work.

Everything you heal in this journey will change your own vibrational frequency. It will also work through to your Twin Soul as your chakra systems are connected to each other and it will reduce the triggers between you that set off running, allowing for a more harmonious relationship together.

Manifesting a Twin Soul love relationship is much like any other manifestation, in which you need to eliminate all the internal blocks that are keeping you from manifesting your deepest heart’s desire – a loving and harmonious partnership with the love of your life – Your ONE TRUE LOVE. Some you will easily access yourself, other blocks are lodged deep inside your subconscious mind. Part of this aligning to a harmonious partnership, is also releasing the toxic romantic love programming that has not worked for you in previous relationships either.

The Akashic Record Clearings that I offer, will help you get deep access to your subconscious mind and find the different ways YOU are subconsciously BLOCKING your own Twin Soul Union, even when it is consciously your deepest and most wanted heart’s desire.

These sessions are very intimate and sacred, they feel almost like birthing a child, except now you are birthing long hidden aspects of your soul and eventually you rebirth yourself completely as your soul self (which is the final stage of inner union) and full self-actualization.

I am so humbled and honored to assist you in the pregnancy (whether you are a man or a woman) and eventual birth of your true self, your soul fully incarnating in the physical.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie



Practical info

Here is some practical information, to help you optimally prepare for your Akashic Record Clearing. Please read this section carefully, so that we can use our time together on deeply exploring your subconscious blocks and karmic patterns – instead of repeating this kind of general info on the call.

What you need to know before the session:

  • This is a maximum 1 to 1,5 or 2 to 2,5 hour session (first or repeat)
  • The call will be held on a conference call
  • The call will be audio only so that you can fully focus on the information you are being shown in your Akashic Record
  • You can use your laptop, smartphone or tablet to access the conference call
  • We start seated to bring in the energy, after that you can lie down it will help you relax deeper
  • Please make sure to use a headset, this will help the energy transference go deeper
  • Please read the ‘after the session’ instructions BEFORE coming on the call

After the session please:

  • Take an Epsom salt foot bath (sea salt or magnesium salt work too) to fully release the energies that we have brought up for clearing, from the past lives we worked in.
  • Burn some dried sage in the room where you sat during the journey, this to clean the space energetically of all the residue energies we cleared during the session.
  • Drink lots of water to help flush out all the energies that were lodged in your physical body and are now being released.


By buying this service you state that you have read the following disclaimer and terms of service and that you willingly enter into and accept the following as your own words:

I am 18 years of age or older. I understand that I am not receiving legal, professional, financial, medical, religious, emotional or psychological advice. I understand that no warranty or guarantee exists. I understand that any inferences I make during my session are my own, and are open to interpretation. I understand that it is my choice to act upon any information gleaned during my session and I hold Sabriyé harmless from any liability.

I understand that no professional relationship exists. By agreeing to the terms of this disclaimer, I certify that I am voluntarily seeking service from Sabriyé and take full responsibility for any/all outcomes.

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Sabriyé Ayana is the leading expert on the Soul Partnership journey and Inner Union process. As a spiritual teacher and healer, she helps those seeking to attract or reunite with their Soul Partner to understand that this journey is not just about creating a fairy-tale and they lived happily ever after together... Download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to find out more.

52 reviews for Reactivating Your Divine Blueprint

  1. Charlie

    I booked three akashic record sessions with Sabriyé, of which one was a money block session. The first time I did not know what to expect and was even a little nervous. There was absolutely no need for this. Sabriyé knows how to bring you back to another lifetime and remain calm. Time after time I was amazed by the things that popped up. The first time, I was reluctant to experience these past lives myself. But I got chills on a couple of occasions during the session, so for sure it resonated. Sabriyé will not give up until the core wound is found, even if it takes several past lives and a lot of time before you arrive. During my second session it took almost 1,5 hour before I could even access the information, since it was a delicate theme and people had to swear an oath of silence at the time. I was turning in circles. I am grateful for Sabriyé´s patience and persistence. After the sessions, some integration time is needed to let everything sink in. To me personally, the sessions did have an effect on the relationship with the twin flame. I could see through certain scenarios my counterpart and I were playing out. I strongly recommend booking more than one akashic record session with Sabriyé. Crucial on the healing journey.

    S Charlie

  2. Katie

    I recently had a second Akashic Record session with Sabriye and I was SHOCKED at the past lives she was able to help me tap into. Not only did she illuminate subconscious wounding I had no idea was there, but she gave me practical advice, as well as an affirmation to help release the blockage.

    The slow drip-drip-drip of change is my norm as I navigate this twin flame journey, but just like my first session with Sabriye, afterwards there was a HUGE shift of energy and instead of the slow and steady pace of healing, I was pushed through a warp speed that allowed me to push past the fear of “letting go and surrendering” faster than normal. Suddenly now I’m so focused on creating the life I want and the healing necessary that “surrendering” and trusting what my soul wants is coming faster and more naturally.

    Thanks, Sabriye, and your team for all that you do!

    Lots of love —


  3. Brittany

    Hello I’ve been following you for a while and have already received confirmation on more than one occasion! The most recent time I used the acronym CBC because it was on his old car’s license plate and I associate it with him. On day 1 I saw 1 license plate with it. Day 2 nothing. Then, on day 3, I was watching a friend’s IG story and was skipping through because she had a lot of them, when suddenly I felt the impulse to go back to the beginning of her stories and watch more thoroughly. Sure enough, one of her stories was a pic of her and her friend wearing shirts that said CBC in big bold letters. That was 2 in 1. I was blown away. Thank you so so much for sharing this method because it really is foolproof.

  4. Gabby

    Hey, thank you for the link.
    Also wanted to say thank you for sharing your journey so openly and all your teachings. I have just started the Goddess of Self Love and I wanted to share with you that through all the healing (with you) and the inner work I have been doing I have fully let go of my twin and have come to the realization that I do not need him to live my life to the fullest. I feel immensely grateful that I am able to finally surrender it to God and feel excited to start creating my new life with or without him a part of it. I couldn’t have done this without your Akashic Record Clearing, even though it was in February it is still changing my life daily! I left behind my old job last month and am excited to see what my next step will hold for me in finding my life purpose. Thanks to you and your gift I have been able to let go and put my faith completely in God.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Sabriyé,

    Thank you so much for the healing session. I never went so deep and now I’m connecting more dots.

    I just saw a picture of Joan’s birth place. This is exactly the dark house I saw on the right side of the church. When the door opened, I saw fire burning inside. The village was burned. I’m planning to read a book or watch a movie on Joan of arc. Do you suggest it or shall I just let it go?

  6. Anonymous

    Hi Sabriye, I’m not sure if you remember me, but I did one session with you back in April 2019. Do you recall that at all? I wanted to tell you I am doing phenomenally. I don’t really know how to communicate what I wanted to share via text. But I’ll try to quickly: I did the work. The inner union leading to overwhelming abundance in my life leading to meeting my life partner. I could never have imagined what was available to me in this life. I guess I just wanted to tell you I did it! Although, I’m not actually familiar with what you teach I think I get the gist. And I’m living it. I’m thankful that you’re putting something out into the world aligned with truth in the “twin flame” realm. I know from lived experience that path has been so distorted and that distortion is very harmful. I feel such gratitude for your work and I hope it reaches far and wide!

  7. Beth

    Good morning! I tried the bach flower remedy and I feel so much calmer than I have in ages. As a woman who takes antidepressants on a regular basis, this is huge!!! Thank you for recommending them. Looking forward to working with you soon.

  8. Mich Smart

    Sabriyeayana I can’t thank you enough totally mind blowing the interconnectedness of it all, and how all my past lives connect to my present and the obstacles and blocks that I have tried many times to shift using different modalities damn. In one session it all makes so such sence and cleared in that session I wish I had done it sooner rather than just watching from the sidelines waiting. I must have been ready. I understand myself I love it, why I do what I do, and why I don’t do what I want to do. Thank you so much Amazing lady. Honestly was worth it.
    I so love that I was a witch, I have always been drawn to it, wow!

  9. Tammy

    I had an amazing Akashic Record session with Sabriyé Ayana today so much explained. Then I spent the rest of the day noticing how much I try to control outcomes. I honestly had no idea it was that bad!!! Once I would notice it I just let myself be present to the moment, and said to myself let it be (It’s what felt right). Was so freeing to not be constantly trying to work out my next move every sec of the day. Moment to moment being present to whatever there was.

  10. Chris

    I just had my first Akashic Record Clearing session with Sabriyé. We went into 8 different past life scenarios including 2 where I was female. She helped me release some long held false beliefs – even some that I was holding onto in my subconscious mind for Centuries!! The session was incredible and I was surprised that we were able to go so deep. Sabriyé is wonderful! She is calm and made me feel at ease throughout the session. I think the best way to get the most out of an Akashic Record Clearing session with Sabriyé is to let go of any ego attachment to a particular gender (our souls don’t have a defined gender- we all have a Devine Feminine and a Devine Masculine after all) and to trust whatever is coming through – For me, it was through a combination of seeing, feeling and knowing what I had experienced in my past lives and what my higher self-wanted me to understand. Thank you Sabriyé for guiding me on this journey – You are incredible! I would recommend anybody on the Twin Flame journey who is even remotely considering booking a session to just do it. It’s an amazing experience and really helps to put into perspective that we are so much more than our physical selves.

