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Part 2 – Releasing Victim Identification and Why You Can’t Enter 5D Holding on to Victim Consciousness

by Sabriyé Ayana

Spiritual author, Multidimensional Healer, Founder of Akasha Quantum Soul Healing™ & the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on Part 2-releasing victim identification and why you can’t enter 5D holding on to victim consciousness, you will learn:

  • The real deal with karma
  • Why you keep creating ‘bad’ experiences in your reality
  • How spiritual law applies to all trauma
  • Why you must face your own pain in order to regain your power
  • And more…

Releasing victim identification, Part 2 – Releasing Victim Identification and Why You Can’t Enter 5D Holding on to Victim ConsciousnessRemember 5D is not up there and 3D down here, dimensional realities are NOT places – they are states of consciousness and states of being that are reflected back to us in our physical reality.

3D is not our physical reality, it is the dimensional state in which we have experienced our physical reality. As we are collectively shifting into higher states of consciousness and higher states of being, we will experience our physical reality in these higher dimensional states – in other words 5D will be the new 3D. 5D will be our new dimensional reality in which we experience our physical reality.

The real deal with karma

Releasing victim identification, Part 2 – Releasing Victim Identification and Why You Can’t Enter 5D Holding on to Victim ConsciousnessMost people still have a 3D understanding of karma that fits in with their idea of an external God who they have replaced with the Universe that acts as a great scorekeeper in the sky.

Now instead of God watching your every move to determine if you are going to heaven or hell,  you have the concept of the Universe keeping score to make sure you behave because you believe that all the bad you do comes back to you through the law of karma.

Instead of punishment in the afterlife, payback takes place now in this lifetime or the next – but both ideas come down to the same thing people ‘being good’ out of fear of the consequences and punishment if they would do ‘bad things’.

It’s the same principle, just shifting terminology from a religious context to a spiritual context – but it remains 3D paradigm consciousness because both views come down to being governed by outside forces that decide over our fate which is based on seeing ourselves as separate from our own divinity. There can only be an outside force if we see ourselves as separate from it and we can only be governed over by another if we give away our power to them. Of course, we can also only do ‘bad things’ when we don’t remember who we are – because in essence we are all love and love can do no harm to others.

All the terminology used to describe the above state of being, have 3D written all over it, good vs. bad, heaven and hell, punishment, payback, fear, not recognizing our own divinity, external forces, being governed by, separation – these are all words that belong to the 3D paradigm.

Karma is not being rewarded when you do well and being punished when you are bad, this is not how karma works. You don’t earn brownie points for doing good or being a good person, Good and bad are extremely subjective anyway from a higher perspective because as we explained in Part 1 of this series, EVERYTHING is always happening for your highest good – even the things that we perceive as bad.

Karma does not deviate from this concept either, like everything else in the Universe karma is always working towards our highest good. This highest good is not to keep you in line through the threat of punishment, of course, we aren’t in kindergarten people.

Instead, karma brings back to us the people, places, situations, and experiences we need to help us release all the trauma and pain, the fears and false beliefs that are covering our true nature. In essence, karma is all these trapped emotions and false beliefs that draw to them the means to be released from your vibrational field.

There is no element of punishment or payback for bad deeds in the past and there is no higher power outside of us making sure we get what we’ve got coming. That’s just replacing a vengeful God with a Justice seeking Universe – it all comes down to an eye for an eye mentality. The idea that a person who causes another person to suffer should suffer in an equal amount, which is nothing but vindictiveness.

So to believe in karma as punishment or payback, would mean to believe in a vengeful Universe seeking to harm us for our perceived transgressions instead of a benevolent consciousness and state of being that is working for us (our highest good) and has our back every step of the way.

Even if you believe the Universe is neutral and just dishing out justice, you are still seeing the Universe as a separate entity holding you accountable for your wrongdoings and rewarding you for all the good you do, when in reality you and the Universe are one – there is nothing outside of you that isn’t a reflection of what is inside of you.

