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How choosing love changes your life

Five years ago at the beginning of March (2014) when I worked in online marketing and I still thought I belonged to the muggle world, I started a small project to love myself more.

I committed to 21 days of self love in which I wrote three reasons to love myself each day, which wasn’t as easy as it sounds nor could I fathom how this would forever transform my life.

By deciding to become serious about loving myself more, I aligned to the frequency of true love.

Only ten days after my 21 days project, true love walked into my life through my computer. I met my Divine counterpart (my twin soul) online, as he owned an online marketing and webdesign company in India at that time. Meeting him and later spending time with him in India took me through this life-altering transformation that brought me where I am today.

This meeting as many of you know who have met their Divine counterpart in this lifetime, started off a 5 year purging process in which I had to face all my inner dragons and demons – even the ones I didn’t even know were there. It was in facing all of my own often subconscious inner fears and false beliefs that I was able to release tons and tons of vibrational gunk and sludge that I had been carrying in my energy field and that were locking me into the 3D density reality at which these subconscious wounds, trauma and unprocessed emotions resonated.

After releasing these lower vibrational density energies from my energy field step by step over the course of these 5 years, I was able to raise my personal vibration to love and above and anchor into a new physical reality but of a much higher frequency – which you know as the 5th dimension. The physical reality in which we create Heaven on Earth.

The culmination of this process was an inner marriage between my soul and my 3D self, or to be more specific embodying the higher self in the physical which represents the inner union of – Sabriyé (3D self) Ayana (the higher self) – the I becoming we.

It also resulted in the birth of our soul mission guiding others in the transition from the old reality paradigm into the new, by showing them how to release themselves from 3D density and anchor into the new 5th dimensional frequency that has now become available to the inhabitants of Gaia (our planet Earth).

My own Divine partnership journey and the teachings I shared as Sabriyé on Gangstagoddesses.com were but a preparation to align me to embody my higher aspect Ayana and to live these higher teachings for myself first, in order to be able to teach others how to make the transition from 3D to 5D.

The Love Project details

The Love Project is a free e-course to help you raise your personal vibration to the frequency of love and above. An opportunity to release and heal deep subconscious pain and trauma that is keeping you stuck in looping patterns of drama and playing out your past life karma.

For the course of 21 days we will guide you through daily modules with teachings, exercises, live streams and guest healers to help you raise your personal vibration to the frequency of love and above. This e-course is meant to jump start your process and assist you in transitioning from 3D to 5D by teaching you the basics of making this quantum leap in frequency.

Next to following the daily modules you can also join a private Facebook group where you can connect to other like minded people, who like you are initiates on the Ascension path and making the transition from the old reality to the new reality of Heaven on Earth – living life in the 5th dimensional frequency.

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What will you learn?

In the e-course we will share with you:

  • Ascension and Divine partnerships teachings for modern day times
  • How to love yourself more
  • Metaphysical laws like the Law of Attraction and how they really work (which is not common knowledge)
  • How to raise your vibrational frequency
  • Healing modalities that help release stuck energy
  • The power of forgiveness
  • The connection between money and love
  • and much much more…


United States

He texted me the day right after the final day of The Love Project. We FaceTimed the day after that. He says he’s going to visit me next month. Still can’t believe this actually worked, but thank you thank you thank you. I can keep myself grounded and find my balance without him, and I’m anxious to have him come back into my life in person, but I know I’ll be ok no matter what because I have myself and I love myself. My eternal gratitude for your writings and the work you’ve done.


How is this e-course followed?

By signing up you get a private online account that gives you instant access to the complete e-course modules. You will get daily reminders throughout the 21 days to help you navigate through the e-course. There is also a Facebook group that you can join to share your experience with others who are following the e-course with you.

I created an account but how do I login?

If you created your account and you did not receive a registration email with your details and where to login, check your spam folder first. You can login here : https://sabriyeayana.com/login/ using your email address as username and the password you created while making the account to be able to login to the e-course.

What kind of teachings can I expect?

The teachings that we will share with you in these 21 days are Ascension and Divine partnership teachings for modern day initiates. These in-depth teachings are practical and easy to implement in the hectic and busy lives we live today.

Our generation Ascension initiates don’t have the time or the opportunity to sit on a mountain top to become enlightened, nor do we have to as our modern society offers plenty of opportunities to raise our vibrational frequency through the people, situations and experiences we encounter in our day to day life.

How much time do I need to spend on this every day?

The teachings and the daily exercises take around 30 minutes a day. In the case of a guest healer the live stream may become longer, the total time investment will then be 60 to 90 minutes maximum.

Do I need to have met my Divine counterpart to join?

No, a Divine partnership connection is not necessary to join The Love Project. You may like Sabriyé align to your Divine counterpart through committing to self love, but being in a Divine partnership is not mandatory for initiates on the Ascension path.

Your Ascension never depends on something outside of you and thus in essence this is a solo journey, even when you have met your Divine counterpart in the physical reality.

No matter if you have met your Divine counterpart or not, some parts of this journey simply have to be walked alone as they are part of the initiations needed to bring us to deeper insight and a higher vibrational frequency. Our outer reality offer us these initiations, through our life circumstances.

Is it really free?

Yes, joining The Love Project is completely free of charge. All these teachings in the 21 days are shared with you as a gift to your soul evolution and to help you remember and tap into your own soul wisdom.

I don’t have Facebook can I join anyway?

Yes, you can follow the e-course part with the daily teachings, exercises, the live stream recordings and guest healers but you will not be able to connect to other like minded people who are also following the curriculum.

Can my family and friends see what I share in the Facebook group?

No, the settings of the Facebook group are such that people can only see that you are a member, but they can’t see anything of what you share in the group. What you post and share is completely private and only visible to members of the group. It is a safe environment in which you can share your experience with other initiates on the Ascension path.

A friend of mine want’s to join The Love Project as well, what link can I share?

How wonderful that your friend wants to join us on this life-transforming journey. You can send them the link to this website page:


All they need to do then, is fill in the form and follow the instructions sent to them by email.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

Lots of love,

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