The Ascended chakras, upgrading the main seven chakras from 3D to 5D

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In this unique segment on the Ascended chakras you will learn:

  • Why we need to upgrade our main seven chakras as part of the Ascension process
  • What this upgrade looks like for each individual chakra from the root to the crown
  • How the rising of the Kundalini fits into this
  • Why upgrading our seven lower chakras is a prerequisite for embodying our higher chakras
  • And more….

Upgrading our chakras to the new paradigm

Cosmic downloads often come in the least expected places, at least that’s how it works for me. The latest one coming through on a mother-son outing that my son requested out of the blue. Usually, it’s not that easy to get him to leave his room and computer, so when he initiates going outside I’m all in. No questions asked – we jump in the car and go because I want to encourage him to create more experiences in real life.

Traveling the world for two years, gave him the opportunity to become a very skilled Fortnite player which became a borderline addiction. He’s apparently a very gifted player, but that of course took many hours of practice where he wasn’t very much interested in anything else. He missed the pyramids at Giza for example because he had pulled an all-nighter with his online gaming mates. He only shrugged his shoulders and said, I saw them from the hotel room – to give you an idea of his priorities at that time.

More and more now though my son is initiating dinner parties, outings, and things he wants to do with me or others together. So, there’s a big shift happening. Recently when my son insisted we would go to the sauna together, we went that same weekend. I guess he’s at an age that he’s getting back into saunas. As a young child, he loved going to the spa with me, but when he hit puberty it was a complete no-go for a couple of years. Now, that he is in his late teens he was ready to try again and we have a cute little hotel spa at a five-minute drive away from us. They basically only have a sauna, a dunk bath, a steam room, and a way too cold room-width-sized bubble bath. But it works, even though it’s a relatively small set-up compared to most spas.

Initially, I thought he wanted to talk to me about something and needed time with me alone, but he seemed to just be happy to spend quality time together (his primary love language). So we relaxed next to each other in silence. It was in this warm comfortable relaxed state that my mind emptied itself of the same old – same old and that new thoughts started floating in. What I realized as these thoughts came by is that as part of the paradigm shift from 3D to 5D and the Ascension process, we are meant to upgrade our seven main chakras as well.

I was shown what this would look like in the root chakra and from there how this would translate to each consecutive chakra, all the way to the crown chakra. I was shown the old paradigm programming in the chakra and then revealed the new paradigm programming of said chakra once it was upgraded to 5D. I did not have my phone with me and I could also not take notes, so I had to really make a mental picture of it and luckily I am quite good at retaining information that way – meanwhile wondering what had already been written on this.

After only one hour my son started getting bored with the sauna and started goofing off, I made him do one more round of sauna and steam bath with me before we left. In the women’s locker room I bumped into a woman that I had a very deep and interesting conversation with, within only a matter of minutes. It was really one of those chance meetings with a higher purpose and deepening of understanding for both.

My son ready by then to bust lose was not amused, he opened the door with his covid mask over his eyes as not to see anything and urged me to hurry up. That kid cracks me up. The woman with me could luckily also see the humor in his cheeky behavior which I did reprimand him for, a bit too loudly I guess because management came and asked us to be quieter.

It wasn’t until I got home and after dinner that I was able to search this new information on chakras online, only to come up with nothing. I couldn’t find anyone else writing or talking about this. This does not actually surprise me, because there are of course not many people in the world who are in the further stages of this paradigm shift who could authentically write about it. This is next-level stuff and the real new paradigm leaders seem to all just be coming into position now to play their part.

This particular information chose me, to be its scribe, probably also because it’s so deeply connected to the Akasha Healing™ method that I developed six years ago and that I now train others in.

As it is, much of what is written online in regards to spirituality currently is simply a regurgitation of existing old paradigm ideas, instead of novel concepts. This was fresh new information coming through, for all the new paradigm pioneers ramping up to shift into the next level of our soul’s evolution. A further lifting of the veil within the Ascension process.

