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How our Deepest Childhood Wounding are A …

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The Incarnation Wound, the unresolved trauma that started it all

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on the incarnation wound you will learn:

  • What the incarnation wound is and how it originated
  • How the incarnation wound caused the separation of the ego from the soul
  • The connection between the incarnation wound and Lemuria, Atlantis & ancient Egypt
  • Why we can’t heal ALL our issues in one go
  • And more….

All trauma has an original wound

Trauma doesn’t come out of nowhere, not even ancestral trauma is randomly passed on to us. To take on trauma/karma from our ancestors we need to already have a corresponding pattern inside ourselves that we brought in from a previous lifetime and timeline. We NEVER are burdened with things that are not meant for us, or that do not in some way serve our higher good.

When it comes to trauma, there is simply always an original wound.

The problem is that the original wound is not always in the same lifetime or timeline, which makes it sometimes seem as if there is no root cause – but this is an illusion. Finding the root cause of the trauma is one of the major things we address with Akasha Healing™, where we heal the unresolved trauma from previous lifetimes that we are still playing out in our current day reality.

Sometimes, this is only a question of one significant life that needs to be seen and understood. But most times, we have to revisit multiple lifetimes in order to trace back the original wound of the karmic pattern that we have been stuck in over many lifetimes.

Yet, there’s one wound that started all consecutive wounding and that is the incarnation wound.

The incarnation wound is where all accumulated unresolved pain has built up around over all the eons and eons that you have been playing the incarnation game. It is also the subconscious wound that you have been trying to heal since the beginning of time.

In this teaching on the incarnation wound, we are going to dive deep into the origin of this wound, why it is part of the Divine Plan, and how to start healing it.

Where the ego separated from the soul

What sets the incarnation wound apart from all other wounding is that this is where everything started. This is the point in time where the trauma filter was created, through which you would perceive and interpret your reality experience from that point forward.

It’s the initial distortion and this distortion happened because, in this first experience of trauma, the ego split off from the soul. Before this moment you were not only whole within, you were One. Through the misinterpretation of the reality experience (the trauma), the ego created the illusion of separation within the self. Instead of feeling at one, with the higher self, the soul and Source – the ego now felt disconnected and separate from the whole. Which created the need to protect one’s self, because the belief of separation had been created.

Both in the New Age legends of Atlantis and Lemuria, as well as in the Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, there is a central theme of humanity falling from grace and falling out of a state of higher consciousness, which resulted in a loss of awareness. Whether we call this the Garden of Eden or something else, the concept remains the same and generally, this is seen as an error and a step back in human evolution.

This is incorrect, things have always been according to our Divine Plan. There was never a mistake, and it all went as it should have. In this teaching on the Mother wound, I explain how we have taken the story of the Garden of Eden out of context. Much like the telephone game or the Chinese Whispers game, the true message of this story got distorted over time.

How I always explain it to clients is that when we first split from source, Oneness was the only flavor out there. There were no options, we were one with Source, and with all, that is simply because this is our true nature. However, because we live in a free-will Universe we were allowed to experience the opposite of Oneness which is separation in order for us to be able to choose to return to Oneness of our own free will. The whole point of the incarnation game is to evolve from unconscious Oneness to conscious Oneness, aka the Universe experiencing itself.

This of course only makes sense from a perspective of reincarnation, as it is quite an evolutionary process to evolve from being something unconsciously, to being it consciously.

Religions that are built on the premises of reincarnation see it in a similar way: 

‘The descent of spirit into matter—these two poles of the one eternal substance—is the process which occupies the first half of every cycle. Now the period we have been contemplating in the foregoing pages—the period during which the Atlantean race was running its course—was the very middle or turning point of this present manvantara.

The process of evolution which in our present Fifth Race has now set in—the return, that is, of matter into spirit – had in those days revealed itself in but a few isolated individual cases – forerunners of the resurrection of the spirit. […..]

