How Astrology Can Help You on Your Twin Soul Journey : Part I – Divine Plan

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This is part I of a two part series guest articles by Twin Soul astrologer Lilliana Thorvald. You can read part II here.

The twin flame path is much like a cosmic game, but to play it well, we have to know what the game is, what the rules are and who the players are. There is a Divine Plan behind every twin flame journey. Most importantly, there is also Divine Timing, a cosmic timetable for each of us and for our Union.  The cosmic clock never stands still, the planets keep turning and our journey keeps evolving. But where is the script to be found, you might be wondering?

Astrology is our user’s manual for all of it – both the Divine Plan and the Divine Timing.

There are very clear instruction manuals for it all. Birth charts, or natal charts are individual life maps for each person, Composite and Davison charts are relationship charts for Union, and synastry charts are for the dynamics. For timing we have to look at more charts like transits, solar returns and progressions. Each chart takes about 90 minutes to read if we want to do it well, so imagine there is something like 30 hours worth of talking about your twin flame journey. Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Long term work is more than rewarding and will reveal precious information. Even starting with just your birth chart will tell you what your life is about.

Having worked with twin flames for years now, playing a cosmic detective through research and hundreds of charts, I have found the following course of investigation works well to decode our twin flame journey and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Part 1 – the Divine Plan

  1. Natal chart 1 – Getting to know you and your life plan (plus your timing)
  2. Natal chart 2 – Getting to know twin’s chart and their life plan (plus their timing)
  3. Union chart – Getting to know Union chart and its plan (plus its timing)
  4. Learning how these three interact – the dynamics and the traffic going on among the three

Part 2 – the Divine Timing

  1. Solar returns – birthday readings are informing us about our year by year, birthday to birthday missions and task
  2. Progressed charts – they inform us where everyone is at now, how you have matured and grown and where you stand, your progress basically, but you can also see what’s coming

This article will cover Part 1 – I will talk about the Divine Plan.  Part 2 – Divine Timing will be the subject of my next article on twin flame astrology.

The Divine Plan

The Game, the Rules, the Players.

The Game is Ascension, the rules are Mission and Healing First, Divine plan over your plan, Divine Team as your guides, and Archetypal stories to experience and grow out of.  The players are The Divine, you, your twin, your Union and your soul tribe.

The Game

The game is Ascension and Awakening, we are all helping Earth transition into a higher frequency through our own journey of awakening, healing, clearing the past and the present, becoming whole and loving unconditionally.

Let’s say there are three levels of the game, and they can all function simultaneously. We can call them Sacred Missions.

  1. Individual mission – this is your own personal contribution in the Shift. There is something very specific you came to do for Earth, you are the answer to her call. You are developing into something that Earth needs at this time, or otherwise you would not have been here. No, it is not only sharing inspirational quotes on social media and doing full moon ceremonies and going with the flow of ascension symptoms. It is a set of skills and wisdom only you can deliver in your authentic way, it is a set of Earthly tasks. This is what your natal chart talks about.
  2. Union’s mission – this is mission of a specific twin flame pair. You are basically the left and the right hand of one creature that is here to fulfill a special task for the Ascension of the planet, and the plan can be found in the relationship charts. It says what your Union is supposed to be and do. Since you always have ‘a relationship’ or ‘a connection’ with them, you don’t have to wait for it to manifest in the physical to start doing it.
  3. Collective mission – there is a collective of twin flame souls who have incarnated to help Earth ascend, we are leaders in Ascension, the most avid Lightworkers and spiritual warriors and usually ‘the Cleaners’ of the old vibration. We are bridges to higher dimensions, builders of the New Earth. We are all doing this together, as a tribe, as a soul family.