I share this story with you to illustrate that we do not need to be on a meditation pillow to receive cosmic downloads. As an Aquarius meditation is NOT my thing, and it’s not how I tap into Source. These kinds of insights will hit me under the shower, in the jacuzzi (mine is hot), or while driving into town. It’s when I relax that it comes and often I need to for example not have a busy schedule, a cluttered environment, or a flooded email inbox in order to sit down and write as writing is one of the primary ways that I channel the cosmic teachings that I share within the Inner Learning Circle and in my group programs.

The truth is that we don’t have to act spiritually in order to be spiritual and although meditation is a valuable tool in and of itself, there are more roads that lead to Rome. Trauma and karma healing being one of the most powerful tools that I know as a pathway to enlightenment. It’s a lot more messier than pretending that you are already unf*ckable with and serene, but it’s guaranteed to bring you to self-realization and the same is actually not true for meditating.

There are people that have meditated all their life and have not reached these higher levels of consciousness because of the unresolved trauma and karma that remained hidden within their energy field. Part of shifting into the new paradigm is seeing the difference between what is soul- and what is ego-driven spirituality because much of the New Age information being offered is actually old paradigm thoughtforms sprinkled with glitter and a dash of magical as well as wishful thinking.

Now, more than ever we need to be discerning in what is authentic and what is fake to navigate our way out of the old into the new paradigm that we are collectively shifting into.

The Ascended chakras shifting from three to 5D

Just to clear up some of this New Age confusion, dimensions are not locations, despite many people seeing them this way. 5D is not up there and 3D down here. Both dimensional realities exist in energy before they manifest in the physical because that’s simply the underlying principle of manifestation. 5D will manifest in the physical in the same way 3D has, the fifth dimension does not only exist in energy – it’s a physical reality.

Dimensional realities are states of consciousness and states of being, it would therefore completely make sense that if we are shifting states of consciousness and states of being that the inner programming of our mental, emotional, vibrational, and physical body would have to be upgraded too.

This is what this program upgrade will look like within the vibrational (or etheric) body which is where our chakras are located, together with the nadis (meridians) and our aura.

Ego state (3D) vs Soul embodiment state (5D)




Root chakra  Surviving Thriving
Sacral chakra  Creating from unresolved pain Creating from joy/pleasure
Solar plexus  Victim of fate Sovereign creator
Heart chakra   Holding on to past hurts Complete forgiveness
Throat chakra  Expressing false self Expressing true self
Third eye chakra Seeing illusion Seeing the truth
Crown chakra Being in separation Being in Oneness

The upgraded state of our main 7 chakras

There is plenty of information out there on how the chakras function within the old paradigm model, in this teaching I will outline what they expand into in their upgraded state. We come into this expanded state once we heal the wounded ego and thereby heal the separation between the ego and the soul.

It’s when we achieve this higher union within, of the ego with the soul (inner union) that our chakras start upgrading to the 5th-dimensional paradigm frequency. This is what this will look like for each chakra:

Root chakra

The root chakra is all about our foundation in life and our survival on all levels, it’s about safety, and as long as the ego is living the illusion of separation – it will never truly feel safe. It isn’t until the ego starts fully relaxing into the all-encompassing embrace of the soul, that we shift from seeking to survive into our ability to thrive.

This is not only for example the ability to thrive financially, but the ability to thrive in all areas of our lives such as our health, relationships, work-life, home environment, family, etc. We can thrive when we relax into life and release the ego’s need for control on even the subtlest of levels. When we can simply flow with what is, in full trust that all is in Divine order exactly the way it is – we leave behind us the struggle for survival. It’s when we seek to grasp nothing, that our hands are free to receive and be provided for by the Divine.

Sacral chakra

From the wounded state, the ego has no option but to create from its own subconscious suffering which results in more painful experiences because of the unresolved pain still carried within from previous timelines such as past lives, ancestral and childhood subconscious wounding. This is true even when we can’t remember these things happening.

Once the wounded ego is healed and in unison with the soul, it unlocks the qualities of the soul. The soul knows no suffering and it knows no pain, It only knows everlasting joy and contentment. The soul has throughout the incarnation game never lost its wholeness, nor has it been touched or harmed by playing the incarnation game.

Only the ego and personality have accumulated fears, false beliefs, and trapped emotions (aka subconscious wounds) from their Earthly experiences. When these are healed across all timelines, all that is left is to create from a place of pleasure and joy.

