[Astrology Forecast] Part I – Being a Twin Soul on planet Earth in 2020

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This is part I of  a guest article by Twin Soul astrologer Lilliana Thorvald, you can read part II here.

Entering New Earth and becoming a Homo Luminous

By this time we all know 2020 is a whole next level. It feels like our parents are coming home and we need to get our act together. Mother Earth is kicking and screaming, and Father Sky is sending down supercharged bolts of higher energies that have us spinning for days. We are a bunch of tired people at different levels of consciousness with one thing in common…..

We’ve all had enough!

This article intends to help you use the rest of 2020 the best way you can, as Twin Souls of course. These collective energies apply to everyone but each of us is affected in a different way, depending on our individual birth charts and Divine Plan and our Divine Timing.

I wonder if anyone will read this article till the end, there’s a lot …so I suggest you take breaks after each section, go dance a bit, sing a bit, play ball with the kids and come back. That’s how I wrote it, bit by bit with disco breaks. That’s how we should generally approach the year, balance the heaviness with fun and physical movement.

“As above, so below” rings true now as things are a mess down here, and they are a mess in the sky too. But it won’t last forever!

Put simply: 2020 is the collapse of the old false matrix, 2021 marks the start of organized change and New Earth construction in the physical realm.

Wooohooo, we are all so ready for that shift.

But are we really?

People are asking when things are going back to normal, to the old? But there is no going back to the old, we are finishing up big cycles now – this is the turn of the ages similar to the Dark Ages going into The Renaissance, we are now releasing the complete template of Homo Sapiens and stepping into the era of Homo Luminous, the Divine Human. Let me repeat that.

We are now releasing the complete template of Homo Sapiens and stepping into the era of Homo Luminous, the Divine Human.

We are becoming beings of Light. We will see more of this starting next year, but now, we must do the dying and the burial well. This is what I wrote about last year in my article “Urgent Message for Twin Souls 2020” when I wrote with great urgency to help you prepare for the mess we find ourselves in now. Sometimes letting go of what we hold near and dear, even if it doesn’t serve us is a painful process. But it is time to rip off the band-aid now, because time is running out. We only have six more months to go.

We need to use our time well.

The Collapse – Capricorn stellium

We are in the last phase of the so called Capricorn stellium – that means big powerhouse planets are all together at the end of Capricorn causing all this Armageddon – we have these things all lined up together: South node of karmic releasing, Pluto the Lord of the Underworld that rules death, pathology, rebirth, and plague, Jupiter that blows things out of proportion and makes them global, Saturn The Lord of Karma that rules systems and masculine energy and last but not least, Pallas Athena, fighter for truth and justice.

We are witnessing the big collapse of the false matrix, darkness has emerged out of the shadows to be seen and addressed and we are all looking forward to it and are willing to fight for justice. Except it is like walking through a swamp, it is hard to get any real movement forward except in our inner realms.

Most planets will be going retrograde for some part of the year.

Retrograde periods of planets usually do not coincide with each other, but this year they do. Until the end of 2020 we will have between 4 and 7 heavenly bodies out of 10 going retrograde. It spells quarantine. People are in hermit mode, collectively.

It is time for purging, healing, reflection, revising, reinventing.

Our best ally is Mars that has just entered Aries, the fiery sign of the Warrior. Mars would usually transit Aries in 45 days but this year it is staying in Aries for six months! That is so 2020, it is a special. It will spend a lot of that time squaring the Capricorn stellium – blowing angry kicks to a shaky construction, throwing rocks and stones at the old system so it collapses well.

It is likely there will be a lot of anger and rage at the system, there will be more riots and more aggression from both sides. Pathology in society will increase, second wave of the pandemic is likely and already happening in Europe, restrictions on the collective are likely to be implemented again. People will get frustrated, but probably more over the attempts at global enslavement and depopulation, and riots will start. Air travel will be decreasing and ethics will seem to be flying out the window with this amount of collective frustration burning on a short fuse.

Deep breath… now take time for that music break. We’re doing it – Exodus.