Separation is an illusion we create in order to have a human experience. It’s a state of consciousness and state of being created from a rift between the lower three and upper four chakras which allows us to ‘disconnect’ from our own Divinity. The story of Abel and Cain that we discussed earlier here.

Which brings us back to the question we started discussing in Part 1:

Why do bad things happen to us if we aren’t victims of fate (we create our own reality) and there is no outside force punishing us?

Why we create ‘bad stuff’ happening to us

Releasing victim identification, Part 2 – Releasing Victim Identification and Why You Can’t Enter 5D Holding on to Victim ConsciousnessAround two weeks ago I woke up to a shame campaign on my The Twin Flame Tribe Facebook page.

The night before someone who introduced herself as a Twin Flame coach messaged me to tell me how much she loved my work but that she had problems promoting it because of the cultural appropriation of the terms ‘Gangsta’ and ‘Tribe’ and she ordered me to cease using them in my marketing because they were hurtful to  women of color according to her.

Thinking we were having a spiritual conversation, I soon found myself in an extremely political conversation that went south fast as the Twin Flame coach accused me of spiritually bypassing the pain of women of color, gaslighting their issues, and yep even victim-blaming. She posted parts of our conversation completely out of context on her timeline and got a group of people to cyber shame me into changing my product names as they were seen to be offensive to people of color.

In the end, as these things go, someone ordered me to immediately stop using ‘Gangsta’ and ‘ghetto’ in my marketing showing how things just escalate and start to live a life of their own. What started out as ‘Tribe’ was now replaced by ‘ghetto’ a word which I of course do not use in my marketing as it doesn’t belong there, but which this person apparently thought was offensive. I wonder why anyone would want to use the word ghetto in their marketing because from my experience as an online marketing expert in the old days, I can tell you – it doesn’t sell because who would want to identify with living in a ghetto? Exactly nobody, nor should we have a society that creates ghettos to stick away minority groups. That’s not the kind of world we want to live in.

But what about words such as ‘Gangsta’ and ‘Tribe’?

When it comes to using the word gangster in marketing, we have big brands like Spiritual Gangster selling high-end yoga and sports apparel with spiritually inspired prints. You can make gangster business logos at When you Google gangster names, you get a lot of pictures of famous gangsters and the majority of them are Caucasian and not people of color.

In fact, before America had to deal with current-day gangs the original gangsters were mostly European and considered white Americans. According to Wikipedia: “The terms “gangster” and “mobster” are mostly used in the United States to refer to members of criminal organizations associated with Prohibition or with an American offshoot of the Italian Mafia (such as the Chicago Outfit, the Philadelphia Mafia, or the Five Families.”

The informal meaning of tribe is a large family or other group that someone belongs to, although of course it also refers to indigenous tribes such as the Masai or Amazon Indians.

The word Tribe is very popular among spiritual entrepreneurs like Gabby Bernstein, Vishen Lakhiani from Mindvalley, and Sarah Prout – just to name a few. There are also many teachings out there about how to find your soul tribe, because as we are shifting into a higher dimensional reality people are longing to find their soul tribe and to connect to those people they really belong to and who understand the process they are going through – as many find their family and friends simply don’t understand their now different outlook on life.

But actually, this group of women had resolved to take down the spiritual community and had also shamed Danielle Laporte and even Marianne Williamson for what they saw as transgressions against people of color, so I was in good company.

They were very satisfied that Danielle Laporte had not posted anything on her Facebook page after the incident for a period of 6 months and indeed from June 2018 until January 2019 there are no posts on her Facebook page. I understand this because for a split second, I also wondered if I should unpublish my page until the storm blew over, but I decided I was not going to let an online angry mob bully me out of my mission. I was not going to allow them to silence me.

Releasing victim identification, Part 2 – Releasing Victim Identification and Why You Can’t Enter 5D Holding on to Victim Consciousness

To keep the fires of hate and shame burning the Twin Flame coach would every now and then add fuel by making negative remarks about the retreats I host, or that I am a mother to a biracial child (I don’t like that word) who I must be raising wrong and so on. She manipulated them to go tell me off on my own page how shameful my behavior was – with merely suggesting to them that that would be a good way to make me see the errors of my ways….

