[Astrology Forecast] Part 2 – Twin Soul Awakening timelines according to your Zodiac signs

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This is part II of a guest article by Twin Soul astrologer Lilliana Thorvald. You can read part I here.

It’s just about showtime! But, are you ready?!

First of all, congratulations to everybody for making it through the worst part of 2020. We have three months to go now, welcome to the finish line! I come with good news: we will be out of the darkness soon, everyone is waking up and good things are coming!

In this article I offer simple steps you can take this year to make your Twin Soul journey click into place easily. Be sure to read through to the end for the best news yet – I will give insight into when and how our significant others are waking up and it might be sooner than you think.

This pivotal year has been a game changer and by now we all know we are stronger and more resilient than we could have imagined. Our compassion has expanded and we are starting to hear the planet’s cry for help. We are beyond tired, but we are almost done.

The most important thing is that we are not going back to the old, we are entering the Age of Aquarius on December 21st 2020 (Solstice) with Saturn and Jupiter crossing from Capricorn into Aquarius. Woohoooo!

That means ‘game over’ for the old Capricorn system we have been living in that we see crumbling down in front of our eyes. This is it – Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter meeting in Capricorn happens about every 500 years, it will be over in December and won’t happen again in our lifetime, nor for seven coming generations of our descendants. We are the ones shouldering the Shift into the Age of Light for future generations to come and for our ancestors.

However, we still have three more months to go before the energy shifts into Aquarius and become more supportive of New Earth and Ascended energies.

Here are the two things you can do make the rest of 2020 easier:

  • do honorable closures
  • plant seeds for a new life

Honorable closure ceremonies

We can treat October, November and most of December like one extended Full Moon and do releasing ceremonies every day. You all know how to do a full moon releasing ceremony (if not, click here), and now is a good time to them as often as you can. So much is leaving and dissolving in both our personal lives and in our collective life and it all needs to be honored for the lessons it has taught us and released for good.

In addition to the regular things that we release on full moons like difficult emotions, relationships, connections, unhealthy patterns, limited beliefs, we can release our old self and our old reality. Without going too deep, just write “I release my old Earth personality and my old Earth body” and “I release our damaged world” on a piece of paper and offer it to fire, each day if you can. We can also release ‘the unconscious wounded Masculine’ paradigm now.

At this time it is important to honor all beings that have left the planet as well. A lot of people are transitioning, due to Covid or other reasons, and we want to honor them and we want to honor the grief of their loved ones. A lot of animals and plant life are leaving the Earth too in many fires and hurricanes, so we want to remember them in a ceremony, thank them for being a part of our world and release them with honor. Always end releasing ceremonies with “I am asking all difficult energies to be transmuted into love and light that will feed all beings.”

Invocation of the new planetary dream ceremonies

We now know the darkness will not last much longer so we want to start preparing for the New World. We are the ones who are privileged enough to create our New Dream. What do we want our New Earth Paradise to be like? What is the best we can imagine? We will soon have more energy to take action in real life.

You can treat December and then 2021 like an extended New Moon and do new moon ceremonies – planting seeds of your dreams and wishes that you want manifested. However, there is nothing more frustrating than a vision that just doesn’t manifest no matter what you do.

So how do you come up with a New Dream that will actually come true? It will come true if it is within the Creator’s dream for you in this lifetime.

Here is how in three easy steps:

Step #1
Align with your Divine plan and follow your Divine timing

It seems to me that whoever created us here on Earth is trying to manifest us into our best versions and succeed in creating New Earth through us, by being ambitious with us and our growth. The Creator is especially ambitious with Twin Soul souls and wants to give us the greatest love and our personal paradise, but we have to do what we promised to do for the world, to fulfill our mission – and we came with a plan for it, it is in our birth charts, I call it our Divine Plan.

Sabriyé’s program in the Tribe Mystery School teaches you how to fully align to your Divine Plan and create inner union with your higher self and soul.

In order to have the best life we want, we will have to work within our Divine Plan – if you are supposed to be a great artist or a spiritual teacher, you will probably be failing at becoming the best local hairdresser. If you are supposed to be the next Ronaldo, you should know that and go for it, if you are not, then it is good to stop wasting your time.