The rules

  1. Mission and healing first, Divine Plan over your planThis is what we often overlook. There is enough experience in the collective now to know that it all starts with the individual aligning with their true self and their soul purpose. It all starts with You. The pre-twin life has to be dismantled and hanging on to it only makes it harder. You start growing into your Divine Human Self, or Divine Feminine Avatar / Divine Masculine Avatar and you are finally ready to release the ego agenda and the programming of your 3D Human self (for the lack of a better term) which involves the old Earth coupling template. You surrender realizing that your plan and your timing have no chance against The Divine Plan and the Divine Timing. You throw yourself into your sacred mission and start being a contribution to your collective and to the planet, and Union usually follows sacred service.
  1. ArchetypesAstrology is based on ancient archetypes. Planets, stars and other heavenly objects are named after deities from various pantheons – Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Christian, Celtic, Arabic, Hindu etc, it is all in there. What is strange is that research and evidence shows that we are actually very influenced by their stories if we have them prominent in our charts. We are playing out archetypal roles and archetypal love stories. Maybe our task is to break out of them or upgrade them. Are you a faithful Penelope, or a wild, freedom loving Lilith fighting for women rights and sexual revolution? Are you a sacred sex priestess Vesta choosing celibacy until the Beloved is ready to consume the Sacred Love?  Men can be a serious Zeus, the King and ruler, or they can be a warrior Ares, or a Dionysus – the god of ritual madness and religious ecstasy. Knowing what cards we and our twins have been dealt is most helpful. We can grow into purified forms of these archetypes, but not fully escape them.
  1. Divine TeamWe usually have a cosmic Divine Couple, like Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Shiva and Shakti, or maybe Isis and Osiris watching over us and guiding us. Their presence will show up in our charts and we can use it to learn how to connect to them more, to identify ‘the gate’. It is quite possible our Divine Team will grow as we grow and are given more work to do. They are our divine parents, teachers and guides to go to. They are cosmic energies showing up through us, we are their Earthly expression.I would say the most important and prominent player in this twin flame game is the Divine. It is the beginning and the end, the purpose and the reason, the foundation and the finished work. It makes itself present through synchronicities, serendipity, magical meetings with the right people, crazy twist and turns that keep leading you to your destiny. I am sure you have noticed God’s hand holding the strings and directing the play.

The Players

After the Divine, there is you, there is your Beloved twin, and there is your Union as a separate, third thing, that is a vessel for the Great Mystery, for the Holy Spirit, or the 3rd energy as the twin flame community calls it.

I repeat, the best thing to do if we want to stop struggling is to learn who is who, who is supposed to do what alone and together, how we interact, and our timing.

Let’s imagine that before going to Earth, everyone is given a vehicle that is custom made, for them only. Only that vehicle can get you to your destination. That is your birth chart, trying to deliver you to your fulfilled life purpose. Now, most of us go through life trying to operate an airplane as if it were a car. We only ever see people driving cars and we presume we have one of those too and we keep doing what everyone else is doing … until we meet the twin and our vehicle breaks down. Alarms go off and now there’s sirens and smoke coming out and things are about to explode and the car mechanic has no idea what is going on. And then we realize we are not dealing with a car, our vehicle is actually a Cosmic Transformer Jet in stealth mode. Now the transformation from a normal car to a Cosmic Transformer Jet is pretty much what twin flame natal charts are – cosmic jets that are waiting for you to learn how to drive them once you grow up enough to be able to handle it. You have to get rid of the dead weight. You learn how it operates, you feed it the right fuel and that thing can finally take off. It knows how to go back to Atlantis and Orion, and it usually doesn’t need your brain to do it.

Your twin has their own custom made vehicle, pre-awakening it looks like a good car, but it is actually a Cosmic Transformer Jet in stealth mode, just like yours is. They can’t use it until they learn what it is and how it works, and you will have to learn about it too or there will be surprises. Just imagine driving your friend’s boat for the first time – you have to learn how it works instead of insisting it should be a car. You thought it was an easy SUV but somehow it turned into an amphibian submarine and wow, it went submarine mode, underwater, it’s gone! Never saw that coming, did you?

Your Union is the same, it is a Cosmic Twin Jet and it will take two experienced pilots – you and your twin, to fly it together. So you have to operate three vehicles well here – your own, your twin’s, and your Union’s. Now where is the instruction manual, how do you learn to drive that thing without exploding everything in the vicinity?

