Is your subconscious mind running the show in your life & business?

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Who’s really in charge?

You have heard of the law of attraction right? You then know that you can create your own reality. But like most people you might have had variating results. Sometimes it’s super easy to manifest your desires and it’s only a matter of minutes, hours or days and what you asked for came. Other times it doesn’t seem to work at all, no matter how you try and your demonstration can take weeks, months or even years…

What’s up with that?!

Well in most cases it means there is a thought or believe (a believe is thought you consider 100% true and don’t check against the truth anymore) in your subconscious mind that more or less cancels out all your conscious efforts. No matter how hard you try on a conscious level, the subconscious thought or believe blocks the demonstration or manifestation of your desire. This is because the subconscious mind overrules the conscious mind in such cases.

When there is a conflicting thought or believe around what you are trying to manifest, the subconscious mind takes over and is the one that calls the shots. The conscious mind can jump up and down all it wants, throw a tantrum or blow a fuse – the subconscious mind won’t budge until the culprit thought or believe is brought into the light and neutralized.

Why does the subconscious mind win?

It’s really simple the subconscious mind sees it as it’s primary job to keep you safe. So it will block any manifestation of which it is programmed to believe that it will hurt you.

And here comes the tricky part, it is programmed to believe that whatever you might want NOW may hurt you, by experiences from the past including your childhood, the beliefs you adopted from others and your experiences from past lives, It doesn’t matter if your conclusion was true or based on a false interpretation. The subconscious has it on file that what you are reaching for now, can hurt you and so it shuts it down. End of story.

Great protection when you need it. It totally sucks when it shuts down on something you really want and that in this time and age will only make your life better, because it is acting on outdated programming that is no longer relevant.

But because it has your protection and survival in mind, it overrides all other systems.

Much like thermal fuse protection found in various household appliances such as coffeemakers, dishwashers, fridges, etc. Thermal protection devices can read temperature ratings, preset temperature limits and more. As soon as an appliance exceeds the preset temperature, the fuse shuts off the power to prevent any potential damage.

The subconscious mind does the same with your manifestation.

This is what happened to me when I wanted to go over the €10.000 a month turnover the very first time. You can read the full story here. In short what had happened was that I had a past life believe that being rich meant losing everything, including myself. Nowadays €10K a month is not that much, but in my subconscious mind this was stored as a fortune apparently and because of the association with the past life experience my subconscious pulled the emergency brake when I wanted to manifest this VERY DESIRABLE reality.

In that life my family had me locked up in the loony bin to get their hands on my money. I lost my money and all my possessions and I lost my mind in the mental asylum, that were more like torture chambers in those days a couple of hundred years ago. Based on this stored information my subconscious mind, said “Oh no, you can’t have so much money because the last time you had that.. this terrible experience happened to you.” Let me keep you safe and in relative poverty while I’m at it, then I am sure you will be okay and survive.

Creation by default

“Until You Make the Unconscious Conscious, it will Direct Your Life and You will call it Fate.”
Carl Jung

And actually the worst thing is not even not getting what you set out to manifest, the worst thing is when such a triggered subconscious belief or thought starts creating your reality by default. That’s why Carl Jung said “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  He meant that what you believe (even when you are not aware you are believing it) will manifest itself as your reality, but because you don’t realize you are the one believing the believe subconsciously, you think life handed you a rotten deal or that this is all you deserve.

In my case losing everything was quickly becoming my reality. Clients weren’t paying. No new clients coming in. The money flow stagnated completely. I couldn’t pay the people I worked with. I couldn’t pay my rent. My fridge was empty. I couldn’t pay my car expenses. My life was spiraling out of control. My subconscious believe was fully manifesting itself in my reality and that was scary as hell.

I had no idea I was believing the thought being rich means losing everything, including myself. I accessed the past life in a session with a healer and found the subconscious believe myself. I think that is crucial that you are not told by someone else what you believed in a past life or in this life for that matter, because in order to neutralize it YOU need to see it, not someone else. It’s your subconscious. It’s your belief. It needs to be brought into your consciousness. Someone can help you do that, but no one can do it for you.

In any case one month later I brought in a €9K project and the month after that I launched my first online program and we went over the €10.000 (screenshot is in this post) in sales that month.

Reaching a 5 figure month revenue was that easy, once the believe that being rich means losing everything was erased from my subconscious programming.

All it really takes is to bring the subconscious thought or believe in your consciousness and neutralize it. It’s not complicated at all. The only tricky part is to find out what you are thinking without you knowing what you are thinking. After that neutralizing the thought or believe is child’s play.

How do you make the subconscious conscious?

It’s not impossible to do this yourself. You can catch yourself in the act, if you are quick enough. Writing down your story is a good way to find out what you are thinking and believing deep down. Or you can also pray to be shown, what is blocking you. Praying is always an effective method.