When we learn about our Divine Plan and the Creator’s dream for us, we align with it and we follow our own unique timing. We stop wasting time and energy trying to ‘manifest’ what’s not in our life plan or not on the soul’s agenda in this moment. A mistake that many Twin Souls make, when they are trying to manifest ‘union’ when their soul has other priorities on the agenda that it want’s to address. Sabriyé wrote an article about why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work the way you would hope on the Twin Soul journey, that you can read here.

What is great about the Twin Soul journey is that you don’t have to do life perfectly and succeed in ways that the old paradigm valued, you simply have to succeed in fulfilling your own life plan, your soul purpose, your Twin Soul mission.

I will be honest and admit it is usually very ambitious, especially for the Divine Feminine, but I also know you all have the capacity to do it. You just need proper information on what it is exactly that you are doing – your Divine Plan (which is usually dismantling the Matrix of Old Earth) and when you are supposed to do what – your Divine Timing.

You will also need commitment and discipline, but your ambitious mission to create the New Earth becomes much easier when it is split into yearly mission chunks and you simply go year by year and complete each one well. In that respect, it is extremely helpful to know what your personal yearly mission is and align your dreams and manifestation intentions with it.

For example, if upgrading your business is your task for the year and all the energies are focused on your career, you trying to manifest a backpacking adventure with your twin is more than likely to fail. If you are supposed to have a ‘cave year’ to do deep soul work, trying to manifest a new job and relationship is not going to work.

All you have to do is follow your schedule, the universe doesn’t care much if you throw a tantrum or two, it will just BLOCK what is not on schedule.

When you know your own personal tasks and schedules, which I can help you understand from your birth chart – it is easy to find your place in the collective without feeling overwhelmed or guilty. If you are supposed to meditate for a year and know it, you will not feel like a loser for not doing ‘normal life’.

With all that said, the following affirmations are examples of what you want and don’t want to do:

I am brilliant in my personal mission, I am on track with my Divine timing and fulfilling my yearly missions easily one by one” rather than “I have a new well paid job and 10k a month.”

“I am receiving high energy upgrades of my inner Union without purging and getting triggered” rather than “I am back together with my twin and we are travelling around.”

Twin Souls have to do it the Twin Soul way. You will find the journey becomes much easier.

Step #2
Align with the current collective mission and find your place in it

Here is the new collective mission: the cosmos is focusing on the sign of twins now, Gemini!

New Collective Mission 2020 – 2022

Somewhere amidst all the craziness we’ve been experiencing, our collective mission has changed – this applies to all the people on Earth and includes Twin Souls. In astrology, North node determines the direction we should be taking, and the South node determines what we should be releasing, it is our collective compass and the evolution always pushes for our true North. With the planets shifting in the North and South nodes, what we are releasing and what we are moving towards is shifting as well.

Let’s take a look at those shifts:

Collective mission fall 2018 – spring 2020 is finished.

The nodes were in Capricorn (South Node) and Cancer (North node) since fall 2018, and we were releasing Capricorn themes like overworking, rat race, corporate jobs, patriarchy, etc. At the same time, we were learning how to love unconditionally, nurture ourselves and express our emotions. We were releasing the ‘system’ ways and learning heart and intuitive ways.

We have done it well!

Collective mission spring 2020 – January 2022 has begun.

North node is now in Gemini, South node is in Sagittarius and the nodes will transit these signs until 2022. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the Messenger of Gods. Mercury is fast and efficient on his winged sandals, he is young and androgynous. The cosmos is focusing on the sign of twins now. We need to learn all things Mercurial: thinking, speaking, communicating, multitasking, networking and dealing with practical things. We have learned the heart skills, now we are teaching the mind how to catch up and express.

Here are some Sagittarius themes that need to be released and Gemini themes, we need to master as part of the collective mission:

Global versus local

As Twin Souls, we usually travel to work with sacred sites and download high energies that we then anchor into the land. These opportunities will be limited for the next two years and we need to do sacred work locally.

Solution: Find a power place in your local area, make friends with the land you are on, and practice doing sacred work with grid points long distance, through photos. This will save you holiday money which you can invest in learning and acquiring new skills for your mission and working with healers to remove the potential blocks you have around your spiritual gifts and subconscious fears around stepping into your mission.