This Path is the Path of Initiation, and the end to which leads is the same for all, and that end is Union with God.’ William Scott-Elliot – The Lost Worlds: The Story of Atlantis & The Lost Lemuria

Although the majority of denominations within the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam do not believe that individuals reincarnate, particular groups within these religions do refer to reincarnation; these groups include the mainstream historical and contemporary followers of Kabbalah, the Cathars, Alawites, the Druze, and the Rosicrucians. Source: Wikipedia

New theological research however suggests that the belief in reincarnation was common within early Judaic and Christian times as well. It was later suppressed and declared heretical, which would explain why the message got distorted over time. Your worldview will be drastically different when you take the concept of reincarnation out of the equation. Things will become much more black and white (dualistic) because you believe you have only ONE shot at getting it right, especially when you were simultaneously taught that if you get it wrong you will be doomed for all eternity.

It was always meant to be this way

Separation and duality have always been part of the Divine Plan to allow us to be able to grow from the state of subconscious Oneness (default) to the state of conscious Oneness, which is fully experienced and embodied Oneness by choice. In the same way that we mature from childhood, into adolescence, and later adulthood – the illusion of separation allowed us to mature and self-actualize on a soul level.

This was simply always part of the plan, instead of a glitch in the matrix.

There is no dark Luciferian agenda behind this, that is trying to keep humanity away from the light. The notion of a dark agenda trapping humanity is of course a very fear-based perception, and the soul doesn’t do fear – it only resides at the frequency of true unconditional love.

Fear is an ego-generated perception, born out of the illusion of separation. Fear doesn’t exist in the higher dimensional realities, it’s a 3D thing. 3D as in the old paradigm reality, rooted in duality, scarcity, suffering, and fear. I’m not referring to 3D as our physical reality, because they are not the same thing. 5D will also manifest itself in our physical reality, the whole point of 5D is Heaven on Earth which already indicates that it is the experience of Heaven while on Earth. If that were not the case, it would be called differently. So, 5D is not the energetic realm, it’s not up there or the place we go after we leave our bodies. It’s a state of consciousness and a state of being that we experience, while incarnated in the physical (the return of matter into spirit as stated in the quote above).

This means that the physical is not the problem, so to say. The old paradigm consciousness and state of being are what needs to be shed and we do this by healing the separation between the ego and the soul, that originated during our incarnation process.

But in order to understand this, we have to understand that it took us many lifetimes to start to incarnate in the physical. In Lemuria for example, we lived in light cities and had light temples because we ourselves were still in the process of learning how to densify our energies in order to be able to take physical form. We were androgynous light beings, still very much according to our original soul blueprint.

Our departure from unconscious Oneness

For many of us, our incarnation wounds started in the time of late Atlantis and early ancient Egypt when we started to really be able to incarnate in the physical and started playing the incarnation game as we know it now. Before that, we were still in these higher soul realms and communicated telepathically through the heart.

Speech was something that was developed later on and is part of the misinterpretations that our trauma filter is created upon. Before speech, everyone could feel each other’s intentions. With speech, the real intention behind the words became more obscured and more misunderstandings and misinterpretations (read conflict) started to occur.

If you remember the story of the tower of Babel, this is the moment in time that they were referring to where we all spoke one language (i.e. heart communication through Oneness).

“And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.” Genesis 11:1

“According to the story, a united human race in the generations following the Great Flood*, speaking a single language and migrating eastward, comes to the land of Shinar (שִׁנְעָר‎). There they agree to build a city and a tower tall enough to reach heaven. God, observing their city and tower, confounds their speech so that they can no longer understand each other, and scatters them around the world.” Source: Wikipedia

*The submerging of Atlantis into the Atlantic Ocean?

When speech started to develop people no longer were connected through one language (the language of the heart), because now speech was interpreted by the mind which made it subject to personal interpretation. This caused misunderstandings and conflict because the giver’s intention was now being obscured by language and the interpretation of the receiver through the mind (and its unique trauma filter). Over time the belief in the superiority of the mind and logic became so great, people forgot how to communicate from the heart altogether.

As stated in the stanzas of Dzyan above quoted, the men of that epoch, even though they had become completely physical, still remained speechless. Naturally the astral and etherial ancestors of this Third Root Race** had no need to produce a series of sounds in order to convey their thoughts, living as they did in astral and etherial conditions, but when man became physical he could not for long remain dumb. We are told that the sounds which these primitive men made to express their thoughts were at first composed entirely of vowels. In the slow course of evolution the consonant sounds gradually came into use, but the development of language from first to last on the continent of Lemuria never reached beyond the monosyllabic phase. The Chinese language of to-day is the sole great lineal descendant of ancient Lemurian speech for “the whole human race was at that time of one language and of one lip.”Source: William Scott-Elliot – The Lost Worlds: The Story of Atlantis & The Lost Lemuria

**Root races are stages in human evolution.

Because separation was the name of the game

It was by the late Atlantean era and the early ancient Egyptian era that we started to resemble the human race as we know it now, which included the ability to communicate through speech.