Solar Plexus

Not being privy to the Divine Plan in the wounded state, the ego perceives itself as a victim of fate, left to make the best of the rotten hand they were dealt by life. It perceives life as happening to it instead of for its highest good. This perception is reinforced through the fact that the ego perceives its reality through the colored lens of its trauma filter.

Once this trauma filter has been wiped clean by healing these three previous timelines of past life, ancestral and childhood subconscious unresolved pain and trauma, the ego now in union with and in service of the soul realizes it is the powerful and sovereign creator of its own reality.

This is not merely a question of mindset and deciding it is so. Because for as long as that there is unresolved pain and trauma from the past lurking in one’s energy field, the current reality will be used to pull in the people, situations, and experiences needed for healing. Thus creating the illusion of random fate again.

Only when we have energetically and not merely mentally closed the door on the past are we completely free to create a new reality, instead of rehashing our unresolved painful history. This, of course, does not mean one cannot incrementally improve their reality in the meantime, it simply means that to be truly sovereign and free that we need to make conscious what was left unresolved and therefore unhealed in our past. You cannot be sovereign and free bound hand and foot to your past lived experiences. This has to be cut free.

Heart chakra

The heart chakra represents the doorway into the new reality, we enter Heaven on Earth within the heart chakra which is also the seat of the soul. It’s our gateway to paradise and what keeps us locked out of heaven is our subconscious inability to let go of our past hurts.

Often unbeknownst to ourselves, we carry past grievances in our hearts and have built a wall around it to protect it. This wall serves to keep us from being hurt again, but at the same time, it imprisons us within our painful unresolved past – leaving us no escape from subconsciously reliving our unresolved pain over and over again. 

The only way to blast open the heart chakra is to be willing to let go of the past hurts and to come to radical and complete forgiveness of our past including all the people involved that have hurt us. This unlocks and unblocks the heart chakra which is necessary in order to be able to receive and give unconditional love. Not only that, it allows us to receive what is ours by Divine right which is not possible as long as we have an insurmountable energetic wall built around this area. These energetic walls will otherwise repel the very things we want if left intact. They literally separate us from our own good.

Throat chakra

When in the wounded state, the ego is posing as an expression of the false self, it’s wearing masks, being deceptive, and lives in the illusion that it is running the show of this incarnation.

When the wounded ego is healed, it becomes a servant to the soul. This allows us to express our true self authentically and honestly. We speak our truth unapologetically, while fully embodying all of that we are for all to see without the need to hide or the desire to be invisible. This is only possible after radical acceptance of not only our Divinity but also our humanness (limitations and imperfections) while incarnated in the physical realm. 

Third eye chakra

In the 3D state one does not see reality as it is, but rather through the ego illusion of separation. It’s this distorted perception of reality that creates the fear of survival, the creation from pain and suffering, the seeing oneself as a victim of fate, the inability to let go of past hurts, and the false expression of self.

When this distorted perception of reality is healed through healing the separation between the ego and the soul, in the way as described in the lower five chakras. Aka becoming free of our childhood, ancestral, and past life pasts, allows us to see reality as it truly is from our Soul’s truth, which is the ultimate truth that is shared collectively on a soul level.

There is no subjective or fragmented truth on a soul level that is different from person to person. When the eye is single, we share one collective spiritual truth, which is true for all because when the eye is single one has overcome duality. When one has overcome duality there are no longer three perspectives, the yin, the yang, and the whole. There is only the truth of the multifaceted whole and how every facet of it is interconnected instead of separate.

Crown chakra

In the 3D state, the ego is living in the illusion of being separate from the soul. This is not because the ego is bad, but because we as souls created the ego in order to be able to play the incarnation game that has allowed us to shapeshift from an energetic being to physical form through incarnating in the physical or even more accurately in human form.

Read about the method in the madness within the incarnation process here in this teaching on why the ego is not the enemy (click link).

Once we have become a fully incarnated human being with complete soul amnesia, we start our way back to be able to fully embody our soul in the physical and become a Divine-human, by bringing about an inner union of the (now healed) ego with the soul. Creating as above (soul) so below (ego/personality) coming into Oneness, thus healing any previous separation or fragmentation. This state is of course also known as enlightenment.