  11. Bridget

    I can’t believe it’s been two weeks already. So much has changed and shifted. I don’t really know where to start because there is so much! Since my first session with you back in April I feel like a new world has opened up in me. I am understanding full circle moments and finding forgiveness in new meaningful ways. Too much to really say. It’s challenging and amazing. I do have a question. Is it common that after accessing a past life that even months later you all of a sudden receive new insights related to that past life? Like details that you didn’t notice before all of a sudden in a flash seem to make sense and seem related to that past life? Like details that you didn’t notice before all of a sudden in a flash seem to make sense and seem so important, like how did I not see that before? Or that you begin to access past lives on your own? Both things have happened to me and I trust the information I received but it was one of those moments that are like “oh wow, did I just realize that or see that?” It’s almost hard to believe! Everything, even the hard things seem so magical these days.

    Love and Gratitude.

  12. Devon

    Hi Sabriye. I’m not sure if you remember me, but I did one session with you back in April 2019. Do you recall that at all? I wanted to tell you I am doing phenomenally. I don’t really know how to communicate what I wanted to share via text. But I’ll try to quickly: I did the work. The inner union leading to overwhelming abundance in my life leading to meeting my life partner. I could never have imagined what was available to me in this life. I guess I just wanted to tell you I did it! Although, I’m not actually familiar with what you teach I think I get the gist. And I’m living it. I’m thankful that you’re putting something out into the world aligned with truth in the “twin flame” realm. I know from lived experience that path has been so distorted and that distortion is very harmful. I feel such gratitude for your work and I hope it reaches far and wide!

  13. Anonymous

    Hello Sabriyé
    I know I have talked to you since our last Akashic record clearing (we had coaching session instead) and told you that since going to the past life where I was dismembered and didn’t care I died I now feel whole! Before I kept telling myself I’m not whole and I had no idea where that thought was coming from So that’s huge!

  14. JaMeya

    I had a session with Sabriye in December 2018. At that time in my life, I was laid off from my job and was struggling with a soulmate connection that seemed to become more dire as time went on. I had been religiously reading Sabriye’s blog post for a couple of months and had gone back and forth with myself on whether I should have an Akashic Record Session with Sabriye.

    Looking back, I can see me losing my job was the kick up the rear I needed to start on my spiritual path. Back then, I was the kind of person that felt powerless and who was firmly rooted in 3D consciousness. If I ever started down my spiritual path in any way, it was going to be because I was pushed to do so! So when I knew I had one last paycheck coming in and that 2018 as a year had all the 3D tactics I used blow up in my face, I took a leap of faith and booked a session with Sabriye.

    When I worked with Sabriye, I mainly was able to see, hear, and feel my past lives. It ended on a past life that turnt a soul retrieval from a lifetime where I was a Native American medicine man. I was able to see how a poisoned arrow that pierced me in that lifetime was following me through the lifetimes I saw in the session and even to this lifetime when it came to incidents of sexual abuse I had experienced.

    To heal this lifetime, I was guided to break this arrow and to reclaim my power! I could physically feel an aspect of my soul come back to me through my heart chakra and I remembered profusely thanking Sabriye at the end of the session. I found myself realizing that moments like this are truly priceless and I was grateful to be able to have this experience.

    It’s been nearly a year since my last session and 2019 has been much lighter energetically. I know the shifts and healing I’ve been able to do this year have to do with the session I had with Sabriye. The parallels between beliefs I have in this life and past lives have been dead on and so useful for knowing some of the false subconscious beliefs I have that are ready to be released.

    Also, an amazing moment of synchronicity occurred after my session. A couple days later, the drain in my bathtub had spurted up some foul smelling nonsense that had to with some sludge in the gutters outside my house. I knew this was confirmation from Spirit that the session really did have an affect and that some of the sludge and gunk in my subconscious mind really had been cleared out.

    When you have a session with Sabriye, it’s ultimately an investment in yourself. When it comes to releasing things in your subconscious mind and returning aspects of your soul, I really don’t think there’s a price for that. Sabriye has an amazing gift and after the session, there was never a moment where I regretted the money I spent. A year later, I have been feeling so much lighter whereas in 2018, I felt like there was a rain cloud over my head that had me in the worst year of my life.

    On the other hand, 2019 has been the most transformative year of my life! The work Sabriye did enabled me to stop being my worst enemy and to be able to move forward in life! I was able to officially step onto my spiritual path and to step into my power this year. My reality doesn’t have nearly as much trials and tribulations as it did last year and I know that has to do with the shift I made from a session with Sabriye! It set the whole tone of my 2019 and I haven’t looked back since! Sabriye’s the real deal and is as close to a magic fix that you’ll probably get in this life!

  15. Catarina Fernandes Martins

    When the first person who loved me for who I was and whom I loved entirely for the first time told me, ‘not now’, I knew I had work to do on myself. I had no spiritual background and wasn’t at all familiar with the concept of Twin Souls. I was a wannabe intellectual – romance actually bothered me, because I saw it as a detour from my career and the path I had been preparing myself to walk since I could remember.

    Through that path, I brought myself great success at an early age, but I also pushed love, normal life and my family away from me. Before our encounter, I had been in therapy for almost 10 years. I sought to understand why I couldn’t have a normal life, but nothing worked. When I met him, a door opened for me to really heal for the first time. And for the first time, I saw how far I had strayed from home in myself and the home which meant family.

    This journey has been first and foremost a journey of humility. And that has led me to fully heal my relationship with my parents and brother. Since joining the Tribe, I have learned to go with the flow in all aspects, including money, and that means magic every day.

    Every day, I think something and it happens, I wish for an apartment to be available and two days later, it is – the list has hundreds of pages… The paradox for me has been that a shift that even I still consider too out there, actually brought me the ordinary life that has always eluded me.

    I had worked with many healers and had worked really hard on myself before I joined the Twin Flame Tribe, but implementing Sabryié’s teachings was what actually allowed me to make that shift. There used to be anxious, bruised and fearful walls between me, other people and experience. After all the energetic work I have done and the studying of these modules, they have been replaced by a very thin veil, getting thinner by the second.

    Now, having surrendered the outcome of a career I have chased since I was 6, I am curious to know what my mission is – but I am starting to wait without being tired by waiting. As for love, I believe we are meant to be. But I have recently arrived at a grounded acceptance that whatever happens will be magical. And in my blood, there’s eternal gratitude that this wonderful encounter has finally put us both – and so many people around us – on the road of peace and happiness.

  16. Myriam

    Hi Sabriye, about our last session do you remember what came up about my life where I was a young girl who got abused by my father and than ran away to a foster family? Only to get abused again by my foster father and mutilated by my foster mother.

    In my current life my foster parents are my biological parents, while my aunt and uncle were my biological father and stepmother in my past life.

    So yesterday I was at my aunt’s place and I felt a love between us that I have never felt before because of all the blocks from her to me from the previous lifetime in which she saw me as a rival to her husband’s love. After clearing the past life, I feel I can be more open to receiving her love as well.

    I saw my father after 1 year of no contact (this wasn’t the first time) I felt way more love with my father too, a softening and deep realization of where I am allowed to receive and heal deeper in these dynamics.

    All in all I noticed that all these developments are helping me with anchoring in the spiritual consciousness and higher vibrational frequency into my physical existence, which makes so much sense as I write this down.

    It’s interesting that my uncle seems ‘afraid of me’ (my past life dad) but that’s maybe what he needs to work through subconsciously to come to peace with that lifetime and himself.

    I’m so grateful because your session has helped me so much I can feel that. I have had other sessions with healers and I have done a lot of inner work, especially on these themes that came up in our session.

    But the work we did together went extremely deep and it gave me such an important piece of the puzzle, that I had been missing. Without this session I would have not been able to see the big picture and sadly but true, I would still be going in circles trying to make sense of it all. So thank you very much, for helping me see what I needed to see to be able to move on with my life.

  17. Denis

    Hi Sabriyé,

    I promised to write you about what happens after our session, so here I am.

    In a couple of words: Massive shift!

    We are seeing each other again and talk about a lot of situations from the past, but from a way different perspective. We enjoy spending time together and also being intimate with each other. She is scared however to get back into a physical relationship yet, so only the universe will show us the way forward.

    I would really like to thank you and would really, really enjoy doing another session with you about career & finances.
    Whatever the universe hold for me in my love life from here, I simply know it’s for the best and love will prevail!

    Thank you once again for what you did for me, guiding me through!

    All best and talk to you sooner than expected!


