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This eBook is the ONLY book you need to read to turn your Twin Flame journey around.

Understanding the nine levels of Twin Flame Initiation is going to help you understand your Twin Flame journey. It will also help you understand your Twin Flame’s behavior and above all it’s going to help you understand where YOU and YOUR TWIN are in your initiation process and what you need to do, to move your Twin Flame connection into the NEXT INITIATION LEVEL.




Have you tried everything to make your Twin Soul relationship be
the fairy-tale happy end that you want it to be…..


But is your twin still running? Or are you still chasing?
Are you being blocked or in separation?

Most Twin Soul ‘Guru’s’ will tell you that this is NOT how it supposed to be and sell you their solutions to fix it….

Not me, I am going to tell you that your current situation with your twin is EXACTLY how it is supposed to be in this moment and that the reason that it doesn’t FEEL that way is because you have not yet understood the Twin Soul journey.

You see the Twin Soul journey is not just about meeting the one, it’s a modern-day initiation path to Ascension. This DOES NOT in any way mean that romance is off the table, because you can have your cake and eat it too. But, you also cannot bypass the initiation process as it is deeply woven into the fabric of your Twin Soul encounter.

In the eBook ‘The nine levels of Twin Soul initiation’ I share with you, how each and every experience within your Twin Soul connection is in fact part of the initiation process into Ascension.

This is what you will get from reading this book:

  • Understand the true meaning of the Twin Soul journey
  • Learn the nine levels of Twin Soul initiation that no one else is teaching
  • Assess in which initiation level you and your Twin Soul currently are
  • Learn why your Twin Soul is running, blocking you or disconnecting from you (hint: it’s not your fault!)
  • Understand what you need to do, to start making your Twin Soul journey work for you

The content of this eBook is completely unique and you will not find teachings like this anywhere else within the Twin Soul community. This is because most ‘teachings’ within the Twin Soul community are incomplete or false. They make it about the romantic happy end or ONLY about the spiritual journey, when you can have both.

It’s what the whole Twin Soul journey is preparing you for, to be someone who can BE and HAVE a 5th dimensional Divine Partnership union.

The Twin Soul journey is here to teach you how to create Heaven on Earth, but you have to stop chasing the carrot (union with the twin) because that just keeps you going in circles with your twin – when what you want is to be able to move forward.

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So that you can:

  • Understand where you are at in your Twin Soul Initiation process and what you need to do to bring your connection with your twin to the next level.
  • Get more clarity in your Twin Soul journey today, and break the vicious cycles of confusion and pain with your twin in order to move forward in your connection.
  • Bring peace and sanity back into your own life, by finally understanding the true nature of this connection and its purpose in your soul’s evolution.

Grab your copy today.

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