But part of the protection of the subconscious mind is that it doesn’t easily let you in. Honestly, even though I have like a 95% success rate with helping clients access their (past life) blocks…. I can’t treat myself. I need to go to other healers to do my own work when it’s lodged really deep,  Just like other healers come to me, because they have tried to treat themselves and couldn’t access it. So if you can’t seem to access it yourself, you are in good company. Because your security and survival is at stake, the subconscious mind activates all its defense mechanisms to protect you and keeping you out is just one of the ways it tries to protect you.

I have done a lot to heal blocks from this life or past lives in myself and I don’t know any method that is so effective as my own. Which is of course to be expected, but my experience of working with other healers on blocks has always been more a question of luck in accessing them then that it was planned. My 95% success rate is based on the fact that 95% of my clients find their block in one session and neutralize it. No extra session is needed most of the time for that block. In my own experience I have often needed to do multiple sessions with healers to find a block. This is not because their method is lacking, it’s more because their healing gift is not specifically targeted towards finding and healing sabotaging beliefs.

My unique gift is geared exactly toward this: helping you release what no longer serves you (from outdated beliefs to expired soul contracts, etc.) and helping you align deeper to your own soul path. I channel the sparkling blue Gangsta Goddesses energy to you which helps you gain access to your subconscious mind. You are the journeyer and I am your guide as you descend into the underworld to heal the wounds that are sabotaging your life and business.  And that’s why my sessions are called Soul Journeys because I really take you on a journey in which you YOURSELF see everything with your own eyes. I don’t see it for you. I don’t tell you what to see. I only bring you into the depths of your own subconsciousness and hold your hand and have your back in case you freak out. Actually I think most my clients will tell you that my presence as guide gives you the courage to face your dragons and demons head on, only to realize that they were all imaginary once we bring them into the light.

Accessing the Akashic records

I don’t use any existing methods like hypnotherapy, regression or kinesiology. I didn’t go to school for this. I actually never took a course and I also didn’t study under a master, I never even expected to end up where I am now and honestly had some massive resistance around owning my unique gift to the world. It was as much a gift to me as it is to the world, I received it after I came back from spending physical time with my twin flame in India. After I came back I had a spontaneous experience of kundalini rising and after that, I had access to this clearing and aligning energy.  Probably the only thing that I had done to ‘deserve‘ this was keep my heart open under the most difficult of circumstances and use the thirteen Gangsta Goddesses to keep myself standing in my twin soul relationship, so that it could help me heal and grow spiritually instead of scar me deeper. In that process I faced my own dragons and demons, which makes me the perfect guide on your journey I guess.

What does happen in the Soul Journeys is that you get access to your Akashic records. Through the Gangsta Goddesses energy you get access to your book of life from the beginning till now, which holds the whole history of your soul. The Akashic Records are the record of your soul’s journey, from the time you first arise from Source until you eventually return home. This can take millennia. But no matter how new or ancient of a Soul you are, the Akashic energy holds all your thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds from each lifetime including your unhealed wounds from the recent or more distant past.

This makes the Soul Journey such an effective method, because all the information we need is stored in our Akashic records. This means we can’t make mistakes or come back empty handed, because YOU not me get to browse through all the stored information from not only this life but ever incarnation you had until now. This is of course a lot of information, so you will be shown only that information from the Akashic records that you need to create a breakthrough in this moment. This is also the reason why one session is enough to effectively treat the block and heal it for good, because the information from the Akashic record will show YOU exactly where and when the believe was created and it will give you the information you need to fully neutralize it,

Also your soul purpose and unique gift to the world for this lifetime are stored in your Akashic records.

Ready to take a Soul Journey with me? You can book one here.

Most of my clients feel deep inside of themselves that this is exactly what they need. Even people that had never heard of me before and were unfamiliar with my work or reputation, booked because they felt a strong pull towards the Gangsta Goddesses energy, which is the magic factor here. It’s the energy that brings you in the depth of your subconscious mind and gives access to the Akashic records, I am only the channel and the guide.

However if you are not quite sure yet, why don’t you try a free Blast through your blocks session with me. In a short but powerful one on one I’ll help you shift your perspective on any major life or business situation.  In these sessions I don’t channel the Gangsta Goddesses energy like in the Soul Journeys. I do share the 13 Gangsta Goddesses wisdom with you that will help you see the spiritual lesson underneath in any situation.

In the Blast through your blocks session we do not have access to the subconscious mind or the Akashic records. If you want to make the journey into your subconscious mind with me to access your Akashic records then you need to book a Soul Journey.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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Sabriyé Ayana is the leading expert on the Soul Partnership journey and Inner Union process. As a spiritual teacher and healer, she helps those seeking to attract or reunite with their Soul Partner to understand that this journey is not just about creating a fairy-tale and they lived happily ever after together... Download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to find out more.