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Are you a healer, therapist, coach, psychic or complementary health practitioner?

Then you either have a prosperous practice or you are just scraping by. This article is for all the awesome, AMAZING, heart ♡ centered healers, therapists, coaches and complementary health practitioners that give, give, give and then give some more but can hardly pay their monthly bills, let alone do something extra – even when they work themselves to the bone.

If this is you, then you will recognize the following…

You want to help people SO MUCH that you are jumping through hoops to make your service affordable for everyone. If you have managed somehow to get your services refunded by health insurance companies, you are often investing large amounts of money to pretty please comply to all the rules and regulations that this status demands from you.

I see this a lot in my clients who are from all walks of life, but also from these type of professions. One colleague that I love and who is very talented, does 1,5 – 2 hour sessions for €90 and that’s including taxes. In the worst case this comes down to €45 an hour minus:

  • Office rent
  • Transportation costs
  • Phone costs
  • Taxes

To just name a few costs. I am sure she is not insured against occupational disability or that she is putting money aside for her retirement. She is too busy treading water, just trying to get by month by month.

Year by year.

In a mere fight for survival, but when it comes down to it she is earning as much as in a job with less security and less benefits.

If this is how you feel too, please read on.

This could be your story

But actually she wasn’t even the one that sparked me writing this article.

Last night I couldn’t sleep. I woke up at around 1:30 AM and didn’t get back to sleep until around 5:30 AM this morning. When I checked my phone I saw that one of the YouTube channels that I follow had posted a new video. I like this woman, she does very disorganized Twin Soul card readings and breaks out in light language a lot that is so amazingly powerful. I can just feel the intensity of the energy as soon as she takes off in this angelic tongue. I only found her recently, but instantly liked her despite her being all over the place, completely chaotic and so unlike myself. I am hyper organized – it’s the only way to run two companies with three employees and be a single mom who has her kids 24/7 each and every day of the year.

So this beautiful completely heart centered Twin Soul YouTuber gives and gives on her channel and has a nice amount of subscribers. She also has this complete hang up that the only way to be authentic is to do all her work for free. She openly condemns other people earning off the Twin Soul pain and even when she is asked to do private one on one readings, the woman does them for free! Facepalm.

In a matter of like three months since she started, her YouTube channel exploded and she has 50 requests for free readings. Each reading being made into a video and good for a couple of hours work. But she beliefs it is morally wrong to receive money for God’s work, because it’s God coming through – completely forgetting that it might be God coming through, but her whole week going up in smoke implementing God’s work in the physical plane.

Does this sound familiar? Keep reading it get’s worse….

So in her early morning, my middle of the night she uploads this video in which she is a crying mess which is fine. I am used to tears in my clients and myself during sessions, healing work can be intense. She woke up that morning feeling an immense urgency to fly from Australia to London to see her twin one more time before she undergoes massive surgery. Also no problem, but then instead of saying ‘Listen I am swamped with private readings and I will be charging for them that way you get insights on your personal Twin Soul journey and I can buy a ticket to fly to London next week because I have to get there before November.‘ she asks (begs/pleas) people to please donate her money so she can meet her twin.

I was the first to comment and told her to start charging $100 a reading instead.

Massive resistance, that’s why I was up so late – because I had to really kick her ass a bit (which she was grateful for) to get her to finally charge $55 for her work. When people started unsubscribing from her channel she burst out in apologies and defending herself that she was authentic, that she really was a Twin Soul too, that she didn’t want to earn off of someone else’s pain…. All her money blocks popped up one by one as she was explaining that she had done 8 freaking readings for free that week ($800 lost as far as I am concerned) and that she would still help anyone for free if they couldn’t afford her ridiculous fee of $55 (remember each video takes multiple hours to create). She was groveling and I actually told her to delete a comment in which she apologized profusely, for something that she had no need to apologize for. If people looking for a free ride, bail on you because you start charging for private consultations – LET THEM GO! Apparently they are not serious about their own recovery or whatever they get out of working with you.

But here is the simple truth:

  • 50 x $0 = $0 means NO TRIP to London to see her Twin Soul.
  • 50 x $55 = $2750 which pays for a plane ticket, hotel and meals (she was also asking for an address to stay).
  • 40 x $100 = $4000 (let’s say 10 back out) which allows her to buy a plane ticket, pays for hotel and some really nice meals plus allows her to get some stunning outfits and sexy lingerie to dazzle her twin.

When you can give unconditionally, but can’t receive to safe your life….

Her problem and that of many women entrepreneurs who gravitate to this kind of work, serving others, is that they are natural born givers. They can give, give, give and even when they themselves are running on empty find the energy to still give some more. However these same women totally suck at receiving. By the way it doesn’t matter if this is receiving love or money, because it’s the same thing. There is only a flow going outwards, but they can’t allow the flow inwards.

This woman had a lot of shitty beliefs around money that were blocking her from asking financial value in return for the massive value she delivered through her one on one work. She literally couldn’t even own her own gift and saw it as God working through her, so it would be morally wrong to be financially compensated for that. But beneath all that gunk and sludge covering the upper layers, at the very core her problem is not seeing her own worth and owning that.

