Use these tools to support yourself in changing your subconscious programming

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How to get the most out of your healing sessions

Working one on one with a healer is a great way to jump start the process, but it’s what you do after the session that helps the healing fully flow through. Even in powerful sessions like the Journeys I offer my clients, it’s like a deeply knotted tie that gets untangled – but it’s what the client does after the session that dictates how radically they can shift their reality. If a client can accept and make the inner shift, their outer reality will change.

But humans are creatures of habits and often the patterns and underlying blocks that are creating problems in life are deeply ingrained. It is really easy to stay stuck in old patterns and beliefs. This is one of the reasons why I use higher rates to get my clients to fully commit to their own healing process and to take them to a place psychologically, that they will want to earn their investment back. This makes them much more committed to accepting the new perspective, and with it the shift needed in their outer reality. They have spend too much money, to just be able to shrug their shoulders and continue as they were (which happens a lot, let’s be honest).

In order to create radical change, you need to drop your old story and start telling yourself a new story. As long as you keep buying into the old story and telling yourself and others this old tale about the situation and your life, that is the reality you will be manifesting.

So in order to get the maximum out of any healing you do, you need to do everything you can to anchor in the new impulse that will shift your reality sooner or later. The more you anchor it in, the quicker your outer reality will start matching this new frequency.

It all start’s with your intention

When it comes to healing and changing your subconscious programming there are no magic pills, no one can FIX YOU for you.

It’s an inside job, that only you can do for yourself.

Others can support you in your process, but they can’t do the work for you. You are the only one in charge and it all starts with your intentions. When you set the intention to change your reality, everything you need to make that shift materialize in the physical, it will be magnetized into your life.

Like my story when I wanted to break through to the 5 figures a month years ago. I set a revenue target of €10.000,- a month and it took me five months to manifest this as my reality. It turned out that the major block that was keeping me out of alignment was a past life story I was holding onto, without even consciously being aware of it. In that story I still subconsciously believed that being rich meant losing everything, because that was an experience I had in a previous lifetime and that I still held to be true in this lifetime without being aware of it. Because I held this to be true at a deep subconscious level, I was not able to crack the five figures a month until I brought this believe into my conscious awareness and decided this was not something I wanted to believe in any more. With that inner decision my outer reality shifted and two months later I blasted through the 5 figures a month for the very first time in my life!

It is your intention that brings everything up that is keeping you out of alignment with your manifestation, yet at the same time it is your intention that pulls everything into your life to bring you in alignment including healers and healing tools.

Chances are that if you just ‘happened’ to see this post come by on social media, that it has come on your path today to support you in your current process no matter what you are wanting to manifest. It can be better health, it can be wealth, it can be a love relationship, the perfect job, a suitable home, a better school for your kids…. all of these manifestations start in the same way, they start with your intention to change your current reality into a desired reality and this article came into your life today to support you in making that shift. You will feel yourself if you are meant to work with me one on one or that, this article has another message for you.

Above all don’t let money become the reason you stay stuck in your current story. Money is also just energy and comes in your life on demand. If you decide you want to do a certain thing, the money you need will show up one way or the other. The Universe is forever supporting you, you are the only one holding back, believing in limitation, believing in lack. Ask yourself what is it worth to me, to change my current circumstances? What is it worth to me to live the life I am dreaming of?

I have invested multiple five figures in my own healing, which got me where I am today. This last week alone I invested over €500 in working with healers, plus buying gemstones and flower essences to support my own inner process. This has helped me heal an ancient past life wound around fear of commitment and fear of love only being offered conditionally. This deep subconscious wound that again I had no idea that was there, has been fucking up my love life since an eternity and I would have gladly paid more to heal this deep inner wound because it has been keeping me out of alignment with the kind of love relationship I want to manifest in my physical reality.

I was the kind of woman that would either not meet any guy’s at all no matter where I went or when I met a guy he would either already be involved or there would be thousands of miles between us…  Friday I healed this belief, Sunday already in the same gym where I have not met any guy at all in five years time, a handsome single guy strikes up a conversation with me to get my phone number. That’s how quickly realities can shift. What happened? My vibration changed and with that the experiences in my outer reality.

The Friday session brought about the shift, but I have done multiple sessions before to be able to get to this shifting point and after the session I also had healing supports like a Soul Frequency #92 essence to help clear this fear of commitment pattern at a cellular level and the stone unakite that I am wearing as a bracelet. Unakite is a stone of love and relationships, that helps heal the heart chakra and connects it to the higher heart chakra.

This is THE REASON why I almost always manifest what I want to pull into my physical reality, it’s because I am totally committed to getting where I want to be and I am fearless about facing everything that is keeping me out of alignment with my heart’s desire. It doesn’t matter if you are manifesting €10K in revenue or a love of a lifetime, the same principles apply for any heart desire you want to manifest.