Let us break it down into three phases:

1. Summer till the end of September 2020

Most planets are retrograde so any forward movement takes incredible amounts of energy. The only planet that is not going to retrograde by the end of the year is Venus – love and money. We also have Mars direct till September giving us a massive surge in life force and vital energy somewhere in our chart (where Aries is), there is a strong focus on the body and libido is increased. Love, money and sex is good enough.

2. October till the December 21st 2020 (Saturn Jupiter conjunction)

Jupiter and Saturn will be going direct, finally some forward movement in the outer realms, but only to get the motor running and organize the info we have gathered over the summer. Ideally we will have built up some energy for the construction of the new systems.

3. January 2021 and onward

“Beautiful things are coming, for everybody!”

That is the first thing I want to say, even though it is hard to imagine everything will just be great overnight. Two giants, Saturn and Jupiter are meeting in the first degrees of Aquarius and they are opening the new era and I dare say it is the physical, material beginning of the New Earth. We will be in a completely different energetic space. There will probably still be limitations on people’s freedoms but people will unite and fight all together against oppression and the new energy will be much stronger, New Earth will support light workers and starseeds and there will be building and structuring of the new communities. Masculine energy will finally have access to joy and bliss – emerging from the Underworld and seeing the Light of love for the first time, it will be glorious to witness them exit the tunnel finally.

Disco break – George Michael – Freedom!

How to benefit from the rest of 2020

The best way to use 2020 is to:

1. Power Up – release the old, have your spiritual team in place
2. Align with your Twin Soul mission – get info and get the skills you need

1. POWER UP during collective hermit mode!

If you manage to stick to the following three things during the next six months, you will be a success.

1. Heal and purge as a master alchemist – We want to address these themes: past lives, karma, old soul contracts that don’t serve New Earth, self-destruction, ancestors, family lineage distortions – addictions, poverty, survival mode, victim mode, sexual abuse, rigidity around racial and social privilege, fears and harmful belief systems, including religious and academic. Process and purge for the world, then step into the next level of consciousness by shedding old energetic skin and embody your higher Union, the one you have been missing out on until now. Sabriyé teaches you how to do this in the Tribe Mystery School.

2. Have good energetic ethics and create sacred space – With so much anger and grief in the collective, it is not realistic to expect people to hold space for us anymore. Shamans say that our energy is creating imbalances in the elements – our rage fuels hurricanes and fires, our grief causes floods … we can’t afford to have our emotional baggage transferring from one person to the next. We want it to leave this reality completely.

The solution shamans use – turn to the land you are on. Find a spot in your local area where you can sit and release your energy into the Earth, but ask for permission first – like this: “Can I enter your field of energy? Would you allow me to release my energy into you please and transmute it into light?” You can do this with a tree, with sand, with water … but you must ask for permission.

We are being given a big break in order to slow down and start noticing life around us. I have been working with a global community of shamans and they are all saying the same thing – emergency on Earth will stop when we learn how to value life more than money. It is not just the forest fires or the virus … we need to change how we live and learn the right relationship to everything. That includes people we turn to help for. Clear your energy before booking sessions and talking to empaths, even if you have to scrub yourself with sea salt. Agua de Florida is a powerful energy cleanser that you may want to stick up on now. It cleanses your energy deeply.

Become the guardian of the planet and humanity.

3. Power up – build your personal power – Since masses are waking up, healers are already overwhelmed and overbooked, you will need to slowly become independent. You need your team of guides and spirit teachers – Power Animals, angels, deities, Power Places, your best friends that will protect you, guide you and give the energy to power through this unscathed.
I usually initiate people into their sacred relationships with their guides and Power Places in a day and then they are on their own, to practice and work daily. You can do that by yourself and you have enough hermit time to do it well.

Having a good daily spiritual practice is an absolute MUST now.

Dance break time – We’ve got the Power

2. Align with your mission – mind, body and soul

Collective Twin Soul mission for the next six months is to stop running from it!