Later when she saw I had deleted all comments, she asked her followers to help hold me accountable.

Because the woman felt that she was helping me see things from the right perspective, she had also written to me: “I don’t truly expect you to get this; this has been an issue in the spiritual community for quite some time. I do hope that it lands in some way & helps you to see things in a new light. Peace & Blessings.”

But at the same time on her thread, she was allowing people who don’t even know me to puke their venom all over me and make assumptions based on the minute details they were told by her about me. I was the villain, the bad guy in their minds – the symbolization of white oppression because I was positioned as such and interestingly enough my besiegers were predominantly white women telling me I should listen to women of color.

Which made me wonder why women of color weren’t speaking for themselves if it was so offensive.

I get the discussion though in Holland we used to have chocolate-covered marshmallow cream puffs that were called n**ger kisses and this name had to be changed because it is racist. We currently have a hot debate about our Santa’s helpers on the 5th of December because they are black servants which of course grabs back to our shameful history of slavery and should not be mindlessly continued just because it’s a couple of centuries-old traditions. We should not raise our children to believe implicitly that white is better than black because that’s not true and damaging to the self-image of billions of darker-skinned children and grown-ups worldwide.

I really get the need for this discussion but where does it end? I think when we are randomly claiming words in the English vocabulary as cultural misappropriation, that we are splitting hairs in these cases.

The coach wrote me:

‘Black woman going by “gangsta” can get her jailed or killed, while it’s a cute name for white women is a big problem.’

I understand that this seems to be language related but the truth of course is that the United States where this person is from has a history of extreme police violence against people of color and statistics show that 51.5 percent of all years of life lost in 2015–2016 were people of color, when Hispanic, African American and other people of color only comprised 38.5 percent of the population!

And although Europe does not have the same issue with police killings of people of color, also European countries do not score well when it comes to racism. This is not about the urgent need to address racism and creating better societal and governmental systems that take care of all of our people no matter what the color of their skin is. Spiritual work does not mean not fighting for social justice, Mahatma Gandhi is the living example of this. Facing the pain within and releasing it, doesn’t mean we don’t need to address the issues in the physical world that need to change.

Some people of color have discovered that pulling the race card gives them huge collective power, that they individually do not possess like being able to damage careers (Liam Neeson), shut down initiatives and businesses, or even change company policies after a recent incident at Starbucks – when the claims of racism were truly debatable.

In America, companies are quick to apologize even when in any other situation they wouldn’t have – nobody wants to be called a racist, especially in a time when everybody seems to be accused of it.

As one of the customers about the Starbuck’s incident responded:

“I’ve been to Starbucks all over the country and I haven’t had a problem and I’m black as midnight. Some black people’s problems are theirs and theirs alone.”

– Michael

Is internet vigilantism the answer to ending racism?

Or is it just a way to release deeply repressed anger without dangerous consequences for the vigilante and have the oppressed become bullies themselves?

Releasing victim identification, Part 2 – Releasing Victim Identification and Why You Can’t Enter 5D Holding on to Victim Consciousness

What was interesting in my experience that felt like a freaking witch hunt – is the way they dehumanized me and all the racial slurs that where thrown my way of basically everything white (or yt as she spelled it) from vanilla, to mayonaise and Wonder bread ending in that I had no idea what a black woman had lived through just because I had me some black dick….

Releasing victim identification, Part 2 – Releasing Victim Identification and Why You Can’t Enter 5D Holding on to Victim Consciousness

The very thing that they were so concerned about – racism towards people of color, they were now actively engaging in towards me.

How could racism against people of color be unacceptable, yet being racist against white people be the way to react to perceived racism?

Unless you are coming from an eye for an eye mentality, that would make no sense – it’s simply hypocrite.

In all the three years that I own The Twin Flame Tribe and the past two years of running the The Twin Flame Tribe, I have never had an issue with people of color men or women. In fact, many of my clients and usually around 50% of my retreat guests are not Caucasian – but people of color from all over the world despite my prices. Many people of color live privileged lives too.