  18. Victoria

    I met my TF in the summer of 2017. After a short blissful time, our communication totally stopped. I was so lost and emotional and had no clue why I couldn’t simply forget him and go on with my normal life. This was the time when I found Sabriyé and the TF Tribe Program. I read every article from her blog and started following the program. It helped me understand but I was still obsessing so much. Stalking him on social media, watching tarot readings searching for signs to keep hoping that he is coming back. My whole life was controlled by my obsession.

    I went on following the program, started to work with a local healer on a very regular basis and started to take my life back and made some tough decisions.
    I started honoring myself more and my needs and divorced, as I was very unhappy in this narcissistic relationship for a long time and desperately wanted to start a new life.

    I also had 2 Akashic Record Clearing sessions with Sabriyé.
    The first one was on issues with my TF and healing the wounds between us, but the second one turned out to be life changing for me.
    We worked on stepping into my power and full potential and not holding back because of fear of my own power.
    Doing the work helped me not obsessing so much and focusing more on myself, but still I believed this man would be the only one in the world I could be with and union that has to happen, in order for me to have a fulfilled life.

    Some weeks after the session I felt how the power grounded in my reality. I got much calmer, much more self confident and for the first time in my life I enjoyed spending time with myself. One of my biggest fears had always been, being alone. I always had people around even if they hurt me, only to have somebody with me.
    I felt full on my own without needing anyone. I never thought I would be able to feel like this.

    At the same time I stopped following all other TF teachers and Tarot readings to forecast union and turned to channels about healing and working on myself.
    I had a good social media detox. I also started to paint again and making plans together with my local healer to work in cooperation.
    This all happened last Autumn.

    In December I was able to let go of the obsessing and the outcome with my TF completely. I released the emotions and l connected even more deeply with my inner voice and universe. During this time I started to believe in the possibility of what Sabriyé often talks about in her teachings: “Be in a mutual loving relationship with your TF or someone better.” To be honest, this was a phrase I always skipped over as quickly as possible, because I thought – how could there be someone better?

    One night before I went to sleep I talked to spirit. I was in such a good place, happy and comfortable on my own and felt my power and I claimed my divine right of divine union with my TF or someone better and released the outcome of how, when and who and knew that everything will turn out for my very best as it always did, like i know now (which I learned to trust in the program).

    And some weeks after that it all shifted.
    On new years eve I met a man at a friends party. I knew him for half my life but we never really connected.
    Crazy, magical signs and synchronicities started to show up and since this night in December I absolutely know that there could be someone better than my TF.

    Thanks to the combination of the Tribe Program and the sessions with Sabriyé my life changed rapidly and in such a magical way I could have never imagined. The Program helped me so much to work on myself. When everything got too heavy and I got too much in my head, I would grab the Program and read it as I had it always available. I’m also very grateful for the Facebook Group as I needed people around me, who understand what I was going through when nobody else did.
    And the best of all, for the first time in my life I’m feeling free. Free to be who I really am and exploring myself and my gifts and at the same time attracting people into my life who love me for being the real me.

  19. Michelle

    I did a session with @sabriyeayana when I was at the start of my journey. That session really opened up my interest in energy healing work and Akashic clearing. Been doing those ever since! I highly recommend a session with Sabriyé. One of the past lives that came through in my session was so profoundly deep that it took me months to understand. I’m still clearing from that lifetime. There are other healers out there that do Akashic clearing BUT Sabriyé really goes deep, especially if you are on the Twin Flame journey. I also want to add that I go to many different healers, but in the Twin Flame world, my session with her (I also had a consultation with her) truly propelled me forward on my journey. Truly, truly worth the investment.

  20. Miroslava

    For many years since I was little, I grew up feeling unloved by my parents. My father was always very strict. As a traditional Mexican family disciplinary action always involved the belt buckle imprinted on my butt. With a mom that never did anything about it so never to contradict my father. In addition to that my mom would never hug me, would rarely say the words “I LOVE YOU” and always thought she needed to have us detached from her just in case she ever died my brother and I would not hurt for her. With my father it was always what he said was right. We could never contradict him. It was always his way or the highway. Now as an adult I knew there had to be more, I knew I had a lot of healing to do. I got to a point that I understood my parents did the best they could with what they knew since their behavior was not that far of from that of their parents. Throughout a series of events and sites that brought me to Sabriyé’s website, I knew she could help me with many things. My first session with Sabriyé was around money blocks, but oh boy did I have something totally different come up then what I expected. A past life with my parents that obviously needed healing. After that first session out of no were my mom hugs me as she was leaving my house. The relationship with my mom has become amazingly closer. A few weeks after that my mom sent me an email telling me how proud she is of me and how sorry she is that she tried to do her best in raising us and how she had to make peace with her mom to realize how lacking of love and abandoned she had left me.
    With Sabriyé’s session huge shifts happened. At the India retreat Sabriyé facilitated our session had such amazing healing beyond what i ever thought it would be. After returning from the retreat even more shifts happened, I was finally able to speak to my dad (who I do business with) and not feel afraid to tell him exactly what I think. We have breakfast together on Saturdays, we speak more often, he agrees with the way I want to do things, this is so unbelievable. It is just incredible how Sabriyé’s sessions can bring such a great impact on my life.

  21. Momoko

    My twin and I were separated for more than 10 years after our initial meeting when we were children. He doesn’t remember much about the experience we had as school children so reconnecting with him was like meeting a brand new person…again. Throughout the past ten years, he was always at the back of my mind somewhere despite that we were continents apart, not in communication, and I have had other love interests. But beginning from mid 2017, he began to be in my head and heart everyday persistently to a point that I could not shake it off any longer. I began to explore this connection through communications with psychics, and while most of them were deadly wrong about things, one of them introduced me to the idea of twin flames. I began to explore this concept and found Sabriyé’s Gangsta Goddess support group. I did several sessions of healing work with Sabriyé and another healer, and I began to realize that surrendering expectations and having faith in the divine timing were my lessons. Sabriyé’s support helped me to experience surrender and trust in the divine, even though I am very neurotic and anxious by nature.

    I booked flights from NYC to Tokyo to see my twin on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Kyoto. I asked him if he was available but he replied that he is not available on both days. When I realized he might be out of town on Christmas Eve, I was about to cry, but then I decided to enjoy myself in Kyoto by visiting a local temple that is known for love blessings.
    But Christmas Eve was particularly hard, because the same day happened to be a national holiday in Japan so I saw many couples holding hands. Sabriyé then asked me to read Module 13 on surrendering expectations, which made me surrender deeper and trust that everything would work out for the best.

    The next morning, I had a business meeting at his university, and discovered that students were not on holiday so I figured that he might be in his research lab. I brought him a mini Christmas gift consisting of bread, beer and snacks, and asked his professor to hand the gift to him, and I began to run away (probably because of excitement). As I was walking down the hill, he texted me asking me where I was, so I walked back to the top of the hill where his lab was. We then had a joyful hour-long conversation which was so beyond the world. He then walked me down to the bus stop and was receptive to my hugs…twice (which is very atypical of my countrymen). We are about to have our next meeting in March.

    When I asked him “what time is it?” on the day we reconciled, the clock was 17:17. which means manifestation of miracles.

    This experience has taught me to be patient and surrender, which are two things that I am not great at since I am impatient and want to be in control of my life. To this day, when he sends me short text messages, I am learning to surrender and not read too much into it.

  22. Chi Pham

    I absolutely adore Sabriye! Sabriye was gentle, intuitive, and patient as she listened to my needs and guided me through her healing process. I had a 2 hour Akashic record clearing session with Sabriye. She guided me on topics which my soul felt the need to uncover and heal at the time. She guided me to past lives causing trauma which prevented me from love and intimacy in my current life. We cleared several lives around family contracts, core wounds, and sexual traumas. Additionally we went to a life related to both love and money intertwined. Interesting, 3 of the past lives we visited had taken place in Egypt. Then magically after resolving the past lives from Egypt, within several hours I received the opportunity to be part of a special spiritual retreat in Egypt. It was so unexpected as I shared with Sabriye right after our session how I would have loved to attend the retreat, then within a few hours later the opportunity to be a part of the aforementioned retreat immediately presented itself. The work with Sabriye is very powerful and personal.

    Of course I accepted the retreat opportunity in Egypt. Sabriye coincidentally was scheduled to be in Egypt around the same time and so we met and had a lovely time together. I felt as if she is a best friend or close one from a past life time I highly recommend Sabriye’s healing services as she has the intuition and abilities to help your soul heal its past and connect to its desires in the current lifetime.

    Lots of Love,

    ~ XO Chi

  23. Marianne

    Having suffered depression for over 15 years i have always been searching for answers as to why I felt this way and why certain events occurred in my life. I eventually stumbled across Sabriye’ from Gangsta Goddesses. I had one akashic record clearing and the information & healing that I obtained in this one session was absolutely amazing. It gave me the biggest lightbulb moment i have ever experienced and everything in my life all of a sudden made sense to me. Theres obviously a lot more healing to be done in my journey and am grateful that I came across Sabriye’ and her special gift.

