How to start living your soul purpose and share your unique gift with the world

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You are a spiritual being having a human experience

We tend to get so entangled with our earthly identity that we sometimes forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience instead of the other way around.

Sure life is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated, but we also chose this embodiment because we had soul lessons that we wanted to learn, karma that we wanted to balance and we have a unique gift to share with the world, that is only ours to share. We came here on a mission to achieve all this, while living our lives in the 3D illusion on the physical plane.

So if you temporarily forgot, what you set out to do in this life. Join the club, welcome to the human experience. Soul amnesia is part of the package, but thankfully the forgetting is only temporary. It does all come back to you slowly but surely, until you awaken completely and remember who YOU really are and always have been.

It’s all in divine timing

In my own experience living your soul purpose is a question of divine timing. I was relatively late to the party. I know people younger than me who are already living their soul purpose and sharing their unique gift to the world. Age or experience is not a factor, divine timing is the decisive factor. Seeing in my case when I met my Twin Soul he was not even 25 yet, it could have hardly been any sooner as he was such an important part in my journey to living my life purpose. If he had been any younger I wouldn’t have even taken him seriously as a romantic partner.

Divine timing brought us together as Twin Souls, a soul agreement we made before this embodiment and although I had always known about soul purposes, it wasn’t until I had met my twin that I discovered mine. It happened in the end of the summer of 2014 after my twin ran for the first time. Together with a coach I found the common thread in my life and it is ‘Helping women create a better existence for themselves and their loved ones.‘ Which is the essence of Gangsta Goddesses.

When I told my twin in between his running about my discovery he was so happy for me. I was contemplating a project at that time that totally fit into this life purpose and my twin was so enthusiastic. He said he wanted to do what he could to help me set it up. Recently this phone conversation came back into my memory and at first I thought ‘One of his many promises that he didn’t keep…‘ and then it hit me, that he had actually done exactly as he had promised, just in a way we both had never anticipated. I’ll go into more detail later on.

Still it took me almost two years from finding my life purpose to living it and sharing my unique gift with the world.

Preparing for your life purpose

Everything leading up to the moment you start living your life purpose is preparation. From the books you have read, to the relationships you had, the hobbies that you have done, the places you have lived, the places you have worked, the themes you have been working on in your life, all prepare you for that moment, the moment you are ready to fully step into your soul purpose for this lifetime.

In my case I moved to the United States at the age of nine where I was brought up in a New Age spiritual community. I went to school there for 4,5 years which taught me to write and speak English fluently even though I was born in The Netherlands. Gangsta Goddesses had to be done in English,

I had written two books in the past that were both for women. The first book was about a healthy lifestyle and a sugar, dairy and meat free diet that by now has really caught on but then was considered somewhat out there. The second book was how to use your most intimate relationship as a mirror for your own personal growth. Both books had the intention to help women create a better existence for themselves and their loved ones.

My second marriage was a disaster. We got along great. The sex was hot and yet still, we couldn’t make it work. He was terrified to make me pregnant, as he felt incapable of financially supporting a larger family. Which resulted in a seven year marriage of which we were separated six years and he was having an affair with someone else, both times while I was pregnant. Drama everywhere and through my efforts to make this marriage work I discovered the 13 Goddesses.

Although I got out of that marriage still looking young and hot I didn’t meet any potential partners that I could have a serious relationship with. Had I had found someone, I would never have gone to meet my Twin Soul in India. At that time I didn’t understand why I was not meeting any eligible men, now looking back I know it’s because I needed to be free to go on this Twin Soul adventure. I just had to wait five years for him to mature and really grow into a man before we were destined to meet up in this lifetime.

And to be honest my disastrous second marriage had given me all the training to navigate through this Twin Soul Journey. My second husband was a pro stonewaller and so when my twin also refused to talk to me, I knew how to deal with it. All the goddesses came back in my relationship with my twin and my understanding of their essence deepened even more.

I have been studying the law of attraction since my early twenties and have read thousands of self help books on relationships, on spirituality, on sexuality, on the effects of food, on law of attraction on alchemy, psychology, neuroscience and quantum physics. I have studied how to create a better existence, for more than half of my life. In hindsight, it’s not surprising that I am now teaching this stuff. I have been preparing for this my whole adult life.