But many of us were still in the process of separating ourselves from our own divinity in pursuit of living within the illusion of separation. There was only one way to achieve this and that was through the development of the ego, a sense of a separate self.

‘The evil days, however, were drawing near when no altruistic idea should remain to redeem the race from the abyss of selfishness in which it was destined to be overwhelmed…..

As is written in the Book of Dzyan, “Then the Fourth became tall with pride. We are the kings it was said; we are the Gods…. They built huge cities. Of rare earths and metals they built, and out of the fires vomited, out of the white stone of the mountains and of the black stone, they cut their own images in their size and likeness, and worshipped them.” Shrines were placed in temples in which the statue of each man, wrought in gold or silver, or carved in stone or wood, was adored by himself. The richer men kept whole trains of priests in their employ for the cult and care of their shrines, and offerings were made to these statues as to gods. The apotheosis of self could go no further.‘ Source: William Scott-Elliot – The Lost Worlds: The Story of Atlantis & The Lost Lemuria

If we quickly look back to the Lemurian era, we see that this is where the process of separation started. Over a span of millions of years, we not only started to embody in the physical but we also morphed out of our androgynous state into either male or female, which merely represents this separation at a higher level.

‘It may be as well again to repeat that the almost mindless creatures who inhabited such bodies as have been above described during the early sub-races of the Lemurian period can scarcely be regarded as completely human. It was only after the separation of the sexes, when their bodies had become densely physical, that they became human even in appearance.‘ Source: William Scott-Elliot – The Lost Worlds: The Story of Atlantis & The Lost Lemuria

Similar to a mother-child symbiosis, when mankind was born it was in complete symbiosis with the Divine and with each other albeit unconsciously. Just like a child in order to evolve and mature, mankind had to experience separation with the creator in order to evolve into the conscious creator that they are as a Divine spark of the whole. They needed to separate from their own Divinity in order to consciously discover the truth of who they are.

What this looks like on an individual level

This is also how we should perceive the incarnation wound.

The incarnation wound is nobody’s fault, it is merely the circumstances we needed in that moment to facilitate this splitting off of the ego from the soul. It was always part of the plan and as souls, we facilitated this experience for each other as part of our Divine Plan.

It wasn’t experienced as such because the ego took the painful and therefore traumatic experience personally which created the core of our unresolved pain and the subsequent trauma filter through which we would start to perceive our reality experience (life) from that point forward.

In my case, I was a 13-year old boy in ancient Egypt. I was most likely not one of the first souls to go through this experience as other souls had already started going through the ego split by the end of the Atlantean era. In this lifetime I was still pure love and had great psychic gifts.

We lived in a desert community and the powers that be had “chosen me” to become part of the spiritual hierarchy or something of that nature. I was super excited as it was a great honor to be chosen, once it was my turn to be initiated however it turned out that they had tricked me and instead they performed an exorcism on me even though I was of course not possessed.

This made me start to doubt my own nature (not trust myself) and it started a long pattern of rejection and being misconstrued. In a more recent healing session, we saw that it was my jealous and much older half-sister that had cast the doubt on me. I don’t know yet how I died in that lifetime, but after the fake exorcism, I was shunned by the whole community.

What I was shown in a somatic healing session shortly after was that my father “choosing” my half-sister over me as a child, had touched this trauma. Although of course, his doing so was only in my favor as it meant that the sexual abuse stopped for me. But as a child, I didn’t understand any of this. Nor did I understand that from a predator standpoint it was much easier to control a 12-year old than it was to control a 3-year old. I took his behavior as a personal rejection when in fact it was literally God’s protection, that he shifted his attention to my again much older half-sister.

The other connection I made was that this whole history with my twin over lifetimes and lifetimes basically not choosing me, even when he desperately wanted to (I have written about this here in the teaching on karma) – had also been to reactivate this incarnation wound trauma so that I could heal it once and for all.