These healing tools can help you in your process

Reizweiterleitung in den NervenzellenThese tools support your process, but can not replace working with someone one on one to really do the in-depth work. You can consider these tools like a pre-soak, it prepares and supports the shift. It creates a fertile ground, it acts like a fertilizer, but you still need to pull out the deep rooted beliefs manually that are just dug in deep in your subconscious mind. These tools help you get there and support the shift as new neural wiring takes place, that in the end will manifest the new reality. Because that is what is necessary in order to change your current reality into your desired reality, you need to change your inner mental wiring – by changing what you believe.

Read this article here if you want to know more about how subconscious beliefs create your reality by default and block new manifestations until you neutralize the old believe.

The following tools will support you in changing your subconscious programming, because they will help you anchor in the new energy you are shifting towards. I strongly believe in throwing everything at the shifts you want to make in your life and purposely use both one on one sessions and tools as listed below, to maximize the healing effect and create quick and lasting shifts in my life.

Most of all these tools help you become a match to the vibration of the new reality you are wanting to manifest. In this article here you can read about the importance of coming into vibrational alignment with your heart’s desire.


Gemstones are such gentle healers that you can use for anything. For health, for wealth, business success, love, marriage pregnancy….  Whatever you want to manifest, there is a gemstone to help you raise your vibrational frequency to the same frequency as the new reality you want to draw into your life. Gemstones are an awesome way to start resonating to the new vibration and to anchor it in more and more in your physical reality.

Browse through a new age shop or gemstone store to really feel which stone is calling out to you. I usually order online and just google which energy I want to anchor in and which gemstones pop up. Then I fine tune from there and often buy jewelry made from that gemstone on

Flower essences and gem elixirs

Another really amazing tool are flower essences and gemstone elixirs. This is like ingesting the liquid vibration to help you start resonating to the new frequency. Most known flower remedies are of course the Bach flowers series, but there are many many more essences these days that you can pick from and that are also more supportive of the energies our generations are facing.

Next to flower remedies, it’s also possible to work with gemstone elixirs. These are also liquid vibrations of the chosen gemstone that you can directly ingest. Just google the gemstone you want to work with and the word elixir and you will get sites that sell gemstone elixirs.

Say you are working on Self love, when you google Self love flower essences you get a whole list of different brands of flower essences that you can use to help you love yourself more. No matter what you want to manifest, self love always speeds up the manifestation.

Guided visualization and meditation audio’s

Also guided manifestations and visualizations are a great way to connect to the new energy you want to draw in and anchor in. Again no matter if you are working on manifesting more money and clients or more love in your life, somebody made a guided meditation audio to help you manifest it.

Guided audio’s really help you to daily connect to the energy of what you want to manifest and can give you great support. It’s so easy let it slide and slack up with life’s business getting in the way. With a guided audio all you have to do is commit to listening to it daily at a fixed time, allowing the speakers voice to bring you into the vibrational frequency of what you are working on to manifest.

This year is my year of love and so that is what I want to draw into my life this year, my partner by divine right. I have been working hard towards tearing down all the walls I had up around my heart and doing guided meditations daily has certainly helped me to access the deeper buried blocks in my own subconsciousness.

Solfeggio tones

A client recently introduced me to the Solfeggio frequencies and told me that this was how she grew her client base from 30 to 120 clients in just one year. She is one of our VIP Soul guru clients at Gangsta Goddesses Designs now.

Solfeggio tones are ancient healing tones that where also used in Gregorian chants, each frequency has it’s own healing vibration:

UT – 396 Hz – turning grief into joy, liberating guilt & fear

RE – 417 Hz – undoing situations & facilitating change

MI – 528 Hz – transformation & miracles, repairing DNA

FA – 639 Hz – relationship, connecting with spiritual family

SOL – 741 Hz – expression/solutions, cleaning & solving

LA – 852 Hz – returning to spiritual order

YouTube is loaded with Solfeggio frequency video’s that you can turn on in the background while you work. That way not only does your personal frequency change, but also the energy of the room where you are playing the frequencies will start to resonate at that energy level.


Affirmations can be such a powerful instrument on your healing journey, they can really help you shift your inner beliefs. Louise Hay is the mother of all affirmations as far as I am concerned and if I have physical problems, I like to look up what she has listed as the cause from her book ‘You can heal your life‘ and to see what affirmation can be used on it to heal it.

Affirmations always need to be formulated positively and as if it is already a reality.

I also love Florence Scovel Shinn’s affirmations, anyone working with the law of attraction should study the work of Florence Scovel Shinn. She is the grandmother of affirmations and metaphysical teachings. If you are serious about manifesting through the power of thought and the spoken word, Florence Scovel Shinn is the place to start.

Self healing techniques

These days we are flooded with self healing techniques like EFT, The healing code, the MIR method, Access Consciousness and ho’oponopono to name a few. Not every technique will resonate with you or work for you, but you can definitely check it out. A great place to start your research is on YouTube to find the self healing technique that calls out to you.

I personally love ho’oponopono and often use it on people and situations. I also like the healing code but I just don’t have the discipline to do the daily multiple sets of 6 minutes to do the healing work. But I do manage to get in at least 30 minutes of guided meditation time daily.

That’s also my advice to you is to create your own personal blend of healing tools to support you in your healing and manifestation process.

I pray this article serves you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie


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