Solstice on 21st June 2020 came with a solar eclipse as a big bang of new cosmic energy and it spells our homework for the next six months. It felt like a thunderbolt from God and it looks like it too in the chart for that day. See the arrow shaped form in the red lines? The planets are making this cosmic arrow out of these energies:

Down there is release point, left to right are all the Capricorn planets working on the collapse: South node of karma release with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn.

It is the end of the old world, the darkness of the corrupted masculine (this is not about men) paradigm is blown out of proportion now so we can see it and release it as our collective karma, purging and healing required is exponentially increasing but this is necessary and it is plunging us into our mission work.


Up there is mission point, left to right we have: Mercury, Vesta (Twin Soul journey), Moon, Sun and North node – mission and future.

This is what the cosmic intention is aiming for: our mind, our heart and our ego – all of our being, has to become that arrow shooting for its mission, that is what the Twin Soul journey asks of each of us now, we need to be all in, and as soon as possible. This is what we came to do – to release the old world and create the new.

So what are the roles of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine?

Two side points of the cosmic arrow tell us about the collective situation:

On the left – we see Juno, the Wife archetype and Union energy in Libra. That is the realm of the Divine Feminine. She wants marriage and she wants Union, she is holding Union codes, she is committed to sacred partnership and she is balancing the whole thing.

On the right – Mars the Masculine Warrior, and Chiron the Wounded Healer in Aries, the realm of Divine Masculine. The Divine Masculine is working on healing sexual wounds, identity wounds, emerging from the collective as a unique individual. There is no moving forward without the healing of the masculine or the damage done by the masculine, in all of us. As woman we carry an inner masculine and as men an inner feminine.

In conclusion, if we want to do our Twin Soul homework well for the next six months as a collective, the Divine Feminine energies stay committed to this sacred partnership and keep holding space for Union energies to be embodied through her vessel, they allow the Divine Masculine to work out his new identity since he doesn’t belong to the dying world anymore.

Both are strained between the new and the old.

We all work on releasing the old, but we need to hit the target with the arrow on our personal mission and then we have all the elements in place to get us to the new world. If we don’t focus on the Twin Soul mission point, we will be bouncing around like a marble in a pinball machine, wanting to be in love, but the Masculine is still healing self worth and staying away, everything is falling apart and you don’t know what to do.

The way forward is to figure out your personal missions – if not complete life plans, then focus on what you need to complete this year and till your next birthday.

Ideal scenario – you take it slow, don’t spend on frivolous travel, instead heal and purge, have a Power Place protecting you, have a Power Animal giving you guidance, learn about your future and the person you will be in the New Earth and start getting new skills, bit by bit to prepare. Take new courses that in the Aquarian age you will need, do not invest in revamping any old social media presence. Maybe even quit social media, for some time to really go within.

Less than ideal scenario – you are exhausting yourself trying to achieve anything, driving yourself crazy deciding where to invest – make a new website or revamp the old one, pay for marketing on social media, argue with everyone because you are too tired for people and floating around ungrounded, have no idea what’s coming and no guidance system in place.

Let us help you.

I can assist with immediate and long term missions for you, your twin and your Union, as well as timing for it all. If you would like to build your protection and guidance, a two part initiation to a Power Animal and a sacred place will allow you to practice by yourself daily and get strong.

Sabriyé’s Tribe Mystery School will help you with releasing blocks and getting yourself to a higher vibration which is the necessary platform for success in the Age of Aquarius. The Inner Union Soul Alchemy program will also show you step by step how to create inner union with your higher self.

Hold tight everyone, we are in this for the long haul and this is not the time to just sit back, wait for it to all blow over and meanwhile do nothing.

It is time for action!

There will be a part II to this article in which I will elaborate on what to expect from now on to 2022 in regards to our Twin Soul journeys, Twin Souls missions, Union and Ascension. Be sure to tune into part II to help you forge a clear path moving forward.

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Lilliana Thorvald is a Twin Flame Astrologer and Shamanic Healer. She uses astrology to provide in-depth information about each twin’s life purpose, mission – The Divine Plan, as well as their Divine Timing. To book a session email her at tf.astrologer@gmail.com.