So why did this suddenly become an issue now? And why on Earth would I create a two-day siege of people harassing me, with one person even posting 33 comments on 33 posts to ‘expose me’ by linking to the thread that got them all fired up?

These were questions I asked myself, while I deleted their comments and fully disengaged from the drama that ensued over basically two words ‘Gangsta’ and ‘Tribe’.

But of course, this whole experience wasn’t about the misappropriation of words, it was about victim consciousness and an over-identification with this or a previous embodiment. Because as we said in Part 1 of this series, there is NO SUCH thing as skin color on a soul level. The soul knows no race, that’s all just human stuff that the soul chooses as an experience to be able to experience life from all its different perspectives. On a soul level we are all made of light and pure love, nothing else – we are all equal.

Does that mean racism is okay?

Of course not but neither is incest, murder, rape, child pornography, sex trafficking, and so on. You can’t have pissing contests here to claim which victim is worse off, because they are all horrific experiences to go through. But in order to heal from such horrific experiences, you need to let go of identifying yourself as a victim because otherwise, you remain a victim of that experience forever – which we will go into later in this teaching.

First let’s stick with my experience and why this was showing up in my life, right around the time that I was working on releasing victim consciousness on a cellular level.

What I directly realized was that if nothing else this was an initiation in forgiveness, being under siege like this for two full days, my words twisted to mean something I had not said, being dehumanized, attacked in character, called a racist, etc. It seemed all so unfair, but there is no such thing as injustice in the Universe – EVERYTHING is always happening for our highest good. So if that was true, then I had to practice what I preach and stay in forgiveness.

Betrayal concerns the lock between the third chakra and the fourth chakra, between the solar plexus and the heart. This lock is a complex knot right on the diaphragm. As we seek to raise the kundalini energy up into the heart chakra, it cannot pass easily through this knot because the core is very tightly veiled here. The energy dams up, circulating instead in the abdomen, unable to make it into the heart. The vibration of forgiveness actually dissolves the hard knot and releases the contraction, so the energy can get through to your heart. It takes more than a one-time forgiveness and is more like learning to live in a continuous state of forgiveness.


This wasn’t about betrayal but about forgiveness. Remember the inner rift between chakra 3 and 4 is dissolved through forgiveness, if I really wanted to open the trickle of kundalini energy between the heart and solar plexus into a full-blown burst – I had to stay in forgiveness and I immediately thought of the words of Jesus ‘Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.’

I realized that this applied to these people harassing me as well – they are merely reacting from their own suppressed pain, trauma, and false beliefs that they are not aware of because it is held subconsciously (which is true for every human being no matter what color their skin is or what sexual preferences they have – because the soul really doesn’t give a shit about all these things that we make such a big deal out of as humans).

Being besieged by 20 or so angry women and having them say the nastiest things about you as if you weren’t right there with them in the room is the best modern-day initiation I can think of to test if you are ready to live in a continuous state of forgiveness. So I ho’oponopono’ed my ass off all the way through the weekend – while I did my best to stay detached, in forgiveness, and untouched.

Actually, by the time I figured out that it was my initiation in forgiveness on day 2, I got hit by the 33 comments on 33 different posts that I silently deleted which made them realize that as they were trying to post on my Facebook business page that I could simply ban them and delete their comments – so eventually they gave up as I didn’t engage.

By that time I will be honest I was exhausted, I felt slightly traumatized and I was fed up with the whole thing – but I chose forgiveness anyway because that was my next step in my journey and nothing was going to stop me. 33 comments were a pain in the ass, but it wasn’t going to derail me from my resolve to stay in forgiveness. I knew what I had to do and stuck to it.

Of course, I took the experience with me into my next healing session with one of my own healers because I knew my outer reality was in some way related to an energy wanting to be released inside of me. A past life trauma maybe? Something around persecution? I half-joked with a friend that maybe in my past life I belonged to the Ku Klux Klan and needed to release guilt and shame around that. After revisiting so many of my own past lives and helping my clients go to their deepest pain in previous lifetimes, I knew that we all have skeletons in our closets that we need to make peace with. We have all done things in previous lifetimes that we are not proud of and deeply regret – but no it was nothing like that.