Her example might be a bit extreme, but when it comes down to it – if you are just scraping by then chances are that you are also not seeing what you bring to the table. Because if you were able to see this, why on earth would you accept so little in return?

You can only receive, what you BELIEVE you deserve.

Poverty is a choice, it’s not your fate unless you choose for it

Any exchange between two people needs to be balanced. When you give massive value, you deserve to be rewarded handsomely.

One of my favorite Money mindset coaches Denise Duffield-Thomas, who I have been with since 2013, her mantra is:

“I serve, I deserve”  – Denise advises you to put your hand on your heart and then say this mantra out loud multiple times daily.

Poverty is a choice, it’s that simple.

I know this because from 2007 till the end of 2011 I was a single mom on welfare. I had no money and an empty fridge every single end of the month…

I got off of welfare through the internet. I blasted through the 5 figures a month and own two companies now. It has not always been easy, but if you are willing to dig deep your reality will shift. There is nothing special about it. I’m not just lucky, I faced my own money dragons and demons and so can you. When you have had enough of living in poverty and limitation, it’s easy to make the shift and it doesn’t even have to take years of hard work. All it takes is a full hearted decision to be rich (not to want to be rich!) and the Universe will start working her magic for you.

So anyone broke, is broke by choice – it very well might not be a conscious choice but it is a reality you created yourself. It is in no way your fate or your destiny to have to scrape by. It’s a choice you make. The good news about that fact, is that you can in THIS VERY MOMENT decide to change it.

So what’s the cure?

It’s really simple in order to face your money dragons and demons you need to know what you believe about money and yourself.

You can start by making several lists:

  • List 1 – Why can’t I charge more?
    • Write down every reason why you believe you can’t ask more for your services
    • Go through the list and ask yourself if this reason is really true and why you believe it’s true
  • List 2 – What do I believe about money?
    • Write down everything you believe about money
    • Write down everything you were told by others about money
    • Write down how your parents and spouse talk(ed) about money
    • Ask yourself if you want to keep believing these things about money
  • List 3 – What am I worth?
    • Write down what you want
    • Go over the list and write down why you cant have what you want yet
    • Look at your reasons and ask yourself if you really still want to believe this

Making these three lists will already bring up the more superficial beliefs that are keeping money away from you. If you want to go deeper, sign up for a Blast through your blocks session for some more money mindset shifting exercises and to discuss how I can help you access your subconscious programming and Akashic record for past lives, creating money havoc. Especially past lives as nuns, monks and priests can have meant vows of poverty that are still messing up your money story in this life.

I gave the Twin Soul YouTuber a Soul Journey to clean up her money blocks, the Universe had also stepped in because just before our planned session her internet got disconnected, because she was two months behind on her bill. She had to go to town to connect on public Wifi and that’s where we did the session. Now with no money in the bank and no internet she was with her back against the wall. She only had one option left and that was to face her shit.

It quickly turned into a Twin Soul Reunion Journey in which she cleared the past life memory that had kept her running away from her twin. The memory was so horrendous and painful that until she had cleared that memory her subconscious mind wouldn’t have let her anywhere near her twin. Their last past life together had ended in such a nightmare, that even though she loved him – every time this wound would flare up. As long as the subconscious mind says a person or situation is unsafe, it ain’t gonna manifest ever – unless you clear the energy of the wound, which is what we did in the session together. That did the trick in regards to money too, because the next day she manifested $333 towards her plane ticket to London.

I also gave her the instruction to send out an email to the 50 people waiting for a free reading. I instructed her to write them that she was no longer in a position to offer free readings and that she will be charging $100 from now on, however anyone booking now before this Sunday night would be able to book for $75. She made another $225 from three people that decided to buy immediately (no one had bought a $55 reading!). The next again three bookings…

That’s how quick it can go when you clear your deep subconscious blocks, it’s speeds up your manifestation massively.

When we started the session she had $66 dollar in donations, 72 hours later she had $849 in her PayPal account and will be able to book a flight to London soon. That’s more then a tenfold of the amount she had three days before. I’m sure that in the past twelve hours since I spoke to her early this morning, more people took her up on this offer because let’s face it, this is their last chance to get a one on one reading for the reduced price.

I told her if anyone complained that they were not getting a free reading, to just think fuck off and not feel guilty – because she was in no position to do things for free at this moment. By that time she felt so empowered that she wasn’t even worried anymore what others would think. She had fully aligned to the new pricing and knew her services were worth every penny of it. She felt she deserved this amount and because she now believed this about herself, it became her reality.

I pray this article serves you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie




UPDATE 27 October 2016 in less then one week Chantel had the money to buy the ticket. She will fly out to meet her twin in London on the 1st of November!

UPDATE 12 November 2016 Chantel is back in Australia, she stayed at her twin’s house during her London visit and came back utterly glowing from the experience.

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