How I Received the Soul Call to Move to Ibiza

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

I think how I ended up living on one of the most famous Balearic Islands in Spain, is one of the most soul-led stories that I have to share.

It all started years ago when in 2014 I met who I felt to be the love of my life through our work online, he was someone I almost immediately recognized as my twin soul. There was a lot of back and forth in which we even spent almost two Heavenly weeks together in 2015 in India where he was born and raised. In the end, however, he could not shake the conditioning of his culture and ultimately chose the arranged marriage his family wanted for him.

Because he felt he needed to do what his family and culture expected of him, he banished me from his life in 2016 and pretty much cut off all contact, although energetically we remained deeply connected. In late January 2017, I dreamed that he came to make love to me, after which he held me in his arms and told me that he was getting married but that he would love me forever.

Two days later I woke up to a rainfall of messages from my team members who had seen pictures online of him preparing for his wedding. When I asked, one of his mates confirmed that he was getting married that day. His friend had not told me before because he didn’t want to be the one to hurt me. Actually, none of his friends wanted to be the one to tell me, so no one did.

Because I had already had a year to grieve the loss of this relationship, it wasn’t that difficult to accept his marriage. And after two months I asked myself an important question; ‘What do I want to do with the rest of my life now that my dream of being together happily ever after had gone up in smoke?’

‘What does my soul want to create now?’

I heard a voice inside me whisper ‘You always wanted to live by the sea. Go to Ibiza! The funny thing was that I had never been to Ibiza, I had only heard of it. I had never been to Spain at all. But because I felt so strongly that this was where I needed to be, I started to research the island.

By the end of that month, during a Tony Robbins event in London I spoke to the man in India again, out of the blue he took my call during a break at the event. We hadn’t spoken to each other since 2016. I told him of my plans to move to Ibiza and he said ‘You know what I love the most about you is that when you decide something you make it happen.’ In that phone conversation, he also promised me that even though he didn’t know if he would ever leave his wife that if he did, he would be on a plane to me the very next day. He had been married exactly three months that day.

After this conversation, I had to make Ibiza happen of course, but he was right – it is in my nature to be someone that does what they set their mind to do. This was something he felt incapable of because he had been so conditioned to do what pleases others and sacrifice his own needs and desires in the process. So, by June 2017, I hopped on a plane with my youngest kid and my mom off for a weekend in Ibiza just to get a feel for the island. Because I didn’t know the island we ended up in a hotel in San Antonio and I hated it. If you want to see Ibiza at its worst, this is it with loads of drunken tourists and crazy hen parties (bachelorette) filled with gin and throwing hoops on a strapped-on dildo on the bride-to-be’s head. I am not joking.

The first night I spent throwing up and crying. Here I was following the voice of my heart and it was horrible there. I really felt led astray by my soul and guides at that moment. The next day we rented a car and drove to other parts of the island that suited us much better and I fell in love with Ibiza. Especially as I walked up the steps of the Castillo de Dalt Vila I heard a happy voice inside me singing ‘I’m home. I’m home….’

It eventually turned out that I had quite a few past lives on the island whose history goes all the way back to 650BC and its first Phonecian settlers.

I went back to Amsterdam with a clear goal in mind; to move to Ibiza. But in order to make that possible, I had to have at least €10.000 euros in revenue a month because I was bringing my son and mother with me. I received the inner call to move to Ibiza in April 2017, by October my month’s revenue was already €9.977, and in November I made more than €11.000 euros. Within six months I had manifested the revenue I needed to move to Ibiza, whereas when I set the intention I was making around €3.000 euros a month. I had more than tripled my revenue in as little as six months! Revenue does not equal income of course as business costs, tax, etc. all still need to be deducted.

In February 2018 I organized my first spiritual retreat in Ibiza with clients from all over the world including India flying in to work with me and my team of healers for a week. When I returned from Ibiza I felt guided to travel first with my family and for two years we lived the life of a digital nomad. We went to Glastonbury, drove from Pisa to Rome, flew from Rome to Cairo to the pyramids, then to Luxor and the temples, and back to Ibiza every winter.