It was truly the release of victim consciousness on a cellular level from my left underleg that felt as if it was invested with gangrene. When I zoomed in on it, it was my own subconscious hatred towards white male supremacy (patriarchy) that is not only behind racism but all the other things listed above that all have to do with simply taking what you want, because you want it and you are strong enough to take it without any concerns about the implications of your actions. A collective energy that is behind big pharma, the destruction of our planet for financial gain, racism, and all other heinous crimes against mankind. It wasn’t hatred against one person but against this collective field (aka morphic field) that carried that same energy frequency.

When I looked even closer it was my inner Abel condemning and rejecting my inner Cain (Read this teaching here to understand the parable of Abel and Cain).  Abel signifies the top 4 chakras and Cain the lower three, the EXACT rift I was working on mending and that calls for forgiveness in order to heal it.

So even though it was not a very nice experience to go through, these women ‘colluded’ in facilitating me in my initiation into a continual state of forgiveness and they helped me identify where in myself I was subconsciously holding the same vibrational frequency as them so that I could consciously decide to release it.

These women illustrated to a T in my life, the very principle that they themselves were revolting against namely that the experiences we experience are an initiation we take voluntarily on a soul level (not consciously) because it helps us release false beliefs, fears, trauma, and subconscious wounding that needed that specific experience to release it.

They did me a great spiritual favor unbeknownst to themselves and helped me more than they could ever realize, which is funny because one of them sent me a text from Jeff Brown that ridicules the very principle they themselves were so enraged by but proved to be true nonetheless in the role they played in my life.

But you don’t understand, my trauma is different

Releasing victim identification, Part 2 – Releasing Victim Identification and Why You Can’t Enter 5D Holding on to Victim ConsciousnessBecause it concerns our own lives and our own pain, we often tend to think that spiritual law somehow doesn’t apply in our case because it’s different.

This was also the argument that the Twin Flame coach used to explain why racism was different than any other horrific experience a person could have in their life. Her reasoning was because it’s not a one-time event, but an ongoing trauma. The same can be said for situations of domestic violence, sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and so on – those aren’t one-time events either, and yet the survivors of these experiences need to let go of seeing themselves as a victim, move on, and heal as well.

Why would this be any different for people experiencing racism?

Now if you haven’t read part 1 of this series please do so, so you can understand this in the right context – because this is of course not about victim blaming, spiritually bypassing anyone’s pain, or an attempt to gaslight anyone who has experienced short term or long term trauma.

I am aware of the fact of how pervasive racism is and how this is much more the case in a country like America which is where most of these women seemed to be based. I also moved my son from small-town Germany to a big city in the Netherlands because here my son is just one of many multi-cultural children when in Germany he was one of the only two ‘black’ boys in preschool.

I have been asked if my child is adopted, I have been asked if I have f*cked a n*gger when looking at my child and I have been told by the cashier of a large supermarket that she was waiting for my son’s mother, clearly not expecting his mother to be white and blond.

What I realized about people asking stupid questions or making wrong assumptions is that it says more about their level of consciousness and how they live their life than anything else. The woman that asked me if my child was adopted was a highly educated and well-off white woman and probably in her mind, the only way to get cute caramel babies is by adopting them. The guy that had been so vulgar, was white drunk and seemed to have some social dysfunctionalities because his behavior was inappropriate continuously. The cashier was a young Muslim girl, who probably thought my son was Moroccan and was genuinely expecting a Moroccan mother to show up because she thought my son was one of her own. Foreigners are always seeing my son as one of their own even on our travels, he blends right in with the locals and people naturally address him in their own language because they think he is a local instead of a Dutch kid traveling the world. He also charms everyone around his little pinky.