    And to top it off after not having any contact with my TF for a month he ended up calling me 2 days later which was all i wanted at that point.

  24. Ann

    I have worked with Sabriye in a few different Akashic Record Clearing sessions over the past year. They have all been transformative. At first I was unfamiliar with the past life journey/accessing akashic records process and was worried as to whether I would be able to do it because I don’t “see” but feel and know. I had nothing to worry about because I didn’t understand that my higher self would be with me the whole time, guiding me and clearly informing me about what was coming up. We uncovered many things, the MOST important being that my past life experiences left me not trusting myself. Tremendous revelation to me at the time. Since then I have come to know that this is THE core issue of my TF union. Fast forward to mid-August when I had a session with another healer that showed me that I had put my heart on a shelf and have been operating “mentally” aka through lens of ego SO much more than I realized. In fact the conclusion of this session was that I really, really trust my thinking mind/head/ ego self but not my heart, at all. In fact, it’s not even invited to the party. Working with both Sabriye and another healer allowed me to really hone in on this issue and get to where I was able to begin working on this in a very focused and directed way.

    When I began this journey I didn’t understand the nature of these wounds. I thought that my guided meditations and energy clearings that I was doing for myself were getting me to where I needed to be. I spent nearly 9 months in this mode. Although I felt good and saw changes over time, it wasn’t until I started really working with Sabriye and outside healers that I saw much bigger shifts and made progress I couldn’t have made on my own. The work I was doing was good but didn’t go anywhere deep enough. I just don’t believe I can effectively access the really deep stuff on my own!

    Perhaps the most mind-blowing thing happened when I had a session with Sabriye back in June 2018. My house was on the market for almost a year after my divorce and all of our money was tied up in the house. After many promising showings with no offers since September 2017 we were at a loss and couldn’t figure out the problem. I was in dire money straights and was in a pretty anxious situation. At the same time I was working with different healers on my TF journey. On the morning of Tuesday June 12 I had a session with Sabriye. My intention for the session was to clear money blocks. We had an amazing session filled with revelations about the situations that had left me holding negative beliefs about money. I worked through it and cleared some really deep wounding and released a lot of negativity.

    I felt awesome that day after the session but the most amazing thing was that on that VERY afternoon I had a cash offer on the house and it was sold!

    Much love,


  25. Nadja

    I had booked a ticket to see my twin and out of nowhere he stopped talking to me and I started freaking out. I was so angry with him when he knew I was coming and it seemed like he didn’t care.

    The day before my trip I did an Akashic Record Clearing with Sabriyé. I had already been doing the Twin Flame program in the Gangsta Goddesses Tribe. The past life session was very intense and showed me how the past was connected to what was playing out now. It helped me understand the emotions of anger, guilt and jealousy I had been feeling and made it easier for me to handle them.

    When I arrived he still wasn’t talking to me. I went to his work to let him know I had arrived and he was so surprised to see me, he hugged me and told me he will come to my apartment and then sent me away.

    But he didn’t come, so I went back and he promised again he would come and didn’t. That really hurt bad. I was fighting and pushing him 5 days, with zero result.

    On my last night there I talked to Sabriyé I was in such despair, for the first time I really understood that I have to stop pushing. I had done all I could to show him my love and effort. Instead I had to lean back and allow him to come to me, which Sabriyé had told me to do over and over again. With no other option left, that is what I did. I surrendered and only an hour later he came to visit me in my apartment!

    I was sooo happy – the program really works. For me letting go and surrender was always like giving up, but I understand now that this is where the Universe can do it’s magic.

    This trip was my initiation in trust on every level.

    That last night together, we discussed our relationship which answered all the questions I had been asking myself for over a year.

    We had such a magical time together. Since then I have done my best to stay in this energy of surrender and we are now more connected than ever before.

  26. Jay

    Hi Sabriye,

    After my initial 2 hour Akashic Record Cleaning on twin flames at the beginning of March, I did a 1 hour repeat session on abundance at the end of March, with the aim of manifesting more money into my life. The day after my repeat session, my Mom told me that she had some money she wanted to start giving me to put in savings for myself, and she proceeded to hand me $1000, cash — with that money, I received a full return on all of the money I spent on energy clearings. At the end of that first week after the 1 hour repeat session, my boss at my part-time job, speculated that I could be full-time eventually.

    By the end of the second week, my Mom had given me another $1000, cash, to add to my Savings account and with that money I was able to pay off over $2000 in credit card debt all in one go that I had been trying to pay off for the past 4 years. I also started feeling this intuitive push to update my LinkedIn and ‘look for’ / attract another job that was full time (since I was then only working part-time) with higher hourly pay into my life.

    By the end of the 3rd week, I received yet another $1000 from my Mom, I started planning to complete the one last class in a 3 weeks session in May that I needed to finish my Bachelor of Arts in English entirely and close the chapter on that part of my life, and I started to see and feel a better sense of stability overall in current and planning my financial situation. I hadn’t felt peace like this since I was financially stable before, years ago, and it’s all because of the inner work I had done with Sabriye and following the resulting action cues I felt I was receiving i my intuition as to how to now put myself back together in this sense. To the point that, when I was taking too long to update my resume and cover letter to begin applying for jobs again, my body became “sick” including vomiting and mind fog, which allowed me to stay home from my current work one day and just be motivated to get my act together and apply for jobs, or else I would still encounter feelings of “sickness” until…I guess my Higher Self felt that I was accurately following through on steps that needed to be taken now. It’s been a truly beautiful thing to see..

    In the 4th week, things kind of stagnated, but only because it felt as if I was being told “to wait” for further abundance that was en route to manifesting.

    Which proved to be true because in the 5th week, I manifested a much better paying job for $15/hour that was full-time and at a reputable banking company which offered really good benefits, longevity, and opportunity for growth! Talk about benevolence!

    Overall, that session on clearing blocks to abundance was amazing because I learned (surprisingly) how to forgive my Mom and my dad. It’s like…by forgiving my Mom I started just allowing her to love me the best she can, instead of the way I always felt she should have. It may be blunt of me to say this, but it allowed me to essentially forgive my mother for having always been a weaker woman than I am and for me to accept that without holding it against her anymore. It made all the difference. And by forgiving my dad for just being who he is, I was able I think to finally open the door for me being able to manifest a plan for moving into my own place. This week I actually felt this huge intuitive push to take one full day and look extensively at apartments around the location of the full-time job I’ll be beginning at the end of this month. Which I think moving into my own place now is also part of my path of manifesting even MORE abundance, now. It’ll be interesting to see what further happens.

    As a side note, I have stopped looking at anything twin flame related. It just felt like…something I was done with learning about, if that makes sense? I do still think about my twin flame, he still comes into my mind, but I figure he always will since meeting him did end up changing my life and I can see now that it was for a positive direction To be honest. I started receiving the “push” to purchase a white lehnga for my wedding dress and to get mehndi this weekend ‘in preparation.’ I don’t know if these impetuses mean I am actually going to get married, and I certainly don’t think it would mean only getting married to my twin flame, (but it is okay if that happens). I think the impulses are just leaving me open to manifest what-may-come. Whether that may be my twin flame, or, not necessarily ‘someone better’ (as I previously wanted lol), but rather, just another soul love.

    Thank you so so so so so much Sabriye. You have literally changed my life.

    Love, Jay

  27. Dory

    I have a dark past. When I finally hit the lowest point in my life, Saiybré’s warmth and loving guidance helped illuminate those parts of me that needed healing and granted me the courage to transform stale energy into vibrant love. After a few months of intensive inner work, my twin was back in my arms. If you are struggling to navigate through pain, place your trust in a session with her.

  28. Lisa

    I want to express my eternal gratitude for all I’ve learned from you. Because of this, I’ve physically reunited with my twin after almost a year of being blocked from all contact.

    I purchased the complete union package because I thought, if I was going to do this, I needed to be all in. After our first Akashic record clearing session, I saw that I had a deep fear of loss and need for my twin to reassure me and protect me from that. This became clearer in our second session, and on the retreat, where the deep sessions with you and the other healers made it abundantly obvious that I needed to step into my power and own my own life and happiness. When I finally was able to do that, my twin came back into my life. I now see how my fears triggered his own fear of loss and kept us in separation. I truly believe that everything you teach is so important to my life, not only in reuniting with my twin, but to continue growing and developing our relationship to be all it is meant to be.

    Your courage in being honest and vulnerable about your own challenges along the way sets you apart. It inspired me and gave me the strength to keep going, because this stuff is hard. I feel so privileged to work with you and to have gotten to know you. You’re the real deal. Much love.

  29. Michelle

    Hi, just wanted to say that as a former client who did two sessions with you – Cut through the crap session & the TF reunion journey first time session, I always looked forward to reading your blog.