Now let’s see what information our maps are offering us.

Part 1 – the Divine Plan

  1. Natal chart 1 – Getting to know you and your life plan (plus your timing)
  2. Natal chart 2 – Getting to know twin’s chart and their life plan (plus their timing)
  3. Union chart – Getting to know Union chart and its plan (plus its timing)
  4. Learning how these three interact – the dynamics and the traffic going on among the three

Natal chart 1 – Getting to know you and aligning with your life path

Our astrological birth chart, also known as our natal chart is the snapshot of the sky the moment we were born, turned into a circular map. That means we will operate as a conduit of specific energies that were prominent in the sky, and the dynamics the planets were in will become our ‘software’ for this lifetime. We are given the vehicle for our Earth mission and it has its own modus operandi.

It is very helpful to know how we operate. Our birth chart informs us about many things, but here are a few:

  • Who we are in our ego consciousness
  • What the focus of our life is – it might be just one or two areas like love and healing
  • How we process emotion
  • What we need to feel nurtured and safe
  • How we receive and give love
  • What we need in love and sex
  • What our core wound is – as the driving force for our healing
  • What our past life imprint is that is keeping us stuck
  • What our evolutionary direction is
  • What our mission is
  • What our ‘area’ of mission work is – local or global, corporate world or off grid etc.
  • Our cosmic connections as starseeds
  • Our archetypal stories
  • Our divine team

I usually spend around two hours with a first time client and it is usually me talking and them nodding in silence or repeating “Yep…yes…wow…yes…” Everyone recognizes their life plan and their own soul in there. The reading is usually followed by a period of processing since the mission is bigger than what they’d thought. And after a few weeks we get to “Oh my God, this is all real! I have a big mission! What was I thinking when I signed up for this?!” What follows might be resistance, but it turns into slow acceptance and a period of alignment with it. You ultimately accept and you befriend your magical journey, and you start respecting and loving that little kid that you were, what a brave little one, imagine! And then everything finally makes sense and you know it all had a reason and a purpose.

You learn how to express your needs and wants, you nurture yourself in the way you need to be nurtured and re-parent yourself and take extra care of those wounds. You learn how to set boundaries that are a reflection of your true essence. You drop all those wrong directions and time wasters. You become aware of your patterns and conditioning and you don’t judge, now you know it is all a bunch of homework you came here with. You stop avoiding the healing. You finally see we have all taken on a pile of dark matter that we are now banishing from our bloodline and upgrading the DNA for our ancestors and our descendants. Your life plan is all the playground of the Shift.

Natal chart 2 – Getting to know your twin and their life plan

The same goes for your twin – getting to know their Human is the best thing you can do.

The trickiest thing about twins is that we recognize them on a soul level, we are so deeply connected to them, we remember them as an angel and we think we know them. We also presume they know us and that everything should just flow effortlessly. We forget that we have both taken on Earthly suits, a set of traits and characteristics, a set of ancestral wounds, childhood traumas and hurts from past relationships, from this and previous lives, and all of those suddenly come up and we are shocked when we see our twin’s triggered Human. In many cases, all of a sudden, our lovely angel turns into an angry Gremlin and everything goes haywire. Learning about them as much as we can, we will gain clarity, understanding and compassion.

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew how to make them happy? If we knew what they needed in bed, how they experienced and processed love, how they felt safe and held? Let’s learn their love and sex language, as well as their wounds so we don’t stomp all over them. When we understand their cultural programming and that de-programming themselves from that is their life’s work, their mission, we will give them time and space to do it and find ways to support them. With knowledge and conscious relating, we can even become supportive and accountable trigger partners if that is our dynamics.