The traumatic experience that he and I had on rinse and repeat throughout lifetimes and lifetimes had been a carbon copy of what had happened to me in the incarnation wound lifetime, I had thought that I was chosen (that I was special), and then it turned out I wasn’t chosen at all! I was tricked and betrayed and then cast aside. A pattern that my twin and I not only repeated in this lifetime but many multiple lifetimes in between where he didn’t choose me, couldn’t choose me because he was already with someone else, or left me for another woman even when we were already together.

Each time we replayed this traumatic scenario, was offering me an opportunity to heal the original wound of rejection and not being chosen from this life as a 13-year old boy.

Up until that experience in ancient Egypt I had been whole and pure love. After this traumatic experience, I had literally created a split inside myself, where I started to doubt my true nature. I started to doubt my innate goodness. What if this goodness never existed and there was only evil? Such as the evil I was experiencing, being turned on by my community in the way that I was back then.

The incarnation wound is your core struggle

It’s interesting that in my current life I don’t believe in evil at all, I think evil is an ego illusion or a misinterpretation if you will. I have had this discussion over and over again with people who believe that there is a dual between the darkness and the light.

But here’s the truth, the light creates the shadow. Just think about it, you cannot have a shadow without the light and the light makes the darkness cease to exist. In fact, the darkness is nothing but the absence of light. The darkness no matter how big it gets can never extinguish the light, it can hide the light, it can make the light seem smaller – but it can never make the light cease to exist. Light can make the darkness cease to exist where it shines, but this is not true the other way around. Therefore light is the only truth and darkness itself is an illusion.

Believing in evil is in essence believing in victimhood. Evil is the adversary of good and it can only be its adversary if it is equally powerful or maybe even more powerful. But you have to understand that this is an ego perception, only the ego believes in us (me) vs. them (others).  The soul is in harmony and unity with itself and all that is, remember Oneness is its true nature. So, there is no us vs. them or me vs. you for the soul – there is only infinite Oneness,

And so on a collective level, the incarnation wound represents the core struggle that is keeping us tied to our human experience and the cycle of death and rebirth and that is our deepest identification with being a victim because we took everything we experienced personally. This is what the ego does, it takes everything it experiences as very personal and done on purpose. This is how the trauma filter originated for everyone, through the perception of being a victim.

When in reality the incarnation wound, no matter how painful it was – was simply an experience that all of humanity had to go through each soul in their own unique way, in order to be able to evolve from unconscious oneness to becoming consciously One of one’s own free will. It was an inescapable step in our evolutionary plan and as souls, we committed to help each other create this warped perspective on reality because only after experiencing full separation could we consciously choose to return to Oneness. There was no other option.

Also, the exact nature of our incarnation wound is our core struggle on an individual level. Whatever created your incarnation wound, is the red thread that goes through all your past life experiences as well as your current life experience. This can be rejection, abandonment, loss, feeling misunderstood, betrayed, and so on. It can even be a mix of multiple unresolved issues. Because it is your deepest underlying unresolved pain, it is the lens through which you perceive your reality (the trauma filter through which you view life).

It may very well be that Twin Flames have the same, similar, or matching incarnation wounds. The biggest block for my twin in this lifetime in choosing for us has been the fear that if he does that he will be cast out of his family and society. In Indian culture, I am considered to be poor wife material for him because I am older, twice divorced, and with children. His fear has always been that he will be ostracized if he would choose for us to be together.

The souls we team up with

I have already touched upon the soul contracts that we created as part of our Divine Plan. We see that my Twin Flame has committed himself over lifetimes and lifetimes to help me heal this original trauma, but there is another player in my life that is with me now and who was with me then,

You see my current life mother, was my past life half-sister in that lifetime. She is the one that cast doubt on me then, which led to this whole horrific and painful experience. Now, here’s the thing; if I would have been able to hold on to the soul’s perspective on what was happening to me in my reality experience – I would have never split off the ego from the soul. This would have stunted my soul growth. So although it would appear that my half-sister did me a disservice in that lifetime, in reality, she did what needed to happen in order for me to be able to move into the next phase of my soul evolution which in this case was creating the illusion of separation by splitting off the ego from the soul.

