Healing the Divine Masculine Within


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A powerful three session series focused on healing the Divine Masculine within. Your Soul Partner mirrors you your own wounded Divine Masculine, in this three session healing series we explore your relationship with the masculine starting with your father, your lovers and the reoccurring theme in your relationships with them. We dive deep into your Akashic Records to clear any subconscious or past-life wounding around the Divine Masculine and then close of with a final session to restore your trust in your inner Divine Masculine, which is the template for your relationship with the external Divine Masculine.



Whether we are born male or female, we all have an inner Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within us – our animus and anima as Carl Jung called it.

Because we live in a holographic reality, everything you see in the external is a projection of your inner reality. When we encounter the wounded masculine outside of us, in our Soul Partner for example we are actually seeing our own wounded masculine within being reflected back to us.

Depending on our family of origin and their family dynamic. our inner masculine is either collapsed (absent or unavailable) or it is overpowering our inner feminine (shutting off our Divine Feminine gifts).

This can limit us in various ways:

A collapsed inner masculine has us finding it difficult to find or keep love. It has us attract emotionally unavailable partners or difficulties finding love at all. When we have a collapsed inner masculine, our inner feminine doesn’t trust the masculine to protect her, support her and provide for her. She feels abandoned by the inner masculine and left to fend for her own.

An overpowering inner masculine has us shutting down our feminine side, our intuition, our spiritual gifts and so on. The inner masculine doesn’t trust the inner feminine and therefore silences her, belittles her and her feelings – so that he can be in charge.

The Divine Masculine is what allows us to do, to take decisive action, open, loving, and faith-based. The masculine listens to the Divine Feminine’s knowledge, receives her intuitive wisdom with openness, and then acts on that knowledge with confidence. This dynamic is ONLY possible if they trust each other. As long as they are in a power struggle they will continue to sabotage each other internally, which causes the failures we experience in our external world.

Both a collapsed or overpowering inner masculine stand in the way of true inner union, because as long as our inner masculine and inner feminine are internally at odds with each other they are not in harmony. We need to balance our inner masculine and inner feminine in order to come into inner union with our soul. They need to see each other as equals to be able to enter the inner sacred marriage – the Hieros Gamos.

When our inner Divine masculine and inner Divine feminine come back in service and devotion to each other, we start to unlock our own Divinity.

Wounds that will be addressed in this three part healing sessions are:

  • Divine masculine templating – collapsed or overpowering inner masculine
  • Father and mother wound
  • Victim consciousness
  • Codependency
  • Patriarchal wounding – ‘good girl’ or ‘good boy’ syndrome
  • Fear of loss, fear of rejection and fear of abandonment
  • Trust issues towards the masculine, the feminine and the Divine Mother and Father

What you will get (a total worth over €3,331):

  • Intake session to get clear on the father and mother wound and how these influenced your Divine masculine template through the Akashic Record (€888)
  • Akashic Record work on subconscious and past life wounding that created the original wounding around the Divine Masculine (€1,555)
  • In our closing session we assess the work we did in session I and II and dig deep to allow the inner feminine to trust the inner masculine and vice versa through the Akashic Record, creating a paradigm shift into a new reality (€888)
  • This is a three month package that includes email support in your process


Book sessions I, II and III a each month apart to give yourself time to integrate between sessions. You will be provided schedule links in your order notes.

The sessions take place on Zoom, it is recommended to use headphones for optimum sound quality.

Bach Flowers to support your process

Please start with the Bach Flowers Walnut, Willow, Scleranthus and Agrimony to support the healing process as soon as you book the session. If you have difficulties trusting yourself you can add the Bach Flower Remedy Cerato as well.

Daily dosage

Add 2 drops of each Bach flower remedy to a bottle of water of 8,5 oz, 17 oz or 34 ounces. Outside of the United States, Myanmar and Liberia that’s 250ml, 500ml or 1 liter. Close the bottle and shake it so that the Bach Flowers mix with the water.

Whatever amount of water you choose, drink it completely by taking small sips throughout the day. Make sure, the bottle is empty at night when you go to sleep. Make a fresh dosage bottle each morning.

Bach Flowers do contain alcohol, however when you dilute it in 34 ounces or 1 liter of water, there is no real alcohol content left. If however you feel uncomfortable with any amount of alcohol, you can also get the alcohol free versions of the flower remedies you need.

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