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The Inner Learning Circle

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01. Healing the subconscious

The people, situations, and experiences in our lives today are connected to the unprocessed trauma, emotions, and unresolved pain carried within our subconscious mind that is bleeding through from previous timelines such as past lives, ancestral, and early current life. Healing the subconscious mind heals our physical reality experience.

02. Inner Union & Ascension

This unresolved trauma and pain within the subconscious mind creates the separation between the wounded ego and the soul. Through healing these unresolved issues from the past, we heal the separation between them. This allows the ego and the soul to get on the same page and merge into One, also known as Inner Union. Releasing our painful vibrational past imprinting allows us to ascend into a higher dimensional reality.

03. Heaven on Earth, or 5D

It is when we have been able to heal our wounded ego and merge back into the Oneness with our soul, that we are able to enter Heaven on Earth which resides in the 5th-dimensional reality. This is a higher level of consciousness and state of being that aligns us to all that is ours by Divine Right to manifest in our physical reality experience.

04. New Paradigm Spirituality

Even within the New Age arena, all that glitters is not gold. We are shifting from the old fear-based paradigm of separation into the love-based paradigm of Oneness. Much of the spiritual teachings currently available are rooted in fear, this fear bleeds through in teachings on the Law of Attraction, past lives, the darkness vs the light, and so on. All these old templates have to be cleansed to be restored back to love.

05. Sacred Relationships

Sacred relationships can be part of this journey back to Oneness, in the form of connecting to Soulmates, Soul family, and maybe even the Twin Flame. Such relationships are there as a mirror to show us the extent to which we are in separation with our own soul. Although these soul connections may lead to a romantic outcome in the present or future, this is not the primary goal. Nor does coming into Inner Union depend on such soul connections.

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The Inner Learning Circle is for new paradigm shifters and leaders ready to unlock the frequency of Heaven on Earth and take their manifesting to the Soul level. It doesn’t matter if you identify with being a Spiritual seeker, Lightworker, Starseed, Twin Soul or Flame, Soulmate, Lightbearer, Goddess, Queen, Wild Woman, or none of the above. The Inner Learning Circle is for everyone, who wants to manifest Heaven on Earth (5D) as their physical reality.

It’s completely risk-free! You can cancel at any time.

Take your manifesting powers to the Soul level

I look forward to supporting you in your inner union journey and showing you how to unlock the frequency of Heaven on Earth by taking your manifesting powers to the Soul level.

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