    I follow and read the readings and blog posts of a few prominent TF experts frequently (whenever they put out new content). Despite so much information out there, your blog is the only one that really goes deep. You provide the raw truth. I like that you share your own journey, your own reflection, your suffering and pain. It not just makes you so much easier to relate to, but it is so authentic, so raw, so beautiful. The depth, quality, and wisdom of your blog posts is unmatched. I can see the amount of effort and energy you put into each of your blog posts. Your most recent blog post about TF’s current partners being an ally to help us heal really spoke to me.

    After receiving so much guidance and help via the one-on-one sessions and blog posts, I was moved to tell you how much I appreciate your work and your time to guide and teach others on the TF journey.

    Since our last TF reunion journey session and having my questions answered by you in a supportive, non-judgmental, and loving manner, I’ve gone on a truly amazing and spiritually trans-formative path. I’ve been doing a lot of energy healing and clearing, and been focused on raising my vibrational frequency. Through meditation, I have come to better understand my connection with my TF and the paths we chose. I would be remiss if I did not credit you for your help in my journey. Everything you have said in your blog about the journey being all about ourselves is so accurate! Your sessions and blog really launched me into this new path, and I am so grateful and appreciative of that.

    Continue to be bold, to be kind, to be authentic, and to say the truth so fearlessly within a community that romanticizes this journey as nothing but romance.

    Thank you!!!

  30. Jay

    Thank you thank you thank so much for our Twin Flame Reunion Journey this past Friday. Since my twin flame left me in October for another guy (I am a woman, my twin flame was and is gay) and I found out they were engaged in December to be married some time this year in September 2018, I have been shaking with this deep soul pain that would just not allow me to properly handle my life, interact with people, get a job, even finish school as I ended up dropping out of college, and almost followed through with a plan to take my life back in November, because..well, I just didn’t know how to handle things on my end. I had always known I couldn’t force him to do anything, and I understood that. I just didn’t understand how to make myself feel better in the meantime so that I could lead and live a happy and fulfilling life of worth and meaning. Of course, if my twin and I ever reunite in the physical and that is our life plan, of course I will accept that. But in the meantime, I am so overjoyed and happy that simply working with you over the course of two hours supremely changed the energy that had been ricocheting around my body for the past 6 months, and has allowed me to feel in control of my life and myself again.

  31. Danielle

    Hi Sabriye, I just wanted to share with you that after our call I left my relationship. I told Sam how I felt. I flew to see him in October after not seeing each other for 7 years. December he proposed to me and we eloped. We are planning a real wedding for this summer. Thank you for your services and for helping to set me free. I will always appreciate you.

  32. Mariel

    Hi Sabriye,

    Hope all finds you well, and that you are enjoying a joyous Holiday Season with your loved ones.

    We had a Twin Flame Journey on November 26th, after our session, I went into an intense purge for a consecutive 3 weeks, during which, I’ve experienced tremendous miracles around my relationship with self, releasing past disappointment, healing, etc. I am sure this will continue.

    During our session, one of the recurring blockages that showed up was the involvement of a 3rd party within my union throughout the 3-4 different lifetimes I accessed during the journey. This had been a HUGE one for me (even before meeting my twin). It had been the recurring theme (and cause of divorce) between my parents.

    As an adult, when I began dating, a 3rd party would always be an issue in one way or the other. This is something we cleared during the session, and I am THRILLED to say that WE NIPPED IT IN THE BUD!

    Exactly 10 days ago my twin flame broke up with the woman that had been an obstacle for lifetimes!! Looking at the situation in 3D, it seemed impossible for this relationship to dissolve: He had blocked me on Gchat and Facebook, they had been traveling together all summer, she had been introduced to his family and were set to travel with all his friends to this woman’s country to meet her family for New Year’s, etc. Regardless, I held on to faith knowing that this woman’s presence was simply a creation of the massive fear and insecurity I carried at the moment; that just as I had created that situation, and that within me was the power to dissolve it once and for all through bringing light to this area. The relationship literally dissolved overnight!!!

    Sabriye, thank you so much for the love, wisdom, and encouragement you share with the world!!



  33. Jane

    A lot has happened since you helped me heal my last lives. First, I’ve come to the realization that my ex was not my twin flame, but rather a soulmate. Since ending that partnership, I experienced a purge then a rebirth, in a sense.

    I remember you mentioning that my 3rd eye was blocked. Well, it is not blocked anymore at all. Not only is my third eye wide open, I connected to my higher self, let go and forgiven much of my past and my psychic abilities are through the roof. Since last month, it seems as though something new spiritually occurs to me. I’ve met so many of my spirit guides and archangels. I feel at peace. I even was able to give Filip one last message from Spirit before letting him go completely. Once I let him go, that’s when I connected to my higher self. It’s been a beautiful experience. With that being said, I wanted to thank you again. I am truly grateful.

  34. Ana

    I´m extremely impressed by the results of our session. Having tried soooo many things in the past, including conventional therapy of all kinds (since I´m a psychologist imagine… we try everything!) energy work, healers, reiki, twinflame healers, and WHAT NOT!

    And then I found you!!!! in short, blocks are being removed, I feel like I´m another person, I don´t know how to put it in words but you know what I mean, this is amazing. ❤

  35. Anna

    In my second session with Sabriyé I saw how the low self worth I have carried through many lifetimes has led to energetically coddling my twin, resonating with his pain and making excuses for his inconsiderate behavior, which stems from his own low self worth. I was reinforcing that. I understand why he ran from that energy.

    After re-experiencing this pain at its source, I’ve let it go and shifted into expecting better for myself and from him. For me, two sessions with Sabriyé were more effective than months of conventional therapy. This shift doesn’t easily happen through logic and intellectual processing. It happens through energy and emotional experience, and it can happen quickly. I’m so grateful.

  36. Taj

    My Twin Flame Reunion Journey with Sabriyé was truly beautiful. I was able to feel for myself past lives with me and my twin and release energetic blocks that were major hindrances to my Union unbeknownst to me. After the session I had the most magnificent sign shown to me of two actual flames in the sky as I was driving home from an event, not long after our session. It was amazing and I know it was all thanks to the work that I did with Sabriye – really getting to the heart of the matter and clearing what no longer served me to keep a positive outlook on this journey.

  37. Simon

    Had to drop you a line and just say “F***ing Hell” sorry about the language but its like the flood gates have been open since our session so much has come up these last few days, stuff I had no idea was buried deep and causing so much confusion, but it feels now so natural to visit the deep stuff and let it gradually release and with each release I feel happier, initial pain but then its gone as quick as it appears .

    I was guided to you and followed my feelings and you have helped so very much in such a short space of time, I had no expectations just went with the feelings.

    Simply Thank You.

    My love and deepest regards.

    Simon xx

  38. Marie

    This journey work is amazing and has helped me clear so many things from past lives which are relevant now not only to with my twin but my soul mission. I was able to really see issues such as betrayal and hurt that lay between my Twin and I which were able to be resolved. I remembered a lot and also felt and healed energies within me that were deeply entrenched in me. In one past life I was the mistress of my twin and had lots of jealousy and envy which I feel like was able to be cleared. In that life also he murdered me after I shape shifted into his wife’s body to sleep with him and I left the body before I could die but my spirit was trapped. I was told that when my twin and I were sexual with one another, that I would be able to retrieve my past life gifts and that part of my spirit would be returned through the act of sex and it was! I am a psychic healer and can now move in and out of my body at will. (out of body experience) I had other experiences and saw other lives which helped me heal blocks within me. Highly recommend this work.

  39. Inneke

    After being together with my twin flame for three years, in which we shared beautiful moments and a roller coaster of emotions, he walked out on me ….. I remember sitting on the couch with a sense of deep sadness but at the same time understanding. I understood that I had to go inside of myself an learn my own hard lessons.

    For 6 months I focused on my own thinking and behavior and my twin was still in the background. Until the day came that he told me he had met someone else. That closed the door for me and made me want to go even deeper in my self search to find my inner strength.

    Around that time I saw Gangsta Goddesses post passing by on Facebook which grabbed my attention and I contacted Sabriyé to book a session for a Twin Flame Reunion Journey …..

    I was wondering if I had met my Twin Flame and after reading more about Twin Flames and the reason behind the encounter, I started to understand how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

    I did not know what to expect from the session with Sabriyé, but I was pleasantly surprised by the experience.Together we went to look in the past, and my previous lives to find out what my blocks are in this life and how this had been affecting my Twin Flame relationship.

    I went back to 5 different past lives …. A little girl walking alone on the streets during the war and found by a soldier, another little girl who got a lot of love at home but wanted to run away, a life where I was a man and was held captive and had to fight and had to escape and suddenly I came across a life in which I recognized my Twin Flame .. how weird! I had a date with him but he left me behind because he was with another girl … that girl seemed to be the very same person with which he is now ….. I had been grief-stricken in that lifetime!

