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Books & E-books written by bestselling author Sabriyé Ayana on the topic of Inner Union, Ascension, the new paradigm, Heaven on Earth, Soul Partnerships & more.

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The Inner Healing Circle

A New Paradigm Perspective for Spiritual Seekers. Join us today risk-free! Get Instant Access to Spiritual teachings on Healing the subconscious, Inner Union, Ascension, 5D or Heaven on Earth, Past Lives, Law of Attraction, Soul Partnerships, and more! You can join on a trial, or a monthly or annual membership if you want to feel into the vibe and teachings first before you dive in deep.

Akasha Quantum Soul Healing

Akasha Quantum Soul Healing™ Journeys

Experience the powerful soul liberation of Akasha Quantum Soul Healing™ for yourself. Dive deep into your subconscious mind and past lives to release the lifelong patterns that have been holding you back and see how they are interconnected with your childhood and ancestral lineage. Address the root cause of your issues in often as little as one single session.

Coming into Oneness

Coming into Oneness

Healing the separation between the ego and the soul
A 12-Month Profoundly Transformational Group Experience Where We Heal The Separation Between Your Ego And Your Soul, Unlock Your Divine Design, Quantum Leap Into The Frequency Of Heaven on Earth, And Become A Vibrational Match For All That Is Yours By Divine Right!

Practitioner Certification

Akasha Quantum Soul Healing™ Practitioner Certification

A hybrid Akasha Quantum Soul Healing™ certification program, business mastermind, and personal healing experience for professionals that wish to incorporate Akasha Quantum Soul Healing™ into their existing healing or therapeutic practice or for those who want to start offering healing services.

Free e-book The Ultimate Guide to Inner UnionFree e-book The Ultimate Guide to Inner Union

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Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed? This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page.

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