After meeting my twin flame in real life, sleeping in his arms, basking in his love – my chakra’s were all opened, cleansed and aligned. Shortly after I came home I had a kundalini rising experience which happens more often when Twin Soul spend physical time together. Soon after that the Gangsta Goddesses energy was given to me to channel into the world. This energy helps the recipient to let go of deeply subconscious beliefs, repressed emotions, past life karma, old soul contracts and basically everything that no longer serves them and helps them align deeper to their own soul path. My unique gift to the world,

What better way to help women (and men) to create a better existence for themselves and their loved ones?

As you can see in my story everything led up to this, everything prepared me for this soul mission and this unique gift to the world that my Twin Soul helped activate in me. Not a shabby gift to get from a lover, it’s one I will cherish forever.

What common thread can you discover in your life?

Your soul family will come rushing in

Before I was ready to live my life purpose I was in a very difficult business relationship and I realized at some point that if I wanted to live my soul purpose, I would have to let this relationship go. As soon as I did that my soul family came rushing in.

I started to become willing to live my life purpose and everyone that had agreed before on a soul level to support me was called into my life immediately. It started with a young man from India who later became one of my best friends and who was the one to introduce me and my twin to each other.

This friend was also the one that brought my twin and I together in India when he invited us both to his wedding. He is also my twin’s best friend so there was no escape, he had to be there and act as their equivalent of best man.

One night as I was sitting under the stars in the village with all my friends family around me, his aunt said to me ‘That you are here with us now, is for a reason. It was written in the stars that you would be with us here now.’ And that was how it felt, these two young men my twin and our friend had always felt as family to me – like I knew them since forever and I felt the same in the village. I felt like I was home.

My friends grandmother even gave me a special healing that opened me further to receive the Gangsta Goddesses energy.

Trust that your soul family will also come rushing in when you are ready to live your soul purpose.

Your are always protected

I was 27 near the end of my first marriage when my husband, myself and our seven year old son were on our way to my then mother in law. We were driving through the back roads in village area’s and there was a lot of mud on the road. Out of nowhere the car went into a slip and my husband who was driving lost control of the wheel.

We spun off the road and came to a full stop next to a small ditch filled with water, for which we are famous in the Netherlands. The car then tipped over into the ditch hood first and my husband and I were drowning in a shallow puddle of water pinned to our seats by our seat belts. My son who was in the back was the only one able to breathe as he had miraculously been turned in his seat belt and ended up with his head above water. The horn was honking and without the miracle that happened that day, my son would have been the only survivor. The car was not visible from the road, the honking would have drawn attention to him.

I remember as the dirty ice cold water was coming in my mouth and I couldn’t breath that I thought with the biggest decisiveness ‘No! We cannot die like this. I have not done what I have come to do in this lifetime. It cannot be over, I need more time!‘ Immediately I was released from my seatbelt and somehow finally found the handle to the door and got out of the car to rush to my son, not even thinking of my husband. I found my son to be alive so I quickly went to find my husband who had ripped my seatbelt from the floor to release me because his door wouldn’t open as it was obstructed by the ditch wall. After releasing me he was able to release himself and exit the car.

This was such a wake up call for me. I realized I had to stop F-ing around and change my life. I begged my husband to do this together, but he couldn’t. The messiest divorce ever followed, but I knew I had to push forward.

The Universe is just as eager as you are for you to succeed in your life mission and wants nothing more then for you to share your unique gift to the world. As long as you are on that path, you are under divine protection.

All you will ever need to succeed will be given to you, it’s a done deal.

But your life calling might not be what you expected and you might feel resistance

I totally loved my life purpose, but my unique gift to the world was a completely different story. No way did I ever expect to be a medium, channel energy and be able to help people access past lives and other outrageous stuff that came along with this gift. I am very grounded and also just never saw myself as somebody who could do this stuff.

I also never had the ambition to be able to. I loved these kind of gifts in other people, but didn’t see myself as this kind of person. Plus in the beginning as I was learning to use this new gift I felt everything in my own body. That was really freaky at first, until I learned to regulate it and not use my own body anymore to help my clients release their sabotaging blocks.

I had to literally be forced into embracing my unique gift to the world, also because I had always been afraid that it would be GAME OVER once you started living your life purpose. So the Universe left me no option. It put a complete block on my branding agency, no money coming in and the two guys who could have helped me by taking over my business so I could focus on setting up the new one were X’d out of my life, my twin and our best friend. With NO way to keep the old working, I had only one choice – to embrace the new.