Guru versus Jack of All Trades

Gemini has a very short attention span, so reading long books and philosophies is not going to be popular. We will see the Guru archetype being dismantled, big spiritual leaders will be falling from pedestals and whole teachings will be swept away from the collective, including false Twin Soul teachings (read Sabriyé’s article on this subject here) .

I am guessing this has the potential to be nasty, but it means we are ready for the next level, and the next level is independence and self-reliance. You will be on your own and you will have to figure it out by yourself. Gemini is the jack of all trades, it doesn’t go into much depth, but it covers many areas enough to function well and keep things interesting.

Solution: Take courses on themes that align with your birth chart mission – it is usually in a few areas. Learning is a life-long endeavor, especially for those on a quest to become who they truly are on a soul level.

Opinions versus skills

What you think is going on in the world and what the Twin Soul journey is or isn’t will not matter. You need skills to sail through your days, micromanaging your ascension and your own process. As long as you have practical tools to complete your yearly missions you are doing well. We simply need everyone to do their part instead of a small percentage doing all the spiritual work. Beliefs fall away as we look for practical solutions here and now.

Solution: Stop trying to figure out what’s true on the news and get some new practical skills.

Global networking versus productivity

Gemini will increase communication on social media, but it needs to become productive and efficient, short and sweet, we don’t have time to make friends all over the world and chat about the world affairs and exchange our conspiracy theories. We need social media that will propel our life mission and connect us with the right people and our perfect clients.

Solution: Productive and efficient use of social media.

Religions and tarot cards versus inner guidance

People will not have patience to go deep with religious and spiritual teachings, we are already at a place where everyone is flashing tarot cards and calls themselves a spiritual lightworker. I suggest you have a tarot fest, get all the decks you ever wanted, decorate your house with them and then kiss them goodbye in 2021.

In January Saturn enters Aquarius and will ask you to stop playing kindergarten. Mercury doesn’t have crutches, he has wings on his head so he can hear angels and wings on his sandals so he can fly to execute their instructions. You will be expected to receive guidance and take it seriously, without using spiritual ‘toys’.

That’s the worst news I have for you, but don’t worry you’ll live!

Now for the best news – everyone is waking up!!! Yes, including the significant other half of you.

Step #3
What are the awakening timelines for your twin and your Union and how can you prepare yourself?

I usually insist that people do the previous steps first:

  • deal with their own Divine Plan and timing
  • align with the collective mission
  • and then last but not least, learn about their twin’s and their Union’s plan and timing (it can all be done within a few months of consistent work).

But here lies the best news now, EVERYONE is waking up, let’s take a look at when and how. These are of course general indications and having you and your twin’s chart done will give you even more specific information about your personal timelines and where your current focus should be.

When are they waking up and how?

Let me first define what awakening is. Awakening is shifting consciousness to a broader perspective where you are aware of the divine guidance and influence in your life. Awakening, is not Ascension. It’s not the endgame, it’s the start of your spiritual journey. Let’s say that awakening is the realization that there is more than the 3D life of sleeping, eating, f*cking, money and status. There is a higher calling to explore and when we realize this – we are awakening from the hypnotic sleep of the old 3D paradigm.

From what I have seen so far, twins awaken in many ways, depending on their birth chart, so it is different for each individual.

The most common way Divine Masculine twins awaken is through the loss of money, career, status and their old role in society. This year is especially good breeding ground for that, many have lost their jobs and their security, many are getting divorces since the quarantine has been long and it has become clear that they are with the wrong person.

Some people awaken through unexpected illness, and are forced to look for alternative therapies and easily find their way into holistic health, healing and spiritual waters.

Some men awaken through sex with their twin since it activates strong Kundalini energies which initiate the process of Ascension, purging and healing.

In most cases, men are stripped of their old lives and their belongings, and they have to turn to a higher power and start asking God for help. They are directed to God, so the Universe starts giving them signs and syncs and their consciousness starts changing slowly, or rapidly.

I have found some examples that show the most extreme awakening plans for the Divine Masculine twins. These are from the charts of real Divine Masculine counterparts of women who I have worked with – these are some true champion awakeners!