It’s my experience that not everything that comes out racist, is meant racist although of course let’s not sugar coat it and think all racist remarks are unintentional because that would be BS. But even though racism is pervasive it’s not any different than any other trauma that is endured only once or over many years. I realize how delicate and volatile this discussion is and I am not crazy about having it on my website but it needs to be done because actually, the whole discussion is not about race, it’s not about white supremacy – it’s about holding onto victim identification for dear life.

Which does not mean that racism doesn’t exist, it’s just as prevalent as domestic violence and sexual abuse that not only women and children of color face but also white women and their offspring have to deal with.

It’s not about negating the experience.

It’s about fully freeing yourself of the experience and your enslavement to the perpetrator. Which reminds me of the story of Elizabeth Smart who was kidnapped at the age of 14 and held captive and sexually abused by her captor until she was rescued 9 months later.

The advice her mother gave her after this happened saved her life and gave her a way to pick up the broken pieces after this nightmare experience at such a young and vulnerable age – she tells her powerful story in the video below.

Taking back your power

Releasing victim identification, Part 2 – Releasing Victim Identification and Why You Can’t Enter 5D Holding on to Victim ConsciousnessIn all honesty, victimhood is always an initiation into taking back your power, the experience forces you to stand up for yourself and claim your sovereignty no matter what your individual story looks like. It is a soul-selected experience, to help you reclaim your power.

That DOES NOT mean you are to blame for this experience happening to you. As we explained in part 1 of this series blame is a 3D concept – it doesn’t exist in the higher dimensions.

It’s about releasing your identification with being a victim. Yes, you are allowed to feel victimized and it can be a part of your healing path – but you can’t stay a victim and heal that is impossible.

Because as long as you feel victimized by, stay angry, feel resentment and hatred, or relive what was done to you, you become your own jailer who has handcuffed her or himself to the very person or institution that hurt you. Why would you want to bind yourself to the pain and experience that you want to be rid of and of course, this is a subconscious process again, nobody does this intentionally. People that get stuck in victim identification, don’t do this deliberately. They are stuck because they have in some way not been able to process the trauma and or release the corresponding energies that could even be coming from past lives.

It is very common in past life regressions which occur in the Akasha Quantum Soul Healing Journeys™ we facilitate, for currently Caucasian-born clients to remember slave past lives that still have unresolved trauma, pain, and false beliefs that want to be released. The most recent one was a white woman who remembered herself in a galley ship as an older African man shackled and having to row and we had to help her release the trauma of being brutally taken from his family at the age of 12.

These subconscious memories of victimization aren’t of course only about slavery, they are about murder, rape, your children being sold against your will, and so on. We all have had horrendous experiences on our soul journeys throughout time, space, and dimensions. All these traumas, pain and repressed emotions have to be released in some way and if we do not release them intentionally THEY COME OUT SUBCONSCIOUSLY.

Carl Jung said:

Until You Make the Unconscious Conscious, it will Direct Your Life and You will call it Fate.”

This is exactly what happens when we have bleed-through trauma from previous lifetimes and trauma from this current lifetime – unless we make them conscious, we will not recognize that the people, situations, and experiences that we have attracted in our current life have come to help us release our own inner pain.

We stay in the illusion of being a victim when what we need to do is release the deep subconscious energies within that attracted the people, situations, and experiences to begin with.

This is where the Twin Flame coach went ballistic and replied:

With all due respect, that’s spiritual gaslighting. POC experience racism not because they are in vibrational alignment to it but because our world is steeped in it. You can’t really be telling Brown and Black folks to change their vibration in order to change their reality?’

This is where the biggest confusion lies, it’s really not about your conscious vibration trust me. People who have experienced short-term or long-term trauma did not bring it unto themselves because they were angry for 24 hours and that attracted it, no matter what skin color they have,

Again this is not about blame, it’s about discovering that you aren’t completely powerless which is what victimhood is all about claiming powerlessness which keeps you stuck where you are because you don’t have the power to change your circumstances.

What attracts the people, situations, and experiences in our lives that we experience as traumatic is the subconscious vibrational frequency we are broadcasting into the world. This happens not to hurt us but to assist us in taking back our power and this applies to any type of victimhood – racism is just the example that showed up in my personal life experience.

