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Shocking new information on the Law of Attraction that will amp your manifesting powers

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on shocking new information on the Law of Attraction that will amp your manifesting powers, you will learn:

  • Why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work the way you think it does
  • How the ego and the soul relate to each other in creating your reality
  • How everything you experience is happening for your highest good
  • Why the subconscious creates 95% of your reality
  • And more…

Why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work the way we think it does

By now everybody has heard of the Law of Attraction as it hit mainstream media over a decade ago. It is rare for a conscious person on the spiritual path to not have heard about the Law of Attraction, but many of the things we believe around the Law of Attraction simply are not true. They are in fact a misinterpretation of how this Universal law works.

People often find it difficult to get the results they seek with the Law of Attraction which is also due to their misunderstanding of the laws of physical manifestation. They get frustrated because they fail to align to what they want and think it’s because the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for them or that the Universe doesn’t want them to have what they want.

Universal laws work for everyone in the same way without exception, that is what makes them Universal laws instead of individual laws. The reason they seem to not work for some people is again a question of not understanding how these laws works to begin with.

In this article we will address these misunderstandings and show you how to amp up your manifestation powers.

Let’s start with the basic explanation of the Law of Attraction: 

That what you focus your intention on grows or maybe even more accurately  – you attract that into your life which you are a vibrational match to.

If you want to live a different reality, you need to change your vibrational frequency because your current reality is a vibrational match to your inner beliefs and state of being that is being reflected back to you in your outer reality.

It is as simple, yet at the same time complex as that.

The ego vs the soul – who is in charge?

We create our own reality 100% but not in the way most people understand it. Newcomers to the concept of creating their own reality often fear creating things they don’t want but the extent to which you can create things from the ego is extremely limited as is free will.

The ego has choices it can choose from but it doesn’t have free will in the way the soul does, which is a good thing because we probably would get ourselves in a lot of problems if the ego had carte blanche. We would definitely create more karma than we could handle and so the ego is limited in what it is capable of manifesting.

Just to give you an example it is estimated that 70 percent of plane passengers fear flying, yet even though the majority of the passengers in any given airplane is anywhere from nervous to in utter panic during take off hardly any planes crash while climbing the skies in altitude.

If you could randomly manifest freak accidents through your fears, than certainly with the majority of the aircraft’s passengers fearing a mishap one way or the other, would automatically manifest much more issues on flights – which is not the case. Traveling by plane is proven statistically as the safest mode of transport with just 0.07 deaths per one billion passenger miles traveled.

This is because our lives are not in our ego’s care, but under our soul’s care.

We did not defy all odd to be born here in the physical plane (did you know that the odds of your existence are basically zero?!) to then have the ego hijack our lives and screw things up. It’s not possible for the ego to overwrite the soul’s plan for this embodiment, also not through conscious creation. The ego is just not that powerful, although it like to think it is.

The soul runs the show, end of story. So you can’t create anything the soul doesn’t want created or that is out of alignment with your soul plan.

That being said of course focusing on negativity is going to get you into a funk, it will make you a vibrational match for people, places, situations and experiences that match the inner funkiness frequency however 9 times out of 10 what you experience outside of you is not a product of your ‘conscious’ creation but rather your subconscious fears and false beliefs being reflected back to you.

This often is mind boggling to people because you aren’t consciously aware of what you subconsciously believe. You don’t know what you don’t know, until it becomes consciously aware and that is exactly what makes it often complex because you don’t see the link to what is happening in your outside reality and what you believe and hold to be true internally – until you start looking for the connection between the two.

You can’t steer wrong

Everything is always happening for your highest good.

So if your ego can’t create things that the soul doesn’t want, why does ‘bad’ stuff happen to us?

Why would the soul want bad things for us? This is a tricky one because the soul of course never wants anything bad to happen us. This is also the biggest difference when viewing life from a 3D perspective (ego or separation based perception) and the 5D perspective (soul or unity perception). The truth is that EVERYTHING is always happening for our highest good from the soul’s perspective, even when we can’t see how when it happens.

The reason we often can’t see this, is because the ego doesn’t have the soul’s perspective on the situation. It can’t see behind the scenes to see what is really going on, in the way the soul can. It can only interpret the situation isolated or separated if you will from it’s original context and as an attack on self. Because it has separation as it’s frame of reference, it can’t see the higher good being attained or aimed for. The ego can only think in terms of with us or against us and so if it doesn’t fit in the with us box, it is automatically categorized as against us – because that is just how the ego rolls.

We will park this concept for now and move on to the next principle, which you need first explained to fully grasp the above. Because how can abuse serve your highest good? How can being raped serve your highest good? Etc, etc. We find this easy to believe for the good things in our lives, or minor step backs but the BIG stuff – we don’t understand how a higher power such as God or our higher selves can allow this to happen to us.

How could this be in our best interest?

From a 3D perspective it’s close to impossible to wrap your head around questions like this.

The subconscious creates our reality for 95%

The reason ‘bad’ stuff happens to us though is because of the vibrational residue we carry with us subconsciously. Remember we attract the vibrational frequency that we ourselves are vibrating at. It is really not our conscious wants and desires that create our reality, it’s our subconscious fears and false beliefs that attract to them the people, situations and experiences that are a vibrational match with our internal state of being and beliefs system.

Our conscious mind only has a 5% influence on our creation and manifestation process, which goes back to the first principle discussed the soul is in charge and not the ego. The soul’s agenda for this lifetime is granted priority over that what the 3D self and ego desire. This then limits what the ego self is capable of creating and allows that what the soul wants to experience in this lifetime to be played out first.