If you can imagine that ONE planet on the outer circle would be enough to awaken them, imagine what that planet will do when it crosses more than six or seven planets one after another in their chart. It is a lot like bowling – when the Universe rolls that ball (Uranus for example) it will take down all the pins (natal planets) one by one! There is no chance things will stay the same.

Example 1. This Divine Masculine is a mega-Aquarius by birth chart with 7 heavenly bodies all crammed together. Next year those 4 planets on the right will cross over these 7 natal points. That’s 11 life changing transits. One would have been enough to be felt. But no, he’s going to do it all at once. What an awakening champ!

Example 2. This Divine Masculine is a mega- Leo by birth, they are going through the same process as Aquarius only through ‘oppositions’. Can you see any empty space in there? No, he is going to do it all at once too.

Look at that, it is jam-packed up there!


Example 3. This Divine Masculine Twin is a mega-Gemini person by birth, now he needs to step up into his biggest potential in all the areas in his life marked by his natal planets – if he wants to survive the Shift.

He won’t like it, but he has no choice. Remember however, that his soul chose this awakening path for a reason. The planet’s don’t have a mind of their own, they are always in support of our Divine Plan drafted by our soul.

Example 4. This Divine Masculine is a mega-Taurus by birth, and now Uranus is going to have a long bowling game with all his planets in there, all the usual Taurus programming of clinging to money and status will fall one by one.

Everything needs to change. True love will catch him in his fall.

Not all Divine Masculine twins are this extreme, but if they are, you really should make sure to work on your own subconscious wounds since you will feel their awakening too and it will trigger everything that you have been sweeping under the proverbial carpet – if you don’t address it first.

Wake-up timelines according to the Zodiacal signs

Let’s look at the individual signs and their timelines listed top down by the proximity of their awakening.

Please understand that these would be most applicable for Ascendant and Sun signs, but they will apply to everyone who has a lot of planets in these signs as seen in the examples above. Correct forecasts can only be done when looking at the entire birth chart of a person.

Use these loosely but do sing along to the songs I’ve chosen for you!

Capricorn and Cancer

It is almost over!!! You have shouldered the complete Ascension process in the last ten years, you are the Heroes of the Shift!!! Rewards of Higher Union are coming. If you can hold Union energy, if you are experiencing 7D already, physical Union might be close. You deserve all the rewards!

Capricorns, you deserve that Gold medal more than anyone on the planet and you know why! THANK YOU!!!! Lead us to the top of the mountain!

Cancers, your sensitive hearts will finally find much needed respite at the end of this year. You will never have to go through this again in your life. Thank you for healing the world and being the compassionate ones. Your heart is now big enough for Union.

Queen – We are the Champions

Aquarius and Leo

You are next up in line! Your time starts in December 2020. Good things are coming, you are going to be holding space for the next round of Ascension, but prepare now, there will be lots to do, and you will be the ones to figure out new ways and lead with all your charm and shine.

Learn about your future missions now, get skills, flex those leadership muscles. The next five years will be very expansive and eventful, you are the bridges into the New Earth.

The Fifth Dimension – Aquarius / Let the Sunshine in

Taurus and Scorpio

You are up for some good awakening too, you are waking up through Uranus, the Change maker, the Revolutionary whose energy is like a thunderbolt. So if your twin is a Taurus for example, they might wake up in an instant, overnight, as if struck by lightning.

Scorpios might wake up through sex as their Kundalini goes up, isn’t that a handy shortcut to awakening? In any case, stop trying to go back to having a normal life, and let freedom rule. Learn about the true Twin Soul you – your highest value right now for the collective is all your authentic weirdness, crystals in your pockets and sage in your bag.

Freedom! Do not hold on to what wants to leave.

AC/DC – Thunderstruck

Aries and Libra

These two signs are not in the frontline of ascension now, Libra has a new balancing task: true committed love and Union are a priority, but sexual appetite is growing, what to do? Stop seesawing between wanting to choose a soul mate and building that inner Union by choosing The One.

Aries will be even more charged with sexual energy, but for people born from 1967-1977 it comes with the need to do healing around sexuality and identity. If you are lucky to have Aries in the 5th or 8th house, this could mean six months of great sex! It can also mean a lot of frustration till the end of this year so feel free to go throw rocks at the sea.