    The last life I saw was very positive, I saw myself as an adult woman, happy and strong .. working at an office and suddenly the elevator opened and my Twin Flame stepped out with a little girl that I recognized as our daughter. .. at that moment I felt a lot of tears of happiness come up ….

    I am not sure if this is my future, but this journey has really helped me a lot!

    It gave me so much more understanding of how the things playing out in my life now were past life related. It also showed me I’m not going crazy, and that this connection that I feel with my Twin Flame is real.

    The theme of my journey was fear of abandonment and fear of rejection! It made me realize why I am often so quick to go into defense.This showed me the things I need to heal in myself to make any love relationship work. It also feels really good now to focus on myself and my own healing. I have come to realize that the Twin Flame journey is about stepping into your own power and if that leads to union with your twin somewhere down the line that’s awesome, but how magnificent is it to become the highest and best version of yourself! That’s what this is about!

    I wish for everyone this journey into themselves and Sabriyé is the person that can help you!

    I’m also following Sabriyé’s online program in the Gangsta Goddesses Tribe. It has shown me the steps that I need to take to come back into my own power, the program is very valuable just like the session! Go for it !!!!
    Thank you for all the insights ❤

  40. Sonja Evans

    As a Twin Flame coach and energy healer myself, I am used to being there to assist others in navigating through their challenges, and releasing blocks to love and peace. This is why I am so grateful for Sabriyé when I found myself needing to be on the receptive end, and not sure who to turn to. Her Past Life regression guided me to several karmic blocks that were showing up in my relationship and psyche, and she professionally and empathically guided me through the process in releasing them, which creating instantaneous shifts that I perceived immediately within myself and within the situation. She in non judgemental and quite compassionate, assisting you in stepping into your own power by guiding you to answers and solutions. I highly recommend Sabriyé’s work to anyone who has got a roadblock and is in need of a powerful directional arrow back to Love, Truth, and Self

    Rev Sonja Evans, 10 of Cups Ministries

  41. Kylie

    My session with Sabriye was nothing short of unbelievable.

    I have always been such a sensitive soul, and struggled for many years to harness my emotions, mainly due to always trying to heal others when in fact I was the one who needed healing.

    My dad died a week before I reached my 18th birthday and the pain of losing my soulmate birthed my external search for that same kind of love. My dad was a charismatic, high functioning alcoholic and my heart was ripped out of my chest as I watched him die in that cold hospital bed. After his death I searched for him in other males, the broken ones, the misfits, the addicted ones that in my eyes showed promise of healing, of bettering themselves. The truth was I was the one needing healing. I attracted the addicted ones cos internally I carried that same addictive gene as my dad did. If I was around addicted males id feel close to him again. I was completely and utterly lost. I was devoid of self love which metaphysically is the meaning of addiction. I believed this lack of self love was the core reason for my drug addiction to meth that I allowed myself to be consumed by for close to three years.

    Throughout my spiritual awakening which occurred after my near overdose, I worked tirelessly on learning to love myself, knowing full well that that was the reason why I was an addict in pain, and that loving myself was the key that was needed to unlock the door of my self inflicted pain and suffering.

    When my twin flame walked out of my life with no intention of ever being with me again or returning to Australia, I tried filling that same gaping hole in my chest with his love. I was unhealthily relying on him so I could feel good about myself, so I could use his love and trick the universe into believing that it was in fact me loving myself. That lasted a whole two minutes as on and off I became a slave to my chosen drug and I became lost time and time again on my quest for both spiritual enlightenment and twin flame reunion. I could not allow myself to love myself. I didn’t know how to. SO I searched outside of myself once again and ran back into the arms of a substance that allowed me to escape from my deep rooted, self loathing pain.

    I, like my father, became a functioning addict and this illusion lasted almost 12 months, until the drug revealed to me its true colours and my pain was no longer masked with its meth induced disguise. It unleashed its wrath, my lessons so LARGE that I was knocked to my feel. I was that close to overdosing, my heart became enlarged, and my life crumbled at the seams.

    I was a nurse, a single mother, and I hid from many the skeletons I kept hidden in my closest, that nearly cost me my life.

    The path of destruction of meth had almost shattered my life, my sons and my mums life.

    I was financially in dire straits.

    My mortgage repayments I was failing to meet, bills were piling up and I was spiritually and physically trying to recover from the devil drug that near killed me to my core. I was barely able to function, my career I almost threw in. As a consequence my mum sacrificed her own financial security to keep her only daughter and grandson afloat.

    The truth is id always been fearful of money, feared not being able to survive. When life became stressful Id indulge in small luxuries to make myself feel better, but it was short lived as the cycle spiraled and I became in debt in my search for self love and acceptance. My mum picked up the pieces for me many times, each time saying that this would be the last time she would help. If I was honest I was envious of her ability to handle her affairs, and guilt was mine to own alone. The feeling of not feeling good enough plagued me for 32 years of my life. I was sinking fast. I had to fall before I could rise, and like many poems id written about the phoenix, I too rose from my own ashes and kicked my addiction to the curb. Through divine intervention I was spared, My soul realized that it was the prison of my own mind and false believes that kept me prisoner of my own life, and not life itself.

    I had been free from meth for almost 10 months, had started studying at uni to further my nursing career, working two jobs alongside my healthy 4 year old son BUT financially I was still scratching to make ends meet.

    I knew there was more meaning to my financial woes than what I could see, but I alone could not pin point it. Id learnt self love finally so how come this was not enough to set me free?

    Instinctively I made an appointment to speak with Sabriye. My soul was screaming at me. The day before my reading I developed severe sinusitis. I looked up the metaphysical meaning and found,,,” A singular feeling of conflict, irritation at one person, feeling scattered and overwhelmed/frightened about the future, low self worth and self esteem, inability to break free from old patterns, repressed grief and unshed tears”. It stated that to be free from sinusitis one needed to release the emotional blockage in order to become unstuck.

    Sabriye was already connected to me on a spiritual level even before our phonecall. She too was experiencing sinusitis as she’d already connected to me, before we even spoke a word to each other. She had felt my pain and was experiencing it physically.

    Her compassionate and direct guidance took me back in time to a past life where she facilitated the REAL HEALING to take place, the REAL REASON behind my drug addiction played out before my eyes.

    In this past life my mother was my sister. We were both competing for my dads attention and he chose my mother over me. This rejection birthed my false belief pattern of not feeling good enough and my inability to love myself. I was rejected of love and blamed my sister in a past life and my mother in this life for my unhappiness. To try to deal with this id spend money to feel good. In this particular past life I was extremely wealthy which explains my impulsive tendencies. I took drugs to escape the pain of losing the man I loved more than anything or anyone, in the past life my desired lover and in this life my father. INSTANTLY the energy shifted and the tears began to flow. I forgave my mother instantly for the pain id inflicted upon her and the sisterly jealously Id carried within me for many reincarnations. I finally gave myself permission to HEAL, and this would not of happened without Sabriyes guidance and support. The drug that almost took my life I know finally understood, and the shackles id carried around my feet for many lives broke and I was finally FREE.

    These days my relationship between my mother and I could not be any stronger. I forgive myself and my dad for the feeling of being rejected and I move forward free of all self inflicted pain. I am love and I walk forward in love. My twin flame and I are very much connected in 5D. I am eternally grateful.

  42. Ashley

    Sabriyé used a very powerful energy in the beginning of the session to allow me to access my akashic records. Then on, my past lives revealed the core wound me and my twin have and an occurring issue that was present in all past lives I saw (which was fear of loss). I immediately started healing that wound and only two days later my twin who hasn’t contacted me in six months messaged me wanting to mend things! I am more than pleased with this session as the results are invaluable 🙂

  43. Mary

    I had found a video on Youtube describing Sabriye’s Twin Flame journey story, which linked to her website. When I read about the Extended Twin Flame Reunion Journey work that she does with clients, I knew I had to do it (despite the cost, which was totally worth it), because my long distance twin was indeed so BLOCKED, secretive, non-committal, never saying yes, never saying no…however, he was potentially coming out to see me just 4 days after the session I scheduled with Sabriye, and I wanted any and all blocks removed as much as possible. Also, I had been really aware of and bothered by a certain past life memory for a few months, and wanted to clear/ understand that more.

