The incarnation wound, the unresolved trauma that started it all

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In this segment on the incarnation wound you will learn:

  • What the incarnation wound is and how it originated
  • How the incarnation wound caused the separation of the ego from the soul
  • The connection between the incarnation wound and Lemuria, Atlantis & ancient Egypt
  • Why we can't heal ALL our issues in one go
  • And more....

All trauma has an original wound

Trauma doesn't come out of nowhere, not even ancestral trauma is randomly passed on to us. To take on trauma/karma from our ancestors we need to already have a corresponding pattern inside ourselves that we brought in from a previous lifetime and timeline. We NEVER are burdened with things that are not meant for us, or that do not in some way serve our higher good.

When it comes to trauma, there is simply always an original wound.

The problem is tha...

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