Donna Summer – Hot Stuff

Virgo and Pisces

If these are your dominant energies, you are on the sidelines now and although you can feel the energy of the collective shifting, you are being given space to rest. Your time is coming in a year or two from now when Jupiter enters Pisces. Use this time to chill out and prepare for the big expansion that is coming for you.

Learn about your mission and schedules now that you have time for yourself. You are going to be next up after Aquarius and Leo, you are only soaking your feet to test the water until 2022, but a year is not a long time to prepare when you think about it.

Kool & The Gang – Fresh

Gemini and Sagittarius

The cosmic lens is on you now, Gemini will need to learn about their true self and align with their purpose and destiny on this planet, it is time to grow and step up to the Big Plan, to the greatest version of you.

Geminis need to be more, do more and get faster at it all while having fun.

Sagittarius needs to shed old skin. Old identities and the ways you experienced yourself are falling away, and it will seem your life has become a sinkhole for a while… let go. A wise one will emerge out of the void. It is not the end of the world, just the end of your old personality, and while it may feel like dying on some level, you can do what we talked about in the beginning – honorable closure ceremonies. A year of letting go will make space for the new you to be born.

Stereo MCs – Step it Up

But where is the evidence of their progress?

Lastly, I need to mention something that most of us are struggling with – the huge discrepancy between 3D and 5D experiences of our Twin Soul connection. There is a higher love we feel in our energetic and telepathic exchanges with our twin, some cosmic process is happening and Union is basically chasing us to accept it.

However, when we look for evidence in our 3D life and want to initiate something physical, we are faced with harsh cold reality of separation, being blocked, or worse.

That’s why we doubt they are making any progress at all in their spiritual awakening.

This is where knowing their Divine Plan and their Divine Timing helps. Everyone is waking up. We are all in the same solar system and your unawakened twin is not immune to it either. But here is what happens – their spiritual progress gets used for completing their mission, in dismantling the 3D Matrix they live in and they don’t come into full consciousness around the Twin Soul journey and their Divine counterpart until they are almost done.

But you have to keep doing YOUR inner work as well. You can’t just sit around and wait for the planets and the Universe to do it for you, it doesn’t work like that. Go find those healers to work with, release those outdated beliefs, the old 3D programming, that childhood or ancestral conditioning, those subconscious fears that are keeping you small and so on.

Let me tell you why this is so important! 

Otherwise you will be the one holding up your timelines…

Most hardworking Twin Soul pairs have what I will call a “Two Elevators Dynamic” – the higher or so-called Awakened Twin goes in energy, the lower and so-called Unawakened Twin goes into the darkness.

Imagine a hall with two elevators – on the left we have Divine Feminine polarity that goes only up from the ground floor, and brings down High energies. On the right we have Divine Masculine lift that only goes down, there are several underground levels.

These elevators are ONE mechanism – she goes up, comes down with goods, they meet on the ground floor, she delivers goods to him. He goes down into the underworld to deliver the goods where they are needed the most. The goods are made of Light. They serve to dissolve the dark programming from the inside.

Masculine twins are usually unaware, blindfolded, because they need to blend in and because it would be too painful otherwise to do what they have to do, to hold up their end of the deal.

It seems we are all doing a great job disintegrating the system, and it seems the Masculine is not getting out until the job is finished. Their birth charts and their timing charts will show the plan and the schedules. They are maybe currently away for work, but they are coming back, it is good to know when they are likely to emerge.

Recently more men have been coming to work with me. They are usually wowed with the whole thing, interested in learning about it, and very much in love with their Divine Feminine. In depth analysis of their year by year charts always shows acceleration in their ascension process, growth of consciousness and change of belief systems. Deprogramming themselves deprograms the collective. We should be proud of them.

Be good to your twin. They need your love and compassion, they need to be held in a safe embrace once they come out. They usually come out with a lot of trauma and PTSD, but their hearts will awaken to the love you are together and it will all be good. It might take time, but nobody will stay immune to their Twin Soul journey in the time that is ahead of us.

Actually, 2021 is where we truly begin to welcome the Divine Masculine to this party. So, make sure that you have done, all that you need to do to be ready for this next chapter.

There will be love sparks flying all around, for those who have put in their work.

Lilliana Thorvald

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