    I appreciated the depths that Sabriye went to with me, with a sort of hard edge that did cut through the bullshit to shed light on the real issues (instead of just being nice and sympathetic). I needed real healing, not random talking, and I got it! She got right into the session, and did not talk about herself or her journey until ours was finished. She asked the right guiding questions, but as she said, she does not do the “seeing” i.e. as a psychic—I had to do that myself. It’s a bit hard to know what/ how to do that—for me it was more like feeling or sensing than actually seeing, but I just trusted and went with whatever was there in terms of what I could “see” regarding past life memories. You know you are not bullshitting yourself when the negative, blocked, emotionally traumatizing memories arise and cause pain/ tears…an emotional response. It’s like they are locked somewhere inside you, still unconsciously affecting you. I worked on two particular memories, both of which I was aware of consciously, and at the time and right now, they make so much sense in terms of my twin’s non-committal running, denying, hiding, refusing, resisting (i.e. guilt over past mistakes and failures that resulted in his and my deaths, separation, and more…), as well as my own pushing, not taking no for an answer, planning, frustration, controlling…I had already come a long, hard, painful way on my TF journey by myself, esp in terms of transcending the ego and learning unconditional love, but working with Sabriye was life changing in unexpected ways, specifically, healing my relationship with my parents, most especially my dad. Here is what I wrote to Sabriye the night after I had my session with her:

    “I had such an amazing session with you today! And the results afterwords have been amazing–especially energetically with my dad. We both have seemed like different people all day long, and I actually had a great day spending time with my parents and my daughter. Without having to consciously confront and “talk to” my dad, suddenly we are getting along very well now–I actually felt happy and joyful all day, light and so much better than I can remember in a long time. It’s amazing! I wasn’t angry and resentful at my dad today, and he wasn’t with me. I didn’t think such a change was possible, but I just lived it all day long today.”

    We had a great bike ride together that day, and I was able to play a bean bag toss game with my parents and daughter and “have fun” with them in a way I never would have wanted to do, or let myself do, before–I would have let my parents play with my daughter, and sat alone by myself, tired, ruminating on stuff, depressed…I felt so much better and lighter than I had felt in a very long time after my session with Sabriye. More than one week later, I still feel good around my dad, not angry and resentful, and the feeling is mutual. This was life-changing!

    My twin didn’t end up coming out to see me that day. He called me that morning, around the time he was supposed to board the plane, and said he was sorry couldn’t make it. He didn’t say why, nor did he call me later to explain why not a few days later, as he said he would. I guess I am supposed to feel that “we are done” now. Anyone on such a journey knows this is all for the higher good, but I can’t say this experience didn’t hurt because it did. In fact, after I hung up with him, not angry, I got a painful “kink” in my back somewhere below my left shoulder blade, which I then had to get deep tissue massage for. When the therapist started working on that area for real, the tears flowed out, and I knew that I did feel “backstabbed” by my twin’s refusal to talk to me about coming out to see me for sure, or not, committing either way before 6 am that morning…as much as I knew the simple fact that he just wasn’t ready at that time, and it didn’t really matter at all…3D disappointing reality came through in terms of physical pain, even where I was fine in 5D. I have no doubt that working on clearing major blocks with Sabriye helped me deal with this bizarre, almost incomprehensible letdown by my twin in a better way than if I hadn’t worked with her. I wish my twin would work with her, but anything to do with love, twin flames, etc, sends him running. And I now realize: fine, I have plenty of my own stuff to do. I refuse to let this situation get me down, and I am super glad to feel the burden of responsibility for our union fall off my shoulders. I am not worrying about getting together with my twin at all anymore. It is clear to me that he has a LOT of emotional, if not mental work to go through first. Putting up with his 3D bullshit is not unconditional love. So the journey continues. Do the work with Sabriye, but as she says herself—it is not “fun,” nor easy. It’s very hard to face and feel emotionally traumatizing events again. But it is worth it to come out on the other side. I would like to work with her again, completely irrespective of my Twin Flame situation. It is very healing.

  44. Eve

    I must tell you that I really benefitted from our energy clearing session a few days ago. I am feeling empowered and I am finally dealing with issues I needed to resolve in my own life, such as my financial health and work issues that I have been avoiding. I feel this lightness in my heart after uncovering the past lives and inner child healing we did. It gave me a renewed hope that I am not crazy and something special has really happened to me and my twin. We are actually in this together. The fact that we knew each other before helped me to understand why I felt so strongly when I lost close people to death in my life. It possibly reactivated my grief that I had in my past life. When I lost my husband I really couldn’t handle the world. I was completely lost though I took care of my kids and went through the motions. I asked myself, did I really love him that much? Perhaps it triggered this deep loss that I didn’t know I had. The loss of losing someone I loved so much so suddenly. I also knew a few years after my husband died that he opened the door for me so that I can finally live my life. I feel like I am in the right place now and you helped me to view my life from a different perspective, a more empowering, truthful, authentic perspective.

    The energy clearing took me to places I didn’t know existed deep in my subconscious mind. I found that I really did know my twin in another life and my feelings were validated. Sabriye was so gentle and soothing. She gently encouraged me to look deeper and find the answers we were looking for. I am so happy that I did the work with her. I feel this renewed sense of purpose and now I am clear on how I need to proceed.

    Thanks again for all your insight and support. I will not forget this session, for many things came up that I am still processing and contemplating.

    All my love and light for your journey!


  45. Julia

    Thank you so much for the amazing healing journey.

    It has taken me a week to process and I can feel significant shifts in my being and energy.

    I had been exploring past lives for about a month prior to our session. I had been reading a book by Dr Brian Weiss and also done a number of his regressions online through your tube, which were amazing for insight and experience about my twin flame journey. However with you I was able to get to the kernel of the emotional truth that was blocking me within all of those lifetimes.

    I will recount some of the revelations in order of how I remember them. The first one we investigated was my heart chakra I came to a time in about the 18th century when I was married to my twin in a place like New York. We had been married and getting married to him had been the happiest day of my life, we truly loved each other. However he went away to war and died. I immediately went into the incredible grief I experienced in that life from his death. I could see myself sitting on the floor on my knees begging God why? Why? Had he gone, the emotional charge was huge. I had created a belief from that life that great love would always leave me and that it was unsafe to love that much again. The tears flowed and flowed as I experienced this past life grief and despair. In this life whenever he would run from me I would go into an enormous amount of grief and despair, I now know it was this past life energy lingering. We could both feel it when the energy left my body, there was a palpable shift, something I have carried for a very longtime.

    Another area we explored was a recurring feeling of guilt and shame especially related to my solar plexus. I have made some poor financial decisions with my business and have acquired a bit of debt of which I was very ashamed. This guilt and shame often drew me to drinking alcohol, which would repeat the cycle, feeling guilt and shame and also disempower me. So I would have no power to get out of the situation. We went back to a past life where I had experienced guilt and shame and there were a few. The first one found me in a room with my twin, this time we were different sexes he was now a woman and I was man, my twin was sobbing in this room feeling very afraid and helpless. We were friends in this life and her husband (who turned out to be one of his ex wives in this life) was jealous of me, her husband was a powerful person. I was feeling guilt that was making my friend whom I loved dearly so upset and had caused her so much anguish. Suddenly a group of men barged into the room and stabbed me in the back and stabbed her. I blamed myself for causing our deaths and also for causing my twin so much pain. We realised that I had no need to hold these feelings still as I did not need to feel guilt or shame for loving.

    The next lifetime I felt guilt and shame was also when I was a man and was in a relationship with my twin who was also now a woman. I felt like I was a sailor or something who drank a lot and also slept with lots of women, ladies of the night, betraying my twin. I felt like a real arsehole and had caused my twin a lot of upset. It was funny as we found this past life as we tried to find how my twins new girlfriend fits into the equation and I could not find any past life where she has been in my life before, however I went to this life, where it feels like my twin is now balancing karma from this life with me in this life. About 6 months ago he abruptly cut contact and started seeing this girl, I felt completely betrayed and abandoned and went through a very very dark night of the soul. In this past life the guilt and shame I felt for betraying my twin is huge, I feel like a very terrible person and I have carried this guilt and shame into this life. I understand a significant aspect of my twins relationship with this new girl is the balancing of our karma from a past life. I also was able to release the guilt and shame from that life and let it disappear from this life. We did this through healing my inner masculine, which I felt a great deal of distrust towards. Since this particular session I have felt no guilt and shame about my financial situation, if one of my debtors attacks me, I am able to communicate calmly and from my strong masculine very sure about how it will be resolved. Prior to this I would hide and ignore things. Funnily enough my twin was the first person to put my finances in perspective for me and encouraged me to release the guilt and shame, however obviously there was so much energy still there from the past life I couldn’t break the cycle. Also since then I have been able to create a whole range of new opportunities for myself and my business which could create extra abundance.

    Another past life we went to related to my third eye. I was getting burnt on the stake, I could feel the flames on my feet. My twin was on another stake next to me, he was a man and I was his wife. We had been healers or witches or something relating to vision, I had been able to see things psychically but when I was getting burnt I felt abandoned by God and didn’t trust my sight anymore. In that life we were also leaving behind a young daughter who was heartbroken her parents were abandoning her, she was about 5 years old and is his current wife – soon to be divorced. Once again in this life my twin always encouraged my psychic visionary skills, calling me the sage, always listening to my visions, he was the first person to really encourage that aspect within me obviously knew it from lifetimes ago. I had a huge level of distrust attached to my third eye from being burnt at the stake. I was able to clear that during our session and now can trust my vision as my twin had always encouraged me to do.