An amusing example that I encountered was with a woman who was a stage performer, her career was blooming and she was getting more exposure, a wild rock’n’roll Divine Feminine. Her twin though was the opposite, he didn’t like being in the public eye, he actually spent most of his time in his basement apartment, he even set up his basement office there. He refused to go out with her to her shows and be a part of her public life. All her insecurities were triggered and she thought he was embarrassed to be seen with her, or worse. That was their major conflict. When we looked at their charts – yes, she was supposed to be in the public eye, with fame coming. His chart showed all of his planets in the 4th house – which is the home. He simply was a basement kind of a person, a recluse, his cave is his whole world. This simply would never change, not for her, not for anyone. When she saw it and we went through why that is so for his personal growth, she understood, and accepted it was not about her at all. She moved in with him to his basement cave and he worked as her tech support from home, letting her do the public part of the job by herself. The issue did catalyze her healing of her insecurities, as she needed to become self-confident as a performer, but the love was never the issue. See how it works like a clockwork mechanism?

Union chart – Getting to know your Union and its purpose

Union becomes more than the sum of its parts.

I will use the example of my favorite early twin flame couple – John Lennon and Yoko Ono. They both had big lives before they met, but they became bigger together – in an attempt to heal the world. If you think of John before Yoko, he was a happy go lucky chick magnet. The music went from jolly Beatles in the early stages to spiritualized late Beatles with Hindu influences. Yoko was an obscure conceptual artist before she met John. But when they got together, there was John and Yoko. The morning after their wedding was the manifest of their mission for world peace – journalists and cameras were invited to their bedroom to film their ‘Bed Peace”. The music changed – the song “Imagine” is a different world compared to “She loves me yeah yeah yeah.” Their lifestyles changed – they moved into a house where they made a studio and it became the headquarters of their creation – they composed, wrote and painted together. Unfortunately, the world was not ready for such an impactful mission and John was taken away from us, but if you think about it – they did create an eternal impact. They became immortals and their short time spent together changed the world forever. That is what Union’s mission is – to leave a permanent trace.

Not all Unions are supposed to be as big and as public as theirs. That is my point exactly. The best thing to do is to get informed about what your Union is supposed to be and do in the world, and equally important, what it is not supposed to be and do.

To make it very clear, there are 12 houses in the chart – only one of them is for marriage – the seventh house. If you are one of those couples who are doing the entire twin flame journey through marriage, then it will show in the 7th house. If the purpose of your Union is other than marriage, it will show in a different area. This does not mean marriage and the physical relationship will not happen, it means they have bigger chances of happening if you start aligning and using your Union for what God planned it for.

Sabriyé Ayana & her twin flame Ashish’s charts

I will use Sabriyé Ayana’s example – her own natal chart shows that she came to develop herself through the twin flame journey and become a respectable teacher, her mission is to migrate the collective to 5D by helping them clear out the wounds from the unseen realm (past lives, subconscious etc.). Her Moon is exactly on her MC – which means her heart and her emotional life is in the public view for everyone to see, it is to be an example of emotional resilience and strength. Now, her twin’s chart has the same Moon position – right on his MC, in public view. He is completely the same, that’s why he doesn’t mind, actually, his soul incarnated with very careful timing, to the minute, so he can hit that MC degree. The chances were 1:360 since there are 360 degrees in the zodiac. The result of this is that their Union’s chart has their common Moon on the Union’s MC. That translates as – their complete emotional journey, the ins and outs, the heart and soul, it is all out there for everyone to see. It is an open book because the purpose of their Union is primarily the teaching that comes out of it – the Sun is in the 9th house, the house of teaching and philosophy. It is to be shared, that is the primary purpose of it. But there is also the mission, the direction they are moving in – it is the last degrees of the 6th house, so we read that as both the 6th – that is work and mission, and the 7th – which is relationship and marriage. So, the direction, the outcome IS the relationship, but the journey to it is through fulfilling the purpose of it – the teaching work, born out of personal experience put on display for the world. Same destination, different route.

Which is why they have had to do mission first and coming full circle on their journey leads to the relationship.

You can see their highlighted Moon positions all on MC points in all three charts – all three put on display for the public view, like a library of experience.
(Image from

Sabriyé Ayana & her Twin Soul’s individual and union charts

Union missions can be big or small, meaning, they are to impact larger or smaller communities, but they always serve to upgrade the existing scene and move it to the next level, spiritually, vibrationally, ethically.  All Unions are transmitters of cosmic energy, but some more so.