This is the biggest paradox, by not helping me. Pushing me away and forcing me to fix things myself, my twin held his promise to me that he would do ANYTHING he can to help me in my life purpose. It just wasn’t the way we both thought it would look like and I know for sure that it was damn hard for him to not give into my pleas for help. Looking back I am so glad he didn’t.

Because at some point I just decided that I was over needing to get used to my unique gift or not seeing myself as someone who could do this, as I clearly could. It was like THE FORCE had awoken in me and I had no Obi-wan Kenobi at least in the physical plane, to teach me how to use it. But the more I used my unique gift and saw the amazing shifts it brought into my clients lives I started trusting it more and learned to love it.

I have never been as in love with my business as I am now. I love the work that I do. I love the clients I work with. It is really the perfect fit for me.

Follow the signs the Universe will be giving you

I would have been lost forever if it had not been for all the signs from a loving Universe. When I started on this path nine months ago (including my trip to India) I felt like I was walking blindfolded. I could only sense the next step in front of me and had to take it in blind faith.

It wasn’t always easy, but the Universe made sure that I was guided and protected every step of the way. I relied heavily on angel numbers during the most scariest part of the journey, the numbers I was noticing kept assuring me that I was on the right path.

I had two lovely coaches, who are also my mastermind buddies and friends that supported me to get here. In the end it was a random call from a coach and also good friend, that started the Soul Journeys and me discovering my unique gift. She called me one night, with only one message – You should start doing readings. That was it, she said goodbye and hung up. Normally we talk for hours. It was so out of the ordinary, that I knew it was a sign and followed it immediately.

In the end it only took me three months to make the switch, in which I set up a complete new business fully aligned to my soul purpose and sharing my unique gift with the world. In February my branding company got into financial trouble, by the end of June my revenue was already back at €4K (in March it had dropped as low as €800, while monthly expenses were around 6x higher). Before you know it I will be busting through the five figures again, as the money tie up was only a way for the Universe to get me on my divine path.

There was no reason for the money flow to stop, it was only meant as a sign for me to let go of the old and create the business that is mine by divine right. The interesting thing is that it’s easier to sell people the Gangsta Goddesses products, then it ever was to sell the branding products or our online plugin. Simply because they can feel that I am totally aligned to it, this is truly WHAT I WAS BORN FOR.

It was at times scary as hell, but the Universe always gave me some clue through what somebody said, what I read, what I sensed or what I heard that told me to keep faith.

How you can start living your life purpose and sharing your unique gift with the world

And honestly even though I was scared shitless, I knew that no other life would ever satisfy me anymore. I had to push through. I had to make it work. Because trying to live any other reality then this one, would be a lie – a cop out – anything else would always be like settling for LESS.

Much like experiencing the depth of Twin Soul love, once you have experienced this you can never go back to the kind of relationships you had before. You can’t live a lie. You have evolved and you can simply never go back. The same applied for my business.

Although I have talked about the Universe pushing and forcing me, it was of course me that had said to the Universe that I wanted to live my life purpose. I told the Universe I was ready and the Universe like she always does, did everything in her power to help me reach my goal. I wanted this with every fiber in my being, that’s why giving up was never an option. It was a done deal from the start.

So like everything in life it starts with your decision. When you decide to live your soul purpose, everything will be set into motion to manifest this as your reality.

I know a lot of my clients are really eager to find their life calling and quite often in a Soul Journey they do become clearer on what they set as mission for this lifetime. Sometimes however they are feeling blocked from this life or past lives, in fully stepping into their soul potential. Other times the time isn’t right yet and they still need to heal some wounds and shift some perspectives before they are fully prepared to live their true calling.

One tip I always give those who want to live their life purpose and share their unique gift with the world is pray about it. Ask your soul, your higher self. Ask God/The Universe to make clear to you what you signed on for in this lifetime. Ask how you may serve and wait for an answer.

Remember living your soul purpose comes in divine timing, not your timing. So have fun doing what you are doing now, because it’s all preparation for YOUR BIG MOMENT.

As long as you decide you want it, ask for guidance and follow the signs that the Universe will give you – you will be there before you know it.

I pray this article serves you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie


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