    There was a lot of revelations in our session. The realisation that my twin had always supported and encouraged me to remove many of these blockages throughout our times together, was lovely to recognise and be grateful for. This was his intuition and way before we knew anything about twin flames, he just saw these things within me but I was unable to heal the energy prior to my session with you. Overall I feel a huge sense of peace and bliss since our session. I have not cried the deep grief and heartbreak which has been so familiar since we cleared my heart chakra. I do not expect to see any changes in the 3D from my twin for awhile and I am completely surrendered to the universe about this. I am so happy and committed to my own journey, I have a big mission in this world and I am committed to that. I am monogamous to my twin even though he is in another relationship and we have no contact. I trust that there are bigger things at play and I now see all the amazing blessings that our time apart has done to my life. If our separation hadn’t transpired and been so awful I would NEVER have cleared all of this stuff with our session which obviously needed to happen!

    Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you again when my soul calls for it.

    Love and blessings,


  46. Mala

    I was at a stage in my twin flame journey where I was so confused ….and unsure and depressed with everything that was happening between me and my twin flame. That’s when I came across Sabriyé and had a short chat with her on skype… It was as if she was a God sent angel. She gave me a new perspective and mellowed down all the harsh emotional turmoil that I was going through. She taught me the art of surrender and was a source of strength. I went through the 2 hour past life regression with her too and right after that ….there was this miraculous peace that settled in …there was a flow of communication and alignment between me and my twin and things started ….easing off …I give a lot of credit for this to Sabriye who is compassionate, has good understanding of the twin flame chemistry and is clear in her approach. She’s also got this warm aura and an affirming positivity that goes a long way in helping one out. I would strongly recommend anyone who’s struggling with the twin flame push and pull to seek her help and guidance.

    Love …


  47. Mel

    I undertook this journey 2 days ago and have to say it was amazing and did bring up past lives that needed clearing. I feel so much more positive and lighter plus the blockages have been lifted and still being lifted. Really recommend it to help you on the twin flame reunion journey.

  48. Elisa

    Through the Twin Flame Reunion Journey I was able to heal blocks from my past lives. Before I was very afraid to speak in public, this was being caused by one of my past lives and came in very unhandy because I am a successful author. After the session I had no problems giving interviews and giving lectures. Thank you for this great result.

    Because of Sabriyé’s own story I was inspired to fly to India to meet my own Twin Flame in real life for the very first time. I was married at the time and full of doubts about my feelings, but after my trip everything was clear, I had found the love of my life. My Twin Flame felt the same way and knew for sure he had found his wife, which he told his family. This caused a lot of turbulence in his family, especially his mother was very concerned how society would react to this marriage. This was one of the themes we cleared in the Twin Flame Reunion journey, as this was directly linked to one of my past lives with my twin. A week later my twin’s father let me know, that I had been accepted as their future daughter in law and that we have permission to marry. A real Twin Flame wedding, partially inspired by Sabriyé sharing her beautiful story about her own Twin Flame journey.

  49. Lotte

    In my Twin Flame Reunion Journey I saw that the ex-partner of my twin who is still in his life was someone I knew from a past life in an orphanage. We had both been little girls there waiting for adoption.When she was adopted and I was left in the orphanage I thought she was the sun that had warmed my life. I didn’t realize that we both created this energy together. I also made her adoption mean that I was not good enough and that she was more special than me. This was a major subconscious block to a Twin Flame reunion, because subconsciously I believed that she was more deserving to be with my twin than me.

    The Twin Flame Reunion Journey showed me that I subconsciously had a deep and old wound around ‘not being good enough’ and that this other woman was there in this situation with my twin to help me become aware of this ancient wound and heal it. I never expected this to come out of the session. I now know exactly what I need to work on in order for me and my twin to be able to come together.

  50. Erna

    My Soul Journey that I booked with Sabriyé turned out to quickly become a Twin Flame Reunion Journey. I immediately went to a past life in Paris around 1860 in which my twin was my husband and I had felt that his current girlfriend in this lifetime had snatched my son away from me then. Meeting her in this life had really brought up such rage and jealousy in me. I felt so incompetent and unfeminine in that lifetime and I was so jealous of her in that lifetime that she had my son and I didn’t. When I saw the full picture, I saw that in that lifetime I had suddenly died in an accident. It all happened so fast that I didn’t even realize that I was dead.

    Once I saw the truth of that lifetime, my past life self was able to let go and move on. I felt how much my twin and husband was with me, supporting me and I felt how much he missed me in his life now that I was on the other side. I also recognized the soul of the child from the Paris lifetime, as the baby I had lost in a miscarriage in this lifetime – losing the baby in this lifetime had also left me feeling unfeminine and incompetent – like I wasn’t good enough.

    That was also what I had felt in that Paris lifetime, because I had not realized I was dead. I was convinced this other woman, had taken my child from me against my will. (Which also explains why I felt such strong emotions, when I met her in this lifetime). Seeing this other woman with my son and how great she was with him, gave me this deep feeling that she was better than me and that I wasn’t good enough. A wound that was touched again in this lifetime, when my twin chose her above me as his lover.

    We had gone into the session with the question who is this man that I had met recently and what is my next step? In the session I felt clearly that the man was my Twin Flame and shortly after we had met in this life, he had said to me ‘I am the medium to help you love yourself again.’ That is what the journey also showed me that that is my next step, to see my own worth and to start to love myself deeper.

    When I had lost my baby in this lifetime people would say to me, that it always happens for a reason and that would always really piss me off – I couldn’t see any higher good in this. I now saw that these three souls including my children in both lifetimes had come to help me heal the illusion of not being good enough.

    Taking this journey really brought peace and healing on multiple levels and also immense clarity on the process I am in and what I need to do next.

  51. Odette

    I wanted to do a Soul Journey around love and what was blocking me at a subconscious level. The first thing that came up for healing in the Soul journey was a memory in my sacral chakra from a negative sexual experience as a young teenager. We then moved to the throat chakra where I have felt this huge block my whole life.

    Because I was still a little too much in my head, Sabriyé took me to my Akashic record through a guided visualization. I saw a light brown leather book with gold writing that I could not read. When I opened the book I saw a hydraulic water pump and I went back to a life in Kazakhstan where I had felt this enormous frustration of not being able to use and implement my knowledge, after healing this life my throat felt enlarged and inflated. We went back to the Akashic record library and I was attracted to a new book.

    In this new book I saw a life of myself as a witch and I had this deep and beautiful love relationship with a nobel man, who was not able to marry me. He married someone else that the court had arranged for him and he only kept coming to me for advice and support. At that time I couldn’t see how much love there was between us and enjoy that which we did have and I poisoned myself.

    When I looked back at that lifetime and saw what my death did to my lover, I saw that it had brought him great grieve that I had taken my own life. It had hurt him a lot. When Sabriyé asked me if I knew this man in my current lifetime I immediately recognized he was the love of my life in this lifetime, someone I had been with when I was in my late 20’s and who had recently come back in my life after 18 years. I also recognized my fear from this past life ‘Will he choose for me.’ and how this fear had made me chase him in the past in this life which drove him away from me.

    I believe this man to be my Twin Flame and see now that we needed these 18 years a part to heal ourselves. I was able to forgive him and myself then and now. When I went back to the Akashic record for my third book I didn’t see a past life like before but I saw into my heart chakra that everything was almost completely as it should be and that the only thing I should be careful of was negative thoughts that create thorns in the softness I felt.

    Right after the Soul Journey I googled the name “Archaïde” I had had as the witch in the lifetime with my Twin Flame and it brought me to a Greek site with a technical drawing of a pump and the company was specialized in innovative water technologies (as in my previous life in Kazachstan) an amazing synchronicity and message from the Universe to me.

  52. Nicole

    I found true love…

    Last summer I did a Soul Journey with Sabriyé, which changed a lot in my life. I was supposed to have a check-in call after three weeks, which I didn’t because life got in the way. Then I just read her article about Twin Flames on Facebook. I had hoped with the Soul Journey to solve my unhappy feelings I was experiencing in my relationship, even when I myself didn’t understand why I felt this way.

    In our session together it turned out that I had difficulty receiving love. After the session things did go better, but this feeling that something wasn’t right remained. Now I understand why. End of Augustus I bumped into someone at the yearly Fair. I had seen him before, but I didn’t know him personally. We kept in contact after that, just chitchat about when he would have a new gig and stuff.

    But after two weeks I got this weird feeling, like I could actually feel him through his messages and music. He felt the same. It was bizar, so many coincidences and commonalities. After two weeks we just knew we belonged together. It turns out he had already really liked me 10 years ago, but never saw the chance to get to know me better. I had never noticed this.

    I broke up with my current boyfriend, which brought on a lot of criticism from others around me, but I had no choice. I had no idea that something like this existed, before I never believed it possible. Apparently since I am able to receive love, he was able to come into my life. I just wanted to share this with you. Thank you so much Sabriyé.

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