Prerequisite for true Kundalini rising

Until we have upgraded our seven main chakras in this way, the Kundalini energy, known as the serpent lying dormant at the base chakra cannot fully rise to the top of the crown chakra. Which is the energetical aspect of the enlightenment process. This is because the chakras only fully unlock or unblock when we have healed the consequences of the experienced illusion of separation from the soul in the six lower chakras. Each chakra in the 3D state shows us the embodiment of living the lie that we are separate from our soul.

When we heal this false perception within each chakra they unblock and the Kundalini is free to flow up and down between the base and the crown as it is meant to. This fully unleashes our power and ability to create Heaven on Earth – drawing in all that is ours by Divine right.

The reason this does not happen earlier is a two-fold protection mechanism. Firstly it dims our manifestation powers, in order to protect us from creating more karma while still caught up in our ego desires and the illusion of being separate from the whole. Imagine being able to create full-throttle while your ego is still in its wounded state – it would only lead to mayhem.

Secondly, it protects us from more suffering as the Kundalini energy would amplify all our wounding exponentially due to the fact that it is our soul’s unlimited creational power ready to make our every wish come true on a soul level. This is not to say that both of the above can’t happen prematurely. but when it does it always serves a higher purpose meant to facilitate deeper healing within that person.

Many people feel that their Kundalini has already awakened and this is true to a certain degree, this is not an all-or-nothing process where you have to be 100% healed in order for the Kundalini to start moving. No, it will start rising up through the lower chakras higher and higher which also assists in bringing up the subconscious wounding that is blocking the next chakra from fully unlocking and opening, thus pushing out what is in the way.

Once this process has reached a tipping point it becomes unstoppable. However, one should not wait for it to happen spontaneously or naturally as it needs a conscious and concerted effort to reach the tipping point. This is also what students of Mystery and Ascension schools were taught how to do in the past. The focus should not be on the Kundalini awakening, the focus should be on resolving past hurt. Trying to take Heaven by force will always backfire on you as it is the ego running rampant, wanting to be ‘spiritual’ before its time.

You cannot bypass the process of healing the wounded ego, because that is what heals the separation between the ego and the soul.

Higher chakra embodiment

We may unlock the higher chakras prior to this paradigm shift within the main seven lower chakras, but it is only when we have upgraded the lower chakras from three to 5D that we can start to embody our higher chakras which allows us to deepen our experience of Oneness.

Read this teaching on the higher chakras (click link) that we as humans unlock as part of our Ascension process. You will find there a description of chakras eight to twelve and what they stand for.

Every building including the temple of our soul needs a solid foundation to build upon. This is true on a micro level for chakras one to seven, the root chakra being the base and it’s true on a macro level for chakras eight to twelve as well. Without a rock-solid foundation, within the lower chakras, our embodiment of our soul and higher chakras would be wobbly if possible at all. Our unresolved trauma and pain would continuously trip us up and have everything come crashing down, each time it does. This is why we do not get access to these higher chakras until we have created a solid base inside ourselves to expand our soul into.

I pray this teaching serves you and supports you in the paradigm shift within your seven lower chakras. If you would like to have more support in this process, please join the Inner Healing Circle where we implement the teachings with monthly teachings Q&As and monthly group healings with various different healers that are part of my personal healing team.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Inner Union process; join the School of Inner Union, the Mystery School for modern-day Initiates on the Inner Union and Ascension path.

In this soul-deep healing container, we give you the knowledge, tools, resources, and support to heal the wounded ego, as well as walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. It’s only from a place of inner union, that we can create Heaven on Earth and fully manifest the life that is ours by Divine right.

Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed? This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page. The key to unlocking your private version of Paradise is healing the separation between the ego and your soul.

Love, love, love my work?

Get your friends. colleagues and family to join the Inner Learning Circle. Let’s create a ripple effect of healing in the world! Imagine how the world we live in would transform if we all healed our unresolved pain. We would individually and collectively create Heaven on Earth.

With my deepest love,

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