But of course, the same applies to the victims of domestic violence, victims of incest, victims of sexual abuse, victims of bullying, violence, gay bashing, and so on. There are no exceptions, you can’t say it applies to everybody else except in my case.

This can be tough as nails to have to face, I know from personal experience as I have faced incest, domestic violence, and being raped while six months pregnant by the father of my first child. I definitely had to overcome being and feeling victimized in this lifetime.

It’s also hard for clients I work with, one of the most memorable past life regressions I did was with a client whose much older brother started raping her in this lifetime at the age of eight years old. In order not to make her pregnant he would rape her anally and this continued till she was 15 years old, when she stood up for herself one day and said ‘No more! You will touch me no more.’ and he never touched her again. But she continued to subconsciously create rape-like situations even with boyfriends and later her husband. She had never experienced gentle lovemaking in her life and she was in her forties – it broke my heart to hear this. When we went into her past lives we found a life in which she was sold as a six-year-old little girl by her father to a much older man who abused and raped her for the rest of her life. She was still carrying that energy, the trauma, the pain, the fear in her vibrational field and it was attracting the same kind of energy in her life now.

The easiest thing is to shove off any responsibility and claim powerlessness, this is not my fault (which it indeed is not) and stay stuck where you are. This is your normal 3D approach to dealing with trauma, hush it to death, repress it, or drown in it. But more and more of course we are finding that this does not work so since the 1900s somewhere we have started to deal with trauma differently and one of the ways that we can truly release trauma from our vibrational field is through past life work – because a lot of our issues, especially for those on the Divine Partnership journey and on the Ascension path, do not stem from this lifetime. As we are clearing up all of our past life karma (false beliefs, trauma, fears, and repressed emotions) we need to go back to the time in space where they originated, in order to release these energies.

The more we do this, clean up our past – the more we are able to step into our own sovereignty.

Allowing the unrestricted flow of the kundalini energy is an important part of reclaiming our power. As I have peeled back the different layers of past lifetimes, I came to a past life last week in which I had massive trauma on bringing up my kundalini energy. Those traumas even when they are hundreds or thousands of years old need to be released as we make our way up on our Ascension path.

As we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around, we need to have the kundalini energy be able to flow up unrestricted to be able to fully step into our power on every level. You have to step into your power in each of the four bodies the mental, emotional, physical but of course also the vibrational body – this is not possible if you still hold on to victim consciousness,

As long as you are holding on to victim consciousness the kundalini energy will not be able to pass through the knot of Vishnu between the third and fourth chakra and you will not be able to become all who you are meant to be. Of course, releasing the illusion of victimhood resides in the solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra) because this is the chakra of personal power where we learn our lessons by experiencing both ends of the spectrum being powerful and being powerless (a victim).

Unity consciousness is unlocked in the fourth chakra, our heart chakra – unity is the vibrational frequency of the 5th dimension. This chakra cannot be unlocked if the kundalini energy can’t pass through the knot of Vishnu. In order for the kundalini energy to reach and unlock the heart chakra you have to release any attachments to being a victim and being powerless, because these were simply the lessons and shifts needed to heal and balance our solar plexus chakra. Once those shifts and lessons are integrated and all is forgiven the kundalini can rise up into the heart and anchor us in the 5th-dimensional reality.

We pray this teaching serves you and helps you release victim consciousness on every level and hope that sharing my own experience with overcoming victimization inspires you to experiment with these ideas in your own life. We can collectively make wrong things right and still individually own our own shit without society’s wrongs being our own damn fault. In the old 3D paradigm we had to choose or/or, but in all the higher dimensions we can have both and take our personal responsibility even for pain and trauma that is not from this lifetime and collectively work towards a more inclusive, tolerant, and love-based society.

To be honest it starts with first facing our own pain within and healing it, it doesn’t start the other way around as the women of the online mob clearly showed us. You can’t create the society you dream of if you, yourself are still filled with anger, rage, hatred, bias, or blatant racism – it will come seeping out in everything you say and do.

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