Restoring Your Divine Money Template


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We all have a Cosmic bank account that we can tap into. As sons and daughters of the Utmost High, unlimited abundance is our Divine Birthright. However through for example our family lineage, our past lives and our current life circumstances our money template has been infiltrated with scarcity programming. The Moneyblocks Clearing helps you restore your Divine Money Template, by releasing the subconscious fears and false beliefs you didn’t even know you have around money and abundance.



Sometimes one of our BIGGEST blocks on our spiritual journey seems to be money. But also moneyblocks are deep subconscious false beliefs and fears that were imprinted on us as a child or that we brought in with us from previous lifetimes and ancestral lineage. You can easily change how money shows up in your life, through clearing the blocks that are sabotaging your money story.

Throughout lifetimes and lifetimes and through external influences our Divine Money Template that is based in unlimited abundance, has become infiltrated with scarcity programming.

This has created fear around money in different ways, such as the fear of not having enough money. The fear of being controlled by money or the fear that we aren’t worthy enough to have or receive money.

Whatever we believe internally about money, is how money will show up in our lives for good or for worse.

When in reality money is neutral, it’s love and Source’s nurturing energy that we are given to clothe us, house us, keep us warm, keep us clean, keep us fed, provide us transportation, provide us relaxation, provide us fun, ease, support us in our soul mission and so on.

How much of this energy we allow into our life is entirely up to us.

We can allow in a trickle, a steady flow, a gushing fountain or we can open up the floodgates of Heaven. The choice is completely ours.

The source of money is unlimited, so there isn’t a limit set by the Divine to the amount you can have. Nor does the amount you claim, take away money or abundance from someone else. These are all false beliefs based in scarcity thinking.

You decide internally how much money you allow yourself to receive, but that is more than making a conscious decision. Because 95% of your reality including your money reality is created by your subconscious beliefs and this is where you hold the majority of these fears and false beliefs around money – subconsciously. This is where the scarcity programming has infiltrated your money template in your subconscious mind.

A belief is a thought that the mind considers 100% true either from personal experience or because an authority figure said it was. Because the belief is considered true it becomes automated and is actually never checked again to see if it is still true under the current circumstances. It simply runs in the background (subconscious mind) continuously as if it is true, even when it is a false belief.

A false belief is a belief that is not true on a soul level, it’s a deviation from the Divine truth.

The ONLY way to be able to reprogram these fears and false beliefs is by bringing them up in the conscious awareness. You cannot reprogram beliefs, when you don’t know what the belief is and why you started believing it in the first place. When we revisit the origin of our fears and false beliefs, they are ALWAYS based in a misinterpretation of our reality. Once the misinterpretation is made conscious, it overwrites the false belief because it’s no longer considered to be true. This restores this aspect to your original Divine Money Template, as the infiltrated programming is released.

Because our subconscious mind creates our reality, when we release these fears and false beliefs around money from the subconscious – it changes the way money shows up in our life. We hold most of our money wounding in our root chakra, solar plexus and heart chakra. By clearing out these moneyblocks, we open ourselves to the unlimited abundance that is our Divine Birthright.

You don’t have to be poor or struggling with money to have moneyblocks. Also people who have money, still struggle with moneyblocks and will benefit from clearing them. Like my client Miroslava (on the left) who owns a construction company, she was already running a successful business. She doubled her figures after only ONE money clearing session with me. If you want to change your money story, this is the clearing session for you!

If money is currently an issue for you, I always advice my clients to ask their higher self to make it happen. Because this is such a soul aligned investment, the money usually turns up quickly and effortlessly, like my client Michelle (on the right) who manifested the funds in less than one month.

Manifesting can really work that quick and easy, if you ask your soul for what you want. Your higher self knows that unlimited abundance is your Divine Birthright. Your higher self doesn’t struggle with money or holds negative beliefs around money. Your higher self knows that money is simply part of the physical experience and that it represents the Divine love providing for all your needs.

Practical info

Here is some practical information, to help you optimally prepare for your Moneyblocks Clearing. Please read this section carefully, so that we can use our time together on deeply exploring your subconscious blocks and karmic patterns – instead of repeating this kind of general info on the call.

What you need to know before the session:

  • If you have difficulty trusting yourself please use the Bach Flower Cerato at least 4 weeks prior to your session
  • This is a maximum 1 to 1,5 hour session
  • The call will be held on a conference call
  • The call will be audio only so that you can fully focus on the information you are being shown in your Akashic Record
  • You can use your laptop, smartphone or tablet to access the conference call
  • We start seated to bring in the energy, after that you can lie down it will help you relax deeper
  • Please make sure to use a headset, this will help the energy transference go deeper
  • Please read the ‘after the session’ instructions BEFORE coming on the call

After the session please:

  • Take an Epsom salt foot bath (sea salt or magnesium salt work too) to fully release the energies that we have brought up for clearing, from the past lives we worked in.
  • Burn some dried sage in the room where you sat during the journey, this to clean the space energetically of all the residue energies we cleared during the session.
  • Drink lots of water to help flush out all the energies that were lodged in your physical body and are now being released.


By buying this service you state that you have read the following disclaimer and terms of service and that you willingly enter into and accept the following as your own words:

I am 18 years of age or older. I understand that I am not receiving legal, professional, financial, medical, religious, emotional or psychological advice. I understand that no warranty or guarantee exists. I understand that any inferences I make during my session are my own, and are open to interpretation. I understand that it is my choice to act upon any information gleaned during my session and I hold Sabriyé harmless from any liability.

I understand that no professional relationship exists. By agreeing to the terms of this disclaimer, I certify that I am voluntarily seeking service from Sabriyé and take full responsibility for any/all outcomes.

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