At the beginning of the trip, my twin soul had come back into my dreams to tell me he was becoming a father. When I congratulated him on messenger the next day, he was dumbfounded that I already knew his wife was pregnant. By the time the next retreat in India took place at the request of my Indian clients from the first retreat, his son had just been born. Just before I boarded my plane to India, I saw his status update that he had become a father. Privately we exchanged some messages and he proudly sent a picture of his baby boy to me and I was really happy for him and his wife. Because I had six months to get used to the idea, by the time the baby was born I had made my peace with it.

However, things went wrong in India itself, in a drunken stupor, he sent me a raunchy text at night while I was in a hotel thirty minutes away from where he lived. Instead of owning up to it, he blamed his friends. The inappropriateness of the text (especially if his friends would have sent it) got us into such a fight that we didn’t speak to each other again until September 2020 almost a year and a half later. It took him that long to overcome his pride (shame) and admit that he had sent the text himself.

The retreat in India was again a huge success bringing not only a lot of transformation for the clients but also for all the healers involved. Everyone went through deep shifts in India. From India, my family and I went on to Dubai and then finally back to Ibiza in search of our own home. My teenage son absolutely hated the traveling and really needed a place where we could grow roots.

Mid the pandemic we found a lovely place in the North of the island and we have been living here now for two years. Actually, we were going to hold a new retreat here in 2020 but had to postpone it for two years. This past May, we finally held a beautiful retreat with clients from the Netherlands and the US who were facilitated a deep dive into the soul with nine amazing healers including myself. All the clients are now back home, their lives forever transformed thanks to their week with us in Ibiza.

What actually makes Ibiza so special is the high-frequency energy the island holds, it’s a kind of energy that really confronts you with yourself. Just being in this energy is already healing, doing inner work while on the island makes it only more potent.

The man from India has completely disappeared from my life. We have spoken to each other a few times in the past two years but those conversations actually left me wondering why I liked him in the first place. To be honest, it’s as if the man I fell in love with no longer exists. Still, I am very grateful for the experience because living here and becoming the person I am now, I owe to this intense relationship that actually never really got off the ground.

When he and I first met I had a web design company and I worked from home in the Netherlands after I had gotten myself and my kids off welfare as a single mother by starting an online business. Now I have a thriving business as a New Paradigm business, life & soul mentor, and I train practitioners in the Akashic Healing™ technique I developed throughout the past seven years since my first visit to India where I retrieved this past life soul gift to guide people into their Akashic Records and ‘see’ (feel/hear/know) their past lifetimes.

By romantic standards, this relationship was of course an absolute bust, but on a soul level, it has completely transformed my life in every way. I realized last night, that had he come to be with me as I had hoped so deeply in the beginning – Ibiza would have never happened. Ibiza only came on my radar, after this guy got married to someone else. Yet because I had so many past life karmic ties with Ibiza (a subject that I will soon be writing a soul teaching on), I had to move here to heal my connection with this island.

It just hit me last night after months of intense karma healing, that things had gone exactly as they were supposed to. This included not getting my absolute dream house with an Arabic mosaic fountain in the courtyard because it had to be this apartment I have now that had gone off the market and came back because ‘fate’ (read karma) was bringing me and my current landlord together with whom I have had at least six very karmic (past) lives that needed to be healed and that were the key to unlocking a much deeper karmic wound I didn’t even know I was carrying.

However, now that I have freed myself from these karmic ties and have the freedom to live anywhere I feel called to, I have found my true home to be Ibiza. Ibiza is where my soul belongs – at least for now. With the gift of hindsight, I can see how everything has moved me to be where I am now completely in accordance with my Divine Plan – even though it often didn’t seem that way while living the experience. There were times when I wondered if coming here was a mistake, but that was only because the ego never sees the BIG picture that the soul has in mind.

With my deepest love,


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