This soul was with me in the life where I split off the ego from the soul and now in this lifetime where I am in the far stages of healing the separation between the ego and the soul she is with me again. She is now not only my mother, but she also lives with me so we are together under the same roof 24/7 and we have been full-time since 2018 when we started traveling around the world and then later moved to our dream home in the Balearic Islands in Spain.

Even before that my mother would always spend a lot of time with us (me and the children) and I had had to live with her from 2006 to 2009 while waiting on the urgency list for social housing when I returned from living abroad in Germany due to a family emergency with my oldest son.

It could very well be that in that lifetime my half-sister through her actions was responsible for my death (I haven’t seen this, but it could be). When someone is responsible for taking a life, it has to be repaid through giving life and so often our parents are giving back life for a life they have taken from us in the past. This has certainly been true for me in regards to my oldest son and youngest daughter and it has also been true for my twin. In a lifetime as brothers, he took my life, and in another life, he was my mother and I was her (his) daughter. I have only seen one life where he was responsible for my death and one life in which we were mother and child.

Many people claim that Twin Flames can only ever be lovers, but that would defy the laws of karma. It’s simply their need to over-romanticize their connection.

In this case, however, we see that the soul that played the part of my past life half-sister and my current life mother did make it up to me. In our current life as my mother, she has hugely supported me in my healing journey and inner union process. Because of her presence, her help with the children, and the day-to-day tasks I have been able to go deep into my process, in a way that would have not been possible as a single mother – but also would not have been possible within a romantic partnership. Not even a romantic partnership with the twin. who could not have chosen me before anyway because he needed to play out his part to re-activate my ego’s incarnation wound.

Both these stories give evidence of the beautiful soul contracts we create to assist us and each other in our soul’s evolution. My mother recently pointed out that of all the people that I have shared past lives with, my twin and I share the most incarnations together. This is the one soul that I have incarnated with the most throughout my soul’s journey. I believe we are currently in our 14th or 16th embodiment together, of what I have been able to see. There may be many more that I haven’t seen yet because there was no unresolved trauma in them, that still needed to be addressed.

Why we cannot heal ALL our issues in one go

When we arrive at this point of understanding within our soul’s journey, we come to the conclusion that there is no other option but to forgive everyone and to let go of the past. Our victimhood was nothing but an illusion all along and the people that we thought had hurt us, were actually trying to help us heal something that we had pushed down so deeply that we needed to be ‘hit over the head’ hard so to speak, in order to remember it.

Naturally, our deepest pain (seeing ourselves as separate) is not stored at a surface level, which is why we need to first excavate all the layers on top that are covering the deepest wound of them all. This is of course also necessary in order to understand how subsequent wounding has always been an attempt to heal the original trauma.

This is tedious work. It took me seven years of deep excavation after over 20+ years of prep work and God knows how many previous lifetimes to get to my incarnation wound. It then also took six to seven and counting therapy sessions with multiple healers to be able to see the different aspects of the incarnation wound and to start healing it.

I know this doesn’t sound sexy. I know that promises of x amount of sessions in order to reach full soul-liberation sounds much more attractive, but it doesn’t work like that, and here’s why:

Recently we took a couple of girlfriends out to dinner for my mother’s birthday. During the dinner party, one of our friends who is not a healer or therapist herself was explaining that she had been looking into a healing modality and had done one or two sessions. So, I asked her about the results of her session, and then she explained that she had not felt much, but that the facilitators had told her that the results came after multiple sessions.

A friend who is a healer and I already exchanged eye contact because we both know that this is a way that many healers get clients to take multiple sessions, because they need the money and not because the client needs the sessions.

Ideally, every healing or therapy session you do should give you a piece of the puzzle. Yes, there is an accumulative result over multiple sessions – but this is only true if the individual sessions are creating movement, insight, and so on. It’s like going to the gym, you can go 10x to the gym but only if you actually get on the machines will there be accumulative results after these ten visits to the gym. If you don’t actually use the machines or you use them in the wrong way, your before and after will be pretty much the same. So. yes there is an accumulative effect, but only if the individual sessions are already shifting things.