There are very public Unions, like artist pairs, performers, sports people, it is easy to tell how they are paired up if they are in the same profession, but there is an underlying spiritual mission. For example, a rich sports couple might be actually moving towards opening a foundation for sick children, or saving the Amazon, or protecting Native lands etc.

Mission for Unions in the corporate world usually revolve around bringing the new paradigm, to politics, to banking, to business – bridging the old system into 5D.

There are Unions which are not upgrading the old, they exit the existing system and go build a new one, forming groups of environmentalists and off grid people, those building platforms for New Earth ways.

There are coaches, teachers and guides, they usually have a complex journey to go through since they have to learn everything by experience. Some learn by being together, some learn in separation. Those who learn and teach in separation do so from 5D so they are given space and time to develop into huge transmitters and catalysts of energy – healers, channellers, mediums. They are advanced in ascension and they hold space and teach others. It is more likely that separation twins have stronger 5D connections.

There are couples who are supposed to work with new children – Indigo, Crystal and Diamond children, who are already telepathic and are growing into little geniuses who are here to save the planet. Someone has to get to them and speak to them in their language of spirit guides, seeing auras and having visions of mission.

There are also what I call ‘neighbourhood Unions’ –working only in their local community. For example, one couple who actually got married has the mission to provide a new way for teens and youths in a bad LA neighbourhood. They walked the dark road of growing up there, surviving abuse, crime, drugs and alcohol. Their work is prevention, to educate and offer alternative value systems to coming generations from the same bad hood, to teach them what true love is and how to behave.

If twins are not from the same profession, it is important to learn what they are to do together, and who is supposed to do what. Your life will have prepared you for your Union at least to a certain extent, but you will probably have to work on yourself continuously and acquire new skills and techniques. However, that is the easier part, once you know what your role is.

Getting to know the dynamics

In addition to learning who is who and who is doing what, it is important to know that our twin will impact our life in a big way, and our Union will impact our life in a big way too. The charts can show us how each of us will experience the other and Union.

This is a tricky part for most people. We simply think our twins are experiencing us the same way we are experiencing them. However, we have our own ‘software’ and our own lens, and we experience them in a way that is uniquely ours. They on the other hand have their own lens and their own unique experience of us. Learning how to shift our perspective and see ourselves the way they do is the highway leading out of conflict and frustration. There may be mirroring involved, when you have the same lessons to learn, but more often than not, they are their own person and your are your own person and your experiences of your Union journey are different. The love and the soul connection behind it is the same, but the expression is not.  Think of two people wearing different colour sunglasses but looking at the same scene. Yes, it is the same scene, they agree, but one sees it as blue, and the other sees it as red.

Synastry charts – two charts against each other will show the dynamics of the pair – the energetic traffic going on. This is valuable to know since there are usually big energetic exchanges between the two. If I am plugged right into my Twin’s Pluto, I am his private distillery of darkness, transmuting the dark into the light. It is easier if I know what it is so I can deal with it instead of going into despair and hating him. Pluto is darkness, but he is also the shaman. I know my mission is to become a shaman, and this is my training camp for becoming what I need to become for the world. I might cuss when I struggle, but I know the twin flame dynamics are always in the service of our Empowerment.


In summary, we are blessed to be able to find out who we are, who our twins are and what our Union is for. The Divine Plan exists, and I know because I have talked to many twin flame souls and read their charts and every single one said “Yes, that’s me. That’s us.” We were able to weave the whole picture together from the cosmic perspective, and our hearts melted as God’s plan revealed itself in front of our eyes – God is saving the world by creating the greatest love stories on Earth, now, through us.

Love is the plan.


I see the stars in You.

Lilliana Thorvald

Twin flame, astrologer and shamanic healer at Twin Soul Toolbox

If you would like to work with me, please feel free to write to Twin Soul Toolbox on Facebook ( or email me at

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