This is where the ‘bad’ stuff comes from,  we put bad in quotation marks because bad is a relative concept and is subjective to whether you view this from the ego perspective or the soul’s perspective.

Let us explain:

Throughout our soul’s journey through time and space we have had many embodiments in which we have played different roles and tried out different perspectives to the same dynamics like power vs. powerlessness so that we could experience both the victim’s as well as the perpetrator’s perspective of this dynamic.

We carry within our psyche and vibrational field the wounding we have encountered from living both perspectives, which we often refer to as karma.

Karma is nothing else but unresolved and unreleased past (life) energy that we still carry with us in our vibrational field, which then attracts the people, situations and experiences needed to release it.

Now remember what we said at the beginning of this article, we attract those people, situations and experiences that we are a vibrational match to. We also established that 95% of our reality is created from our subconscious fears, beliefs and consequent state of being.

This is where it all comes together, because these unresolved and unreleased past (life) energies are part of the 95% that subconsciously creates your reality.

Which is why Carl Jung said:

 Until You Make the Unconscious Conscious, it will Direct Your Life
and You will call it Fate.”
Carl Jung

The so called ‘bad’ stuff happening to us are people, situations and experiences attracted by the subconscious into our lives to help us release and resolve the original wounding that we still carry the vibrational residue from with us today. The player’s involved in your grand dramas are in fact helping you release deep trauma from your vibrational field, by playing the role of ‘bad’ guy (girl) and creating a similar trauma in this lifetime to help you release the original wounding.

This is why EVERYTHING is always happening for your highest good, even the so called ‘bad’ stuff because it is meant to help you release the energy that attracted the people, situation or experience to begin with.

Once this energy is released, you will no longer be a vibrational match for that particular energy frequency or the people, situations and experiences that resonate at that exact vibrational energy frequency.

Crosscurrent energies that cancel out your manifestations

When it comes to manifesting your desires it’s not that you are not meant to have, be or do certain things aka fulfill your desires.

It’s that the agenda of the soul simply has precedence over the ego or 3D self’s desires. This means that until you have released and resolved these past (life) traumas and wounding, the soul will block manifestations that do not serve the scenarios needed to trigger and replay the underlying pain so that it can be released.

This is very common in Divine Partnership connections that the manifestation of the physical relationship is DELAYED in order to allow both counterparts to release all wounding that needs the physical manifestation of separation in order to be triggered.

On other life levels this means that if your wounding needs a scenario of poverty to get triggered, then even if you have money the subconscious will create a way to lose it ALL – so that you can relive and re-trigger the wounding that is ready to be released.

Once these crosscurrent energies are released which also can manifest as past life fears and false beliefs, you can easily align to the manifestation of your deepest heart’s desire because not having it no longer serves your highest good.

Life is always happening for you, everything is always transpiring on your behalf and so when manifestations are delayed because something deeper needs to be released and removed first – it is because these energies would have impeded the pleasure you would have derived from your manifestation in the first place or they stood in the way of you having what you wanted to begin with.

Once released they can no longer influence your reality, as their frequency simply does not exist in your vibrational field anymore. There is no grid point for them to attach to, because the original wounding has been released. It’s really that simple.

Manifesting in 5D

The more you release this past (life) wounding and unresolved pain, the more you release the vibrational density that is weighing down your vibrational field. The more this vbrational density is shed, the higher your own personal vibrational frequency becomes. The more soul aligned you actually become, which allows you to anchor into a higher dimensional frequency which we refer to as the 5th dimensional frequency.

5D is the dimension of creating Heaven on Earth, which is when we manifest as above; so below and as within; so without.

In this state of being we achieve a state of Heaven within, that is reflected back to us in our physical life experience – hence Heaven on Earth. We get to experience the lightness of vibrational being in the physical 3D density. Which is a feat in itself.

As we release this past (life) density not only does our vibrational frequency increase, but also our ability to manifest our desires in the physical reality increases and becomes more instantaneous. This is because the soul’s agenda has been achieved, the crosscurrent energies have been released and the soul has gained more dominion over the physical vessel. The physical vessel identifies more with the soul than the ego at this stage, which creates more soul aligned desires that can come into being much more quickly now that their is no inner resistance anymore from the subconscious gunk and sludge that was still being dragged along vibrationally from lifetimes and lifetimes ago.

Which brings us to the secret formula for amping up your manifesting powers, it’s through releasing past life trauma, limiting beliefs and fears that you still carry with you today. The more you release this vibrational gunk and sludge, which we wrote about in a previous article that you can read here – the more you can manifest what you really want with much less to no delay.

Learn to unlock Heaven on Earth

Book an Akasha Healing™ Journey with me to release the unresolved pain and wounding that is keeping you stuck in reliving your unhealed past whether that stems from your childhood, ancestry, or previous lifetimes.

It’s through healing the wounded ego, that we not only come into union with our soul – but unlock our soul’s superpower to create the reality we dream of.

Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed?

This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page. The key to unlocking your private version of Paradise is healing the separation between the ego and your soul.

Love, love, love my work?

Get your friends. colleagues and family to join the Inner Learning Circle. Let’s create a ripple effect of healing in the world! Imagine how the world we live in would transform if we all healed our unresolved pain. We would individually and collectively create Heaven on Earth.

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With my deepest love,


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