Our friend then went on to explain that this service provider offers a €5.000 package where all the locations around the world pray for you for one month and this heals your complete ancestral lineage. My Spanish is getting better, but this was too complex for me to tackle and this friend speaks very little English. My other friend who had been on a one-hour silence, signaled me to look at my phone and then broke loose in rapid Spanish explaining to our other friend that this is not possible.

You cannot have someone heal/lift-off/erase all your issues in one go. The soul is here to grow and evolve and if someone could simply magic all your issues away all at once, there would be no growth. Because the growth comes through the experience itself and when that experience is taken away – growth cannot take place. My friend explained that we either need to live the experience or create an understanding of the experience through therapy or healing. Aka we either need to PLAY out our subconscious wounding or CLEAR it out and this remains true for unresolved trauma passed on through the family lineage. You cannot bypass it, and it can also not be prayed away – that is nothing but wishful thinking.

She explained that services such as these are a form of robbery because they can’t and don’t deliver. It’s a scam because healing doesn’t work that way. Healing demands a deeper understanding and without the higher perspective of the soul being understood, we cannot resolve what was left unresolved in the past.

As souls, we chose to take part in the incarnation game because doing so allows us to fulfill our Divine destiny which is to become consciously One with the Divine of our own free will.

When we want others to heal us, lift off or erase our karma – we give away our power. This is not to say that you should not work with healers and therapists, that is absolutely not what I am saying. The trauma of my incarnation wound was so deep, I couldn’t even remember it. I literally had to have someone tell me what they saw had happened to me, to start healing this wound. Until she told me what had happened, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as the incarnation wound. As time went by, I was able to connect deeper and deeper to this past life and see aspects of it that I had not been able to see before.

I honestly recommend working with healers and therapists because it saves time and it saves you a lot of (often painful) drama, that naturally comes with having the PLAY out the unresolved pain in your life.

I pray this article serves you and has given you a deeper understanding of the Ascension process, as healing the separation between the ego and the soul (inner union) is merely an aspect of this process where we transform matter back into spirit.

All of us incarnated now as the fifth root-race are on our way back home. As the excerpts from The Lost Worlds: The Story of Atlantis & The Lost Lemuria have indicated our Lemurian and Atlantean predecessors represented the root races that were tasked with bringing spirit into matter and creating the tipping point where we after our descension into the physical, we are now in the process of our ascension into spirit again.

This same process of descension into matter and ascension into spirit that is happening collectively on a macro level from the time of Lemuria until now, happens individually on a micro level where we first need to fully bring the soul into the physical in order to be able to ascend into spirit again through breaking the karmic cycle of death and rebirth.

Sharing the teachings from my own soul

An interesting side note is that when I started to prepare to write this teaching on the incarnation wound, I had no idea that it was going to be about Lemuria and Atlantis until both presented themselves in a therapy session in which I was brought to the root cause of the sisterhood wound in a lifetime in Atlantis that I will write about in the future.

I had never read the book ‘The Lost Worlds’ either, it literally came to me while I was in the process of writing and I had to stop writing in order to first be able to read the whole book so that my Spirit team got me to the understanding that is shared within this teaching. This is in accordance with my beliefs system, I believe that everything I need to know is always brought to my attention at the right moment.

To be honest, because much of my work is channeled, I often don’t know the full story when I start writing. I have a client experience, a personal experience, or both that serve as a general theme, and then when the time is right I write about it. I have known about my own incarnation wound for over a year but was only now prompted to write about it. During the writing process, things will come up in my external experience that help me understand the soul’s perspective deeper, which I then share here within the collection of teachings that I get through from my higher self, my guidance team, and the soul realm.

Writing out these teachings as I receive them is always a learning experience for me as well as I am shown deeper truths and connections that are meant to be shared with those who are ready to shift their perspective into the new paradigm as well. I believe that we are at the forefront of a new human evolutionary existence in which people will live in a higher dimensional reality, such as the 4th and eventually the 5th of Heaven on Earth. Many of the children incarnating now and in the years to come are what would be considered the sixth root race, here to usher in this new reality. As parents and grandparents to this new evolution of humankind, we need to go through this trauma purification process in order to be able to create the society that represents this higher evolution of humanity that we are now shifting into. The teachings that I have been given to share are to assist people in their transition period between the old and the new paradigm that is opening up to us in an ever more clear way now.

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Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed? This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page.

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